Lessons From Martha’s Vineyard: Hit the Elites Where They Live
By Ben Bartee - September 19, 2022

In a well-choreographed made-for TV political drama, DeSantis recently shuttled dozens of illegal immigrants to the neoliberal wonderland that is Martha’s Vineyard.

It had everything one could want in a juicy culture war soap opera: exposure of hypocrisy on a grand scale, comeuppance for the elites wrecking the nation, corporate media news actors’ crocodile tears.

Remember when then-candidate Brandon encouraged literally everyone in Latin America “seeking asylum” to “surge” through the border as soon as he got into office?

Apparently he forgot the caveat: “just not to Martha’s Vineyard where my donors have summer homes.”

This is the modern tale of two cities:

  • When the privileged Country Club classes that populate Martha’s Vineyard are made to bear the brutal impacts of their policing it’s “theatre” and a “political stunt.”
  • When average people in smalltown Texas get flooded with illegal immigrants, that’s just another Tuesday. If they complain to the government that’s supposed to control border crossings, they’re denounced as bigots.

“We don’t have the resources to house them,” lamented the Martha’s Vineyard homeless shelter coordinator.

Imagine the gall. Martha’s Vineyard is one of the wealthiest locales in the whole country. If it can’t swing the resources to house and feed 50 new immigrants, how can cash-strapped cities across the US like Brownsville, Texas be expected to handle millions of migrants every year illegally trampling over the border into its hands?

The reality is that she doesn’t care how, or even if, these immigrants eat, or what effect their illegal presence will have on the society or economy of the mainland.

As she explains in the clip, she just wants them off her lawn – out of sight, out of mind – so she and her neighbors can get back to the real work of virtue-signaling in peace.

Within less than 48 hours of their arrival to Martha’s Vineyard, the newly arrived Sacred Immigrants of Color©, Our Greatest Strength©, whom the island’s residents uniformly adore and celebrate as a matter of religious conviction, were unceremoniously shipped off to a nearby military base.

‘Indelible mark’ translated: ‘One of the brown people stepped on my porch for a photo-op and I had to powerwash it with bleach to decontaminate. It grossed me out and probably lowered my property value, so I had them deported.’


When the corporate state overlords become first in line to feel the pain, they’re likelier to act responsibly. We have to force them to reckon with the consequences of their own policies.

This can’t be a one-off thing.

Further planeloads of sacred, diverse Immigrants of Color© should be distributed to their backyards post-haste. In addition to continuing nonstop service to Martha’s Vineyard, regular planeloads/busloads of new arrivals should be regularly delivered supply chain-style to:

  • The Hamptons
  • Suburban DC
  • Silicon Valley/Palo Alto
  • Beverly Hills
  • Berkeley
  • Department of Homeland Security headquarters
  • 30 Rockefeller Plaza (NBC headquarters in Manhattan)
  • Wall St.
  • Every blue state governor’s mansion

In addition, the government actors, “nonprofit” philanthropists, and corporate social engineers should also be the very first in line to be made to:

What’s good for the goose is good for the gander!

UN Report: America becoming a Third-World country

The US, the Shining City on a Hill famous the world over, now lands between Ukraine and Bulgaria on the UN development rankings, which uses metrics such as clean water and sanitation, education, health, and poverty levels.

This isn’t to say that immigrants are to blame for America’s descent into a coast-to-coast shanty town – that’s obviously the doing of the multinational corporate state that views the middle class as its primary enemy and has been stealthily working on its annihilation for the past 40-50 years.

That said, importing millions of new people from the Third World into an already-collapsing system won’t help anyone, “documented” or “undocumented,” outside of a tiny elite minority.

What mass importation of non-Western, non-educated people will do is further drive down wages, collapse the middle class, and pour fuel on the raging culture war along ethnic lines.


All due credit to DeSantis for the ingenious play aside, it was, at the end of the day, a theatrical production – not serious policy.

Watching the melodramatic meltdown by neoliberals who purport to love diversity, but actually go to great lengths and expense to avoid it, was super cathartic.

But it was also, let’s be real, silly Twitter clickbait for silly people obsessed with viscerally pleasing culture war wins.

Yes, the decadent creatures that populate Martha’s Vineyard deserve to taste their own bitter neoliberal medicine. Yes, they are unbearable hypocrites – they actually deserve much worse than the temporary discomfort of being forced to reckon with a consequence of their own obscene policies.

Almost as quickly as they came, though, the migrants were cleared out and shipped elsewhere within the US territory to become a burden to the middle and working classes as designed.

In the absence of further, more meaningful action, the island’s inhabitants, by way of their vast resources and political influence, will make sure no such event occurs again. Illegal immigration will continue unabated. In the final analysis, nothing will have changed — aside from, perhaps, DeSantis’ poll numbers.

Real border security, and other means of effective governance, require buy-in from all of the members of the society in question. We can’t maintain a functional system with a group of psychotic elites in charge who, for a variety of reasons, hate the native population and want to displace it.

Localization – which includes local border control –is the answer. Enlist in a parallel society/economy and leave the ruin behind.

Ben Bartee is an independent Bangkok-based American journalist with opposable thumbs. Follow his stuff via Armageddon Prose and/or Substack, Patreon, Gab, and Twitter.

Bitcoin public address: 14gU3aHBXkNq8bDqmibfnubV7kSJqfx5LX

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