Greeks Run to the IMF: Why the Germans Are Not in Charge of the EU
By Staff News & Analysis - January 16, 2012

Greece dispatches officials to U.S., default fears grow … Greece sent senior officials to Washington on Monday for meetings with the International Monetary Fund as it raced against the clock to break a deadlock in debt swap talks that has raised fears of an unruly default. Barely a month after an injection of bailout funds helped avert bankruptcy, Greece is back at the centre of the euro zone crisis as fears of a default and a subsequent euro zone exit overshadow a mass credit downgrade of euro zone countries. Cash-strapped Athens needs a deal with the private sector within days to avoid going bankrupt when 14.5 billion euros of bond redemptions fall due in late March. But talks with its creditor banks broke down on Friday over the interest rate and a plan to enforce investor losses and are not expected to resume until Wednesday. Greece put a brave face on the standoff. "There is a little pause in these discussions," Greek Prime Minister Lucas Papademos told CNBC television. "But I am confident that they will continue and we will reach an agreement that is mutually acceptable in time." – Reuters

Dominant Social Theme: The Germans created the EU and Nazis run it.

Free-Market Analysis: Here, again, we see that the top elites are doing as they see fit and anyone who continues to maintain that there is some sort of schism between Europe, London and Washington is likely exaggerating what's taking place.

The IMF is a creature of the Anglosphere and has been intimately involved in various sovereign debt talks, not just with Greece but also with Spain, Italy and Portugal. The IMF is also a prime methodology of Anglosphere power elite control.

It was created in the 1940s by prime socialist-elite economist John Maynard Keynes along with the hugely wealthy scion of the leading US dynasty, David Rockefeller. Anyone who believes in an "Anglosphere" power-elite schism between America/London and Europe will have to explain how these two cooperated to build the current, expanding world-economic structure.

What seems to us irrefutable is that there IS a power elite, probably based out the City of London with elements in the Vatican, Washington DC and Tel Aviv. The core of this elite is a group of families, apparently, that control central banks around the world. This gives them access to tens and even hundreds of trillions of dollars.

If one controls, basically, all the money in the world it's not that hard to build world government if that is what one desires. And apparently, these powerful families and their enablers and associates DO want that. The bigger the government, the more power they have.

This group manifests control via mercantilism, by moving governments in the direction they chose behind the scenes. They actually use what is called the Hegelian Dialectic to achieve this direction. That is, they manufacture phony controversies and then resolve them via solutions of their choosing. Over time, they can seemingly manufacture any consensus they wish.

Of course, it was a lot easier in the 20th century than the 21st. That's because of something we call the Internet Reformation. The Renaissance, Reformation and even the Enlightenment were, in our view, the proximate cause of the Gutenberg Press (along with "blowback") and the information it released to the public about the Way the World Really Works. The Internet is generating the same sort of insights today.

As part of the Internet's enormous impact on people's knowledge base – and how they are manipulated – there has sprung up a thriving industry of Internet "false flags." These are mostly what are called "limited hangouts" that attempt to conflate real information about the world's structure and manipulation with various kinds of misinformation.

The world is run by central banks, we are informed, but these central banks are in turn run by, say … aliens from outer space. You see? The idea is to discredit the entire concept of central bank control and also the alternative media elements that espouse it.

Another kind of false flag, in our view, is the idea that the power elite is terminally riven by factionalism. We will grant, of course, that those who espouse this view (the late departed free-market economist Murray Rothbard included) can be both sincere and well-motivated in advancing this sort of perspective. But, false-flag or no, it seems to us to confuse what is taking place rather than to clarify it.

The elites work on a grand scale and building world government is not possible if one grants sustained and considerable in-fighting. In fact, when one looks at the elite's larger dominant social themes (as we call them), the clarity of purpose and determination seems unmistakeable.

These themes (fear-based promotions, really) are attempts to frighten middle classes into giving up wealth and power to globalist institutions such as the UN, IMF and World Bank. They are ubiquitous. One call easily identify them by their insanity and by the enthusiasm with which they are promoted nonetheless.

So many of these elite memes span both Europe, Britain and the US (not to mention the developing world) that in our view it is difficult to argue they are amiably promoted by all factions of the power elite.

Global warming, the dollar reserve currency, Peak Oil, water and food scarcity, vaccine effectiveness, pharmaceutical efficiency, the war on terror, the evil of Islamic fundamentalism, the IMF as the world's central bank, the coming regionality of the world (various unions in Africa, the Americas, etc.) – all these and more seem to us to be examples of elite themes that are promoted universally. We don't see any factionalism here.

But there is more. And it has to do with labeling. As we have long argued in these pages, to call the current evolution of the New World Order "Zionist" is to misrepresent what is taking place.

Zionism is a term of linguistic art describing a group of people, mostly Jewish, who wanted to create a Jewish state. Creating a Jewish state (in Palestine or elsewhere) has little to do with a larger New World Order.

What we have argued is that a better explanation for what is going on would be to call the current state of affairs by its real name: Organized International Crime. What has happened in the West during the past 300 years or so is that a kind of mafia ("Jewish" if you need a nomenclature) has gradually taken over, funded by gushing gouts of central banking money.

This mafia or "cartel" operates EXACTLY in the way that organized crime operates, only it does so on a global level. Just as the Italian American mafia attempted to intimidate individuals in certain neighborhoods into paying "protection" money, so the current group of internationalist criminal families intimidate whole nations by creating phony wars and staged conflicts.

But don't mafias have factions? Well, yes, they do. But history also shows that one of the biggest and most extensively examined mafias – the Italian-American mafia – eventually formed a grand council that attempted on a regular basis to work out difficulties while planning for the future. This made sense, after all, because it was "good for business."

And it makes sense to us. The mafia – organized crime – paradigm seems like a good model on which to extrapolate. Not only because it has roots in perceived reality but because it provides us with actual information about how these systems work. They are NOT free-for-alls. They are business-like affairs tinged (and occasionally consumed) by violence.

There are doubtless factions to the power elite. But at its root it is a simple affair. They all want the same thing, all the players – control over the world, formal control. World government. That's the goal. Why wouldn't it be? To create a global legal fiction would lead to the greatest power that a handful of individuals have ever possessed.

Which brings us back to Europe. It does seem as if London, Europe and even the US are fighting over the EU's future and influence. But we are skeptical as to how deep these factions run. We think it's just more fodder for the alternative media to grind away at. The powers-that-be behind this experiment know exactly where it is headed and how it is to get there. That doesn't mean they'll achieve their goals, of course, but they're certainly going to try.

And what is their goal when it comes to the EU? Well, one goal has surely been achieved, which is to create an international crisis that will allow a centralized element (Brussels) to assume more power over vassal states – not just Greece, but Spain, Portugal, even France, eventually.

Will Germany be exempt from this gathering in of power? We doubt it. Currently, Germany is seen as the winner in the Euro-stakes. But if one accepts that the prize is world domination, then Germany itself is not going to be the winner. World government is.

Will world government then be dominated by German "Nazis" – as some regularly argue on the Internet – based on historical documents that seem to indicate that the soon-to-be defeated leaders of the Third Reich contemplated a quasi-European Union? We take an opposing position.

In fact, put into this context, it seems to us that the looniness of the question becomes self-evident. It is not "Nazis" that seek to run the world, but profoundly evil men, sociopaths, if you will. Political nomenclature has little or nothing to do with it. And without the active acquiescence of London's City, we doubt much gets done.

Of course, it is difficult to fully analyze what is taking place with any sense of certainty. We are blind men feeling the extremities of the elephant. One describes the elephant by the way the trunk feels, another by how the tail appears, etc. The trick, therefore, is not to fall into this trap.

Use the elements of historical human control to figure out as best possible what is taking place. Illuminism, anti-Semitism, Zionism – these are merely words and faux "magik" that obscure the reality of the criminal mafia operating at the heart of the world's troubles.

Analyze the reality of the world's nascent mechanism of globalism – the UN and its appendages including NATO and the new International Criminal Court – and it will soon become clear that when it comes to the building blocks of global government there is considerable consensus.

That goes for the European Union, too. There may be stresses and strains along the way – and arguments over financial interests and who loses and who wins in certain cases. But the larger picture is that this group (however it is composed) evidently and obviously controls central banking (for now anyway) and the resultant Money Power of hundreds of trillions.

After Thoughts

Surely, (and no matter what happens to the EU) it is difficult to visualize the world's top men arguing over the disposition of a bank and its profits (or losses) when one keeps the bigger picture in mind.

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