Trump Vaccine Experts Are Not Industry Types and Might Recommend Real Change
By Daily Bell Staff - January 13, 2017

Trump Needs Vaccine Experts, Not Conspiracy Theorists … Trump could have turned to any number of reputable experts to learn about vaccine safety. Instead, he went straight for the fringe. -Daily Beast

Donald Trump supposedly picked Robert Kennedy Jr. to head a commission on vaccines and autism, causing a good deal of anxiety among mainstream media.

Trump has since denied that any decision has been made, but Kennedy has been telling people the offer was extended and presumably accepted.

This is the same mainstream media that take a huge bundles of cash from pharmaceutical advertisers.  Because of this it is hard to tell how many spokespeople are genuinely behind government pro-vaccine positions and how many are merely doing what they’re told when it comes to voicing hyper-partisan positions.

They’re certainly a lot of pro-vaccine types in the world and they have a lot of negatives about diminishing vaccines in the slightest or in any other way cutting  back on them.

Imagine you’re the president-elect of the United States and you wanted to know more about vaccine safety … Donald Trump … turned to two … people.  First, he turned to Andrew Wakefield, the British researcher who in 1998 published a paper in the Lancet claiming that the measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine caused autism.

In August 2016, Trump met with Wakefield. At the time they met, a British journalist named Brian Deer had already found that Wakefield’s paper had misrepresented clinical data, biological data, and the sources of funding for the work. For these reasons, the Lancet retracted the paper and the General Medical Council in England stripped Wakefield of his license to practice medicine.

… Apparently, at least according to Wakefield, there has been a vast international conspiracy to hide the truth—a conspiracy that involves hundreds of researchers in seven countries on three continents, all deeply in the pocket of the pharmaceutical industry.

On Jan. 10, 2017, Donald Trump then turned to one more person for information about vaccine safety: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Kennedy believes that thimerosal, an ethyl-mercury-containing preservative that hasn’t been used in vaccines given to young children since 2001, is causing severe developmental delays including autism.

So Trump may have asked both Wakefield and Kennedy to provide him formal input on vaccines. Wakefield in particular is anathema to vaccine partisans. They’ve done everything they can to kill him and his career short of outright murder.

Kennedy is just as bad from their point of view. Kennedy has been after thimerosal which is still a vaccine additive, and one he says can do a great deal of damage. This Daily Beast article claims Kennedy is confused and making charges that don’t exist.

Why does Kennedy also persist? The article asks. The answer is the same: Conspiracy, it answers.

But the article never follows up on the so-called conspiracy. It never discusses the summary of test results years ago that supposedly confirmed autism’s prevalence that were never made public.

It never discusses the unfairness of Wakefield apparent expulsion as a doctor in the UK. It never talks about question regarding those who persecuted Wakefield.

It talks about a conspiracy but never discusses specific charges. This is because in part discussing such charges would inevitably involve dealing with specific evidence. Such evidence is at least a good deal more gray than these articles suggest.

The article concludes by saying Donald Trump is a lucky man and can avail himself of the best advisors the vaccine community has to offer. But all the names the article offers up are pro-vaccine.

Donald Trump himself is not anti-vaccine. He has questions about massive vaccine doses being mandated at a young age. Such doses, he believes along with others, may be causing reactions in certain children including autism.

Conclusion: That’s surely not such a bad idea. And it’s one worth investigating.

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