Is Challenging the Government’s Building 7 Narrative Going Mainstream?
By Ben Bartee - July 05, 2023

Originally published via Armageddon Prose:

Disputing the strictly enforced false consensus surrounding the events of 9/11 has long been a third rail in American politics.

Anyone who broaches the topic with even the mildest skepticism of the government’s mythology about that day immediately disqualifies himself from polite society.

There is almost no narrative, save for perhaps the one related to the Holocaust, that is more strictly enforced through social pressure, shaming, and, of course, outright censorship.

But, long overdue as it is, it appears the dam may be breaking.

I reported previously at Armageddon Prose on Tucker “Dark” Carlson crossing the 9/11 Rubicon by speculating about what may have actually caused the freefall collapse of Building 7 that looked very much like a controlled demolition but which the authorities insist was the result of a structure fire, despite the odd fact that all of the foundation appears to have failed at exactly the same time.

Now Kim Iversen – admittedly not as huge of a figure as Tucker Carlson – has followed in his footsteps, inviting onto her show executive director of the International Center for 9/11 Justice Ted Walter to make the case, based on empirical observations about the many anomalies of the building’s collapse into its own footprint at freefall speed, that Building 7 did not come down organically.

Call it the Alex Jones-ification of the independent, populist media.

One of the net benefits of the now universally debunked Public Health™  COVID-19 lies – that surgical masks prevent transmission, that the vaxxes prevent transmission and contraction, that mass vaccination would end the pandemic, etc. – is that no one in their right mind takes any government story for granted anymore.

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