How the Elite Use Hypnosis to Control the Masses
By Joe Jarvis - January 05, 2021

On July 20, 2012, James Holmes opened fire inside a theater in Aurora, Colorado, killing twelve people, and injuring dozens more.

The attack was elaborate and well coordinated, Holmes even left explosives rigged to blow at his apartment.

And yet when he showed up in court, the media reported that Holmes “seemed dazed and largely unaware of his surroundings.”

Holmes would later tell a fellow inmate that an “evil therapist programmed me to commit mass slaughter.”

And strange enough, some of the evidence submitted at trial conveniently included a journal belonging to Holmes, found in a university mailroom, addressed to his campus psychologist, confessing all sorts of evil, violent fantasies.

The fellow inmate claims that Holmes said he felt like he was in a video game while he carried out the shootings, and mentioned neuro-linguistic programming, a form of psychotherapy or hypnosis.

Now, clearly this man was crazy, so you have to take what he says with a grain of salt.

But it does make you wonder– the FBI, for instance, has been known to approach unstable mentally ill people, and entice them into agreeing to carry out a terrorist plot.

The FBI supplies their target with fake explosives, and then arrests them at the scene of the crime. This allows the FBI to claim they foiled a terrorist attack, when in reality, the culprit would have been mentally incapable of planning and committing the crime without the FBI’s guidance.

So when you hear that Holmes was a neuroscience student, obsessed with mind control, confessing his deepest, darkest secrets to a therapist… suddenly it doesn’t sound so crazy that he could have been set up as the patsy in a larger plot.

Of course this theory hinges around the idea that someone could be hypnotized to carry out such an atrocity.

Hypnotists are not magic, but they are experts on tapping into the thought currents already running through the subject’s mind, to both ride the wave, and direct the flow of the subject’s brainwaves.

Your brain operates at measurable frequencies, that correspond to what state of mind you’re in.

For example while in deep, dreamless sleep, your brainwaves are in a Delta state, firing at 1-3 hertz.

The Beta brain state operates between 12-28 hertz, and occurs when awake, alert, or focusing on a task.

But when you are meditating or daydreaming, you are operating in an Alpha state, around 7-13 hertz. And when you are in a light sleep, dreaming vividly, that is called Theta, from about 4-7 hertz.

Hypnotism is really just a matter of finding the right triggers to put your mind into a highly suggestible state, such as Alpha or Theta.

They do this by piggy-backing on your preconceived notions, existing mental archetypes, and psychological “shortcuts” we use to save brain capacity.

Right from the start, the hypnotist establishes authority by calling himself a hypnotist.

This begins the process of hypnosis, because we all carry in our minds an idea about what a hypnotist looks and acts like, and what hypnosis is.

You are getting sleepy…

Research shows that children as young as 10 already have a mental picture of a hypnotist etched into their minds.

It doesn’t matter that we all picture slightly different things, nor does it make a difference that the hypnotist doesn’t know exactly what our particular impression of a hypnotist is.

What matters is that we have already started preparing ourselves to enter a different mental state.

We are thinking about hypnotism, perhaps wondering if it is real, maybe imagining times we went to a hypnosis show. Or your anxiety or excitement could be rising, in anticipation.

You start thinking, can I really be hypnotized? What can he make me do? Will I lose free will? Can my mind be controlled?

Now you are primed, so the hypnotist starts to push you a little further. He says he has a test to see if you’d be a good subject to be hypnotized.

He is confident, in charge, and says, pay attention to me, which of course, you were already doing. This reinforces that he is in control, and you are doing as he says.

He’s using a particular cadence to speak, like the lines on a highway flickering past your headlights and causing highway hypnosis. He’s leading you down a path, you’re already starting to drift under his influence, before he even begins.

Then the test starts.

It will be something like, hold out your arm, tense it as much as possible, tighter, tighter, flex those muscles, your arm is a steel beam, its cannot bend, it will not bend, keep it tense, a metal bar runs from your shoulder to your hand, making it impossible to bend, it cannot bend, it will not bend, now try as you might, you cannot bend your arm.

Of course if you are following his instructions to keep your arm tense, flexed, and firm, that’s the real reason you cannot bend your arm.

But if you don’t mentally process this fact, it feels like the hypnotist has taken over some part of your free will. And this feeling is what allows him to take the hypnosis one step further. Now you believe that he can control your mind with words, and hypnosis becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Now the hypnotist will look to reinforce this control. If your breathing has become shallow, he will say, “Your breathing is becoming shallow now,” and boom, there is more proof that he can control your body.

This generally culminates in him squeezing your shoulder and saying, “sleep” and you slumping in the chair.

From there, most hypnotists will give you a little meditation spa treatment, by putting you into a deep state of relaxation, telling you that all your cares will lift out of your body and evaporate, until you have not a worry in the world.

Can he really make you relax? No, but you can make yourself relax. You’ve allowed yourself to be put into a deep state of meditation. In this state, all on your own, you can implant ideas, better attitudes, and healing.

But in the case of hypnosis, you are allowing the hypnotist to do the implanting.

Most people don’t really feel like they have that kind of power over their own mind. It is much easier for them to abandon control, and cede it to an “expert” like hypnotist.

And when he starts the session by putting you into a deep state of relaxation, this allows the subject to drift further under his control, because it is already a rewarding experience. How often do you get to feel truly relaxed, free from all responsibilities of a sentient, rational mind?

Hypnotists reward you by allowing you to let go, to cede control to them, to finally turn off, and relax, and not have to worry or plan. Finally, you can just exist, with no expectations, no discomfort, just stillness.

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If you’re at a hypnotist show, this is the stage when the crazy stuff starts happening. They make you think you’re a duck, or forget your name. Or they convince you to become a loyal devotee to support their quest to overthrow every oppressive government and replace them with a private governing system, devoid of coercion, with ultimate respect for each individual’s freedom… for example.

In real life, this is the stage of hypnosis when they make you bow to the woke mob, and abandon all sense of reason. It feels good. It feels so nice to stop questioning, abandon rationality, to sink under their control, and to become a properly programmed part of the collective.

People underestimate that appeal, of surrendering all sense of self, and all responsibility to someone else– a hypnotist, an expert, a politician, a scientist.

And what makes the allure all the more powerful, is that sometimes it can be healthy.

For instance, the deep spiritual healing of Ayahuasca or mushroom trips can only occur when you abandon control, and allow yourself to fall under the hallucinogens’ spell.

With mushrooms, Ayahuasca, or LSD, all you have to fear is what the substance brings out in your own mind.

But when you abandon your self control to another human being, you are entrusting that they have no ulterior motives, and nothing to gain from your obedience.

If you have a trustworthy, competent therapist, they could help implant ideas they think will help you overcome mental hardships… or, perhaps, as I mentioned earlier, they could reinforce the worst of your nature, and bring our more sinister elements of your psyche.

Personally, I believe that at least on some level, all hypnosis is self hypnosis. You have to allow yourself to be hypnotized. Under normal circumstances, no one can seize your mind without your permission.

Remember, the hypnotist is working with what is already in your head. But a particularly gifted hypnotist could probably reach some pretty deep corners you might not even know were there…

Which is why meditation can help you protect yourself from this type of influence, by making sure you are the first one to explore your subconscious mind, and get a feel for the place.

How the elite use the power of hypnosis:

You have probably already noticed elements of how hypnosis applies to the way the elites control society.

You can’t deny that they have great branding: we refer to them as elites.

Already their status is heightened in the mind. Just like hypnotists, we all have a different idea of what exactly an elite is.

But that idea will generally share some common elements: power, status, secret societies, wealth, control of government and other institutions. Others may associate the term with elite athletes, or elite schools.

“Elite” seems out of reach, exclusive, too powerful to resist. Something is going on behind he scenes, out of reach, which we cannot control.

This is also how the government prefers to be seen, as I discuss in my video on the “traps” which keep us from freeing ourselves.

Posturing as “elite”– or an expert, or a leader– cuts down most opposition before it even starts.

They marry the elements of hypnosis with marketing.

Edward Bernays hypnotized America by associating cigarettes with women’s empowerment, and by finding doctors who would say bacon and eggs is the best breakfast you could have.

Obviously, the elite benefit from controlling large centralized institutions which can team up to hypnotize us into believing the experts.

Random volunteers will deliver electric shocks until it appears the subject has passed out or died… all because a man in a lab coat told them to keep going. That was the Milgram Experiment on obedience to perceived authority.

And indeed, most people go through life in some level of hypnosis. Take the belief that a government, with a monopoly on security and justice, which allows no competition, and forces people at the point of a gun to fund them, is the most peaceful way to run society.

Never-mind that the single biggest cause of death in 20th century was government. Most people are under such a spell that they cannot conceive an alternative way to organize society. Simply the thought entering the mind that we might not need a government, as we currently know it, makes people defensive, confused, and angry.

It’s almost as if someone instructed them, while in a deep state of hypnosis, that when they wake up, they will violently reject the idea that their captors are not their saviors. Some call this Stockholm Syndrome. But most call it good citizenship.

The media is the most obvious mass-hypnosis machine. They often report real news, but framed in such a way that it supports their narrative.

But most hypnosis is reinforced by our peers, in a mental shortcut called social proof.

For example, a college degree has mattered for so long, that your own parents will try to hypnotize you into borrowing six figures for a gender studies degree.

Of course the Universities were taken over by the Marxist hypnotists long ago. They present their conditioning as education. And their subjects react violently to ideas which contradict their conditioning. That is why they need safe-spaces, hate free speech, and cancel anyone who dares to present a dangerous idea.

The banks hypnotize customers into believing they are a safe institution to keep your money in, when in reality they are on the brink of collapse, use your money gamble in instruments like derivatives, work as spies for the government to report “suspect” financial transactions.

Fiat currency itself is a huge hypnotism move. Paper money, printed by government, made valuable by decree and nothing else but mass hypnosis.

There are too many examples of hypnotism being used on society evert day, so please comment with more examples.

But all these institutions cannot be entirely useless– some research is real and beneficial, some news is relevant and helpful, some education is worthwhile, a medium of exchange is necessary, and so are many products created and sold by corporations.

The real trick is convincing people these are the only ways to learn, govern, and spend in an advanced economy.

It’s like when the hypnotist tells you to flex your muscles, stiffen your arm, and then try to bend it.

Obviously while the government has a near monopoly on security, other alternatives atrophy.

They seize control of policing, courts, and say– just try to stay safe without us, try to bend your arm while flexing, try to protect yourself while it is against our rules to protect yourself. You can’t do it, can you?

Well I guess we need them, I guess they do control me, I guess I am powerless.

But trust in all these institutions is crumbling. That’s a good thing, although the elites still try to frame it as a bad thing. We still believe that a society must rest on certain foundations, and the loss of those institutions can still make us uncomfortable. Most people are waiting for a prompt from the hypnotist, and cannot conceive of alternatives on their own.

Once this is overcome, the elite have lost their game.

And in fact if you understand the message of this video, the elites have already lost their power over you.

I would encourage everyone to use meditation to recognize and dissolve those artificial barriers and walls erected in our minds by society’s hypnotists. In a sense, self hypnosis gives you control over your mind, and makes it much harder for others to implant harmful ideas.

And in another video, we are going to dive into how you can use hypnosis to grow your own sphere of power, in order to take back control from the elites.

If you’re interested in learning hypnosis, I would recommend starting with a book called Reality is Plastic,  by Anthony Jacquin, which is available exclusively as an audiobook on Audible.

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