‘You Will Eat Zhe Bugs’: Tyson Foods Gets Into the Insect Factory Farming Game
By Ben Bartee - October 27, 2023

Originally published via Armageddon Prose:

What was once the pipe dream of anti-human technocrats in the multinational corporate state — forcing the peasants to feed like beasts on insects for protein in ritual humiliation — is rapidly turning into dystopian reality.

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Once again, the difference between “conspiracy theory” and “this is your life now, stupid” is approximately six months to a year.

Via KFSM (Arkansas):

“According to a statement from Tyson Foods, the Springdale-based corporation has reached an agreement with Protix, a leading multinational insect ingredients company, to create and run an insect protein processing facility with the goal of providing more sustainable protein production— “primarily to be used in the pet food, aquaculture, and livestock industries.”

The collaboration will create “the first at-scale facility of its kind to upcycle food manufacturing byproducts into high-quality insect proteins and lipids,” according to Tyson.

The facility will house “all aspects of insect protein production including the breeding, incubating, and hatching of insect larvae. In addition to ingredients for the aquaculture and pet food industries, processed larvae may also be used as ingredients within livestock and plant feed,” according to Tyson.”

The pudgy local news actor, a cuckold named Daren Bobb (never trust a man with two first names, unless it’s Ron Paul), is very excited about his and his family’s hellish future that will consist of scanning their forehead implants to procure their daily ration of insect protein from the governing authorities – assuming their social credit score is deemed sufficient to eat.

I hope Daren’s paltry paycheck is worth whatever dignity he hadn’t already sacrificed at the altar of Little Debbie™ bite-sized snacks.

The great thing about housing the insect factories in Arkansas is that they can be mainlined right into the Walmart (also based in the state) supply chain for rapid distribution to EBT recipients from sea to shining sea.

At any rate, assuming the technocrats don’t dispense with the farce and kill the peasants outright, they’ll have to rely on something for sustenance following the genocidal shutdown of global grain production championed by the likes of the WEF.

Via Agence France-Presse:

“As a child, Dong Van Canh watched while the rice fields of Vietnam’s Mekong Delta were set alight to make way for the next crop, blackening the sky and flooding the air with potent greenhouse gases.

Rice – Asia’s principal staple – is to blame for around 10% of global emissions of methane, a gas that over two decades traps about 80 times as much heat as carbon dioxide.

Usually associated with cows burping, high levels of methane are also generated by bacteria that grow in flooded rice paddies and thrive if leftover straw rots in the fields after harvest.

The message from scientists is: Rice cannot be ignored in the battle to cut emissions.”

This is your periodic reminder that we, carbon-based lifeforms, are the carbon they want to eliminate.

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