As Predicted, Wise Globalism Trumps Populism but Doesn’t Explain the Chaos to Come
By Daily Bell Staff - July 20, 2016

Global elites must heed the warning of populist rage … Real income stagnation over a longer period than any since the war is a fundamental political fact. –Financial Times

This article acknowledges that globalism is failing but then concludes if it does that Western civilization will end as well.

We entirely disagree with this argument, but we see why it is being made.

In fact, we predicted it last month.

Brexit Politics: Elites Set Up New Conflict Between Populism and Globalism as Chaos Looms

The FT article, of course, provides a number of ways that globalism can be strengthened so that civilization as we know it will not end.

Here at DB, we hope fervently that the globalist-engineered system of international authoritarianism does topple over – and quickly. It’s a horrible system designed to fail.

Post Brexit, the development of freedom is to be demonized as “populism.” Globalism was to be advanced as the sensible solution of mature adults.

This article is a perfect example of the new elitist meme.


If governing elites continue to fail to offer convincing cures, they might soon be swept away and, with them, the effort to marry democratic self-government with an open and co-operative world order.

The article then describes why populism is gaining attractiveness, explaining that economic stagnation was causing “rage.”

This is a simplistic analysis of what’s taking place. But it serves the cause of globalism well because it implies that simple greed is behind Western discontent.

If people simply had more “things,” they would be happier.

There is no suggestion that the Internet itself has educated people about the root causes of what they continually lack.

We would argue that additional information has had a powerful impact on what people understand and what they intend to tolerate.

You won’t find this discussed in article, though.

The article bases its discussion on a McKinsey Global Institute report entitled, Poorer than their Parents?

Households have been suffering from stagnant or falling real incomes. On average between 65 and 70 per cent of households in 25 high-income economies experienced this between 2005 and 2014. In the period between 1993 and 2005, however, only 2 per cent of households suffered stagnant or declining real incomes.

The article maintains this is the root cause of “rage” against the system.

It adds:

For many of those in the middle of the income distribution, cultural changes also appear threatening. So, too, does immigration — globalisation made flesh. Citizenship of their nations is the most valuable asset owned by most people in wealthy countries. They will resent sharing this with outsiders. Britain’s vote to leave the EU was a warning.  So what is to be done?

Now the article advances a litany of solutions.

The first one is that sovereignty must be balanced by global cooperation. For instance, “climate change is a higher priority than further opening of world trade or capital flows.”

Capitalism itself must be reformed and finance deemphasized. A stable financial system is necessary but it must be stripped of “perverse incentives.”

International cooperation must be brought to bear to help governments with large domestic objectives.

Taxation is an important example. The wealthy need to be fairly taxed.

Investment and innovation must be expanded and modest steps can be made in this regard.  Higher minimum wages and working-class tax credits are two ways to raise income.

Above all, recognise the challenge. Prolonged stagnation, cultural upheavals and policy failures are combining to shake the balance between democratic legitimacy and global order. The candidacy of Mr Trump is a result.

You see what the article has done? It’s explained that populism is the result of popular “rage” and then provided a series of supposedly wise solutions that can remove rage.

It is really important that globalism be redefined and revitalized so that populists like Donald Trump don’t take over.

How important? “Failure must not be accepted. Our civilization itself is at stake.”

That’s a hefty statement of course, and the solutions provided by the article don’t in our view, go very far toward rescuing either globalism or civilization.

Global warming is basically a hoax as we see it, so how spending billions on nonsensical solutions to a non-problem will enrich people’s lives and wallets is questionable indeed.

Higher taxes for the wealthy and higher minimum wages are simply perverse incentives. A higher minimum wage discourages employment. Higher taxes for the wealthy don’t do much for economic progress either.

It is no wonder these “solutions” are so weak. They are not intended to be helpful.

Step back and the larger view becomes apparent: Globalism is to be implemented via chaos. Nothing is supposed to work. though all of it will be tried.

Only when the misery, warfare and economic chaos have been expanded until people cannot bear it, will a meaningful (and terrible) solution be advanced.

This powerful solution will be entirely international in its parameters.

This is how full-blown internationalism is to be created.

In the meantime, the rhetorical dialectic will continue. Populism will be demonized and globalism will advance wise solutions.

Conclusion: This is merely interim propaganda. The desired state of affairs is “order from chaos.” That hasn’t occurred yet as the pain is not nearly developed enough. But it will.


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  • ConPatriot1234

    As usual excellent and spot on analysis. Thanks DB.

    I would just add one thing: Those of us who read our Bible regularly know exactly where this is going and how it will end. Read it and be JOYFUL beyond your wildest dreams even as the world around you descends into barbarism and chaos. The Truth will set you free.

    • The Bible says it better, no doubt. Thanks.

      • Bob

        The devil comes disguised as an angel of light….

        2 Corinthians 11:14 (NIV)

        14 And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light.

    • Boysie

      Yannick, i live in a country – where the rich or those with some form of education totally screw all those – who they regard as not being in the same class as themselves – However both groups believe absolutely that “Everything is in the hands of the lord – he will provide – he will solve all problem – all you have to do is believe” – then you have this other group known as “Pastors” but who are in reality – “Religious Pimps” They live very well with access to money and women – while at the same time these churches does not pay taxes – Please realize that the modern “King James Bible” was written by 40 academics from Oxford and Camridge – (check it out) – Are you saying that if you believe in a LIE – you will go to heaven…Well have no objection to what others wish to believe – however when they offer it in print – I am at times inclined to respond – this – like the recent neferious claims of Global Warming / later / re-introduced as Climate Change is a travesty against humanity –

      • Steven Hotho

        In what lie do you purport Mr. Erst believes?

        • Boysie

          You – dear sir, remind me of “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest” – However inspite of that – please be reminded that “If you are NOT a part of the SOLUTION – then you must (be definition) be a part of the PROBLEM – Can I suggest tat you go to the smallest rom in your house / caravan / apartment / condo – close and bolt the door – let no one in – do not eat or drink until you come up with a viable solution for your nations putryfing GREED – then and only then will you be saved – but trolling other peoples comments will never cut the mustard – sorry just another religious pimp…

      • ConPatriot1234

        Do not believe these religious pimps you speak of, and do not let yourself be deceived that they speak for Christ.

        Indeed Christ warns us about them:

        “For such men are false apostles, deceitful workmen, disguising themselves as apostles of Christ. And no wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. So it is no surprise if his servants, also, disguise themselves as servants of righteousness. Their end will correspond to their deeds.”
        2 Corinthians 11:13-15

        Don’t trust pastors. Trust the Word of God.

    • Bob

      …and prepare. 🙂

      • Captain Turk

        Well spoken Bob.
        Australians must stockpile food RIGHT NOW.
        Three month’s worth at a bare minimum.

        The shadows are growing longer.
        The sun is going down.
        Darkness is coming.
        Gather food for the coming winter.

  • gringott

    Wasn’t sure where you were going with this from the headline, but got it in the body of the text. Exactly correct. The “solutions” don’t work because they aren’t supposed to work. Example: Obamaocare. Designed to fail. Destroy the health care system so TPTB can take over the entire system.

    Some real pain and agony coming down the pike for Joe Sixpack in the next decade or so.

  • “Western Civilisation”?
    Here is a corporate spin for an aborted civilisation.
    Yes there are outer forms of regulated behaviours under authoritarian control. Obviously very different ideas as to what civilisation means – but it usually means WE are better than THEM – and need to have power over THEM or they will get it over us. But of course masked with a bit of culture!

  • Praetor

    The globalists! I really think they are trying to convince their fellow collectivist, that they actually have some solutions to the chaos, just to give them a little more time to finish the project. It seems on the face of it that some of the ardent Keynesian collectivist of the fiat empire are loosing faith.

    The globalist like to call it, ‘one step forward, two steps back’. Internet Reformation, could be giving them some headaches.

    People who believe in liberty and freedom of the individual call it, ‘unintended consequences’!!!

  • Shamus

    I don’t disagree. But god the despair. I am only one weak person of small means. How do people get by.

  • Bob

    “with large domestic objectives”..such as disarming a country, destroying morals, causing division and anger in a population, and bankrupting the serfs, who have too much money and liberty and freedom…oh yea, and let’s not forget their hatred of and goal of destroying the US Constitution….Brexit stung them…”they now there is still courage among men” (Lord of the Rings)

  • Bob

    ..and of course these satanic scum hate Christians

  • rahrog

    DB might want to run The Mises Institute article from the 19th regarding borders, decentralization, and SECESSION as a counter-point to this globalist drivel.

  • Sven

    The conclusion sounds as if DB concedes defeat.

    • Hm-mm … sorry. We’re not conceding anything except that “they” will try ….

  • r2bzjudge

    “This article acknowledges that globalism is failing but then concludes if it does that Western civilization will end as well.”

    Globalism does not equal western civilization. If anything, globalism is destroying western civilization.

  • TimeToWakeUpAmerica

    “The desired state of affairs is ‘order from chaos.'”


  • TimeToWakeUpAmerica

    Read the book, entitled _THE COMMITTEE OF 300_, by Dr. John Coleman,
    former MI6 (BRITISH INTELLIGENCE). He gives you a SCHOLARLY, fact-filled
    HISTORY of who, exactly, the Western “elites” are, WHO FINANCES them,
    who their main Allies (or FRONT organizations) are, WHAT THEIR AGENDA
    IS!, & how they’ve got the majority of people, Americans especially (thanks to their TAVISTOCK INSTITUTE, and their stranglehold on the U.S. Public “Education” System, Textbook publishers, Mainstream Media & Hollywood), ~ they’ve got the majority of Americans walking around like mind-less, brain-dead zombies, without a single CLUE, as to what is ACTUALLY going on. Dr. Coleman COVERS IT ALL. EVERY American needs to read THIS book.

    Here is where I obtained my copy:

    • There are always questions – about us, about others … about him too.

  • No More Neos

    One need look no further for the end game of globalism than at the state of Greece, Honduras, Latvia and other small countries that have been “advanced” by the divine knowledge of the high priest globalists. The EU, or “mini” NWO, is also a perfect example of how remotely controlled nations under unelected bureaucratic elite governance is an ultimate failure.

    The democratic structure, tarnished though it is, is still an excellent system. The baby (democracy) is just surrounded by murky dark water (parasitic globalist influence). Once the bath water is thrown out and replaced by a fresh new crop of true public servants, inspired by these agitating populists like Bernie Sanders, the nation-state can resume its original purpose of acting as a buffer between the populace and profit-driven capitalists. Labor, human, environmental, health, food safety laws are important, it turns out. Taxes poured into the public good to create a robust civil society is important and worth preserving.

    Globalism, neoliberalism, Technocracy, parasitocracy… call it what you will, is a failed economic ideology, that much is obvious by now, but they knew this going in and have been warned by many astute economists of the past. As people like Michael Hudson points out, classical economics works! There IS such thing as society, Margaret. Milton Friedman’s benediction for toll booth economy, free lunch enthusiasts is nothing more than boot-on-your-face totalitarianism, by any other name, and it will always give rise to populism.

    “To allow the market mechanism to be the sole director of the fate of human beings and their natural environment …would result in the demolition of society.” ~ Karl Polanyi, 1944

    “In 1945 or 1950 if you had seriously proposed any of the ideas and policies in today’s standard neo-liberal toolkit, you would have been laughed off the stage or sent off to the insane asylum.” ~ Susan George, political scientist

    Do not confuse the economic – oikos nomia – the norms of running home and community with chrematistics – krema atos – the accumulation of money. ~ Aristotle

    “The twenty-first century will witness an epic struggle between the forces of global governance and the sovereignty of liberal democratic states.”

    ~ John Fonte, author of Sovereignty or Submission: Will Americans Rule Themselves or be Ruled by Others?