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By Staff News & Analysis - August 26, 2010

Mayor Defends Mosque … Mayor Michael Bloomberg (left) delivered an impassioned speech on religious freedom at a Ramadan dinner at Gracie Mansion Tuesday night, declaring there's "nowhere in the five boroughs of New York City that is off limits to any religion." Mr. Bloomberg, speaking at an annual Iftar dinner, said he understood the impulse to find an alternative location for the proposed mosque and Islamic cultural center near Ground Zero. But this kind of "compromise," as Gov. David Paterson and others have suggested, will not the end the debate, he said. "The question will then become, how big should the 'no-mosque zone' be around the World Trade Center site? There is already a mosque four blocks away. Should it be moved?" the mayor said. "This is a test of our commitment to American values. We have to have the courage of our convictions. We must do what is right, not what is easy.". – Wall Street Journal

Dominant Social Theme: Courageous Americans will speak up for the freedom of religion.

Free-Market Analysis: From our humble point of view, the controversy surrounding the mosque near Ground Zero has already done the job it is supposed to do. Its main duty might be seen, from a promotional standpoint, as one of bringing American's attention back again to the realization that Muslims are evil and that 911 was a heinous Muslim act. This is a kind of elite dominant social theme from our perspective: "The Jihad is underway and the West needs to protect itself."

Is there perfect proof? No, of course not. But we didn't have proof about global warming either. According to the notorious emails that came to light, information contrary to the global warming promotion was indeed being suppressed. Data was rigged, alternative viewpoints were ridiculed and the United Nations itself was utilized to promote additional false information – which the powers-that-be later explained were merely mistakes.

The global warming promotion was – and is – intended, in our view (and others) to usher in a kind of carbon currency and to provide a justification to control and track the energy usage of citizens. It is not complex. It is, bluntly, an empowering meme that enables the elite to leverage legislation and data flows. There is, in fact, a new, intrusive technological system being created throughout the West called Smart Grid, and we have written about it before. The idea, apparently, is to monitor (and control) people's consumption of energy in great detail. You can see the article here: Smart Grid Trojan Horse of the New World Order?

Who do we find behind Smart Grid-type suggestions? Believe it or not, when we lift the curtain we discover M. King Hubbert, the developer of the Peak Oil Theory. Way back in 1932, he established a detailed framework for such innovations as Smart Grid. According to Hubbert, as we wrote then, "the distribution of energy resources must be monitored and measured in order for the system to work – and this is the key: monitoring and measuring."

What are the chances that the developer of the Peak Oil panic happens to be a leader of a philosophical school known as Technocracy, popularized in the early-to-mid 1900s? Sure it could all be coincidence. But for those who are concerned with the ever-increasing intrusiveness of state power, and the constant expansion of such coincidences that may be seen as a bit too coincidental for comfort. And now comes the meme of the mosque. A feedbacker of ours forwarded a "mosque" post from one Anthony Tomei of, which we excerpt as follows:

My prediction is that this mosque issue is staged to bring out three feelings in the general public:

1. To get Americans both left and right to feel some new animosity toward Muslims and Muslim people as a whole.

2. To inject elements of the "official 9/11 story" back into the national consciousness.

3. Iran pre-game.

Tomei points out what many others have, that the Imam behind the mosque Feisel Abdul Rauf runs the American Society for Muslim Advancement, which is the recipient of a virtual who's who of prestigious non profits including Carnegie and Rockefeller foundations. Additionally, he points out that Imam Feisal is a member of the elite World Economic Forum Council of 100 Leaders.

Now it may be that none of these non-profits are directly involved in the construction of the downtown New York mosque, but Saudi Arabian money apparently is. Even the mainstream media gets this point. Funny man John Stewart reported on his US TV show the other evening that the mosque may be partially funded by Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, a major shareholder in Fox News Corporation.

Another coincidence? (Maybe the powers-that-be just don't care after so much exposure?) Anyway, the main point of this putative promotion, in our view, would be to relink once again mosques with 9/11 and thus with Muslims and Islamic terror. Now New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, an insider's insider, has weighed in on the issue from a "free-speech" point of view (see article excerpt above). Bloomberg, of course has bankrupted pubs all over New York by insisting that patrons not be able to smoke cigarettes indoors, but regarding the mosque, he is suddenly a free-speech champion.

Ultimately, we would posit, the issue may return to 9/11, just as Tomei writes, and hypothetically combating skepticism about aspects of the mainstream story. There remain, generally, plenty of questions about 9/11 and some of the 9/11 Commission members themselves have virtually disavowed their report. You can read the Daily Bell article here: Washington Times Covers 911 Controversy.

The fallout from 9/11 has led America into two wars and provided the military industrial complex with manifold justifications for more authoritarian societies, warrantless wiretapping, doing away with habeas corpus, etc. If one believes in a power elite that is continually trying to centralize power and wealth while moving toward global governance, then 9/11 and the consequent "war on terror" have provided ample justification to help the elite realize both of these goals. Reminding people about these issues would serve a purpose.

After Thoughts

It seems to us that the mosque would be a perfect kind of provocation for those who want to reinforce the meme of the "Mulsim Bogeyman" that we wrote about just recently. It is very convenient for the powers-that-be to continually incite hatred against Muslims and to relink 9/11 with Islam and mosques in the public mind. It provides continued justification for the "war on terror" and for removing civil liberties at home.

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