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Violent Crime Spree Ends When Suspect Shot By Armed Civilian
By The Daily Bell Staff - June 19, 2018

It happens all the time. Armed bystanders stop violent rampages. You might not hear about them because catastrophe is avoided–and we all know the mainstream media is out for blood.

Just this past Sunday an armed Walmart shopper stopped a crime spree that left one victim in critical condition and two others injured.

If that armed bystander hadn’t intervened, the suspect would have certainly continued his spree. Because of the armed civilian, it is extremely likely that lives were saved.

Police had been called but had yet to catch up to the suspect. He was in the process of his sixth attempted carjacking when he was shot by a 47-year-old man.

The “Father’s Day Hero” was out shopping with his family, and just happened to be carrying a firearm for defense of himself and loved ones.

We will never know how many lives were preserved, and how many tragedies avoided because that man took the protection of he and his family into his own hands. But not only did he protect his family, this armed citizen made everyone in his vicinity safer that day.

It all happened in, Tumwater, a medium-sized suburb of Washington state on a Sunday afternoon. It started at a gas station, and it ended in a Walmart parking lot.

[The suspect] approached a family and attempted to take their car but was not successful. He then fled the scene, drove the wrong way on Highway 101 and quickly exited into the City of Tumwater.

Day crashed the vehicle at the intersection of Tyee Drive and Israel Road SW, near Tumwater High School, police said.

He then left his car and attempted to carjack at least two other people, fired shots at the vehicles, and demanded owners abandon their cars. Day was successful in carjacking a third vehicle that he drove to Walmart, police said.

Upon arriving, officers found a 16-year-old boy and another victim suffering from minor injuries.

“As we were speaking to witnesses at that scene, we get another call of shots fired here at Walmart,” Wohl said.

Tumwater Police said Day tried to carjack two cars in the Walmart parking lot at 5900 Littlerock Rd SW.

One driver was shot when he refused to give up his car, Wohl said. He was airlifted to Harborview Medical Center. As of Monday, the man was in critical condition and in intensive care.

As Day tried to take a second car a “bystander here in the parking lot shot the suspect,” Wohl said.

According to a police release, two armed shoppers saw Day inside Walmart and followed him outside.

Before attempting the carjackings, Tumwater Police said Day went into the Walmart and fired at a locked ammunition display case. He then removed some ammunition and left the store.

Hopefully, the man in critical condition will survive, and the only death will be the suspect.

But we will never know how many more people would have been hurt, shot, or killed if the armed shoppers had not intervened.

That is what doesn’t show up in the statistics: just how many lives are saved by armed citizens, protecting themselves, their loved ones, and their communities.

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