Nonviolent InfoWars Journalist Sentenced to DC Gulag
By Ben Bartee - September 14, 2023

Originally published via Armageddon Prose:

“First they came for Julian Assange, and I did not speak out
Because I was busy getting high and downloading pirated pornography
Then they came for Edward Snowden, and I did not speak out
Because I was binging The Office on Netflix for the sixth time
Then they came for InfoWars, and I did not speak out
Because MSNBC told me to shut my mouth and take my Paxil
And then they came for me…”

It’s open season on dissidents and journalists and, most especially, dissident journalists.

Via Politico:

A judge on Tuesday sentenced InfoWars broadcaster Owen Shroyer — who shadowed his boss and ally Alex Jones onto Capitol grounds on Jan. 6, 2021 — to 60 days in prison for breaching the restricted area.

U.S. District Judge Tim Kelly handed down the sentence after contending that Shroyerwho never entered the Capitol building, played a role in “amping up” the mob at a sensitive moment during the riot. Shroyer’s foray onto Capitol grounds came even though Shroyer had been ordered to stay away from the area under a court-sanctioned agreement for disrupting a House impeachment hearing in 2019…

Prosecutors say Shroyer shadowed Jones from the Ellipse, where former President Donald Trump addressed supporters before urging them to walk down Pennsylvania Avenue, to the Capitol. When they arrived, they witnessed the chaos that had begun unfolding at the building. Jones, who was trailed by a large throng of supporters, a security detail and other leaders of “Stop the Steal” groups, circled the Capitol and asked police for permission to exhort the crowd to deescalate the violence.”

Here’s what didn’t happen and what the government in its prosecution never even bothered to allege happened: Owen Shroyer committing violence, directly inciting violence, or entering the capitol building.

The best the state could come up with is that his chants of “1776” and that “Democrats are communists” had the effect of “amping up” the crowd of protesters – despite the explicit admonitions by the InfoWars crew on that day and throughout the years (I can see this with authority, having listened to many such broadcasts and hearing many such pleas for nonviolent resistance for more than a decade) to not commit political violence against the state or its jackbooted agents as it would be entirely counterproductive.

The nonsense charge Shroyer ultimately copped to – “illegally entering a restricted area,” which includes nothing remotely related to “domestic terrorism,” “running an insurrection,” or anything in that vein – is what earned him the 60-day sentence.

This is textbook anarcho-tyranny; any rational person knows that the Brandon regime, as a proxy for the Deep State, would never in a million years prosecute a “mostly peaceful” BLM rioter for “illegally entering a restricted area.”

Rule of law simply doesn’t exist for favored political factions, sacred minorities, or immigrants; that’s for the domestic terrorists.

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