To Hell With Horse-Race Politics: I Hope RFK Jr. ‘Steals’ Votes From All the Corrupt SOBs
By Ben Bartee - October 09, 2023

Originally published via Armageddon Prose:

RFK Jr. today declared his candidacy as an independent, formally abandoning his station on the Democrat Party plantation – the overseers of which despised and defamed him, at any rate, and essentially forced his hand.

No self-respecting man would have stayed with them after what hell they put him and his family through.

The bulk of the commentary in the partisan media regarding the move is tedious speculation about which candidate – Trump (or his GOP replacement if he’s locked up on trumped-up charges) or Biden (or Michelle Obama or Gavin Newsom once the technocrats make the swap) – RFK Jr. will ultimately pull more votes from.

(After all, what are the lapdog mainstream media supposed to cover, the substance of his rhetoric? That would only implicate them in their criminal complicity with the corporate state.)

Or, in their parlance, they’re obsessed with whom RFK Jr. will “steal votes from”.

The semantics give the game away. The two wings of the uniparty genuinely believe themselves to be entitled to the support of their share of the electorate in the kabuki theatre that is national politics, no matter how despised they become and how far they sell their own constituents down the river for the sake of their precious donors.

Accordingly, they despise alternative parties and candidates that threaten their monopoly on the political machine.

The proper response to such pearl-clutching by overfed Beltway pundits is that if mainstream candidates from the uniparty want more votes, they should try their best not to suck just as much as they do. It’s not on RFK Jr. to remedy the low (and plummeting) regard they are held in by American voters.

Not only do I not shed a tear for whichever candidates RFK Jr.’s run as an independent “steals” votes from – I applaud it and desire that it sinks them entirely.

If there’s any merit to it at all, RFK Jr.’s candidacy ought to function as a metaphorical nuke that annihilates the Swamp vampires who feed parasitically on the American middle and working classes.

Here’s hoping RFK Jr.’s announcement is just a prelude to the gloves really coming off.

Give ‘em hell, Bobby!

Ben Bartee, author of Broken English Teacher: Notes From Exile, is an independent Bangkok-based American journalist with opposable thumbs.

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