This Is America: The Urban Children’s Birthday Party You Have to See to Believe
By Ben Bartee - November 15, 2023

Originally published via Armageddon Prose:

At what appears to be a culturally enriched children’s birthday gathering in some American city — Chicago, possibly, or Atlanta; it doesn’t really matter because the “urban” culture has been synthesized and exported by the media machine from coast to coast — a pair of children, one apparently 7 or 8 in an Air Jordan t-shirt and the other looking not a day over 3 in an Air Jordan track suit, can be seen waving (fake) cash and (probably fake, but let’s not give the parents the benefit of the doubt) guns in the same manner that can be seen in damn near every rap video from the last twenty years.

These kids’ young minds have obviously been treated to a steady diet of World Star Hip Hop videos — the cornerstone of any nutritious upbringing.

The unfortunate conclusion the viewer is forced to draw is that there is almost no way these kids are not going to grow up to be incarcerated.

And it’s not their fault.

This is the culture they were born into, and basic sociology firmly establishes that the manner in which a child is socialized at the familial and community level early on absolutely determines, in no small measure, how they relate to, and interact with, broader society later on in life. Outcomes hinge heavily on the nurture side of the ledger. Any of them who get outside of that culture are outliers, exceptions to the rule, which always exist.

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The criminal justice system has real problems — the militarization of police using surplus war equipment, the criminalization of political dissent, the immoral, failed drug war in which the state criminalizes drug possession using the cynical conceit of “public health”/”public safety,” etc.

But — and this is a critical fact we must establish if we’re going to be real about the decline of Western civilization — the criminal justice system is not the primary reason these kids will spend their 18th birthday on the yard.

Let’s grant that America’s irredeemably racist and dominated by the evil whites in our White Patriarchy™.

We all know that. The corporate state media post-George-Floyd-overdos has made that point indisputable on pain of being branded a bigot.

Fine, whatever.

Why, then, one must ask, do the Asian crime stats appear so curious?

Via Urban Institute:

“From available data, we know that Asians are largely underrepresented in the federal criminal justice system, as they make up 5.6 percent of the US population but only 1.5 percent of the federal prison population.”

Asians are underrepresented as a percentage of the population in the penal system compared to their prevalence in the general population by a factor of nearly four.

That’s weird, right, for a White Supremacy™ nation? Shouldn’t we expect the ratio to skew in the other direction?

The explanation for the differential, of course, is what you are not permitted to utter in polite liberal society: it’s the culture, stupid.

As anyone who has not just lived in Asia but who has interacted with Asian immigrants in the West knows, the culture that fosters these people inculcates near-blind obedience to authority and conformity — in many cases, to a fault, in that it stifles creativity and all of the fruits that it bears like great art.

But it also keeps crime — at least at the population level; states arguably get away with crime even more easily in such a context — in check.

I don’t want the West to be like East Asia; I like individual autonomy/individual identity just fine. But it might not kill us if the West were a little bit — a smidge — more like the Vietnamese culture and less like whatever the fuck that is in that birthday party obscenity.

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