Will RFK Jr. Running Independent Force a Democrat and Republican Course-Correct on COVID Overreach in Universities?
By Ben Bartee - October 15, 2023

Originally published via No College Mandates Newsletter:

News broke recently that noted “conspiracy theorist” and “anti-vaxxer” (smears applied to anyone who challenges the Public Health™ narrative surrounding COVID), RFK Jr., is now running his campaign as an independent rather than a Democrat. I covered the exciting development at Armageddon Prose.

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The potential seismic impacts of this move by RFK Jr. are hard to overestimate on many fronts. In my opinion — if he has the Herculean fortitude to see it through to the end and isn’t assassinated like his father and uncle and manages to get ballot access in fifty states, all admittedly big ifs – this could be a game-changer for mainstream political discourse and public policy regarding COVID-19.

One among the many impacts RFK Jr.’s run could have is forcing the Democrats — and the institutions they dominate such as universities – as well as many Republicans on the Big Pharma dole  to moderate their still-extreme COVID measures, such as the pseudoscientific “vaccine” mandates at Rutgers and multiple other such institutions still in effect in 2023.

RFK Jr. has been singularly vocal as a national-level political candidate on the unproductiveness and, frankly, cruelty of vaccine mandates for schoolchildren and university students, who statistically have no risk from the virus.

Unfortunately, in 2022, despite the scientific data available to anyone willing to look beyond the corporate state media firewall, as much as half of the American public in polling still endorsed vaccine requirements for such institutions – arguably in large part because of the dominance of the pharmaceutical industry’s narratives in political discourse.

More contemporaneous polling from September of this year, on the heels of the most recent COVID terror campaign to push Pfizer’s new booster, shows that 76 percent of Democrats support mask mandates.

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The injection of RFK Jr.’s unique and morally authoritative voice outside of the traditional two-party paradigm could potentially reverse, to some degree, support for mask and shot mandates and offer a real alternative to disillusioned voters whose angst over the unpunished and uncorrected COVID abuses of the past several years go largely ignored by other candidates.

It should be obvious by now to anyone paying attention that, unless they are forced by electoral anxieties to change course, the corporate state media– mouthpiece of the pharmaceutical industry, the Public Health™ bureaucracy, and the Democrat party – will simply continue to roll out new terror strain after terror strain of the ever-evolving SARS-CoV-2 virus so as to drive sales of an endless series of boosters. College vaxx mandates are just part of the collateral damage of Pfizer’s profiteering.

We saw this process play itself out yet again with the recent hand-wringing over the “EG.5” variant, which conveniently coincided with the rollout of Pfizer’s latest “booster” shots.

Again, the salient point here is that while RFK Jr. was still cloistered harmlessly in the Democrat Party fold, where the party leaders would never allow him to gain any serious traction against the anointed candidate Biden, it seemed that, come November 2024, the voters’ choice would come down once again to Biden vs. Trump – with, perhaps, the option of gadfly Cornel West, who has refused to address meaningfully vaccine mandates or any COVID issues.

The vast majority of said voters would have likely held their noses and voted for Biden or Trump, even if they didn’t particularly like either of their COVID policies because one better represents, in their view, the far lesser of two evils. This is a microcosm of the ultimate evil of the two-party duopoly, which forces voters to compromise on deeply-held beliefs for the sake of defeating whom they perceive as the greater evil.

Vis a vis COVID lockdowns/forced-masking/forced-vaxxing, RFK Jr. offers an alternative vision that they may be able to get behind. And it might force the other candidates to reconsider their either full-throated or tacit support for these brutal policies – not for high-minded moral reasons, but base politicking ones.

Ben Bartee, author of Broken English Teacher: Notes From Exile, is an independent Bangkok-based American journalist with opposable thumbs.

Follow his stuff Substack if you are inclined to support independent journalism free of corporate slant. Also, keep tabs via Twitter.

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