Why it makes so much sense to diversify internationally
By Simon Black - February 16, 2023

via Sovereign Research

Most people have a peasant mentality.

Throughout human history, in fact, the vast majority of people never thought much beyond their tiny village, let alone traveled.

But there have always been some people who have had the intellectual courage and curiosity to think far beyond their own borders. And they’ve often been richly rewarded for it.

Adopting a global mindset essentially means thinking about the entire world when considering your options. And more options is almost always more beneficial.

If you’re thinking about retirement, more options will greatly increase the chances of finding the right place that has the right weather, cost of living, medical care, and lifestyle that you desire.

If you’re thinking about business, considering your overseas options will greatly increase your chances of finding high quality, cost effective labor… or lucrative new markets to sell your products and services.

If you’re thinking about investments, looking abroad increases the likelihood of finding wonderful, well-managed businesses trading at a steep discount to intrinsic value. Or a trophy property selling for less than the cost of construction.

This is the topic of our podcast today– we discuss WHY it makes so much sense to look abroad, and cite some very specific examples.

We talk about asset protection, for example, and I explain why foreign asset protection structures are so much more effective.

(I also explain why asset protection structures exist to protect against professional criminals who abuse the legal system to steal from law-abiding, hard-working people.)

I cite specific legislation from some of the best jurisdictions to show precisely why they are so much more effective at helping to protect honest people from thieves.

We also discuss taxes… and specific ways that thinking globally can dramatically reduce your taxes. These are all completely legal. We’re not talking about any ‘loophole’ that requires a creative interpretation of the tax code.

I tell you about one international strategy, for example, to slash your tax bill by 50%. It’s no loophole. In fact there’s an entire section of the tax code dedicated to it.

Bottom line, diversifying internationally doesn’t mean you need to go anywhere or do anything exotic. It just means expanding your thinking to consider a wider variety of options… and that can have an enormous benefit in your life.

You can listen in to today’s episode here.

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