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Fence with sign for US government property
Unleash the Potential of Federal Lands
July 16, 2018
July 16, 2018. The federal government owns over a quarter of all U.S. territory, and it's blocking huge possibilities. ...
If You Think “Rights Don’t Exist,” You are Contributing to the Collapse of Civilization
June 17, 2018
June 17, 2018. Life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, and property are all the exact same thing. And as we'll see, these concepts have other synonyms as well. ...
One Day Before Retirement, Nest Egg Smashed by Mayor’s Executive Order
April 08, 2018
"My parents have lost their long-nurtured nest egg to the whim of a young authoritarian politico... this may entirely change how they live out the rest of their lives." ...
March 18, 2018
We have an overabundance of space that we don't know how to use - physically and legally. Let's use land more intelligently by thinking vertically. ...
New York City Processed a Fake Property Deed. THIS Innovative Country Won’t Have that Problem.
December 05, 2017
Blockchain legitimacy has nothing to do with the myth of magical government action. And that is why its future is bright. ...
Joe Jarvis mountains
Everyone Alive Believes in Private Property
April 06, 2017
Everyone alive on earth has drunk water within the last 72 hours (or at least within the last week if they are a special case of survival). That means at the time of consumption, every person on earth considered that water their property, otherwise they woul ...
Are We Still in a Feudal System of Property?
March 04, 2017
Do you own property? How does it feel to have a piece of land that is yours, that no one can take from you? Unless of course, you don’t pay your yearly rent, or rather property tax, to the town. And then of course the government could always just take y ...