This Is America: Lady Gaga Does Sick Pfizer Propaganda
By Ben Bartee - December 22, 2023

Originally published via Armageddon Prose:

“This Is America” explores the cultural undercurrents pulling Western civilization into the abyss.

The genocidal profiteers trafficking in human misery in Pfizer’s marketing department, before whom Josef Goebbels would flush with envy, recently hijacked one of my YouTube crust punk videos (wrong demo, no disposable income) to sell migraine pills — this time featuring Lady Gaga.

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Via Pfizer:

“An Academy Award®, Golden Globe® Award, and 13-time Grammy® Award-winning actress and philanthropist, Lady Gaga was diagnosed with migraine when she was 14 years old, and it has had a profound impact on her life.  

‘Lady Gaga’s story is a powerful reminder of how significantly migraine affects the lives of so many people,’ says Angela Lukin, Global Primary Care and U.S. President, Pfizer. ‘We believe that this collaboration will help raise awareness of this often ‘silent’ disease and inspire those living with migraine to have conversations with their healthcare providers about the best way to manage their condition’”  

By showcasing Lady Gaga’s experience, Pfizer hopes to help people better understand the effect migraine can have on their lives and to show people living with the disease that they are not alone.” 

Translating the PR speak: “By showcasing Lady Gaga’s plastic-surgeried-to-hell avatar for NPC millennial/zoomer rubes on DeepStateTube, Pfizer hopes to open new profit-generating avenues with a non-geriatric audience that has thus far avoided our ads that saturate CNN or Fox News.”

What would compel someone like Lady Gaga — net worth $150 million — to sign on the dotted line with arguably the evilest multinational corporation in world history, responsible for untold human death and suffering? Is it ignorance, or rank avarice, or malice, or a toxic combination of all three?

The sickest aspect of this farce to consider — aside from the weaponization of pop culture to prop up a criminal pharmaceutical industry — is that, apparently, by virtue of them dumping however many millions into the project, Pfizer’s market research indicates there is a sizeable contingent of zoomer retards who will make pharmaceutical purchasing decisions based on the recommendation of a ditzy shill like Lady Gaga.

On a gratuitous note, because Lady Gaga deserved scorn and derision long before she sold her soul to Pfizer, Die Antwoord back in the day cut a sublime Lady Gaga parody. It features an off-putting visit by her likeness to a gynecological clinic to remove what appears to be an alien offspring incubating in her uterus, inserted into the video for their hit single, “Fatty Boom Boom.”


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