The art of only being outraged at things that don’t matter
By Joe Jarvis - February 25, 2019

I knew it was coming. Charcoal face masks are racist…

A few weeks ago, I was reading an opinion piece written by a black man about a photo hanging in a restaurant in Arizona.

It was an old photograph of coal miners enjoying some drinks after work. The coal miners were covered from head to toe in black coal dust.

The author of the article admits that he knew these were coal miners, and their “black-face” was unintentional. He knew that the photograph of coal miners had absolutely nothing to do with racism.

And yet he still wanted the restaurant to take the picture down because it made him think of black-face. Apparently, coal mining history has to be revised or it is offensive.

I kind of chuckled to myself, next thing you know charcoal facemasks will be racist…

I thought I was joking. Surely people could tell the difference between intentional mocking of black people base on historical racism, and a beauty product…

But here it was:

“Racism is do insidious that you can promote blackface for years under the guise of “pore mask” and it goes unchecked.”

“Aren’t we ever going to address how the charcoal mask takes blackface up to 11? You put it on, it looks really racist, then you pull off the black to get flawless skin.”

To be fair, this could just be the work of a few random crazies, or even trolls intentionally setting off controversy.

But you can’t really tell the difference, can you?

That’s kind of like how in America, hate crimes against gay black men are so rare, they have to be staged.

That’s what actor Jussie Smollett did.

The whole situation really clues you into how deep inside a leftist bubble these people really are.

Smollett alleged his assailants yelled, “This is MAGA country,” while attacking him in sub-zero temperatures at two in the morning on the streets of Chicago.

In Chicago.

I kind of doubt anyone has ever seriously uttered those words anywhere. But yeah, it happened in one of the most “progressive” places on earth. Okay.

And then he walked home with the noose they supposedly put around his neck, and kept it on until police arrived. I guess we know why his acting career wasn’t exactly taking off…

He has now been charged with lying to police, and fired from the TV show he was on. It seems he hired two Nigerian brothers to help stage the attack.

It was so badly executed that it has really turned into a comedy–except when you consider that it sets real victims back.

When you read about a real-life lynching, public beating, and criminalization gay men face in places like Iran and Saudi Arabia, it really makes you hate assholes like Jussie Smollett.

The media expressed more outrage over an obviously staged attack than over the very real attacks the Saudi government perpetuates against gays as a policy.

Yes, the same Saudi Arabia that America likes to give weapons and foreign aid to. The same Saudi Arabia that supports the Clintons, and allegedly funded and trained the terrorists who bombed the world trade center on 9/11.

So if you don’t know how these progressives operate, you might be surprised that they even found a way to criticize Trump’s plan to end the criminalization of homosexuality worldwide.

Yes, ending the criminalization of homosexuality is–you guessed it–RACIST! decided to run a piece called, Trump’s Plan to Decriminalize Homosexuality Is an Old Racist Tactic.

It seems like their gift to any psychotic gay leftists who are obsessed with hating Trump.

Can’t handle the fact that Trump did something you might not hate? Here’s a pre-packaged excuse to reject it, and add another tally to the racist column.

This is an example of intersectionality: it’s considered worse for white men to tell Middle-Easterners what to do–stop murdering gays–than it is for Middle-Easterns to do something horrible–murder gays.

Unfortunately, it probably seems like I’m defending Trump here. But what I’m really defending is the ability to criticize him.

These people don’t seem to get that many of the powers Trump now enjoys were expanded and galvanized during the Obama administration. And at the time, conservatives seemed to ignore the fact that many of the powers Obama exercised had been expanded under Bush, especially with the PATRIOT Act.

Of course, now the progressives/ Socialists are focused on getting their candidate in the White House, to continue massively expanding government power.

The conservatives meanwhile harbor a delusion that Trump might just dissolve the IRS and shrink government by 80%, or something.

Meanwhile, Trump signs a spending bill with a trillion dollar deficit…

What happened to the outrage over the national debt?

Debt, the health of the dollar, the ticking time bomb of massively underfunded pensions and Social Security… these seem to produce a meh from most people.

I’m not saying you should be outraged over these… personal action to protect yourself and loved ones is more useful than outrage.

And that is definitely where your energy should be going:

So in the end as ridiculous as all the manufactured outrage is, it’s really pointless to get worked up about it. Treat it as entertainment if you want.

But don’t lose sight of the deep structural problems it is covering up. That’s where you’ll need to protect yourself.

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