Social Justice™ Propaganda: Advil Tackles ‘Pain Inequity,’ UK Government Declares Medical Devices ‘Racist’
By Ben Bartee - March 20, 2024

Originally published via Armageddon Prose:

Advil manufacturer Pfizer gets uber-progressive, goes to war with ‘pain inequity’ inflicted on Blacks (capital B for Equity™)

Not to be outdone by the Social Justice™ virtue-signaling of rival firms Eli Lily and Novo Nordisk, Pfizer, which owns the Advil brand, is now at war on behalf of the Blacks with something called “pain inequity.”

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Via Advil:

“The Advil Pain Equity Project is a long-term commitment to champion equitable and accessible pain relief, created by Advil and launched in partnership with Morehouse School of Medicine and BLKHLTH. The Advil Pain Equity Project’s first campaign, Believe My Pain, is focused on illuminating the issue of pain inequity in Black communities.”

As anyone who has ever attended diverse public school knows well, White Supremacists™ have been denying blacks their right to complain about pain, and basically everything else, for 400 years now.

Advil, in partnership with totally unbiased and neutral “historical black college” Morehouse School of Medicine, has the remedy: “Believe My Pain,” tasked to:

Explore perceptions of inequities in pain diagnosis and treatment* among Black Americans, given the body of research demonstrating that Black communities have historically experienced pain inequity at higher levels during healthcare treatment…

Edelman Data & Intelligence administered an online survey of American adults about their experiences with pain. A total of 2,000 respondents were surveyed including 1,000 adults roughly representative of the general population of US pain sufferers, and 1,000 who identified as Black or African American. The sample was constructed to ensure a large subsample of Black respondents to identify statistically significant differences between the two groups. Edelman utilized opt-in panels to recruit and provide incentives to all respondents, and the survey was conducted in Spring 2023”

*Take note of the slipping-in of the weasel word “perception.”

Surely the Black respondents offering their subjective interpretations of the racism they experience at the hands of notoriously bigoted doctors isn’t tainted by the nonstop anti-white racism training they receive from the moment they emerge from the womb, in which they learn that cash and various forms of social benefit are to be obtained via constant claims of discrimination?



Vibrant and diverse Dr. Uché Blackstock — her actual name — explains things real good:

“I think, like, the main thing is that health professionals think that black people are biologically different than other people, that our skin is thicker, that we have less sensitive skin and higher pain tolerance, and that is all absolutely false.”

Anyway, when is Pfizer going to contend with the “pain inequity” it inflicted on a nearly incalculable global scale with an mRNA shot it fraudulently rushed to market under fraudulent pretenses and then injected by government mandate into millions of unsuspecting people’s arms of all colors?

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Where are the Equitable™ military tribunals for Pfizer executives, followed by Inclusive™ summary judgments and climaxing at the end of loving and liberal ropes?

UK Government: Medical implements are tools of White Supremacy™

Via The Guardian:

“Minority ethnic people, women and people from deprived communities are at risk of poorer healthcare because of biases within medical tools and devices, a report has revealed.

Among other findings, the Equity in Medical Devices: Independent Review has raised concerns over devices that use artificial intelligence (AI), as well as those that measure oxygen levels. The team behind the review said urgent action was needed.

Prof Frank Kee, the director of the centre for public health at Queen’s University Belfast and a co-author of the review, said: ‘We’d like an equity lens on the entire lifecycle of medical devices, from the initial testing, to recruitment of patients either in hospital or in the community, into the early phase studies and the implementation in the field after they are licensed”…

Prof Habib Naqvi, the chief executive of the NHS Race and Health Observatory, welcomed the findings, adding the review acknowledged the need for immediate modifications, equity assessments and tighter guidance and regulation around pulse oximeters and other medical devices…

It’s clear the lack of diverse representation in health research, the absence of robust equity considerations and the scarcity of co-production approaches, have led to racial bias in medical devices, clinical assessments and in other healthcare interventions.”

Here’s a wild idea: how about race hustlers like Prof Habib Naqvi getting fat on the NHS public dole concerned about racist medical devices invent their own and work out all the kinks?

Oh wait, it turns out that virtually every medical product utilized in modern clinical settings was invented and produced in nations populated (however decreasingly so in the self-immolating West) by descendants of light-skinned white and East Asian peoples, and Africans mired in illiteracy and living in mud huts never invented any of them, and blood oximeters wouldn’t even exist for them to use at all if not for the innovation of said white and East Asian peoples?

Oh, it’s actually true that, like the wheel and the telephone and the printing press, virtually every major medical innovation in world history has been supplied by white and East Asian peoples, to the benefit of all of humanity, including the non-white migrants flooding the UK?

In that case, maybe the diverse ingrates should STFU, ask nicely for accommodations made on their account, then take what they can get with a please and thank-you.

This is how race wars get started.

Of course, instigating global race war is the aim of the interests that control corporate state media outlets like The Guardian, and it’s not all Persons of Color™ who think and behave in this manner, so we ought to let cooler heads and better angels prevail and recognize the population-level manipulation campaign afoot.

But still the question remains: how much more abuse will native whites take in their own countries by immigrant hordes trained to hate them before the long guns come out?

There is a limit, I would assume, to the humiliation and degradation tolerable by even the most domesticated native populations of Europe.

Ben Bartee, author of Broken English Teacher: Notes From Exile, is an independent Bangkok-based American journalist with opposable thumbs.

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