LGBTQ+++™ Propaganda Roundup: HIV+ Male Grows ‘Boobs’, Commandeers and Breastfeeds Baby
By Ben Bartee - March 01, 2024

Originally published via Armageddon Prose:

Nip/tucking the latest corporate LGBTQ propaganda fisted from on high upon the American public.

‘Margie Fancypants’, HIV+ male, grows ‘boobs’ courtesy of Canadian government, given baby to breastfeed

Last week, which I reported on at the time, the British Public Health™ authorities treated the peasants to the divine revelation that “transgender women,” once properly stuffed full of artificial hormones to induce lactation, produce breast milk just as good as actual women’s.

If you thought that was beyond the pale, further ready yourselves and your involuntary disgust mechanisms for this barn-burner, folks; empty your stomach contents bulimia-style if need be; dig out the rosaries if you believe in the power of Christ.

Via The Post Millennial:

An HIV positive, trans-identifying biological male has claimed he is ‘breastfeeding’ his baby with the assistance of Canadian medical clinics.

Murray Pearson, 52, began transitioning in 2022, and has been taking a number of drugs to develop ‘boobs’ he alleges are capable of lactating.

According to Reduxx, Pearson, who goes by ‘Margie Fancypants’ online, first shared the image of him with his then 9-month-old baby at the Goldfarb Breastfeeding Clinic in Montreal on Reddit in November, declaring December 7 ‘Milk Day.’

‘I cannot wait to connect through feeding,’ Pearson told the other members of r/TransLater, a forum for males who transitioned later in life. ‘This is a wish I have had for decades.’

He went on to explain that learning he could ‘nurse’ his baby ‘lit a fire’ in him, and that he has gone from having ‘lean pectoral muscle in March to full B-cops now and growing fast.’”

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‘Trans Youth Equality’ NGO groomer busted arranging to send ‘chest binder’ to 13-year-old minus parental knowledge or consent

The knock for years on the LGBTQ++™ groomers has been that they are intent on circumventing parental rights to usher their ideology into receptive, uncritical, developing minds as young as possible so as to cement it in their minds long into adulthood — as ideologues of all stripe have since the dawn of recorded history.

Capturing the child’s mind and soul is the ultimate victory.

The “groomer” label has been met by such ideologues with condemnation as a “transphobic” smear. Which might be fair if it weren’t objectively the case that these people groom children as an essential part of their social engineering strategy.

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Via The Post Millennial:

“In a recorded call to a trans activist organization, Trans Youth Equality Foundation (TYEF), the director of the organization offered to send Libs of TikTok, who was posing as a 13-year-old girl, chest binders without parental permission

As the conversation went on, the hypothetical 13-year-old girl asked questions regarding any options TYEF would have regarding chest binders and said that her parents would not let her because they were “right-wing.” The director called the hypothetical parents in the situation “brainwashed” and gave instructions to Libs of TikTok, who was posting as the teen, how she could become emancipated in her later teen years to avoid parental permission for sex change surgeries.  

“I would like to start off with a binder. So are there any resources that you guys have for me to get a binder,” a journalist for Libs of TikTok asked

Maasch replied that she could “send [her] some” but told her the girl would have to give special instructions for shipment so the girl’s parents would not see the binders.”

Curiously, Maasch didn’t take a second to offer a mumbling word, as Cornel West might say, regarding the potentially lethal effects of the “safe and effective’ “chest binder” she was eager to mail to the decoy based on a minutes-long phone conversation.

Via GraceMed:

One of the biggest health consequence of chest binding is compressed or broken ribs, which can lead to further health problems. Unfortunately, you can fracture the ribs fairy easily so you should avoid binding your chest using bandages or tapes, as these can be unsafe. Compressing your chest too tightly or incorrectly can permanently damage small blood vessels. This can cause blood flow problems and increase the risk of developing blood clots. Over time, this can lead to inflamed ribs (costochondritis) and even a heart attack due to decreased blood flow to the heart.”

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