'Thieves Emporium': Part 6 – Another Gets Caught
By Max Hernandez - August 16, 2015

Continued from last week

Synopsis: After crushing almost all of a large international counterfeiting ring, Special Agent Weidemeyer is now cleaning up the details. One by one, he chases down the last few members who managed to avoid having their real names or addresses in the ring's captured computers.

Another Gets Caught
Part 6

"I want a lawyer."

The speaker wore an orange prison suit and a three-day beard. He sat hunched over, arms folded, fighting the chill of a room that was intentionally kept too cold. Since his arrest, he had slept without a mattress, blanket, or pillow on the bare steel bed frame on which he now sat. Overhead, recessed behind a grill in the ceiling, the light never went out. Since his cell had no windows, a stainless steel toilet and sink were his only comforts.

Joshua Weidemeyer sat on the other side of the bars in a folding metal chair. Smiling at the request, he took an envelope out of his jacket pocket and handed it through the bars to the prisoner, who opened it to read:


DHS Detention Center

Madison, WI

RE: Thaddeus Svensen Olsen, 332-46-9986

The referenced prisoner has been determined to have engaged in terrorist activity against the United States of America. You are therefore instructed, under Presidential Directive 2412, to detain this individual until such time as the status of the charges against him are resolved.

This individual is to be held in solitary confinement. He is not to be allowed communications with any unauthorized persons, nor is he to be permitted legal counsel. You are not to acknowledge his presence at your facility.

Please contact my office if you have any questions regarding this matter.

Matthew Hood

Deputy Secretary

Department of Homeland Security

Sven Olsen finished the letter and started to set it on the bed frame.

"I need it back," said Weidemeyer.

Without hesitation, Sven handed the folded paper back through the bars. Then, after a moment of silence, he asked, "What have you told my family?"

"They got letters, just like yours."

"You haven't let them go yet? They haven't done anything. Are they here?"

"Yes, though in better accommodations than you have. And, yes, we don't think they've done anything, but we need proof before we can release them."

"What about my farm? Cows need tending."

"A nice young couple is taking care of them. Your neighbors think they're your cousins from Michigan, helping while your family sits by your hospital bed. You've had a bad stroke, you know."

"What do you want from me?"


"And if I don't give them to you?"

"Until we're sure who's passing these bad bills, no one leaves here. No one. I'm sure your family would like to get back to the farm."

Sven sat in silence for a moment, head in hands, tired and cold. Then, with a short shake of his head, he gave up the passwords.

"Thank you. If your computers show your family is innocent, they'll be released."

"What about me?"

"The Constitution provides for death for counterfeiters. Article 1, Section 8." The lie came easily to his lips.

"You gonna kill me?"

"We should. But, no, we're not. You could disappear for a very long time, though."

The big man considered the statement. Weidemeyer let it sink in a bit, then asked, "Do you understand what you did?"

"I don't care," came the tired response.

Sudden anger surged through the policeman. In his mind, civilization existed only because money existed. Science, technology, art, government, industry. You name it, without stable money, it would all disappear. Instead of working on space flight or a cure for cancer, we would all have to grub in the dirt just to stay alive. By weakening that tool for his own vile personal gains, this animal, this walking piece of dog excrement, had brought us all closer to chaos. And he didn't even care. The urge to reach through the bars and strangle this monster was almost overwhelming.

But it lasted only seconds, retreating as quickly as it had come, suppressed by a cold iron will. After a second more to vanquish the last of it, he tried to speak. "You should be shot," was all he could get out.

"OK, so I'm a piece of shit," answered the big Swede. "So what?"

"So you could be here a long time," came the answer.

Followed by silence. Both men stared at each other for several seconds. Then, finally, back in full control of himself, Weidemeyer asked, "Who runs the badlands?"

"How should I know?"

"Right now, you shouldn't. But it would be in your best interests to find out."

"And how would I do that?"

"We'll walk you through it, from the comfort of your own little cell."

"And if I say no?"

"Your family gets used to this place."

Sven Olsen looked hard at his visitor. Weidemeyer stared right back, unblinking. After briefly considering his limited options, Sven said, "OK."

"Good. I'll get you a mattress and blanket for tonight."

With that, Joshua Weidemeyer stood, picked up his chair, and left.

* * *

Arnold Wilson Parker sat by a mountain stream with his teenage son, enjoying a fine summer day. Next to them, still unused, lay two fishing poles.

"Father, do you remember explaining money to me?" asked the boy.

"Sure, Junior." His son preferred not to be called Junior any more, but the habit was hard to break. Arnold would have to keep working on it. Still, the boy took his occasional lapse with good grace.

"Why are there different kinds?" Junior (make that 'Will') asked, continuing their discussion. He was a sophomore at Exeter and cutting his teeth on his first economics class.

"Of money?" his father answered.

The boy nodded.

"You mean different currencies?"

"No. That 'M' stuff," came the answer.

"Ah. Velocity. Taught you about that yet?"

"No, sir."

"Inflation. What causes it? They tell you that?"

"Too much money chasing too few goods?"

"True. They say what 'chasing' meant?"

"No, sir. Not really."

"OK. Cabbages. Suppose you sell cabbages." As he had hoped, that got a smile from his son. "Lots of money around. But everyone saves it. Don't buy cabbages with it. How do you sell yours? When no one spends money, I mean?"

"Advertise more?"

"Talking economics here, son. Not marketing."

"Lower the price?"

"Right. See that? People have money, but cabbage prices still go down. Is that inflation? When prices drop?"

"No, sir."

"Right. What's it called?"


"Good. Now imagine everyone gets extra money. Doubles what they have. But they save it all. Don't buy more cabbages. Would the price change?"

"If they don't spend more?"


"No. I guess not."

"Price stay the same?"

"Yes, sir."

"Good. Money doubled but prices didn't change. See that?"

The boy nodded.


"If no one spends anything, it doesn't make prices go up."

"Right. Willingness to spend is called 'velocity.' For inflation to happen, there has to be both. Money and velocity*."

"So why are there different kinds of money?"

"Different velocities. Cash in someone's pocket gets spent faster than in a six-month CD. So their velocities are different. Money supply's a mix, not just a single number. M0, M1, M2**are all attempts to describe that mix."

"And the Fed controls them all?"

"Probably not. Not easily, anyway. Interest rates let them do it for short-term money. But not bonds. Control's a lot harder there."

"But they do control it?"

"With difficulty. Great difficulty."




"They lie, Will." Good, got his name right. "If they want people to spend money faster, they make everyone think inflation's just around the corner. Want it socked away? Make everyone think deflation's about to hit. It's a game. A confidence game."

"Like a con game?"

"Sort of. Make people confident their money will be worth more tomorrow and they'll save it. Convince them it'll be worth less and they'll spend it. Control confidence and you control velocity."

"And the Fed lies to do this?"

"Misleads. Misleads is a better word."

"They don't lie?"

"Sometimes. When they have to. But deception is better. Honest deception."

"They trick people?"

"It's the only way, son. The only way."

* * *

The young woman, who would someday be known as Dancing Fawn, let herself into her dark apartment. It was past midnight, so she moved like a mouse to avoid disturbing her husband.

She need not have bothered. He was already awake, dressed to go, sitting on their mattress with his back against the wall. In his lap, laying on his chest, slept the two girls, one small head on each shoulder.

After she closed the front door, she watched them in the darkness. He knew she was there, of course, but didn't look up. Instead, his face moved back and forth, first to one fuzzy scalp, then to the other, breathing in their scent. He loved their sleep smell, the warmth that filled his nostrils when he nuzzled their small ears.

Not wanting to disturb them by turning on the light, the young woman slowly picked her way through the darkness for a fresh towel. Going to the bathroom, she stopped by the door to look at them once more. This time, he looked back, lifting his eyes but not his face, which still touched the twins.

How could he leave them like this? she asked herself for the thousandth time as she closed the bathroom door. There was so little time left now.

Quickly, trying to keep her world under control, she stripped off her McDonald's uniform and turned on the shower. If she didn't wash the fryer smell out of her hair right away, it would follow her, like a miasma in a bad dream, for the rest of the night.

The hot water felt good, a pleasant distraction. She needed that right now, needed anything that helped her fight back the tears. She had promised not to cry.

Coming out of the bathroom, wrapped in a towel, her light hair fell loose and wet against her neck. He had moved, now sitting at the far end of the sofa where the springs were still good, his bare feet supported by a corner of the mattress. He had put the twins down and they now slept next to him in a plastic laundry basket.

Stepping over the mattress, she sat down next to him, leaning against his side without looking into his face. The towel printed a damp spot on his shirt while her wet hair soaked his collar.

They sat like that, silently, for several minutes. And she did all right. Until he kissed her forehead. Then, softly, she began to cry.

"Hey, what's this?" he asked.

"Please. Please don't do this."

"Do we have a choice?"

"I can't take care of them without you."

"We have a sitter, remember?"

"It's not that," she answered without elaboration. Try as she might, she couldn't explain. It wasn't anything specific. It was everything. The overwhelming everything. Leaving her to deal with it all. By herself. Alone. They had been over it many times. There was no longer any need to enunciate the words. They had agreed he would leave this night after she came home, but now it seemed so wrong.

"What about your girls?" she asked.

The ultimate weapon. They need you. Don't leave your girls. Not 'our girls,' but 'your girls.' What he once viewed as a burden, forcing them to marry, was now the great joy of his life. Yes, they were his girls.

"They have to eat."

The telling argument. He had not worked for over a year. Construction in Cleveland had stopped. Try as he might, he found nothing else to take its place. Unemployment ran out long ago. What she earned wasn't enough.

Then this job came up. The Prometheus project, out west some place. Contract work, expenses included. Also twelve-hour days, bad food, and nights spent bunking in small plastic trailers. But the pay was good. It would arrive automatically in her account. And every three months, a flight back home to see his girls. And his wife.

Time passed slowly for the condemned awaiting execution. Small talk helped, but still his departure trod heavily on her thoughts.

"We need to go," he said, finally, breaking their last quiet moment. His flight was less than three hours away. She had to drive him to the airport.

Reluctantly, like a child getting ready for a doctor's visit, she got up to dress.

* * *

"Congratulations, Joshua. How'd you find him?" Weidemeyer's boss asked.

"He sent a doorbell request from his home. Didn't try to hide it with a proxy. NSA was watching the Mitsubishi server, traced it back and put a watch on all his traffic. We knew he was passing when he got a VPN from outside the country."

"You have something hard on him?"

"Had the post office watch his mail. Got a pack of bad bills."

"Anyone outside know you got him?"

"Don't think so. Grabbed the whole family on an empty stretch of road. We had a jammer going, so they couldn't have gotten any calls out."

"Rest of the family still in custody?"

Weidemeyer shook his head. "Couldn't keep them any longer without causing questions from the neighbors."

"Think they'll tip anyone off?"

"They know Sven doesn't get out unless we catch more bad guys, so I think they'll cooperate. Besides, their 'cousins' are staying there to keep an eye on things."

"Think you can turn him?"

"Easy. He's no hero, just in it for what he can get."

"Like the rest."

Weidemeyer nodded.

"You been leaning on him hard?"

Weidemeyer gave a snort of disgust as he shook his head. "A few cold nights on bare bed springs. Badlanders aren't hard-core. No higher virtues. Nothing matters beyond their own petty existence."

"How long before he decides to help us?"

"Already has. He just doesn't know it yet."

After a pause to reflect on the matter, the older man asked, "Why do you think he did it? Solid citizen, lived on the same farm all his life. Family business, four generations. Why'd he risk it all?"

"Wasn't risking much, he was about to lose it all to foreclosure."

"Why not a loan?"

"He tried, but couldn't get anyone to approve one. They didn't turn him down, just kept asking for more information. No answer means no money, so he had to act."

"How was he paying for the bogus?"

"Used some of each delivery to buy coins in Madison, Milwaukee, and Chicago. Sent them back by mail."

"Any luck finding out who received them?"

"We're still working on that."


*See the Appendix for a detailed glossary.

**See Appendix 9 for a continuation of this discussion. See other appendices for a listing of characters.


To continue reading, click here: Part 7. Previous installments of Thieves Emporium are available here: Introduction/Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5.

Thieves Emporium is available from Amazon in both paperback and Kindle and in epub format from Smashwords or Nook. Max Hernandez welcomes comments and feedback and can be reached at MaxHernandez@protonmail.ch.

© 2012-2015 Max Hernandez. Reprinted with permission.

  • disqus_QZX8ENhLyb

    Max Hernandez needs to read, study, digest, repeat until understood “Theory of Money and Credit” by Ludwig von Mises. His “explanation of money in Appendix 9 was horrible. It did not only avoid reality, but perpetuated the “main scream” (Keynesian) “economists” who control the minds of the political thugs who populate the planet. I will be will to rewrite Appendix 9 and submit it for approval should you dare to take up my challenge.

    Your otherwise excellent novella does a disservice to those who read your ideas on money.

    David Michel Myers

    • william scott

      Good… I hope that means the ‘bad guys’ (Aragon Templars and the FED, Bank of London, BIS, et al) ‘get theirs,’ in the END???

      I just sourced the eBook (can’t handle any more ‘Sunday snippets’) here: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/346807

      and after giving UP on ‘extracting’ Calibre and Adobe, I think this will work with Windows 7? http://epub-reader-for-windows.en.softonic.com/download

      YUP… DONE DEAL! Although the software isn’t very impressive, it’s ‘functional.’ -)))

      • Max Hernandez

        Thank you for purchasing a copy. I use an EPUB reader plug-in for Firefox that works very well and suggest you try that. I agree with you on both Calibre and Adobe. More to the point (as you will see later in on in Thieves Emporium), neither is open-source and I don’t care to have my reading habits recorded by third parties.

        • william scott

          Hi Max, I still use Firefox. (After 10+ years, in spite of the recent HTML5 / Flash issues…) Which eBook reader plug-in extension do you ‘prefer’ using??? I’m really enjoying reading your book… however I couldn’t deal with the ‘short story’ limitation of only a few paragraphs, every seven days! Like many here, I generally read a ‘fast paced’ book in a couple of evenings. And BTW, this is the first (somewhat) ‘fictional’ book I’ve read in quite some time, considering what’s going on in the world today. (I frankly tend to read blogs and view ‘videos,’ whilst avoiding the MSM and TV like the PLAGUE.) 😉

          • Max Hernandez

            I use a plugin called EPUBReader and find it simple and easy. Just do a search from the Firefox Add-ons Manager page.

            My objective in writing the book was to introduce a broad population to both the underlying issues that frame what I see as the coming conflict and to try to convince them that there is something they can do right now to fight back. In fact anyone reading this post should take a look at a talk by Jacob Appelbaum at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6kilAPZ-vGA to get a taste of my argument.

            I hope you do read TE in a few evenings, of course, as it means I will have accomplished one of my objectives which is to make the book interesting enough to get it read. But then I hope you will go back over parts of it and reconsider some of the points, especially as regards the links in the back. And then, finally, I hope you will email me with your comments on how effective I have been in my effort to give direction to non-libertarians who I want to read the book.

          • william scott

            THANKS 🙂 I’ll give that ‘OS’ plug- in a try, then. I already plan to send some ‘non’ anarcho / libertarians your ‘analogy’ of where things may soon ‘be…’ if we let the ‘NWO’ get away with it??? I myself have spent the past half decade attempting to point out (all over the net…) that the PTB do indeed have NAMES and FACES like everyone else. (And I may yet lauch the ‘wiki’ website, to let the world do the geneologic to business invests, therefore?) My great grandfather was a Templar and 33rd mason, etc. and the lineage goes back to the Crusades (Scottish and English + Irish decendencies, on opposing sides) so I consider this ‘banksterdom’ close to home, even though the relatives have NO CLUE in my time (I’ll be 50, in December) nor does my mother’s generation have any idea what the priors did in the (Anglican- Episcopal) church, nor on Wall Street, etc. (Let alone back in the ‘Crusader’ days!) The ‘word’ needs to GET OUT… and what you and others are doing is COMMENDABLE, sir. 🙂 I will definitely be ‘forwarding’ a link to this book to family, friends and business associates alike… as it paints the ‘portrait’ of the PTB today (and the near future?) quite well. THANK YOU for writing this book. :-)))

          • Max Hernandez

            Thank you for your kind words and for helping fight our good fight.

    • Max Hernandez

      I have read and understood both von Mises and Rothbard. I also know that their ideas have not caught on.

      Why? The arguments they make are, at the core, correct. I have to conclude that they have simply not framed their definitions correctly. Rant all you want about gold being the only ‘real money’, but all you will do with that mantra is make yourself look the fool to the rest of the world because they know they buy and sell every day without using a single piece of gold.

      If, instead, you define money by its function rather than its composition, you will find the points in Appendix 9 follow quite easily. They also provide a framework for the average person to understand what is going on today in our financial world, including the principals of sound money and the evils of fractional-reserve banking. Because the reality is that the marketplace, not Hayek or Keynes or Bernanke, will decide what money is by selecting what it chooses to use for that purpose.

      • disqus_QZX8ENhLyb

        They will never understand the difference

        When money is defined as a very-long-term store of purchsing power and currency is defined as any MOE [medium of exchange] that is not money, then you can see that gold is real true money while the US fiat-currency is just that, FIAT-currency. There is a difference. You are using the Keynesian (collectivist) definition of money, the one the political plunderers want you to use.

        • Max Hernandez

          If you define a cow as a four-legged domestic mammal that gives milk, you will never understand why a dog barks. If, on the other hand, you use a definition that more adequately describes a cow, do you become a tyrant just because tyrants also use that definition? I think not. Better to get it right even if the opposition does also.

        • william scott

          You are both CORRECT… and yet comparring ‘apples to oranges,’ as the general PUBLIC (i.e. 90%+ unfortunately) have so little understanding of what ‘real money’ is / was (i.e. a ‘store of value, vs. confidence in an unbacked, IOU) when all they KNOW IS ‘fractional reserve lending,’ the (manipulated) ‘laws of social cycles’ and the PTB can now play them like a fiddle… Of course the FACT that nearly all of us (be we knowledgeable, or clueless) can be influenced to ‘save or spend’ via merely creating in/ deflation… shows what can be done today, when you have a ‘central bank’ franchise/s in 194 countries and territories… and either UN, Roman Concordat and / or ‘Masonic’ agreements with even Syria, Iran, Russia, etc. Either the PEOPLE (collectively) REVOLT and quit ‘playing the game’ so the ‘music stops…’ or there will soon be HELL TO PAY??? (And I think that may indeed be the message, of this book???) FORTUNATELY much of the world isn’t so ‘brainwashed’ as to have ‘confidence’ in funny money, or to take on ‘endless DEBT.’ Try as they might… their passe’ paradigm is IMPLODING… as we type. ;-))) (Hmmm… Next eBook: The Black Dragon vs. the ‘tail eatin’ Red Dragon? I can ‘see’ the cover graphic!) I just hope the black dragon (aka: East) isn’t to BEHOLDEN to the Red bodied monster presiding over the Western hemisphere as the ‘Three City’ empire of the State??? Crime will tell / sell, I suppose???

        • Don Duncan

          Why can’t money (Austrian def.) be used as currency (MOE)? When it is, you have stable (hard) money. When it isn’t you have unstable, paper money. That’s how I learned to think of it.

          What is the most important function of money? I think it is MOE. The stability is important, but not as much as MOE. An unstable money can limp along (slowly steal, depreciate) for a lifetime (40-80+ years) and that is “forever” from a personal perspective. Next, consider that when it collapses, it causes a sharp, painful wealth transfer with lasting consequences, but that is not enough to enlighten most. A new unstable currency emerges, and the cycle continues.

          In the USSA we have been using (domestically speaking) a fiat currency for 83 years. But when on hard money (the gold standard) money was still manipulated because the Federal Reserve System made it legal, if not stable. What was illegal became legal for some bankers. And the “hard money” discipline was circumvented by deception and force of law.

          My point is we shouldn’t get bogged down in technicalities and lose sight of the fundamental problem: initiation of force, i.e., coercion, makes the market function difficult, if not impossible. Coercion precludes communication and experimentation. With a free market, all monetary systems would compete openly, and the best one would always win. We wouldn’t need theorists to work it out in every minute detail in advance. Both theory and practice would work hand in hand, daily, giving us the most efficient, dynamic system. If anything changed (new tech?) the market would make progress possible. We don’t need to explain anything except the value of voluntary social interaction.

          • Max Hernandez

            I agree with your analysis of the importance of MOE. That is the reason, in my humble opinion, why it should be synonymous with ‘money’. To do otherwise just confuses those listeners who do not understand Austrian dogma.

            There is really a larger issue here, though. TE is about an encroaching tyranny that threatens the entire world. Debt money is one of the tools that would-be tyrants use in their battle to own us. The fundamental problem with debt money that is far worse than it’s failure to hold value or it’s instability of supply. By concentrating on the latter two issues we allow the bankers to pull a slight-of-hand while we are distracted by them. This point is one of the major threads that runs throughout the book.

            At least, I tried to make it one. I hope I succeeded.

          • disqus_QZX8ENhLyb

            Money can be used as currency.ANYTHING can be used as currency. But ONLY precious metals can be used as real true money. Fiat-currency is NOT money unless it is convertible (payable in its face-value of gold) upon demand.

            We have been using fiat-currency all these years and look at what has been done to its purchasing power. Go to the FRS and ask them to convert your dollar bills. They will give you more dollar bills in exchange. They are NOT convertible into gold, real true money. Yes they are currency, but NOT real true money. Go anywhere in the world and offer someone the choice of a $20 Federal Reserve Note or a $20 gold piece. Guess what!

            In 1913 A $20 bill and a $20 gold-piece (one ounce troy) both purchased 400 loaves of fresh bread @ 5 cents ($0.05) per loaf. Today a $20 bill will buy around 7 loaves @ $2.75 per loaf. While one troy ounce of gold @ $1100 per ounce will buy 400 loaves.

            Money is defined as a very-long-term store of purchasing power. Currency can be ANY MOE [medium-of-exchange] (even gold), cowrie shells, cattle, cigarettes, etc.

            FIAT-currency is so-called “legal tender”. It is currency by fiat (government edict.) It is NOT money because it doesn’t keep its purchasing power over the long term. Is it so hard to see that only precious metals (mainly gold) come anywhere near being a long-term-store of purchasing power? That’s what gold is.

          • Max Hernandez

            A rose by any other name…

            Unfortunately, the rest of the world does not share your definitions. If I am to get them to understand my point I must frame it in terms they can understand. As far as they are concerned, currency is just a special kind of money, one that is issued by the government.

            This is not a trivial issue. While stability of prices is a significant problem, it pales in importance when compared to how debt money is used to manipulate, control, and eventually conquer our society. I can much better address those issues, which are the ones I want to stress in the book, if I define terms that fit in with what the general public uses.

            Don’t use my definitions if you don’t want. But you will have a harder time understanding the points I am trying to make later on in the book.

          • disqus_QZX8ENhLyb

            My only point is that I think you have an opportunity to EDUCATE your readership my showing them how they have been duped.

            If they understood that money is gold (or other precious metals) and that currency, especially fiat-currency) is NOT money and that government is the only entity that can create fiat-currency and that governments ALWAYS seem to destroy the purchasing power of their fiat-currency by issuing more and more of it until its only value is to paper the walls or start fires.

            And educate them that they SHOULD be able to take their fiat-currency to a bank and exchange it for gold (or other precious metals) ON DEMAND.

            If they could understand why they can’t do this and what it means [It means that they have had their purchasing power stolen from them by the plunderers (politicians and their cohorts, the “banksters”) THEY MIGHT REVOLT BY REFUSING TO USE FIAT-CURRENCY and establish their own “local currencies” as many Europeans are now doing. Americans are too ignorant of the world and its ways and they seem to be enamored or their political masters. Let’s help them find their way by exposing them to the truth and the JUST way of running a free economy.

            And we should educate them that the “central bank” (FRS) is nothing more than an unnecessary sham established to plunder the people. Money is what the market says it is UNLESS government, by fiat, says different. Abolish the FRS and establish FREE banking whereby ANYONE can establish and run a bank with absolutely no government interference other that to thwart fraud, theft, extortion, and unprovoked, violent physical aggression. Government should have absolutely NO SAY in what is money and what is not money.

          • Max Hernandez

            I believe (well, hope anyway) that I am making all those points. But if I tried to do so using your dogmatic definition, I would fail because no one would read the book. Definitions must, first and foremost, be practical or they will never be used and so become worthless.

          • william scott

            An aside- but for the readers here: today’s ‘governments’ not only DON’T ISSUE the fiat (nor did they create the financial Ponzi scheme) but they aren’t even ‘governments’ (at least not as fancifully depicted in the the historical sense) they are actually now just ‘corporations,’ dba say: ‘United States, inc.’ (vs. the United States) and (like our SS numbers, as legalesed ‘corporate fictions’) all ‘rebranded’ Western nation states are traded on the (Crown) stock exchanges… with every facet of ‘government’ operating as a corporate ‘subsidiary,’ with two sets of books! All there really IS atop this pyramid is the modern Roman EMPIRE of ‘nation states,’ which are all ‘for profit’ COMPANIES, headed by ‘corporate souls.’ Once you look into the ‘three city state’ (of Vatican City, the City of London and DC…) the ‘system’ of illusion (i.e. separation of powers, nations, etc.) starts making ever more SENSE. From the DTC and DTCC in NYC… to Cede & Company, to the UN, NATO and the push towards ‘One World’ (Novus Ordo) everything!

          • disqus_QZX8ENhLyb

            EXIMCOGOV. That stands for EXternally-IMposed COercive GOVernemnt. I think that any group that has the power to put people in jail and execute them is a so-called “government.” In fact, EXIMCOGOVs created the corporations, not the other way around. Corporations have been awardedthe special privilege of “personhood” by EXIMCOGOVs. Abolish the EXIMCOGOVs and along with them the so-called “corporations.”

            The opposite of EXIMCOV is SELF-Government. And SELF-government [where people control their own lives] can be carried to the lowest possible level where each individual is SOVEREIGN. The SOVEREIGN INDIVIDUAL [SI] completely governs himself. He reports to no one. No one stands above him. Heorshe is sovereign.

            He forms “Confederations” with other SIs for mutual aid and benefit. The smaller Confederations will form alliances and larger confederations for mutual aid and benefit. All Voluntary. No compulsion. Anyone can “opt-out” at any time with no bad feelings, retribution, or punishment.

            It’s like the Declaration of Independence says “. . Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just Powers from the Consent of the Governed . .”

            The Declaration also says that whenever Government becomes destructive, “the Governed” have the right to abolish it [“opt-out” —- another way of saying secede.]

            “Consent of the Governed” says to me that no one has the right to force me to do things that are not in my best interest. The LEGITiMATE functions of an EXIMCOGOV are few: to thwart crime; that is to thwart fraud, theft, extortion, and unprovoked, violent physical aggression. PERIOD!!

            Government has no right nor any business interfering with those who live peaceful, cooperative, non-aggressive lives. That’s called the Non-Aggression Principle [NAP.]

          • william scott

            AGREED… And I am also ‘Self Governed’ and have used that moniker online, for years now… And while they may (at the moment) have their own god (mystery religions, power, control, wealth…) the London Temple BAR (and franchises) Crown bankersterdom (and franchises) a world court, UN, NATO, standing armies, mercs, intel and control of the Vatican, Roman Canon Law, Maritime Admiralty, UCC, etc., etc… we’re rapidly AWAKENING to all that… to what a LIE the entire systemic FACADE is beyond the thin veener… and BOTH ‘knowledge’ and ‘strength in numbers’ will WIN in the long run… You cannot ‘enslave’ the masses in a transhumanist technotopia, fused with the draconian fuedalism of a bygone era… when people ‘aren’t buying it’ and they’d rather PERISH… The new age of ‘reenlightenment’ is upon us like a run away freight train… and it ISN’T their beloved ‘Lucifer’ ushering in the ‘Novus Ordo Seclorum!’ Contraire. It’s 7.3 billion+ ‘collective’ renaissance peoples… and they’re the MAIN COURSE at the feast! :-)))

          • James Clander

            It is ridiculous to state that you should be able to go to a Bank & exchange fiat for real Gold.That will never happen again for many obvious reasons – for a start I doubt that The USA has very much Gold left to give away! The Govts of the so called “advanced Nations” are at war with Gold as a rising Gold price shows up the falling value of their useless paper.Most citizens today are unfamiliar with Gold & would be frightened to accept (rightly so) what may be a clever forgery.
            Nearly 100% of our assets are in Physical Gold which has stood in great stead against a falling A$. (Also true for the majority of countries but not for the manipulating USA Govt which is shafting its own citizens). Gold today is a magnificent store of value. When the holder of Gold needs to buy a house or a car or even some living $$$$ -then it’s simply cash in as many ozs as needed. Get it right -Gold is a store of value. It will never be something you whip out in a Department store or service station – no one could tell the real thing. At some point the manipulation will end when the PTB lose control & Gold as a store of value will show its true worth.

          • disqus_QZX8ENhLyb

            Apparently you don’t seem to understand what a real, true free society is. In a real, true free society, government has only ONE LEGITIMATE FUNCTION: to thwart crime. Crime, in a really, true free society is what one person does to others to harm them In a really true free society, the people do not allow government to interfere in their business, commerce or personal affairs and activities.

            There are essentially four categories of crime: (1) fraud, (2) theft, (3) extortion, and (4) unprovoked, violent, physical aggression. This does not preclude self-defense. Actually EXIMCOGOV [EXternally-IMposed Coercive GOVernment] is unnecessary and undesired in a real, truly-free society. People govern themselves in SELF-government. Each person(adult) is a SOVEREIGN Individual, answering to no one. Totally and completely responsible for hisorher own sustenance, maintenance, defense, alliances, etc.

            Cast off EXIMCOGOVs and take responsibility for your OWN life and assist those whom you love.

            You owe NOTHING else to anyone except to leave them in peace.

            Be non-aggressive (but self-defensive against would-be plunderers,)

            There is no call to seek “a higher power” to tell you what to do and how to act. Be a man or woman, a totally-responsible adult. Shun childishness. Grow up! Quit sponging mentally, physically, and financially off of others!

          • James Clander

            That is hardly a response to my post -it was just more political statement which does not address the point made. Get real in the real world sense of what is possible in todays society which bears no resemblance to an era you’re dreaming off. —- go to a Bank & exchange fiat for real Gold – Will never happen nor need it happen. Gold is & always will be a “store” of value. All we want in a “free” world is that the POG reflects a true value of the currency – NOT a manipulated value as at present.

          • Max Hernandez

            A ‘Gold Standard’ has been a stock trick of central bankers for centuries. By claiming that their debt money is ‘backed by gold’, they give it credibility. Then, behind that veil, in secret, they can continue to print (traditionally through the ‘fractional reserve’ mechanism). Our bankers may try the trick, in which case they could easily make fiat exchangeable for gold.

          • Diocletian

            Government has no rightful business being the source of anyone’s protection against “fraud, theft, extortion, and unprovoked, violent physical aggression” because of the coercive means (i.e. legalized theft in the form of taxation) by which it is funded. The responsibility of protection, and payment for it, devolves upon the individual suffering the injustice. I am certain that you are aware of the myriad protective services available in the private sector that can enable people efficiently and successfully to resolve injustices imposed upon them.

          • Don Duncan

            You and I, disqus, were saying the same thing up until a year ago. See my comments above. I still agree with you but now I have come to the conclusion that none of this is important for changing the system. For example, I used to tell my millionaire friend who laughed at me for putting all my savings in gold that I could “go anywhere in the world and exchange my gold for the local currency” or that I could exchange my gold for a house if I found a smart seller. The painful reality it that probably 95% do not value gold here. Try selling a US gold coin on the street. It’s on YouTube.

            My point is that the ignorant majority make the market. What they use as money is what we have to use, and not just because of the legal tender act. Buying/selling is a social/economic act dictated by stupid, ignorant custom. The users of dollars are being cheated every day, little by little, and you can’t convince them of this because it is too complex an issue. It’s not intuitive. It’s not obvious. When the $ collapse comes (I’ve been waiting 43 years) that won’t change.

            My point is the root of the problem is easier to understand and teach. Govt. is institutionalized violence. The justification for the violence is practicality. That has to be attacked. That lie has to be exposed. The lie appeals to the fear of not being protected. So it must be shown that no protection is provided, in fact, the opposite is happening in every area of life, domestic and foreign. Domestically, the police are a bigger threat than criminals, and regulators are tiny minded, arrogant tyrants who violate our sovereignty. Foreign policy of declaring war after war, killing millions upon millions from a thousand bases around the world has made the US empire a hated target everywhere. We have grown weaker and more vulnerable economically, militarily, and socially every year for decades, thanks to growing govt. violence.

      • disqus_QZX8ENhLyb

        Somehow my example of money and currency didn’t get through:
        In 1913 a both $20 bill and a $20 gold coin each purchased 400 loaves of bread @ 5 cents per load. Today a $20 bill purchases about 7 loaves of bread @ $2.75 per load. While real true money @ 1100 per troy ounce will purchase 400 loaves of bread @ $2.75 per loaf. Which is fiat-currency and which is real true money?

        • Max Hernandez

          Your question does not address the fundamental question of what is money. Both fiat and gold are money if used for conducting three-party transactions. The question you must then address is why one form of money should be chosen by the marketplace over the other. Make that argument to your listeners and you will have some chance convincing them. Tell them that what they use every day to live is not ‘money’ and you will loose them in a heartbeat. Which is what has, until now, happened.

          My hope is that TE does make that argument. I suggest you read the rest of the book before you pass judgement.

  • Bruce C.

    The first part of this “Part” is confusing. When asked how to get people to spend more “Junior/Will” says ‘advertise more.’ That’s rejected in favor of ‘lowering prices’. Then we’re told that the PTB try to increase spending by telling everyone that inflation is coming. That would mean prices might rise – not drop- and are messages like that not what advertising is? (Not to mention, advertising supposedly can get people to spend, otherwise businesses have been wasting billions for decades.) Besides, who in their right mind is going to buy any more than necessities if they think inflation is coming? Personally, I would buy the necessities but save as much as possible to afford more necessities later at presumably higher prices. To me an inflation scare is deflationary for everyone but purveyors of the basics.

    Furthermore, recall that the Fed – that supposedly wanted to increase spending/”velocity” by creating a wealth effect – was also adamant that QE would not create inflation, as many pundits predicted despite the Fed’s disagreement. How does that jibe with the line “it’s the only way [to increase spending]”?

    • william scott

      The ‘hoarders’ will (opputunistically) create ‘scarcity’ when they overbuy all the ‘necessities’ and that drives up DEMAND (inflationary) because there is then little / no ‘supply’ be it artificial, or actual ‘scarcity,’ as par. And as we all well know… people WILL revert back to traditional ‘stores of value,’ vs. ‘bartering’ trinkets, or more PAPER! Right now we already have ‘deflationary purchasing…’ primarily because ever fewer can yet AFFORD ‘non necessity’ items (like the crap they don’t need to live, from say CHINA) and once the dominoes FALL, it will be obvious that the ‘no confidence votes’ will KILL the SDR, Euro, GBP, USD, Yuan, Yen, et al… so Novus Ordo’ ‘globalization’ was / is a PIPE DREAM… based upon a fiat Ponzi house of playing cards, that only ultimately BENEFITS the TOP .1%… (And then I wouldn’t wanna be ‘them… when the tidal wave of ‘en mass mutiny’ occurs at all ranks!’) They really outta just say ‘we messed up’ and here’s the ‘wealth back,’ But apparently they (i.e. the inbred bloodliners, atop the Esoteric pyramid) aren’t that INTELLEGENT. There isn’t a fortress, cave, tunnel, rock, or isle on this planet today, that one can ‘hide under.’ (The ancient rulers buried the slaves ‘in the know,’ for good reason… You can’t do that today, and get away with it for LONG.)

      • Bruce C.

        True. However, my “confusion” regarding this story is that the author is making a distinction between advertising (propaganda) and “Fed speak” (propaganda. It’s all the same to me.

        Secondly, even though the Fed claimed that QE would not be (price) inflationary most pundits and “common sense”/history said otherwise and yet people did not spend – or they couldn’t – as you point out. Furthermore, as “Don Duncan” says, he would buy assets with any extra money he had if he expected inflation, not more junk that adds to the kind of GDP the monetarists like to see.

        Anyway, I’m just pointing out that the simplistic explanation in the story is too – well – simplistic.

        • Max Hernandez

          At first, I dismissed your point. But then I thought about it more. What is the difference between a local ad in the paper designed to sell more cabbages and one run nationally in some more indirect manner to get everyone to spend more money? I am not sure. It would seem to be only a difference of scale. You make a good point, thank you for bringing it to my attention.

        • william scott

          Got ya… I suspect Max was trying to get the basic points across on a level that the 90%+ might GRASP in their current state of (mis)understanding… and clearly the analogies were written to ‘get across to’ the broadest base, not be critiqued by economists, or (god forbid) ‘Anarcho Capitalist,’ Libertarians!? LOL… And the main POINT of the book likely isn’t ‘academic,’ despitite the (seeming) ‘left brain’ bent and appeal. Funny to read the ‘lectures’ here, as par. We ALL learn something NEW about every time we peruse the ‘comments section,’ I think? That’s WHY I still read this blog! (It’s like sitting in on a good lecture and / or debate… where one can ‘gleen’ more from varied perspectives.)

    • Don Duncan

      “I would…save as much as possible…” No, you would do as I have done, since 2007. You would buy gold coins with every spare penny of fiat, after divesting, e.g., selling my house. Why would anyone save fiat that might become worthless? I save (store wealth) in gold. I started a little in 1999 at $250/oz. I made the big move in 2007 at $700/oz. I am in debt (to the bank) with no attachable assets. If my state pension along with the dollar collapses, I have protected my savings. I can repay my debt with worthless dollars bought with my gold if necessary. Does that help clear up your confusion?

      • Bruce C.

        Your not understanding my question. However, your example is an interesting one, and very relevant today.

        First of all, I was referring to the same hypothetical person that I believe the characters were referring to – a person who has limited income and savings. Such a person can only buy so much extra stuff at any given time anyway and given such limited reserves I don’t think spending all of it on tooth paste, for example, is the best choice. What if something else comes up. Then what, barter tooth paste?

        On the other hand, if you do have discretionary income and/or savings then buying more necessities THAT YOU KNOW YOU WILL CONSUME makes sense because there is little or no downside in case inflation doesn’t happen. However, if you buy an “asset” like gold/silver in anticipation of inflation then you better be prepared to save it throughout the currency crisis because if you have to sell it will probably be at a loss because people will value – and be able to afford – only necessities. (Same for deflationary environment.)

        • Don Duncan

          In deflation the dollar is king. Gold/silver can always be exchanged for $ with a PM dealer. Why would I want to sell to some down & out desperate person? If the dollar dies (becomes worthless) people will barter. What is a better asset than PM that can be used as money?
          Neither severe deflation or inflation will probably occur. The present price inflation and decreased wages will continue. When public unrest results in mass protests, a war will be started. The standard of living will continue downward but martial law will insure suppressed dissent, along with public anger directed at foreigners. The Empire is slowly dying. The last straw will be when the homeland is bombed and invaded, just as with the Roman Empire.

          Only an internet renaissance can bring about constructive change. Either way, pain and suffering are ahead.

          • Bruce C.

            Maybe so about the pain and suffering. However, the problem with taking about “what if” scenarios is that it depends upon the details and that makes generalizations difficult to make.

            My point about deflation is that – yes – the “dollar” is king because it is the reserve currency and most debts are in dollars, meaning the settling of those debts are most efficient in dollars, and people are having to pay those debts by any means possible. Therefore, gold/silver and most other things will not be valuable compared to dollars. Dollars will be scarce, and therefore valuable. Why would a PM dealer pay valuable dollars for gold/silver in the midst of a deflationary crisis? I’m not saying PMs are not a good thing to have during any currency crisis, just don’t expect its “true” value to be during the crisis (so try not to sell it).

    • Max Hernandez

      In the book, the phrase ‘it’s the only way’ referred to controlling velocity, not spending.

      In the real-world case, the monetary inflation the Fed has recently created did not produce much price inflation because the money was all taken out of circulation before it could be spent, either by requiring the banks to redeposit it with the Fed or by the trade deficit which funnelled it all to China where it was held on deposit in their banks.

      The Fed statements that they wanted to increase velocity by the ‘wealth’ effect constituted an excellent example of central bank misdirection. Their real objective was to drive down the velocity so they could continue to print and spend without any complaints about price inflation, something that they have been very successful at.

      • Bruce C.

        Your real world case is not quite right – too simplified. A portion of the money created by the Fed ended up as bank reserves but a large portion did enter the economy via new Treasury issuances to fund government deficit spending and the purchase of existing bonds from “investors”. The money received by China from trade was recycled back in exchange for Treasury bonds.

        The Fed never said it wanted to increase “velocity” (which is a red herring concept anyway). It said it wanted to increase spending and lending. But the point is that people didn’t respond as they hoped.

        The real reason there hasn’t been much price inflation is because of low demand and high supply globally, and because much of the money being created has disappeared by paying down debt globally. The total “money/credit supply” has actually been falling globally even though the central banks have been trying to increase it. Central bank balance sheets have grown but not the balance sheet of the global economy. The global economy has not been able to increase at the roughly 2% annual rate required by the existing fractional reserve monetary system the world uses. That’s why the world is in both a monetary and price deflationary mode.

  • jackw97224

    Prices going down is not deflation. Deflation is a reduction in the quantity of money. As someone esplained, when a baloon is inflated, air is concentrated and when the baloon is deflated the air that was once concentrated is now reduced.

    • Max Hernandez

      There is monetary deflation and there is price deflation. The book uses the term ‘deflation’ in the same way most of the readers will, which is to mean price deflation.

      • jackw97224

        The problem is that if people are deceived into thinking about inflation as a price issue they miss the real cause which is the creation or legalized counterfeiting crime and failure to understand root causes sends one off chansing symptoms, like price changes, and thus doesn’t come to grips with the root cause.

        • Max Hernandez

          Actually, there are two causes for inflation. One is, as you point out, an increase in the money supply. But the other, an increase in velocity, is just as significant, sometimes even more so. Hyperinflation, for instance, is not a term that has much meaning in a monetary sense because, practically, the money supply just can’t be increased very fast. But confidence in the money, with its resulting effect on velocity, can change overnight. Literally. So price hyperinflation, a function of both the money supply and its velocity, can explode under the right conditions.

          The matter is discussed further in the book.

          • Bruce C.

            Money velocity is just the rate at which money is spent (not transactions as in I give it to you and you give it back without a transfer of some good or service). I guess it’s a way of trying to quantify the subjective, as when people value things more than fiat. Hyperinflation is a social phenomenon, not a monetary one. It could theoretically happen at any time regardless of anything else.

          • jackw97224

            I don’t think the Germans of 1921-22 would agree.

          • Bruce C.

            Not agree about what?

            As word got out that the currency was losing value so quickly people began to spend it so as to “get their money’s worth.” What makes that a social phenomenon is that the point at which people start to panic is subjective and not precisely predictable. At what point is inflation “too high”? It’s hard to say, but there are limits to what people will tolerate.

          • jackw97224

            Velocity is dependent on money supply but does not increase money supply. The counterfeiters and their system produce inflation.

          • Max Hernandez

            Money supply is increased by velocity only for debt money because, in that case, a change in the willingness to spend also produces a reduction in debt which, for debt money, usually also produces a reduction in the money supply. The correction of this variability in the money supply for debt money is about the only legitimate reason for a central bank to exist.

            In the case of equity money, such as gold, this relationship does not exist. To take gold as an example, the amount in existence does not change with the willingness of holders of that gold to spend it which is the definition of velocity.

            In either case, velocity is not dependent on the quantity of money, only the willingness of those that hold it to spend it.

            Price inflation occurs when some function of the quantity of money and its velocity rises faster than the availability of goods and services. That can occur with equity money as well as debt money, though it is much less likely as the amount of money in an equity system is controlled by physical processes, not some banker’s whim.

          • jackw97224

            If X is split between A and B and the velocity of one’s portion accelerates in the direction of the other, there is no net increase in X only in the fractions which A and B hold, one less and one more.

          • davidnrobyn

            Exactly Max. Hyperinflation and inflation are two totally different animals. And it’s impossible to tell when inflation becomes (begets?) hyperinflation. At some critical mass of public awareness…

        • william scott

          Do I SMELL a ‘revision,’ in the WORKS!? (Jack just deduced Disqus QZX’s point, into plain anglo speak… 😉

          NOT trying to be a ‘flip- flopper’ here… but that is a damned GOOD POINT… (And one Keynesians can’t REFUTE!)

          • jackw97224

            Heh, heh, heh…I’m not known for brevity. Thanks. You are “outside the box.” Farm Out, Right Arm and Hi 5s.

        • Don Duncan

          Correct. That’s why the Keynesian label of “inflation” was sold by the MSM. It confuses the masses. The proper word to describe what is happening with our money is: currency depreciation. This makes it easy to understand that the value of goods and services are not going up, the value of the $ is going down. But understanding of the situation is dangerous to TPTB. So they coin a word that muddies the water. This short-circuits public discourse and the public will not ask the dangerous question: Who is depreciating our money? Who is lowering our purchasing power? Is someone benefiting? Could the lost purchasing power be a wealth shift? Could the people who control money, the Fed, be responsible? Are the politicians part of a Fed-govt. conspiracy to slowly bleed the public by monetary policy? Is this destroying our economy?

          Do you see what can happen when you give the public a chance to question? They might wise up. Can’t have that.

          • jackw97224

            Well stated. Your prose is better than mine. Farm Out, Right Arm and Hi 5s.

  • Phyl

    This is sickening, a whole society degraded to this level, and people here keep feeding into this mindless mentality. They talk about thieves like humans are born to be grounded into dust irrespective that humans have the right to live and breathe on this earth without being tyrannized by those who think they have that right to tyrannize another, that is not how this whole thing works. Well these three letter terrorist – FBI, FEDS, NSA, CIA and all the other three letter who are the true terrorist groups all under the guise of the Vatican will see their days end, real soon, when people begin waking up… the rest of us will see to that.

    • william scott

      Well stated… And don’t forget the BIG ONE = ‘IHS’ Or Isis > Horus < Set/h/b… (And GESU is a 'four letter word!')

  • Thanks for sharing “Thieves Emporium” with all of us partaking of the fruits from the trees of all knowledge here on the Daily Bell, Max. Such is certainly opening more than just a few minds to the much bigger picture being fought over for the rights to paint the future with IT …….

    If news/media/information/intelligence do not show you the truth, are you conned and living in virtual reality projects being daily reprogrammed, and currently being done extremely badly? What continuities and dynamic projects are you part of the scenery and/or qubit players in?

    And is IT for real war in those spaces and unbelievably lucrative and rewarding and creative and disruptive and destructive too? …. Grand Sub Prime Con Games and How Peoples are Tricked

    • Max Hernandez

      I am pleased to do it. And, in return, if you find the book of value, I hope you will share it with others.

      • william scott

        After reading this (and purchasing the eBook) I read to Chapter 16 (yesterday) and I must say the ‘arguments’ here about the ‘gold standard’ are PREMATURE… Read the entire book… and THEN make your ‘argument/s,’ if you still HAVE ONE/+ at that point??? EXCELLENT READ, Max… How you pieced all this (intuitive + logical) ‘knowledge’ together, I dare not ASK!? It’s certainly more than most (or any?) of us were familiar with, prior. I think I’m going Linux soon… I’ve been thinking about it for YEARS and ‘open source code’ (vs. an NSA / DHS / CIA / MI6, Mossad, etc. accessible kernel) is the wiser way to go. (Now if I can just learn to ‘tolerate,’ say Ubuntu… then progress, from there?! And to HELL with tablets and ‘smart’ phones!!) 😉

        • Max Hernandez

          Thank you for your kind words. I really appreciate them.

          I am pleased to see you considering the change to Ubuntu. It’s actually not that hard, as long as you install the gnome panel and get rid of their ‘Unity’ interface which is a POS. Also, I suggest you start using a VPN. I have recently switched to IVPN and, so far, am having good experience with it.

          As for how I pieced my humble effort together, it was quite easy, really. I just copied it. After all, the words are almost all in the dictionary. I just copied them.

          Actually, I’m not kidding. At least about the ideas. That’s why there is a suggested reading list in the appendix. Those are some of the people from whom I stole. I hope you will take the time to read what they have to say.

          Also, I hope you will tell others about the book. I wrote it to try to spread a message. If you agree with that message, please help me by recommending it to your friends and relatives, at least those with minds open enough to consider the points I try to make.

          Again, thank you for your kind words. I look forward to talking with you in later blogs.