Democrats Pay TikTok Influencer $200k, Hope He’ll Lure Zoomers Into Party Van
By Ben Bartee - September 07, 2023

Originally published via Armageddon Prose:

“Get in the van, kids. We’ve got free candy and Adderall.”
-Democrat Party

The Democrat Party is bleeding support from the two factions it needs more than any other to succeed in 2024 (assuming it doesn’t just rig the election again, which is a foregone conclusion at this point to anyone with sense): Persons of Color™ and Zoomers.

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To remedy its electoral dilemma, the DNC, as I’ve reported previously at Armageddon Prose, has sunk $200,000 into a single influencer to try to pander to Zoomers, one “Dirty” Harry Sisson.

Via The Daily Caller:

“The Democratic National Committee (DNC) paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to the employer of liberal social media influencer Harry Sisson known for his pro-Biden content.

Sisson is a content creator for Palette management and a student at New York University, according to his LinkedIn page. Palette is a marketing firm that received $210,000 from the DNC during the 2022 election cycle, public records show. He began working for Palette in Oct. 2022, the same month when the DNC gave Palette $200,000 for paid media.”

This is the work product that is apparently worth a fifth of a million dollars and, in all likelihood, a future MSNBC contributor contract.

As any normal person would whom life has put through the ringer, I find being lectured to about politics – or anything at all – by 20-year-olds distasteful.

In the same vein, I resent being proselytized to by 18-year-old missionaries (who call themselves “Elders”) of the Mormon church: people of that age demographic are inherent morons, regardless of how natively intelligent they might be.

Adult children barely out of high school ought to be spending their time figuring out how to illegally procure alcohol and fighting in wars and getting sexually harassed at minimum-wage jobs by their bosses. This is the kind of stuff that builds experience and, ultimately, character. Until they have some, I am of the opinion that they should keep their unscarred teenage mouths shut about anything related to social or political issues.

Furthermore, most of Dirty Harry’s Zoomer/Millenial peers, like AOC, have the decency to actually pretend to be idealistic for a few years to get their foot in the door before cynically cashing in on the fake persona they manufactured for themselves. Sisson cut through all the red tape and theater, though, and took the cash straightaway, which makes his punditry all the more unsavory.

Which is fine, whatever. There are lots of sad Boomer hacks out there paid extravagantly well to offer their vapid opinions on corporate state media as well.

But I can’t abide Breaking Points – which is nominally “independent” media – inviting Sisson on for a debate, treating him as a legitimate guest with a legitimate perspective, and failing to disclose that he’s a paid DNC shill who’s paid to offer up his insufferable propaganda.

As an aside, one would think that the white, male, seemingly heterosexual Dirty Harry would be too non-diverse to put front and center as the Zoomer voice of the Party. WASPs are like garlic to Social Justice™ vampires.

Let AIDS Skrillex explain the nuanced progressive position on racial and sexual politics.

But perhaps the Party has learned its lesson after the disastrous performance of admitted diversity hire Karine-Jean Pierre, who can barely read the very basic talking points her handlers try to drill into her ditzy head before sending her out on stage.

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