The Big Issue Facing the US Is Bain Capital
By Staff News & Analysis - May 24, 2012

It's all about Bain as presidential battle heats up … Voters are getting mixed messages about whether Mitt Romney was a corporate raider who put profits ahead of jobs or a turnaround artist who truly understands the economy. Expect to hear much more of both arguments Thursday — when President Obama visits Iowa — and in coming weeks. – The Des Moines Register

Dominant Social Theme: Is Romney empathetic or not? This is the issue.

Free-Market Analysis: There are many problems the US is facing. It likely is not a stable country anymore. It is facing in aggregate a debt of some US$ 200 trillion. This is unpayable.

Still, the US staggers on, becoming less free every day. There are probably 100 separate federal intelligence agencies dedicated to spying on foreign or domestic terrorists.

But there is also ample evidence that the war on terror is something of a manufactured one. This means that the myriad agencies are actually mostly aimed at domestic targets.

But the larger question is if the war on terror is manufactured by the powers-that-be, what is the proximate rationale? We answer that on a regular basis: It is part of a larger plan to secure world government.

That's how it seems to us anyway. The power elite that wants to run the world has always targeted the US "exception" because it remains an exception. The US was founded as a republic – and the republican culture remains strong.

It has not been eradicated despite the best efforts of the power elite and what we call the Internet Reformation has only reinforced the US's cultural trends in this regard.

If one accepts that a Western power elite (one funded by the central banks it controls) is attempting with considerable vigor to advance the cause of world government, then the attacks on the US's civil and human liberties make a lot more sense.

There is no doubt the US is being assaulted (along with the West generally) when it comes to freedoms. Homeland Security is a regular and increasingly invasive force. Habeas corpus has basically been suspended and US citizens seem to stand exposed to their own government's will when it comes to a determination as to whether or not they are to be considered terrorists – and subject to summary execution or abduction.

The US government (and NATO) continues to pursue numerous wars in the Middle East and Africa that are bankrupting the US while killing or injuring literally millions. Central banks meanwhile have printed so much money that the West (and increasingly the world) has succumbed to a boom-bust slump that is over a decade long and shows no sign of resolving itself.

None of this has been ameliorated by the political process in the US. In fact, first President George Bush and now President Barack Obama have pursued policies that have evidently and obviously made things worse.

Libertarian Congressman Ron Paul believed in smaller government and wished to trim the welfare and warfare state. But it seems (as of this writing) that the quasi-neocon Mitt Romney will be the presumptive GOP nominee.

Romney seems the quintessential "empty suit" – someone who tailors his responses in whatever manner he needs to based on the audience he is addressing or the goal he deems necessary to fulfill.

Obama has certainly proven to be a similar sort. In fact, this is not surprising given that both are putatively employed by the power elite that has created the policies they endorse.

The policies that are being pursued are driving the US and the West toward an ever-closer global union. But this is not, unfortunately, a dialogue that is pursued within the mainstream press.

If one attempts to tell the truth about what is evidently and obviously a kind of directed history (directed from the top) one is shouted down as a "conspiracy" theorist.

As a result, there is not a broad spectrum of material that can be discussed within a general election. In fact, the narrative grows narrower all the time.

This is the main reason why issues that are seemingly extraneous to the creeping ruin of the republic become major talking points. There's so much that cannot be said that the areas for debate are inevitably constrained.

And thus the US mainstream press ends up with a huge amount of attention being paid to such issues as gay marriage, women's rights and white-on-black prejudice. Inevitably these are all social issues that do not touch on the larger conspiracy for world government.

Another issue that seems to be taking center stage in the current election is Romney's personal character, admittedly suspect in that he once put his dog in a carrier, tied it to the roof of his car and drove cross-country with the poor animal.

And then there was the issue, resurrected from high school, in which he forcibly cut the hair of a classmate because he found it offensive.

And now there is the issue of whether Romney, in his role with the successful financial firm of Bain Capital was a kind of neo-robber baron.

These are all "personality driven" items intended to contrast "cool" Obama with an exploitative Republican challenger.

In fact, a series of dominant social themes – promotions – are springing up around this campaign. These memes are surely being encouraged and supported by a larger power elite that wants the dialogue to focus on such personal metrics as much as possible.

In reality, it doesn't much matter what Romney's character is. If elected, he'll pursue the same policies as Obama and Bush. They will not be his policies but the policies of the elite.

Enjoy the show. Unfortunately, that's all it is. But also be aware, in this era of the Internet Reformation, that there are deeper forces at work.

The farther away the democratic process gets from making a credible difference in people's lives, the more these other forces come into play. They are not democratic ones and the powers-that-be are surely aware of their possibility.

After Thoughts

Homeland Security just purchased hundreds of millions of hollow point bullets. Coincidence?

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