The government’s “science” behind Monkeypox is hilarious
By Simon Black - July 06, 2022

Via Sovereign Man

Through the pandemic, public health officials have taken some ridiculous actions with their “health” powers.

In some cases they barred people from accessing their own property, and in others locked them inside their homes.

They threatened to cut off utilities to businesses which didn’t shut down, threatened to separate families, and tried to force parents to be vaccinated to keep custody of their kids.

Don’t even get me started on Australia’s COVID concentration camps and walled-off towns.

It was all supposedly in pursuit of following “the science”.

COVID Warlord Anthony Fauci was the leading cheerleader in the US for mandatory mask policies and draconian lockdowns.

But when Texas refused to shut down or mask up, Fauci shrugged and said he was “not really quite sure” why COVID cases in Texas didn’t skyrocket, as he had ominously predicted. Yet despite being a man of science, Fauci wasn’t interested in finding out why he was so wrong.

You probably also remember when Fauci tried to con everyone into wearing two masks, instead of just one. Asked about the specific science behind this recommendation, Fauci said, “you put another layer on, it just makes common sense.”

Hold on — are we doing science, with the experimental method and rigorous studies, or are we doing what one person considers common sense?

Fauci also predicted in December of 2021 that the Omicron variant would cause record COVID hospitalizations and deaths.

The Biden Administration warned that we were heading into a “winter of severe illness and death for the unvaccinated – for themselves, their families and the hospitals they’ll soon overwhelm.”

Those predictions didn’t pan out either.

When courts finally ruled that the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) overstepped its bounds with a mask mandate on airplanes, we found out that these government orders were never about public health or science at all…

Fauci admitted that “It’s more a matter of principle of where the authority lies, than it is about whether or not there is going to be a mandate on a plane or not.”

Now these same public health officials (and their media lapdogs) are responding to the scariest new threat: monkeypox!

“The science” shows that the disease is spreading mostly through skin to skin contact at places like raves and orgies.

Both the CDC and UK Health Security Agency say that the disproportionate majority of cases have thus far been found among gay men.

And by the way, according to the Chinese World Health Organization, Monkeypox has a fatality between 3-6%, which is higher than COVID-19.

So, given the specific risks to the gay community of this extremely fatal disease, you’d think that the government would have followed their own COVID playbooks and canceled gay pride month.

Or at least they would have banned all the pride parties and parades held throughout June, which was the peak of the Monkeypox outbreak. That’s what the “science” said.

But of course they didn’t do that. Canceling PRIDE MONTH would have been extremely un-woke.

So instead, the CDC released guidelines on “Social Gatherings, Safer Sex and Monkeypox.”

One section is entitled, “How can a person lower the chance of getting Monkeypox at places like raves, parties, clubs, and festivals?”

Unlike with COVID where the CDC demanded we all cower in fear at home, with Monkeypox during Pride Month, they had a totally different answer.

If people are going to pile into sweaty, steamy mosh pits, “where there is minimal clothing and where there is direct, personal, often skin-to-skin contact” the CDC advises to “avoid any rashes or sores you see on others and consider minimizing skin-to-skin contact when possible.”

Naturally we also want our government bureaucrats to weigh in on other essential questions, like, “How can a person lower their risk [of Monkeypox] during sex?”

The CDC advises you to masturbate with a sexual partner at a distance of six feet, or “consider having sex with your clothes on or covering areas where rash or sores are present.”

Also remember not to “share things like towels, fetish gear, sex toys, and toothbrushes.”

So, your kids couldn’t go to school during COVID even though their risk was miniscule.

But — with Monkeypox, it’s perfectly fine for members of the gay community (who specifically have the highest risk of infection according to the CDC) to attend raves and parties, as long as they don’t share sex toys.

Make sense?

Not to be outdone by the idiotic priorities of public health bureaucrats in the West, the World Health Organization has made its own priorities clear.

You’d think they’d be racing to control the spread of this virus with the same fervor as COVID. But no. With Monkeypox, their priority is making sure that no one is offended.

Recently the WHO said it will change the name of Monkeypox after scientists wrote a letter on the “urgent need for a non-discriminatory and non-stigmatizing nomenclature for Monkeypox virus.”

Yep. This is their priority. It’s like these public health officials are trying to destroy any shred of public confidence they had left.

It’s so obvious now that these these ‘public health’ decisions have nothing to do with public health. Or science.

As Fauci said, it’s about authority. And supporting whatever ridiculous political agenda happens to be popular at the moment.

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