Intersecting Globalist Agendas: CBDCs
By - August 23, 2022

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The world is divided by insanity,

We are living through two separate realities,

Useful idiots and delusions of grandeur,

From the woke to the broke,

Oblivious to what’s in store,

As his disciple wept, the monk asked what he knew,

The disciple told of a dream, yet the dream could not come true,

Plato’s cave became a screen in the hand,

The hourglass tipping, awareness throughout the land,

When the dam broke, and people saw through the smoke,

A happy band of brothers, were the few to make a stand.

It is challenging to keep up with the pace at which we are being bombarded with the ever accelerating and increasingly visible Great Reset / Fourth Industrial Revolution Agenda 2030 The New World Order.

The information war, the psychological operations, the distractions, and the false flags are relentless.

Let us take a step back from getting caught up in the manic scramble of unpacking the story of the day, and instead look at the longer-term unfolding outcomes, and how you can counter them.


Central bank digital currency. Think centralised, consolidated power, but with infinite digital ‘printing’ of money, real-time monitoring of all transactions, everywhere, all at once, all of the time.

Imagine programmable money that ‘expires’ if you don’t consume fast enough as a consumer.

Imagine being locked out of your digital wallet for not being a good citizen, for eating too unhealthily, for criticising the government online, for running a red light, or for not taking the latest experimental gene therapy…

A vast swathe of countries are jumping onboard this bullet train, that has a final destination of total monetary enslavement, dictating the extent to which an individual can partake in everyday society.

Absolute control over what you are able to spend your ‘money’ on, where you are able to spend it, how often you are granted spending ‘indulgences’ like coffee and cheeseburgers, all tied up in a nice little bow of social credit score ratings and carbon footprint tracking.

Sweden are rolling out their own social credit system hailed as a “modern public rewards system” (suggest using brave browser with mate translate chrome extension or other).

Italy launches a system similar to the Chinese regime that gives points to those who have ‘virtuous behaviours’.

UBI will likely be used to encourage the embracement of CBDCs and a cashless society.

Following the controlled demolition of the global economy, everyone ‘got wrecked’, small businesses got wiped out, and big businesses swept in to scoop up the real estate rubble-bubble.

The UK got furlough salary schemes, paying people to ‘netflix and chill’, whereas the US sent a load of stimulus checks to its citizens, with 40% + of all the dollars in history having been printed since 2020.

Everyone got a taste of ‘free money’; the money printer akin to the next hit on a crackpipe for a fiending crackhead.

Destroy economy – give out free money – portray cash as dirty, dangerous, obsolete – rollout digital currency – give away some ‘free tokens’ – further destroy economy – create dependence on the state – force use of CBDC to buy food, fuel, pay utilities.

Where Does it Lead?

Well, Ladies and Gentleman, I implore you to watch this short 4.5 minute video on China’s social credit system, then internalise how that system would look if replicated worldwide…

Also this one is a great punchy explainer video on CBDCs being rolled out in numerous countries and explaining penalties that will be sent to ‘naughty citizens’ for going over their carbon footprint limit in any given month…

What can I do?

  1. Preserve cash. It is convenient, untraceable and there is no third party needed to verify a transaction. Try ‘cash Fridays’ where you use only cash to pay for things at least one day per week.
  2. Boycott businesses that proudly state they are ‘cashless’. Tell them why they won’t get your business.
  3. Buy physical gold and silver to protect the purchasing power of increasingly debased and devalued fiat currencies. As well as being a hedge against inflation and a long-term speculative asset, precious metals will undoubtedly be used in emerging parallel societies to transact with. *Case in point being when Venezuela turned to gold nuggets to transact with as their local currency imploded.
  4. Develop relationships and networks within local communities for mutual support across goods and services for small businesses. This could lead to an invaluable barter society, when big business supply chains further breakdown and hyperinflation ramps up.
  5. Learn about cryptocurrencies in the sense of decentralisation, sovereignty, privacy, and anonymity.

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