Obama’s $4.1 Trillion Budget Is Latest Sign of America’s Looming Collapse
By Daily Bell Staff - February 10, 2016

Republicans have spent the entire Obama presidency engaging in acts of disrespect against this president, and the office that he has been twice elected to by a majority of the voters. By refusing to give his budget a hearing, House Republicans have moved beyond disrespect of the man and into disrespect of the office of the presidency. It looks like House Republicans are so afraid of the President's budget that they don't want the public to know what is in it. Hiding facts while disrespecting the presidency is the modern Republican way. House Republicans have revealed themselves to be cowards who are attached to a failed belief system. – PoliticusUSA

Yesterday President Obama announced a $4.1 TRILLION budget proposal for this year.

But for many in the mainstream media and even in the alternative media, it was business as usual.

The Wall Street Journal carried an editorial from Barack Obama explaining part of the budget. The Hill and other online political journals simply described the budget without providing any frame of reference regarding the US's larger, disastrous financial situation.

In the excerpt above, we can see that the leftist journal PoliticusUSA not only endorses the budget, but it actively goes on attack against House Republicans who want little or nothing to do with it.

The editors at PoliticusUSA may well believe that spending so much money is a virtue. But instead of attacking Republicans, they ought to be leveling their fire at the military-industrial complex – where a good deal of the money goes. Democrats defend the Pentagon these days as much as Republicans.

And one can ask, again, as always: Where is the astonishment? Where is the disbelief? This latest budget proposal breaks all possible records for any amount of money a government has spent anywhere, at any time in the history of the world.

A budget of this size is a complete fantasy. And while Americans are justifiably angry at the constant assault of so much federal insanity, this budget is treated by much of the mainstream media as if it were serious policy.

The federal government has made some $200 trillion in promises to its citizens – that means what it owes is far larger than the US$18.2 trillion that is commonly portrayed as the "national debt."

America has been hollowed out and what once was the industrial engine of the world has been turned into a faux-service economy.

"Social networks." Video games for your mobile phones. "Ad tech" companies that get consumers to click on links. That's what America exports to the world now.

Employment security is gone. Retirement security is gone.

Senior citizens, whose retirement income has been decimated by zero-bound interest rates, routinely go to back to work flipping burgers and tossing freedom fries.

Despite soothing employment numbers, the US is likely enmeshed in a Greater Depression.

And the remedies being advanced will actually only benefit the latest scam, which is the creation of "cashless" societies.

At nearly $19 trillion, the United States's debt is already out of control, and President Obama has just shown that he has no intention of pointing the country in a better direction.

When it all comes crashing down, you're going to be the one footing the bill.

Conclusion: Your income, your assets and your retirement savings are all at risk by being in this system.

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