Occupy Wall Street Could Promote 'Pennies to the Fed Campaign'
By Staff News & Analysis - November 10, 2011

A Chill Descends On Occupy Wall Street; "The Leaders of the allegedly Leaderless Movement" … On Sunday, October 23, a meeting was held at 60 Wall Street. Six leaders discussed what to do with the half-million dollars that had been donated to their organization, since, in their estimation, the organization was incapable of making sound financial decisions. The proposed solution was not to spend the money educating their co-workers or stimulating more active participation by improving the organization's structures and tactics. Instead, those present discussed how they could commandeer the $500,000 for their new, more exclusive organization. No, this was not the meeting of any traditional influence on Wall Street. These were six of the leaders of Occupy Wall Street (OWS). – Globalresearch/Fritz Tucker

Dominant Social Theme: Occupy Wall Street is a movement of millions – and entirely uncontrolled.

Free-Market Analysis: Here at DB, we would find it much easier to be cheerleaders for the Occupy Wall Street movement, even though we haven't been. We'd increase our (steadily building) readership and get pats on the back from unions and others in various "people's movements."

We'd "live the dream" of the united Left. Democracy Now would pick up our articles and maybe, if we were strident enough, we'd be informed that there were "grants" or "loans" available to us. If we were REALLY good, we might even be able to get an invitation to the White House.

But we're not that good. And Occupy Wall Street is evidently and obviously something of a false-flag event, at the top anyway. This article (excerpted above) that was recently posted at GlobalResearch further confirms what we already know: You run a false-flag from the top down. That way it doesn't matter much what the rank-and-file do. You can see some of our other articles here:

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Now, we should add this is one writer's opinion (though obviously a deeply committed and progressive scribe) and perhaps he's gotten some of the facts wrong or is misinterpreting what's going on. If so, we hope we'll hear from others in the feedback thread (below) to correct any misperceptions. But, nonetheless, it "smells" right (or wrong!). Here's some more:

The Working Group (WG) has created a new organization called the Spokes Council. "Teach-ins" were held to workshop and promote the Spokes Council throughout the week of October 22-28. I attended the teach-in on Sunday the 23rd …

After the Structure WG's teach-in ended, I put together a short summary of what I'd heard. I waited for two hours while the General Assembly slowly got to the announcements–the only part of the NYC-GA open for anyone to participate. When my turn came to speak, I brought up the plans of "the leaders of the allegedly leaderless movement" to commandeer the half-million dollars sent to the General Assembly for their new, exclusive, undemocratic, representational organization.

Before I could finish, the facilitators and other members of the OWS inner circle started shouting over me. Amidst the confusion, the human mic stopped projecting what I, or anybody was saying. Because silence was what they were after, the leaders won.

Eventually one of the facilitators regained control of the crowd and explained that I was speaking "opinions, not facts," which is why I would not be allowed to continue. He also asserted untruthfully that I had gone over my allotted minute. Notably, the facilitators and members of the OWS inner circle regularly ignore time restrictions. This reaction shouldn't surprise anyone. It is reasonable to expect any undemocratic organization to be co-opted eventually by a vocal minority or charismatic individual.

On Friday, October 29, the proposal to create the Spokes Council was put to the NYC-GA for a fifth time, and finally received a 90% majority. The facilitators assisted the process by denying two vocal critics of the Spokes Council their allotted time to speak against it. Sometimes it snows before the leaves have fallen.

The ineffective and increasingly symbolic NYC-GA will most likely continue to hang around as long as the people who congregate in Zuccotti Park hold out hope for a more participatory, democratic society. The Spokes Council will only be more effective in its exclusiveness.. Let's hope the inclusive spirit driving the Occupy movement is not frozen out.

Let us summarize here. From our perspective, the Anglosphere power elite (that we write about regularly) has been caught by surprise by the Internet. It really didn't catch on in aggregate to to the arriving Internet Reformation until the mid-2000s in our view, not seriously anyway, and they've been in full damage control mode ever since.

We think we can tell how panicked they are by the rising levels of violence around the world. American muscle – the enforcement arm of the London City "brain" – is being applied almost without precedent in the modern era. When you lose control, you start a war. That's the modern methodology of these conspiratorial elites.

Occupy Wall Street has all sorts of shadowy figures running around at the top. It is probably an outgrowth of the AYM "youth revolutions" around the world that are evidently and obviously controlled at least in part by the CIA and US State Department.

The idea with Occupy Wall Street is to make it into an opposition to the Tea Party, which the Anglosphere power elite is also trying to control (and failing in our view). One is to the right (Tea Party) and the other to the Left (Occupy Wall Street). In this way the Hegelian Dialectic is imposed and the movements became tame-able and more easily manipulated.

One way we can tell that the movement is manipulated is because those at the top are restraining themselves from doing anything really significant in terms of questioning central banking and the US Federal Reserve.

Occupy Wall Streets type – just like the elites – will apparently do ANYTHING rather than take on the issue of central banking and the printing of money-from-nothing that is ruining America and bankrupting the world. (Or so it seems unless we're missing something.)

The power elite is fine with protestors attacking Wall Street, attacking Bank of America, attacking Wall Street tycoons, attacking politicians as being corrupt, attacking tax cuts for the rich. JUST DON'T TOUCH THEM CENTRAL BANKS. It's a kind of red line and a manipulated one. But no one much seems to notice. Since we get flack from those who are "participating" in Occupy Wall Street demos, we have put our elvish heads together to come up with something positive – rather than just being critical.

Pennies to the Fed!

(A modest proposal)

One suggestion we have is that people should start turning in their pennies to Federal Reserve branches across the country. This "Pennies to the Fed" campaign would point out that the Fed has inflated the dollar to worthlessness over the past 100 years. It is now worth about one percent, from what we can tell, of what it was worth when the Fed began its depredations. Maybe less.

So who wants pennies? They're basically useless. You can't even buy a stick of gum with them anymore. They're simply clogging up the system – the way the Fed is clogging up the system by printing TRILLIONS AND TRILLIONS of increasingly worthless dollars. At least turning in pennies to Fed branches would "make a point." And if the Fed branches refuse them, well … leave 'em outside the gate in bottles and jars and cans in a BIG PILE.

That's just one idea we have come up with. It may not be a very good one, but at least it would get the point across that people are angry about the MONEY SYSTEM not just its enablers and gofers in Washington DC and Wall Street.

We hope others will come up with additional ideas for a campaign against the money manipulations of central banks. So far, Occupy Wall Street seems big on global warming, encouraging MORE regulation (Glass-Steagall), campaigning AGAINST tax cuts and generally acting as an adjunct support team for the federal Leviathan it purports, in aggregate, to despise.

Let Occupy Wall Street-ers come up with a real protest mechanism against CENTRAL BANKING. That would be a big step forward. Right now, between the current protests and the leadership manipulations taking place (see Global Research article above) OWS looks increasingly questionable as a real "change-making" movement, in our humble opinion.

After Thoughts

It's well known by now that US Intel agencies manipulated the protests of the 1960s by focusing the leaders on big government activism as a "solution" to perceived problems CAUSED by big government. It's some kind of a dead end. Government should be made SMALLER – not just different. As for the Fed … end it!

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