7 Reasons to Shut Down Public Schools Immediately and Permanently
By Joe Jarvis - February 22, 2018

Students plan to walk out of schools to protest gun violence. They say they won’t return until lawmakers do something to address school shootings.

The students should walk out and never return. Being sitting ducks for gun violence is one reason, but it is far from the only one.

1. Students Are Left Defenseless

It’s not just crazy gunmen students are left defenseless against. Some schools put cops in the school, which sounds like a good idea. But if they aren’t stopping school shootings, they are generally handcuffing non-resistant elementary school students. Other “resource officers” assault the students, or taze them while the Principal holds them down.

The administrations can’t address the real issues because they are too busy interrogating five-year-olds until they pee their pants. Every day in the news you see another report of a teacher doing something crazy, assaulting, or sexually abusing students.

And then there is the bullying, harassment, and violence from other students.

The suicide rate for teenage girls is at an all-time high. Student suicides cluster around the beginning of the school year in the fall and final exams in the spring.

Public schools are anything but a “safe space.”

2. Taught Obedience, Not Skills

Teens should be rising up and tearing schools apart brick by brick like the Berlin Wall. Their rights have been seized by the state. They are forced to attend with no choice whether to associate with their peers and teachers.

They are told when to eat and must ask permission to use the bathroom. They have no say in what they will learn. And schools even take property and due process rights away from their captive students, forcing them to submit to random searches and seizures.

The Daily Bell article Five Ways Schools Destroy Children’s Freedom (and what to do about it) cover this pretty well.

The book Teen 2.0: Saving Our Children and Families from the Torment of Adolescence delves in depth into the history and injustice of compulsory schooling.

It was designed so that the state and corporations could work together to train an obedient workforce, with the public footing the bill.

The point was not open minds and a desire to learn. The aim of the education was setting students up for whatever mediocre to low paying jobs the industrialists wanted them to fill.

It was bad in 1900, and it is no better today. The economy is changing and public schools are not keeping up. So even if you think it is okay for schools to train students to become office drones, they aren’t training them for the type of jobs that will even exist in ten years.

Students would be better off exploring the real world and getting job experience through internships and apprenticeships. At least then they would learn a real-world skill, and attitudes which lead to career and business success.

But even more important they wouldn’t be forced into mindless obedience and molded by people with ulterior motives.

They would learn the responsibilities and many benefits–including mental health–of freedom.

3. Poor Quality Education

The book Teen 2.0 also talks about the competence of teens. Turns out a competent 40-year-old was likely a competent 17-year-old. And incompetent teenagers are not improved by public schooling, according to the stats.

The students who want to learn will learn. It’s 2018, any information you could think of is available on the internet. Youtube videos are likely a better teacher of calculus and history than most public schools.

According to a 2015 PISA test, U.S. students rank 38th in math and 24th in science among the 71 countries studied. Overall in math, the U.S. ranked below the 71 country average by 20 out of 1000 possible points. China has the U.S. beat in science. But the U.S. is on par with Russia.

According to the 2010 documentary The Cartel, an employer had two requirements for hiring a security guard. They had to have a high school diploma and pass an 8th-grade level test. He had to interview 1,300 applicants with a high school diploma before he filled 130 positions with people who could pass the 8th-grade test.

The PISA results indicate that scores are only slipping further since then.

Meanwhile, students and graduates are woefully ignorant of basic American history. Watch the following video if you want to lose all faith in American education.

4. Valuable Time is Wasted

Leonardo da Vinci was born out of wedlock and was therefore not accepted at formal schooling institutions in his early life. He spent his formative years wandering forests, looking at bugs, studying waterfalls, and drawing anything that interested him in intense detail.

His fanatic attention to detail made him a great artist. But the countless hours of observation also gave him a strong foundation of scientific knowledge. His independently developed skills did eventually get him into an art school. When he was assigned to paint an angel, he studied birds to make the most lifelike wings possible. This obsession with birds led to his scientific and mechanical research into flying machines.

Da Vinci’s story is representative of Robert Greene’s theme in his book Mastery. The greats like Da Vinci, Einstein, Darwin, and many others followed their passions. These passions at first glance had nothing to do with their later success. But a closer look reveals the connections that were only made possible because they were able to pursue what truly sparked their creative imagination.

Imagine what da Vinci, and the world, would have missed out on if he had been forced into a desk and smacked with a ruler everytime his attention drifted to the butterfly on the wall.

What if students directed their own education with the steady guidance or their parents, tutors, experts, field trips, professionals, and exploratory programs?

It sounds scary to give kids that kind of freedom, but it isn’t. If your kids like to draw, let them draw. You can’t tell where their passions will lead, and what connections will occur. But you can be sure if you rob them of their passion, you will also rob them of their potential for greatness.

Attending K-12 180 days per year for an average of 6 hours per day means a student spends 14,040 hours of their youth in public school. That is a staggering 18.5% of waking hours young people spend in a compulsory government institution. And that is not counting homework, extracurriculars, or detention.

And what do most people have to show for it? Do you remember how to perform chemistry equations to calculate joules? Even if you did, is that a useful skill for more than a very specific segment of the population?

Maybe the students in the video above don’t know American history because it was taught in a terribly boring way. Perhaps they would take more ownership over the particulars of their education if they were given free reign to choose what literature, history, and countless other subjects to study. It is hard to imagine them being worse off.

I dream of what I could accomplish with 14,000 hours. I cringe thinking of all the valuable things I could have learned during that time if my education wasn’t dictated by bureaucrats and a tradition of factory schooling.

You know what I didn’t learn in school? The basics of finance and money management. I was never taught marketing. I didn’t get an inkling of soil pH, crop rotation, or permaculture. I definitely didn’t learn how to identify wild medicinal plants or which anti-viral compounds are be found in garlic. They don’t teach how to be an informed consumer, decipher the ingredients in your shampoo, or wire your own solar panel array.

Most people in IT and computer sciences have no formal training and are self-taught. And these are some of the most in-demand jobs these days.

Public education robs students of the chance to spend countless hours on their own interests. Education, intelligence, and the mastery do not depend on a formula. And public education does not form a proper foundation of knowledge from which to build.

5. Waste of Money that can be Better Spent

Despite average to low performance, the U.S. still spends more than any other country on education per student.

Not including higher education, America spends an average of $11,841 per student. It would be better to literally hand that money straight to students with the caveat that they spend it on education.

Imagine how many interesting classes they could enroll themselves in, museums they could visit, workshops and lectures they could attend, or overseas educational trips. That could buy countless books. It would pay for internet access for any student whose family could not afford it.

That is a lot of money. It could pay for an amazing tutor, one hour a day, five days a week, for three quarters of the year, and still leave $2,000 left over for other supplies and educational expenditures.

There is enough money to fund every student in America who wants to learn. It doesn’t have to come from tax dollars. In fact, if property taxes, which pay for 45% of school costs, were slashed along with the public schools, it would mean more money in the pocket of parents. Not just homeowners would benefit, but rents would also plummet as overhead dropped.

States account for another 45% of education spending, and could likewise refund the money to parents and students, or provide generous tax credits and write-offs to anyone with kids. Same goes for the federal government which provides 10% of the funding.

But most importantly, the public would no longer be lulled into thinking the government was educating kids. Instead of wasting money on poor education, interested parties could direct the cash to better uses.

Currently, companies rely on the government to train future workers. As we have discussed, the government does a terrible job. But companies still need well trained and educated workers. So they would offer work education programs, internships, and apprenticeships.

They would end up paying many of the costs of education that taxpayers currently cover. And they would be training people for in-demand jobs while scouting the best prospects.

6. Parents Not Schools Determine Success of Children

Public schools have much less to do with education than parents.

Babies who hear more words in their first years of life are more likely to go on to future success.

One indicator of success is the number of words a baby hears from parents and caregivers in the first three years of life. Children with higher IQs, better test scores, and more self-confidence were found to have heard about 30 million more words in their first three years compared to children who did not perform as well in these areas.

These studies sparked the 30 million words initiative. This private organization provides tools and information for parents and communities to give their children the foundation they need for later success. These types of programs are where money, energy, and outreach should be flowing.

The 30 million words initiative also shows that there are organizations willing to provide free resources to anyone who needs them.

Education needs a makeover, and if you expect significant changes to come from government you are going to be let down.

7. Self-Directed, Co-op, Neighborhood Education is Easy and Cheap

You know what would give kids a true education? If they organized themselves into co-ops to learn from each other, parents, and professionals. For too long teenagers have been babied and told they are not full-fledged human beings.

But if society would just remove the shackles, we would see just how capable young people are of accomplishing amazing things.

Have you ever seen the teens and children on the investing show Shark Tank who start successful businesses? But laws mean the youths can’t even hold the companies in their own names.

In response to six teens declaring their candidacy for Kansas governor, lawmakers are attempting to pass age restrictions.

Some of the students sitting in detention are actually amazing mechanics and could wire your house. Some of the students failing their math exams would rather be honing their cosmetic and hairdressing skills working at the local salon. And some of the students falling asleep in class were up all night coding the next billion dollar app.

Teen 2.0 has hundreds of stories, and studies to back up the anecdotes, of teens and children not just handling, but thriving on responsibility. The data is crystal clear, when youths are given freedom and personal responsibility, they rise to the occasion.

When they are restricted and babied, they exhibit behavior that people have erroneously come to see as that of a “typical” teenager. But that angst is actually the lashing out of an oppressed and frustrated capable human being.

Imagine a system where neighborhoods band together to teach their children. When students ages are mixed, they are better able to rise with the help of their peers. Adults teach the teens, and teens teach the kids. The teens learn more in the process of teaching. The kids find themselves absorbing more from adults who don’t talk down to them and limit education based on age.

When education is a fun, engaging, social, and free environment, students do better.

It is insanity to keep trying the same failing education practices. And it is an immense disservice to the students to keep them under the thumb of society to be indoctrinated and robbed of their potential in public schools.

Don’t Let Fear Keep Teens Oppressed

In case anyone is wondering, the title is not simply for shock value. I truly believe youth would be better educated in America after the abolition of public schools. Right now the fear of letting go of control keeps teenagers massively oppressed and robs them of their potential.

For a two-thousand word article, I think I have packaged the arguments and information pretty well. But obviously, volumes and volumes could be studied and written on this subject.

These ideas are revolutionary, and that is exactly what we need, a revolution in education. The students who want to walk out of school in protest have the right idea but are looking for the solutions in the wrong place. How amazing would it be to see them rise up and demand true control over their own education?

To parents: free your teens!

To teens: revolt! But do it in a way that proves your capabilities. Be the adults in the room, because the adults surely aren’t. Like all great civil rights movements, stay steadfast, peaceful, and armed with information, and you will win.


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  • Varangian Guard

    8. Education Unions protect teachers that can’t teach with tenure.

    9. Public schools have been over run with only one side of the aisle, now it is comply instead of analyze and decide.

    10. The progressives keep hiring people to shoot the schools up to further their disarmament agenda, then they retire the land and it becomes another unused piece of property that has to maintained by the tax payer….

    11. Keep it going folks……………………

    • autonomous

      12. Education courses in college are breeding grounds to further debase education.

      13. Today’s elementary school education could easily be accomplished in two years of home schooling.

      • Col. Edward H. R. Green

        “13. Today’s elementary school education could easily be accomplished in two years of home schooling.”

        I aver that it could be accomplished in far less than two years.

        The foundation of an elementary school education comprise “The 3 R’s”: reading, writing, arithmetic.

        A child with a normal level of intelligence (e.g. Sanford Binet score of 100) could master The 3 Rs in less than three months, followed by nine months of exercises in them presented in various subjects.

        The second year could comprise introductory courses in history, geography, geometry, algebra, logic and critical thinking, grammar, and whatever other subjects interest the child.

        • Kernel01

          Fundamentals to build a strong base from which to learn from. Back to basics. I’m lovin’ it.

        • autonomous

          I agree that the basic skills could be learned in three months (or less, depending on the age of the child) but some time must be taken in each area to accumulate some foundational learning in each skill. One should not begin reading Plato, though arguably ‘see dick run’ would be inappropriately simpleminded for a child of ten. Similarly, personal, immediate family and community history might be more appropriate than Sumerian history as a starting point in that discipline.

          Learning is a lifelong process, at least as easily stunted by overreaching as by underachieving, though depending on the child, overreaching poses far less potential for permanent damage than the drivel dribble of mass public education. Still, today’s K-8 public education could easily be achieved by most nine- or ten-year-old children in two years, K-12 levels by many, and K-16 by the exceptional.

          • My mother and sister started reading to me as soon as I was home from the hospital after being born and kept reading to me until I could read to them. I didn’t have any Plato, but my mother’s nursing textbooks had plenty of Latin in them to stimulate my curiosity.
            Today’s K-8 public school education student couldn’t have matriculated out of junior high school in 1954, when I was born.

    • Hermando

      14. Creates perfect little consumers to float economy.

  • Hermando

    I failed out of my junior high class. And enrolling again in another school of over-learning of useless facts was a big mistake; waste of valuable years, while being stupidified with garbaage.

  • Kernel01

    Joe Jarvis has again hit it out of the ballpark as usual. Lot of focused thought went into this article. When you look at local budgets allotted to their respective school systems, about 50%, yes, Fifty-percent of the city/county’s budget is going to SCHOOLS. For what? We keep getting taxes raised upon us to go down the sewer-holes of schools, and why isn’t the return-on-investment (ROI) getting any better? And international rankings among U.S. students continues to decline. (Home schooling anyone?).

    • Joe Jarvis

      Thank you! Seriously property taxes are through the roof. Getting rid of that burden alone would change the country.

      • Bringing back allodial titles would do far more.

        • Roy Hobs

          Ask 1000 people what an “Allodial” title is. You’ll get probably 99 blank stares.
          When I try to bring this up with my family and friends, they actually believe paying property tax is Patriotic. Idiotic…more like it.

  • Number 6

    Haven’t we clearly established that these school shootings are hoax events, created to tug at the heart strings, to create a contrived debate and division to bring about gun control, Are we going to pretend Sandy Hook was real now too are we ?

    Heres how it works create an fake event complete with actors, create two sides to the debate lead by the people who created the event, left wing media right wing media same owners ! Make sure each side believes or acts as if they believe the event happened “no question” Then they get everyone on each side arguing and in amongst the chaos they say we have the solution, in this instance Gun Control. The side which lost the contrived debate concedes they lost and gun control is enacted. Its not just gun control they do it with EVERYTHING they want to make LAW !

    The prime example is politics which is entirely built upon this concept its called the left right paradigm, exactly the same pattern they create events offer you only two choices left or right, both of which they control, they say you must pick a side, you argue, they rig the result and say tough luck you lost but you voted so you must respect the result, ie you engaged in the gun control debate so you must respect the result, stop falling for this nonsense tactic they’ve literarily been doing it for centuries FFS !

    • Number 6

      Sandy Hook Robbie parker giving an interview and laughing the day after his daughter was supposedly shot dead. supposedly grieving parents giving smiling interviews the very next day is nothing new, they literally do it EVERY TIME !

      CNN conveniently edited Version

      “Alleged” ex FBI agent forgetting his script and talking nonsense, and putting on the worst display of acting you’ve seen in your life, you would literarily have to be brain dead to believe this was genuine and not contrived !

      I could give examples of bad acting, descriptions which don’t add up, shot in head giving interviews next day ect ect for every shooting and terrorist incident but we would be here a very very very long time

      • Sunshine Kid

        Reply to yourself often? Have debates with yourself just to ‘prove’ you are right?

        • Number 6

          Ahhh I see what your trying to do, No Im not debating with myself am I, notice how none of what I wrote above contradicts or disputes what i wrote previously ? You see to debate you need two opposing arguments don’t you. But Your pathetic and desperate so that probably went over your head didn’t it

        • mary

          Bug off, troll. Number 6 is correct, Sandy Hook was a hoax and the burden of proof should be on the media and unthinking trolls like you to prove otherwise.

          • Number 6

            Thanks Mary, Precisely they’re the ones initially alleging a crime was committed ie a shooting, the burden of proof is on them, its the very essence of innocent until “proven” guilty and its pretty obvious all their witnesses are lying, they wouldn’t last two seconds under cross examination in a genuine court room.

    • Sunshine Kid

      Any time someone dies because of violence, and those that die are innocent victims, that is no hoax. The political outrage against the weapon used is the real hoax, because the focus should be on the perpetrator – that’s the sad fact that the media and the politicians try their best to pander and protect.

      • Number 6

        Hold what did you just say ?

        Quote “Any time someone dies because of violence, and those that die are innocent victims, that is no hoax”

        Translation Any time the media pretends someone dies and elaborates on that lie that they are “innocent” (magic heart strings word) then thats means its not a hoax ?!

        Wow what a low threshold for logic and rational thought you have !

        • Sunshine Kid

          Prove that no one died, then I’ll believe you. I am well aware that the media is complicit in faking news events, but I have yet to see a violent death reported on the news that wasn’t true, no matter what network.

          • Number 6

            Why don’t you “Prove” to me someone did die ! And no just saying look it was on the news, and heres a “Tearless’ interview with a laughing parent isn’t proof I’m afraid quite the contrary !

    • Observer

      Your imagination for conspiracy is truly breathtaking!
      While your premise regarding creating false debates with limited choices is intriguing, using very real school shootings as an example is beyond absurd.
      You are tripping over your own tongue!
      BTW, your stream-of-consciousness writing style detracts severely from your content.

      • Nobody

        It’s not absurb, it’s plainly obvious that is exactly what the psychos who want to (insert their agenda here) are doing…

    • Nobody

      That is exactly what they are doing. It is obvious and I can’t believe the mindless masses keep falling for it over and over.

      It is the worst movie ever! Totally predictable…

      • Number 6

        They have a 2030 deadline so they have to push hard now to fulfil their prophecy, too many scripted events not enough quality script writers and production companies.

        • Nobody

          “not enough quality script writers and production companies”

          That’s because they are the product of public schools…

    • Col. Edward H. R. Green

      Your claim is intriguing, and extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof.

      The burden of proof devolves upon the one asserting the positive.

      Please proffer all of the evidence that irrefutably proves that “these school shootings are hoax events”.

      • Number 6

        The Burden of proof is clearly on the media, they’re the ones alleging a crime was committed ie a mass shooting, and are putting gun owners in the dock, its the very essence of innocent until “Proven” guilty and its pretty obvious ALL their “Witnesses” are Lying, they wouldn’t last two seconds under cross examination in a genuine court room. In fact in the absence of ANY LEGALLY recorded deaths and intelligent investigators questioning those making the allegations, it wouldn’t even make trial IN THE REAL WORLD and those making the allegations would in many instances be prosecuted for conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.

  • Nobody

    GREAT ARTICLE!!! Bravo! This is the best article I have ever seen on DB.

    My very first thought after hearing of yet another school shooting (if its actually even real) is SHUT DOWN THE PUBLIC SCHOOLS. Public schools are authoritarian indoctrination hell holes. 99.9% of the teachers are less than useless, 100% of the administrators are less than useless, police in schools are militarized psychos introducing kids to the police state, the schools are germ factories where children of hygenic households are forced to interact with dirty illness infected slobs just spreading illness and disease, poor nutrition phood served for meals, crime laden and violent children put to rub with other crime laden children to create future criminal gangs and whom bully natural scholars, brainwashed authoritarian teachers and admins forcing obedience to their idiocy.

    The reasons to permanently shut down all public schools are endless but the problem is that our sick authoritarian society is the result of public school education and smart people who clearly see the harm of public achools are considered “crazy nutjobs” by the mindless masses of indoctrinated morons churned out by these indoctrination hell holes falsely claiming to be intutions of ‘education’.

    I do not want to pay one more dime to these institutions to continue destroying society and the rule of law. Throw the teachers and administrators out on the butts and let’s see if they can actually make it in the real world. Every police officer enforcing truancy laws to force kids into those indoctrination hell holes should be charged and convicted of deprivation of rights and thrown in prison -it is that bad.

    Public schools are authoritarian hell holes, shut them down.

    • James Higginbotham

      i agree with you 1000%.
      shut them all down.

    • Joe Jarvis

      Thank you! Couldn’t agree more!

  • richard hennerley

    The public education does what it is intended to do – to churn out ignorant, low expectation serfs to obediently serve the psychopaths who rule us:

    • NobodysaysBOO

      “Man exists for his own sake and not to add a laborer to the State.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson
      it also provides TEACHING jobs to the minorities.

  • NobodysaysBOO

    “those that can DO, those that CAN NOT teach”
    GED asap then a GERMAN university with NO tuition.

    • Col. Edward H. R. Green

      Oh, sure…a German government university, charging no tuition to students because the government forces everyone else via coercive taxation–a massive act of legalized theft, but theft nonetheless–to pay it.

      So, yeah, study in Germany while being the beneficiary of stolen property that funds your studies.

      Thanks for showing your support for living like a parasite at other people’s forced expense.

      Try this instead, Nobody:

      Climb out of your crib, grow up, and use your own money to pay the entire cost of your studies at a university in the US or abroad, especially at a school that does not participate in any government student “financial aid” scheme, or receive any other funding from government provided at everyone’s forced expense.

      If you can’t find such a school, pay for online courses out of your own pocket, and take free courses. If necessary, take a private test to prove your mastery of the subject. Pay for the test out of your own pocket as well.

      • Kernel01

        Rugged individualism. Love it!

      • Dr Moon

        There is only one school in the U.S. that does not take one single penny in federal money. They don’t accept Federal Education Loans or any type of Federal aid. The school is Hillsdale College in Hillsdale, Michigan.

        • Would you bet your life that is the “only one school in the U.S. that does not take one single penny in federal money?” If so, why is their propaganda any better than Texas Tech’s?

    • You never got punctuation or capitalization?

      • NobodysaysBOO

        got expelled for walking down the hall with my arm around the waist of a girl. it was against the rules to even hold hands.

        • You were obviously one click away from committing rape.

          • NobodysaysBOO

            2 city cops came to escort me out after cleaning out my locker, lucky they did not shoot kids then.
            the place, a public school had razor wire topped 10 foot chain link fences and gates, in the 60’s!!!
            place still got shot up by MEXICAN street gangs. only hit windows in the library and sent kids scrambling under study hall tables nobody got hit that time.

    • elbustaroyjetspeekerson

      “We don’t need no, ejjamuhkayshun…..

      • NobodysaysBOO

        “WE dont need no THOUGHT CONTROL”

    • ReverendDraco✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵃᶜᶜᵒᵘᶰᵗ

      You do realize that the current, failed education system is based on the German?
      Ok, Prussian, actually.

      • NobodysaysBOO

        starts in PRE-SCHOOL , pre-school has the MOST DANGEROUSLY STUPID teachers ,except for Harvard!!! perhaps YALE has worse.

  • Col. Edward H. R. Green

    I will send this essay to my brother’s ladyfriend, a retired (after 30 years) government “school” kindergarten “teacher” who was graduated from a government college with a degree in “education”.

    I sincerely hope that it pisses her off.

    • Paul_Morphy

      You’re only going to antagonize your brother. The lady is already drawing her huge pension for the role she played in the education syndicate. Let them be whatever they want to believe they are.

    • Asimina J. Colden

      Are you a Colonel?

  • number06
  • northwoods-q

    This is nothing new folks. From 1968 to 1976 (K-7) I attended private, Parochial School. Then I was switched to Public School (for 8 through 12). It was obvious my First year that this was nothing but a huge waste of time. Everything they were teaching me in public school I had already learned in private parochial school. I started getting in trouble and skipping classes, or cutting school for the day. So by my Sophomore year in High School I just stopped going to classes altogether. I spent most of my time outside in the smoking area hanging out and partying. I quit school midway through my sophomore year, and when I turned 16, I immediately took the NJ GED exam. Passed it with no problem. So basically, I got my High School Diploma on a K-7 Grade education from a Private, Parochial School.

    • The Tuna Fairy

      I hit the public school system in 6th grade. I don’t think I learned a single thing in school after that. It was SUCH a shock “You know that material already? Do it again then.” What?? I was used to “Ok, so you are there? Then do this next.”
      I also slid into the “problem child” zone. Put my nose in a book, my head into chemicals, and waited for it all to be over.

  • Thumpger 7

    Our schools teach White students that they are immoral and contemptible if they don’t support White Genocide.

    Their teachers never tell them, “White self-hatred is SICK!!!“

    Their teachers claim to be anti-racist. What they are is anti-White.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.

  • Gino Schafer

    “I didn’t get an inkling of soil Ph,”

    It’s pH. That is a mathematical representation of the negative log of the hydrogen ion concentration. I learned that in high school chemistry.

    • elbustaroyjetspeekerson

      Yesbut. How LONG ago?

    • Joe Jarvis

      See, public schools failed me.

      • The Tuna Fairy

        I was typing something a while back, and spellcheck tried to correct pH to Ph… it went to public school too!! 😀

  • David

    Thomas Jefferson said that the first amendment is based on the fact that God has made the mind totally free. Education does not belong to the government (village). In 1922, the state of Oregon tried to outlaw all non-public (Catholic) schools and the case had to go to the supreme court before the law was reversed in 1925.
    Pierce v. Society of Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary
    The unanimous Court held that “the fundamental liberty upon which all governments in this Union repose excludes any general power of the State to standardize its children by forcing them to accept instruction from public teachers only.”
    Any government monopoly on education is already illegal.

    • This was the same Thomas Jefferson who created the Jefferson Bible?
      Maybe you should read Thomas Paine’s Age of Reason.

      • David

        Read the quotations from the Jefferson Memorial.
        Panel Two
        “Almighty God hath created the mind free. All attempts to influence it by temporal punishments or burthens…are a departure from the plan of the Holy Author of our religion…No man shall be compelled to frequent or support any religious worship or ministry or shall otherwise suffer on account of his religious opinions or belief, but all men shall be free to profess and by argument to maintain, their opinions in matters of religion. I know but one code of morality for men whether acting singly or collectively.”
        Jefferson had a dislike for the Papal system in Europe because the Catholic church was allied with monarchies which led to the inquisition. Jefferson was a Christian.

        The doctrines of Jesus are simple, and tend all to the happiness of man.

        The practice of morality being necessary for the well being of society, He [God] has taken care to impress its precepts so indelibly on our hearts that they shall not be effaced by the subtleties of our brain. We all agree in the obligation of the moral principles of Jesus and nowhere will they be found delivered in greater purity than in His discourses.

        I am a Christian in the only sense in which He wished anyone to be: sincerely attached to His doctrines in preference to all others.

        I am a real Christian – that is to say, a disciple of the doctrines of Jesus Christ.

        • I didn’t need to read the quotations. I read what was written on the walls at the memorial, in person. Have you ever visited Monticello?

  • It must have taken somebody a long time to do a crappy job of editing this video, since it has been a while since Biden was VP.

  • John C Carleton

    Only seven?

    • Joe Jarvis

      add more! There are plenty.

  • elbustaroyjetspeekerson

    “It is insanity to keep trying the same failing education practices”.
    It IS insane. That is also precisely why: It. Ain’t. Gonna. HAPPEN. The monsters setting protocol, ejjuhmuhkayshun doctrines, and generally acting like they KNOW BETTER THAN US, ARE insane, even psychotically so. I believe that is prerequisite to gaining upper management status, and in just about any realm one cares to explore in today’s society. I agree with the points and sentiment raised here, Joe. BUT, we must back up much further to actually make any meaningful change.

  • ReverendDraco✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵃᶜᶜᵒᵘᶰᵗ

    I taught myself to read when I was 3.

    If I’d have waited for gutterment schools to teach me. . . I’d still be illiterate.

    The best thing a person can do for themselves is to become an autodidact.

  • KimC

    Excellent article. If I would have sat down a long time ago and written my thoughts and experiences regarding public schools, this would have been the exact article. Thank you for a well thought out, well written article.

    • Joe Jarvis

      Thank you Kim! Appreciate the support.

  • Undecider

    Why are the students subjects to “active shooter” scenarios? What’s the academic requirement? Duck and cover, earthquake drills, fire drills and now active shooter? What’s next? Rape drills?

    • Pat Enery

      Just part of the indoctrination of fear & the bogeyman. These things are necessary to keep everyone in line & trust government to solve the fabricated threats.

  • Mike Walsh

    Home schooling is the answer Online schools can easily replace the curriculum based education system.. Here in Indonesia, my daughter at Grade 3 primary, studys at home with 3 years of studies all packed into a 16Gb Flashdisk.. It includes maths Social studies, language, and science .. includes games and puzzles as well as several past examinations for testing purposes.. I was amazed how much is included..
    This is a real example of a lesson.. this one is about Where does Energy come from. Terrific idea i think

  • MMEverett, Ph.D.

    We have a problem with education, period. I was born in 1947 and everyone except the rich had to go to public school. My teachers, however, were very good, and I got a good basic education. Unfortunately, I was rather bright, so in some ways, school was very limiting. Now days, I think they are teaching kids too much too fast. Still, some of my friends kids are getting a lot out of school. Really, the problem is that an awful lot of kids don’t want to learn–anything.

    • I_P_Frehley

      The “curriculum” most schools use now needlessly complicates easy concepts to the point of frustration and then surrender.