Trump Takes Strong Anti-Islam Position After Orlando Shooting
By Daily Bell Staff - June 13, 2016

Donald Trump’s scaremongering response to Orlando shooting is the opposite of what America needs  …  The gunning down of dozens of party-goers in a gay club in Florida showed, he wrote, that he had  been ‘right on radical Islamic terrorism’. He thanked followers for ‘the congrats’.  Appreciate the congrats for being right on radical Islamic terrorism, I don’t want congrats, I want toughness & vigilance. -Telegraph

Donald Trump is blaming radical Islam for the recent Orlando shooting.

We wish he would take the opportunity to explain that Western Intel agencies helped create Al Qaeda and ISIS in the first place.

Trump could also explain that Western shootings and bombings are inevitably accompanied by a lot of suppressed information.

There are plenty of questions about the Orlando shooting, for instance.

Initial reports talked of two or more shooters. But suddenly multiple police found multiple IDs on the single dead shooter. As with almost all recent shootings, the shooter was known to the FBI and had been interviewed by the FBI no less than three times.

There are always anomalies in these killings – and accusations that actors have been hired to steer the narrative in a certain direction.

Accusations regarding “crisis actors” were made in the aftermath of the horrific Sandy Hook shooting. Additionally, the school where the shootings occurred was said to have been shut for a number of years.

The Boston bombing supposedly involved black knapsacks whereas the Tsarnaev brothers who supposedly perpetrated the event carried white knapsacks.

Already there are accusations that the Orlando shootings have been exaggerated and that the shooter’s sympathy toward ISIS and violent Islam was less certain than is being reported. Of course, no matter any exaggerations, it is a horrific and tragic event.

The larger Sunni Islamic religion is not bloodthirsty and emphasizes peace, not war.

But war is the health of the state.

Whenever any kind of an attack occurs, the call goes out for more authoritarian measures. Gun confiscation. Additional taxes and even military conscription to fight the war on terror.


Apart from a demonstrative lack of compassion for the families and friends of the dead, his decision to label the attack ‘Islamic terrorism’ came before any official assessments were made.

… After the Paris attacks, he sought to ban innocent Muslims – including thousands of desperate Syrian refugees from the United States.

This is true as far as it goes. The article then suggests that what is needed is “unity.”

This is not what the US needs. The US needs more freedom and less government.

Trump’s rhetoric regarding radical Islam is taking us in the opposite direction.

The military-industrial complex and its related intelligence organizations are the West’s biggest difficulty.

The military-industrial complex is being used to drive the world toward increased globalism.

Such manufactured internationalism is anti-freedom.

It needs to be stopped. At least it needs to be confronted.

But one of Trump’s main talking points has been about making America “strong” again as well as great.

If a Trump presidency adheres to his current rhetoric, it will reinforce negative US trends.

The last thing the Pentagon needs is more funding.

And the last thing the public needs as regards its perception of the war on terror is a steady diet of radical rhetoric regarding militant Islam.

Conclusion: It is hard to tell what Trump’s positions are. Generally, he seems to favor those that “put America first.” But encouraging a phony war on terror or creating Islamic conflicts with the Middle East are positions that will strengthen the credibility of the US military-industrial complex. In this sense, he wishes to lead the US in the wrong direction.

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