Now UN Plans to Guide Nations' 'Best Practices' Around the World
By Staff News & Analysis - February 01, 2012

United Nations Partnership Framework for Thailand 2012-2016 … The UNPAF is a five-year agreement of cooperation worked out between United Nations agencies and the governments of the countries in which they work. The UNPAF 2012-16 for Thailand was signed by the Royal Thai Government (RTG) and 19 UN agencies on 28 April 2011. The agreement builds on the UNPAF 2007-2011 and guides the preparation and implementation of UN programmes in Thailand during the next five-year period. –

Dominant Social Theme: Thank heaven for the United Nations. Where would humankind be without it?

Free-Market Analysis: On its surface, this latest UN over-reach doesn't sound so alarming. The UN is simply stating via a press release announcing a Thai partnership that as part of its "next" five-year plan (shades of the USSR), its bureaucrats will reach agreements with countries around the world to "guide" UN programs in various nation-states.

And yet this is another "under the radar" power grab that decreases national sovereignty while supporting global governance. How many of these incremental arrogations of power will it take before people begin to notice how aggressively global government is being built?

Media and political bigwigs long pooh-poohed the idea that the European Union would become a single, authoritarian entity. But now that's just what the Eurocrats are trying to establish, using the tried-and-true formula of crisis … chaos … (new) order.

What was the provenance of "conspiracy theory" has now become an impending reality. As usual, this is being ignored by the bought-and-paid-for mainstream press. Yesterday's insults are tomorrow's news reports.

The Anglosphere power elite that is evidently and obviously behind this coming global order keeps pushing the boundaries. And every time there's a bulge, the mainstream press "moves on" – even as the REAL conspiracy unfolds right before their haughty eyes.

We became aware of this new UN promotion just the other day when we were preparing and then posting an article entitled, "VIDEO: UN Five-Year Plan Is Globalist to the Core." We came across an article entitled, "UN chief outlines five-year action plan to build 'the future we want'."

The text that caught our eye was almost a throwaway, as follows: "Among … other proposals is the convening of a first-of-its-kind World Humanitarian Summit to help share knowledge and establish common best practices, and the creation of a New UN Partnerships Facility to harness the full power of transformative partnerships across the world body."

The article also mentioned a five-year "New UN Partnership Framework" that has already been implemented in Thailand (see excerpt above) and is now presumably rolling out around the world. Perhaps the Thai program was a kind of "pilot project" as it was announced, at least hypothetically, early last year.

Why Thailand? Probably because it is a deeply authoritarian state in some ways with a massive center of power revolving around the Thai king and his "Royal Thai Government." It doubtless has not been lost on the RTG that authoritarian regimes have been falling right and left recently.

In fact, the UN's Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has been serving as a kind of trigger man for R2P – the horrid "responsibility to protect" that has abrogated the sanctity of nation-states. If Ban decides you are a "bad" dictator as opposed to a good one and that you are putting your citizens "at risk" he can call in the NATO bombs. Then presumably you end up buggered in an unmarked grave the way Muammar Gaddafi did.

And thus, frightened dictators around the world will no doubt fall in line with this latest UN manifesto. It sounds innocent on the surface but those who run the UN – as the EU – have "big" plans. Thailand is doubtless just the beginning.

Here's more from the article, quoting Ban on the partnership issue: "'Waves of change are surging around us,' he told the Assembly. 'If we navigate wisely, we can create a more secure and sustainable future for all. The United Nations is the ship to navigate these waters … We are the venue for partnerships and action. Now is our moment. Now is the time to create the future we want,' he stated."

Sounds like a threat, no? The UN is like that pink Energizer bunny that just keeps "going and going." Like so many other NWO facilities, it is seemingly being revved into top gear by an increasingly nervous Anglosphere power elite.

This power elite utilizes trillions siphoned off from the central banks that they have built and propagated throughout the world in the past half century. They are moving very quickly, in our view, to build global governance because they are likely worried about the effects of the Internet, which is exposing their plans in a probably intolerable way.

We call it the Internet Reformation. "They" probably describe it much more profanely. It was a big mistake in our view and one the top elites regret a good deal, assuming they have the aggregate capacity to regret.

Lord knows how many "heads have rolled" as a result of a synergy between "two Steves" in a garage and DARPA's initial military-only facility that was supposed to increase communication about new weapons systems. Ha … it increased communication all right!

It's virtually imploded a lot of the dominant social themes that the elites have counted on to frighten middle classes into giving up power and wealth to globalist facilities. These fear-based promotions don't have the impact they used to have because the Internet has debunked so many of them, including global warming, the war on terror and so-called Peak Oil.

Nonetheless, the elites keep rolling out these memes. It's very important to continue to try to control people via these fearful prognostications. When it comes to the UN, we can see Ban and his boys are in full cry. Here's more from the press release announcing the Thai "partnership."

The UNPAF 2012-16 is closely aligned with the following three development strategies contained in the RTG's 11th National Economic and Social Development Plan (NESDP 2012- 2016):

− Promoting the just society: The UN system will support social reform for equity and empowerment, including strengthening the social protection system, enhancing human rights and access to justice, and improving the quality of information for and analysis of issues in social policy. It will also provide support for specific social programmes that are the focus of particular UN agencies.

− Strengthening economic cooperation in the region: The UN system will support Thailand as an effective development partner in the international community and support the development of a creative economy in view of the important role this will play in strategically positioning Thailand as a socio-economic regional actor.

− Managing natural resources and the environment towards sustainability: The UN system will support Thailand in responding to the challenges of climate change, and work on issues with respect to the nexus between poverty and the environment and energy and the environment.

See what's going on? Who gave the UN the authority to implement a worldwide strategy "managing natural resources and the environment towards sustainability"? And why is the UN "supporting" Thailand in its response to "climate change" anyway?

And what is Thailand, exactly? Oh, wait. It's a legal fiction with a long cultural history run by a frightened old man who knows there's no such as global warming – but also knows he wants to die in bed not in an unmarked grave with his mutilated children.

And thus the UN propagates its "just society." A society that will no doubt be run at a global level and make use of a horribly corrupt global judiciary. If it gets that far. Our bet is that it won't. It was an improbably dream BEFORE the advent of the Internet. It's kind of an impossible one now. Isn't it?

More and more, the promotional environment of the elites decays as a result of the human "hive mind's" internalization of the Way the World Really Works – thanks to the Internet Reformation. And more and more people at the top of the phony, authoritarian structures set up by this handful of impossibly wealthy individuals resembles a kind of crime family.

Realizing their promotions lack effectiveness, they have turned to brutality and war, just as they did, apparently, after the advent of the Gutenberg Press. We don't think such a blunt tool kit worked effectively then, and we don't think it's going to work well now.

The UN can impose these increasingly totalitarian dominant social themes by force, but that only means that more and more people will begin to question them. People don't like being told what to think. That's why the elites have used memes in the first place, in our modern Dark Ages.

Illumination is coming in our view. The UN has been turned directly toward thuggery, which of itself will have terrible negative consequences over time for that august body. In fact, the UN has been saved from the fate of the IMF – which is hated the world over – only because UN members see the place as inept.

Given the many recent wars that the UN has now lent its prestige to, we're figuring that perception may change. And as the elites make their agenda known more publicly – no matter how they describe it – people will grow more and agitated about the UN's enunciated mission and goals.

After Thoughts

See, the Internet information is a rolling target. It's very hard to squelch a worldwide web. In fact, it's a process, not an episode … Stay tuned.

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