The Backlash Against Woke Inc is Coming…
By Joe Jarvis - March 26, 2023

I read an article called, Tate-Pilled What a generation of boys have found in Andrew Tate’s extreme male gospel.

The point: Andrew Tate’s ultra-masculinity appeals to young men and boys because it expresses everything about their nature that they have been forced to suppress.

  • Tate is crazy and over the top. That’s how he gets attention. He keeps it by encouraging young men to be masculine, driven, hard workers, and PROUD of themselves and their achievements.

The audience: boys who grow up in liberal, woke households with weak fathers and feminist mothers– or experience the same dynamic at school.

  • They have to silence themselves, police what they say or think: “a public-high-school teacher living in Brooklyn, calls the atmosphere in his mostly white classrooms ‘the New Victorianism.'”
  • “Spike, who is 17, describes the eye-rolling among his peers when they’re forced to attend another seminar or symposium on systemic racism, microaggressions, misogyny, white saviorism, gentrification, toxic masculinity, or gender roles. “
  • “…hardly any straight boy has the language to speak truthfully about how he envisions romance, dating, or sex because ‘they know if they say it aloud, someone will censure them or say they are encouraging rape culture.'”
  • Case in Point: “Most of the girls I spoke with have male friends or acquaintances who follow Tate. They’ve checked on Instagram. (Chloe, who goes to a public school in Madison, Connecticut, immediately unfollowed all of them.)”

“The message is, ‘Let these other people talk. You’ve had your time,’” Valerie says. “And probably the boys think, I haven’t had my time. I was just born! I was going through puberty yesterday!… To feel that way and then to hear, ‘Your voice is not relevant to this conversation,’ I can imagine how young straight boys feel more isolated than they used to.” She pauses. “But the change is a net positive. I’m maybe not that sympathetic.”

The Trans-Activist who agrees…

The article included a segment about a male who now pretends to be a woman.

  • “She” “gently asks her progressive viewers to consider the possibility… that the suffering of men is real, especially among those who were never high on any kind of ladder… ‘Maybe the average man is also oppressed by the system…'”

Reality check: “Transgender women” are males who take the opposite approach to Tate– but for the exact same reasons.

  • Instead of becoming ultra-masculine, they become ultra-feminine, and join the ranks of the “oppressed”. Voila, it’s victimhood in a pill and surgery.

Two books to dive deeper:

  1. The Fourth Turning: Different generations have different values. As generations turn over, there is typically a strong rebellion from the values of the overbearing parents of one generation.
  2. Teen 2.0: Saving Our Children and Families from the Torment of Adolescence: Healthy children are given the freedom to learn, grow, question, and form their own ideas. MANY social problems (and personal mental health issues) stem from overbearing parents and social institutions which artificial extend childhood, and therefore control young adults for longer.

Tate is the harbinger of what is to come: a violent pendulum swing away from woke, feminist, social justice warriors wielding power, WAY past a rational and reasonable balance, to something more along the lines of Shariah Law.

  • The most at-risk are the most repressed: boys subjugated by woke mothers and teachers.

But we can counter this just by being normal. Be masculine. Be driven. Marry a woman, provide for your family.

It doesn’t require Bugattis, private jets, and cigars.

Working hard with your hands, learning real skills, growing your own food, becoming self-sufficient, earning money, owning a property…

These are all ways to fullfil the needs of masculinity, and feel good about yourself, because you are actually doing something productive.

We have a project to create a community of likeminded people who agree.

Check out the Locals page to learn more.

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