HE’S BACK: Alex Jones Breaks Lib-Authoritarian Twitter
By Ben Bartee - December 11, 2023

Originally published via Armageddon Prose:

Elon Musk did a poll.

1,966,125 voted.

Free speech won.

Alex Jones is back.

Yippee-Ki-Yay, motherfuckers!

The lib-authoritarians are beside themselves.

They thought they had the internet locked down!

Pride cometh before the fall.

Prior to and during COVID, they were seemingly on the brink of seizing totalitarian control of the means of communication — not just in legacy media but on the once-free “Wild West” internet as well.

Over the past few years, nearly everyone I know in the dissident press had one or more of their social media accounts permanently suspended for something called “COVID misinformation,” if they were lucky enough to still have had them going into the pandemic.

Social media censorship was the least of it; the corporate state unleashed much more despotic hell on the likes of, for example, the Canadian truckers in occupied Ottawa.

And the censorship tsunami all started back in 2018 with the universal, overnight banning Alex Jones across every platform of note. The obviously choreographed nature was intended to create a chilling effect on everyone who might consider as hard against the power structure as Alex Jones has his entire career.

So it’s fitting that his return to Twitter should mark some kind of watershed moment in the free speech war — albeit, one that’s far from over.

“Liberal authoritarian,” or “lib-authoritarian” for short, may seem like an Orwellian oxymoron, but that’s just the kind of dystopia that we live in. And the TDS-esque meltdown over Jones’ reinstatement demonstrates that they’ve earned the title.

Here’s the business editor of cancerous establishment rag Axios, Dan Primack, for instance, sharing his censorious despair at the prospect of free speech back on Twitter/X.

“Nothing to see here, just the owner of this site and a presidential candidate chatting it up with a man indicted for rape/human trafficking and another who lied about dead kids to harass their grieving parents. This may really be the bottom.”

(The “man indicted for rape/human trafficking” was reference to Andrew Tate, who appeared on a “Twitter Spaces” with Musk and Jones.)

During that exchange, lispy Democrat propagandist Ed Krassenstein did his Karen-talking-to-the-manager routine:

“So, let’s say Alex Jones or somebody else does the same thing but clearly, directly claims that a schools shooting did not take place… does the future person or Alex Jones get banned?”

Ed is un-American trash. But he’s a Democrat, so it comes with the territory.

Internet cuck @ChuckCjmmn with “Resistance💙BidenHarris, BLM, LGBTQIA, Science” in his bio expounded this enlightened and well-considered position on the matter:

“MAGA Alex Jones tortured the families whose children and family members were killed in the Sandy Hook massacre by saying it was a hoax.

This human atrocity was banned from Twitter.  Elon Musk has reinstated his account.  Block that fcking lard ass evil POS.”

Highbrow stuff.

Similar lib-authoritarian meltdowns abound.

Whatever one thinks about Alex Jones — and my cliff-note summary judgment is that he’s a flawed prophet — his impact on the zeitgeist of the dissident right (broadly defined) has been seismic. By their own admissions, he’s influenced figures from Tucker Carlson to Joe Rogan to Steve Bannon to Trump himself.

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He popularized the concept and term “globalism”/”globalist”; he made — almost singlehandedly, even when it was deeply unpopular to the point of being career suicide in the War of Terror days — challenging the 9/11 narrative viable; he helped lay the ideological groundwork for reverse-engineering the COVID-19 scam when most people would have found such evil perpetrated by the state unfathomable and dismissed it out of hand just a decade ago.

And he’s a hell of an entertainer.

“Literal vampire pot-belly goblins” indeed, Alex.

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