The Best Places to Buy Ammo Online
By Chris Smith - December 14, 2023

Many people are surprised to learn that ammo is sold online – legally. The dumb ones will react by saying online ammo sales are bad for reasons X, Y and Z. The smart ones will reach for their wallets and proceed to exercise their God-given right to bear arms in one of the safest and most convenient ways possible.

I don’t advise looking on Craigslist or Backpage for great deals on ammo. “For sale: 2002 Dodge Neon (293k miles), 632 rounds of 223 Rem, used dollhouse” sounds like it could have some potential, but you really don’t know what kind of person you’re dealing with – or what kind of conditions their ammo was kept in.

An online ammo retailer is a different story. A business like that has every incentive to follow the full letter of the law. It has already established systems for accepting payments and shipping, and should have staff dedicated to ensuring their products aren’t shipped directly to minors. It also keeps its products in a climate-controlled storage facility: a warehouse, which you can rightly assume contains several very large “NO SMOKING” signs.

Buying ammo online also gives you easier access to bulk ammo and harder-to-find cartridges. One thousand rounds of 5.56×45 M855 ammo weighs about 31 pounds. We’re sure a strapping young buck such as yourself could easily transport several thousand rounds of ammo, but letting a friendly delivery driver set them down at your doorstep is certainly more convenient. And while brick-and-mortar stores do offer a reliable source of 9mm, 40 S&W and 308 Win, they aren’t as dependable when it comes to anything outside of the most popular calibers. If you want something more esoteric like 30 TC, 338 RUM or 400 LGND, then you may only be able to find it online.

Which online ammo retailers are best? I’ve patronized quite a few in my time, so I can confidently recommend the following!

Ammo To Go

Variety is the name of the game at Ammo To Go. If you’ve inherited a family heirloom that exclusively fires some type of ammo you’ve never heard of before, then the proudly Texan retailer is the first place you ought to look. Ammo To Go stocks an enormous variety of American shooters’ favorite rounds as well, so you can order a brick or three of 22 LR while you’re at it.

Ammo To Go goes for much more than just ammo. With targets, component bullets, ammo cans, AR-15 parts, holsters, magazines, and even eye and ear protection, it’s pretty much a one-stop shop for all things 2A.

Target Barn

Target Barn has operated out of the great state of Ohio since 1982. They obviously have not sold ammo online during all that time. They originally specialized in manufacturing the high-quality cardboard targets shooters need for training and competition. Target Barn still produces targets that conform to the specifications set forth by the USPSA, IDPA and NRA, and pays royalties to all of those organizations for the privilege.

If you’re halfway serious about perfecting your marksmanship, then you already know you need a lot of targets. Target Barn will make your passion more affordable by offering a 10% discount when you buy six to nine of any single product – or 15%, when you buy 10 or more.

Target Barn isn’t all targets, however. They tend not to stock niche ammo, but they do offer a good selection of America’s favorite handgun, rifle and shotgun cartridges. A huge win if you want to buy targets and ammo!


Targets are Target Barn’s forte. Widener’s sells targets as well, although their true specialty is reloading components. In addition to primed and unprimed factory fresh brass, they offer a wide variety of bullet styles in every imaginable weight and caliber. Whether you’re looking for cheap .355 cal 115gr FMJs, .30 cal 180 grain SSTs, or match-grade .264 cal 140gr HPBTs, Widener’s is a great place to start your search.

Widener’s caters to the unenlightened non-handloaders as well. They have lots of options when it comes to regular everyday plinking ammo, as well as many of the less popular calibers such as 375 H&H Magnum, 9.3x62mm Mauser and 30 Super Carry.

Ammo Man

Ammo Man offers a healthy variety of ammo for sale: 45 ACP, 7.62×39, 10mm Auto, you name it. Their prices are reasonable in light of current market trends, their shipping is abnormally fast, and their many available cases of ammo make it easy to stockpile your preferred loads.

But Ammo Man really captured my heart thanks to their free shipping on all orders over $99. Let’s be honest: thanks to inflation and the dogs who call themselves politicians, it’s hard not to spend at least $99 on a single ammo purchase nowadays. Free shipping takes the edge off of making a larger purchase, and saves you money that you can wisely spend on even more ammo.

Lucky Gunner

Lucky Gunner is probably the most popular ammo retailer on this list. They’re best known in the firearm community for their expertly executed ballistic gel tests, which give you a reasonably good idea of how several different brands of self-defense ammo would fare according to the FBI test protocol.

In addition to virtually every type of firearm accessory you could name – including the magical kits that convert ARs into 22 LR plinking machines – Lucky Gunner offers an outstanding selection of ammo. You’ve got all the pistol, rifle and shotgun loads you need to keep your marksmanship sharp, your everyday carry equipped to fulfill its only purpose, and your freezer stuffed to the gills with venison. is on a mission to arm their customers both physically and philosophically. Even if you don’t wind up buying anything from the Louisiana company, it’s easy to spend hours getting lost in their Resistance Library. There are tons of articles about historic events that haven’t been run through the filter of wokeism. There are just as many articles comparing two different cartridges, such as 45 ACP vs. 45 Colt, 5.7x28mm vs. 9mm, 50 Beowulf vs. 50 AE, and 300 Win Mag vs. 338 Lapua, to name only a few.

This list doesn’t include every reputable online ammo retailer. There are many others for you to discover, but take care! The internet is a grassy place, and filled with snakes who are out to steal your personal information. Make certain an online ammo retailer is legitimate before trusting it with your credit card number. Call first if you’re unsure, and see what others are saying about the company online. If it has a track record of not delivering, you bet your boots plenty of folks have already complained about it.

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