Western Elites Encourage Dollar Death With Uruguayan/Iran Deal?
By Staff News & Analysis - April 03, 2012

Uruguay mulls offering Iran rice for oil … Uruguay is considering to offer Iran rice shipments in return for oil in apparent disregard of U.S.-led sanctions in response to Iran's disputed nuclear program … Uruguay is considering offering Iran rice shipments in return for oil in apparent disregard of U.S.-led sanctions regarding Iran's disputed nuclear program. Uruguayan officials said they expected Iran to consider the offer that would save the Latin American country hard-earned cash from commodity exports. Analysts said Uruguay's moves would run counter to the sanctions but could also undermine the U.S. dollar, days after a New Delhi summit announced leading emerging markets' pledge to trade in local currencies and shun the dollar. – UPI

Dominant Social Theme: Little Uruguay stands up against America! God bless …

Free-Market Analysis: So now Uruguay is standing up to the US – a country that could turn Uruguay into a smoldering hole in the Earth with a single thermonuclear device. Of course, Uruguay trades with Cuba so perhaps this is merely an extension of business as usual.

But it is not just Uruguay. It is Brazil, as well, maybe all the Mercosur countries that now from a South American form of a European Union.

And it is not just rice to Iran. The BRICs – including Brazil – just finished a meeting in India during which time they made plans to jettison the dollar. Here's what we wrote just a few days ago in another article:

The argument (see above excerpt) is that the BRICs, in the natural order of things, have emerged to challenge a failing West. Now they are launching a joint derivatives stock exchange and their own version of a World Bank. In fact, this narrative, from our point of view, is more directed history. Directed history is the faux history that the top Western power elites foment on a regular basis as they attempt to create world government.

This elite is fairly merciless and is not above fomenting world war apparently – which it used twice last century to try to create global government. The elites work by creating dialectics. First they created nation-states via "colonialism," it would seem, and now they are aggregating these nation-states and creating a global dialectic.

There are several dialectics that the power elite is trying to create currently. One is an Islam-versus-the-West dialectic. We've written about this quite a bit. Another is the emergent BRICs-against-the-West dialectic. Out of these dialectics, a new world order will apparently form: Thesis … antithesis … synthesis. For those who argue that the BRICs' emergence is a natural occurrence, we would point out that the name was made up by a Goldman Sachs banker and that the economic systems in place in the BRICs is a Western one.

Now certainly there is a reason to trade rice with Iran. According to the article excerpted above, rice is part of staple diet for Iran's population of an estimated 74 million. Apparently, Uruguayan rice is a popular item, and Iran bought nearly 100 tons last year.

The article also pointed out that Uruguayan President Jose Mujica "unveiled plans for the proposed barter at the same time as leaders of the BRICS countries − Brazil, China, India, Russia and South Africa − met in New Delhi to agree on ways of trading in their own currencies without recourse to the dollar."

This is, in fact, what we want to draw your attention to, dear reader. Between the BRICs drawing up plans to leave the dollar and the South American Mercosur bloc contemplating continued trade with Iran despite US opposition, it looks as if the US dollar is really beginning to crumble.

Of course, we don't entirely buy off on this scenario. The dollar and the US are still both mighty powers. But it seems to us that Western power elite directed history is likely at work here. The idea is that the dynastic central banking families that operate out of the City of London are interested in creating economic crisis (at least) to generate an eventual world currency.

That would explain why tiny Uruguay is standing up to the American Empire – one which once imposed a dictatorship on that country. In fact, we can't get over the idea that this worldwide dollar crisis is actually a controlled demolition, one that is taking place at the behest of those who cold-bloodedly are unraveling the world's economies.

The modern economy is entirely an artificial phenomenon. It is a managed affair, and the elites that have built 150 central banks around the world over the past half-century understand the business cycle as well as any of us.

If the world's markets are crashing, if the BRICs are pulling away from the dollar, if mighty Brazil and tiny Uruguay are both contemplating trade with Iran, you can bet the powers-that-be are well aware of what is going on.

China, Brazil, India, even Russia in a sense, have all at one time or another been client states of the West and the Western power elite that runs the West. We don't think for a moment that the unraveling of Western and US influence is entirely coincidental. Neither is the unraveling of US and European industrial might. We think we can recognize a trend when we see one.

After Thoughts

That's why it's important to understand and accept the evident and obvious workings of the power elite in the world today. Combine that with an understanding of free-market economics and you'll have a key to the Way the World Works. You may not agree with us, of course, but you'll likely be in a better position to make up your own mind.

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