WATCH: Fauci Agrees That He Should Be Prosecuted, Offers Himself to Debate RFK Jr.
By Ben Bartee - August 01, 2023

Originally published via Armageddon Prose:

Straight from the horses’s mouth, Anthony Fauci lays out with rhetorical precision the case against himself:

Do not accept and shrug your shoulders at the normalization of untruths because we’re living in an era now [when] there’s so much distortion of reality… whenever you have the acceptance of untruths and distortions, ultimately it’s going to erode at the foundation of the social order and our democracy.”

“The normalization of untruths” as in… the scientists behind the Proximal Origins propaganda piece discussing in private all about how it was immediately obvious to them that COVID originated from a dingy communist lab in China but then saying in public that it definitely, surely came from a pangolin or whatever after Fauci promised them $9 million in funding?

Or when Fauci first said that masks didn’t work, then reversed his position overnight with no accountability, then admitted that he knowingly lied to allegedly prevent a mask shortage for frontline healthcare workers?

Or the magically shifting percentage of the population injected in order to achieve “herd immunity” for a virus that constantly mutates before finally admitting it’s not possible?

Or when Fauci perjured himself in front of Congress when he lied about funding gain-of-function research in a dingy Chinese lab? (Sign the petition to Investigate and Prosecute Anthony Fauci For Apparent Perjury to Congress.)

Those kind of untruths?

From a separate clip, here’s Fauci, with his little gnome limbs self-righteously clasped across his chest, agreeing to take the stage with RFK Jr. for a much-anticipated debate between the presidential candidate and a high priest representing The Science™.

“You think you flip-flopped. No. You got additional information that made you change what you’re saying. And I’d be happy to debate that anywhere, any place, with anybody.”

For his part, RFK Jr. has said essentially the same: he’ll debate Fauci anywhere, anytime, anyplace. And he’s got the street credibility to back it up, having gone on countless podcasts in recent histories with hosts spanning the political gamut.

So let’s make it happen, Jack. Get your best-pressed white priest robe out, dust it off, and get up on that debate stage to defend your criminality.

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