Now the West Is Worried About Syrian Uranium! Must Invade?
By Staff News & Analysis - January 10, 2013

Yesterday morning here over a latte and a croissant–Kurfuerstendamm Ecke Schlueterstrasse–I got my ear bent by someone telling me that Israel and Western countries are now worried about the fate of 50 metric tons of uranium secretly stashed away in Syria. Reflecting for a couple of minutes after clicking off my cell, I strongly suspected that I was not the sole recipient of that message from certain quarters, and, sure enough, 24 hours later, my intuition proved to be spot on. – Mark, the Arms Control Wonk

Dominant Social Theme: Syria is a really dangerous country and ought to be invaded.

Free-Market Analysis: With gun control becoming an explosive controversy in the US, it is interesting to note accusations now being leveled at Syria regarding its possession of uranium.

This is likely part of the demonization of weapons generally that are not in the control of "responsible [Western] governments." Rogue governments (such as Syria's) are a special problem, of course.

But are these real concerns or are they dominant social themes? Our position is that the power elite that wants to run the world is destabilizing the Middle East in order to justify increased tensions between East and West. The tension then results in more authoritarian measures aimed at the West, which is the real target of the elites.

Ideally, the elites WANT troops on the ground in the Middle East and Africa. They are seemingly trying to integrate these two regions into a larger union (as they are doing throughout the world) and the gambit hasn't been moving fast enough.

One of the reasons to invade Iraq was because of supposed weapons of mass destruction that were never found. And now Syria is supposedly in possession of tons of ill-secured uranium. Will this necessitate a NATO invasion? Here's some more from the article:

This morning a small number of international news outlets all ran that little item up the flagpole. I admit I was intrigued by the lead we were all spoon-fed yesterday ("Missing Uranium in Syria May be Headed to Iran") since in fact the war between Assad's forces and rebel troops around Damascus the last few weeks has been hotting up. If there is a cache of uranium in the greater Damascus area, as our interlocutors insist, it very well could be in the crossfire of antagonists and hence right now making Israel and some Western governments nervous, and possibly may have been part of some recent chit-chatting on Syria at the IAEA.

The territory surrounding the Syrian capital is not firmly under the control of either side, and the idea that uranium might be bestowed on Iran by either party is hardly far-fetched, since there is other evidence suggesting that both Assad and the rebels are courting Iran's favor. Whoever has his mitts on any uranium in the country might be willing to spirit it to Iran in return for good will, money, or hardware. (If after reading this you still don't understand why it's important for the IAEA to establish the completeness and correctness of countries' nuclear declarations, then you'll probably never get it.)

But in the end, I gave this item a belated shrug yesterday in favor of more pressing matters on my plate because, frankly, there wasn't any real new information here about the alleged nuclear material or its whereabouts.

… At the time the civil war broke out, the IAEA had not obtained any specific information identifying beyond any doubt where the fuel for Al-Kibar was currently located. Information pointing to nuclear fuel-related activities at Marj as-Sultan indicated there was equipment on site that might have been used to process or fabricate nuclear fuel. But had anyone clearly identified nuclear fuel rods or assemblies at Marj as-Sultan before the war broke out? Not to my knowledge.

Today the situation may be different. Assad is losing his grip, and his military can no longer keep adversaries from coming and going, including in and out of strategic facilities. If there is in fact any hidden uranium in Syria, the number of people who know where it is might be growing.

Mark, the self-proclaimed "Wonk," accepts that he is being "fed" information and acknowledges that others are being fed as well. This is surely part of elite meme building.

Mark probably doesn't see it that way but he and his blog are being used to disseminate certain globalist promotions.

Not only is the volume of the rhetoric rising regarding Syria, we can see that something else has been introduced into the mix, namely Iran. In this way the powers-that-be build the specter of an out-of-control Middle East packed with un-tracked uranium being shipped to a rogue state like Iran.

Who knows what activities this propaganda will ultimately justify? When it was aimed at Iraq, it ended up justifying an invasion. The Syrian destabilization is not going well for the West and perhaps additional interference is called for. In other words, we are seeing a Libyan scenario being played out where the elites kept on adding military pressure until the Gaddafi regime finally fell.

The reports that this blog (excerpted above) provide to us indicate that escalation may soon take place in Syria as well … maybe an invasion, maybe outright bombing. It also tells us that the elites may not long settle for a stalemate.

After Thoughts

If we are correct, look for more serious fighting in Syria and even more Western involvement.

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