When Central Banks are Forced to do What They Hate…
By Daily Bell Staff - May 12, 2016

Central banks are loading up on gold … This has been a great year for gold.  The precious metal is up 19%, and recently crossed $1,300 per ounce for the first time in 15 months before pulling back into the $1,265 area. – Yahoo, Business Insider

Yesterday, we wrote about two simple, powerful factors boosting gold.

First, the equity “bull” market is at least seven years old now and can’t be counted on much longer.

Second, the amount of money printed by central banks around the world is reportedly approaching or exceeding $100 trillion – with no real letup predicted.

Thus the world’s liquidity is sure to continue the process of currency debasement. As currencies become worth less, savers and investors consider assets worth more.

And gold is the logical candidate.

There is a third factor boosting gold, however, as we can see from the article excerpted above.

Central banks are loading up on it.

Ordinarily, bankers do not like gold. Wall Street does not encourage its purchase. Mainstream media rarely writes positively about it.

This is because gold is not easily controllable. Like cash, it is apt to flow to anonymous buyers from anonymous sellers

In an age when authorities are fixated on ridding the economy of anonymous transactions, gold and silver (and bitcoin, too) remain stubbornly resistant to the trend.

Ordinarily central banks are more apt to shed gold than buy it. The Canadian central bank has recently sold all its reserves.

But now is not a normal time. We’ve argued that the world’s financial controllers, the bankers and globalists, have embarked on an aggressive campaign to create a new, international currency.

As part of this strategy, they are raising the value of the non-dollar currencies. Eventually, the dollar itself may be lose serious value on the world’s markets.

As currencies grow more unstable, central banks will seek a “bridge” that holds value in the midst of currency volatility.

That bridge seems to be gold.

There is no doubt, from what we can tell, that gold and silver both were manipulated down from their highs several years ago.

But now Deutsche Bank has admitted to metals manipulation. And this surely makes it more difficult for other forces to manipulate money metals.

One can speculate that the Deutsche Bank admission was intended to discourage additional manipulation.

Perhaps top money have temporarily decided to allow gold and silver a little breathing room.

Alternatively, they have no choice: The gold market is simply too strong right now and will rise regardless.

Certainly it doesn’t seem as if many other logical asset choices exist.

More from the article:

Data from the World Gold Council showed that central banks scooped up a net 45 tonnes of gold during the first quarter. According to Capital Economics’ commodities economist, Simona Gambarini, central-bank demand in the first quarter climbed 28% versus a year ago …

As for why the central banks are buying, here’s the research firm:  The primary driver of central banks’ gold buying continues to be diversification away from the US dollar with some also looking for a hedge against currency volatility more generally.

Conclusion: So now there are three factors that indicate gold has a logical upward path. First is lack of equity alternatives. Second, is the potential for currency debasement worldwide. Third is endorsement of both yellow and silver metals by central banks that are buying.

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