WATCH: ‘Israel First’ Chris Christie Admits Primary U.S. Foreign Policy Objective in Middle East is ‘Protecting Israel,’ ‘Peace and Stability’ Come Second
By Ben Bartee - October 19, 2023

Originally published via Armageddon Prose:

“Israel First” (Make Israel Great Again, or MIGA, if you will) presidential candidate Chris “Kristy Kreme” Christie appeared for a congenial warmongering session with Joe Scarborough’s plastic-surgeried-to-hell sidekick, Mika, on MSNBC recently.

After dispensing with the requisite smearing of Donald Trump as an idiot – the sole reason Chris Christie ever appears on corporate state media — they further discussed the braveness and stunningness of Joseph Brandon’s handlers dispatching their charge to the Middle East and pumping him up with whatever pharmaceutical cocktail gets him moving for a “wartime president” photo-op with Bibi Netanyahu in which he indicated that the blank moral and literal checks issued to Israel for its warmaking efforts will continue in perpetuity.

While praising Brandon (Chris Christie is a nominal Republican, incidentally), the human-walrus hybrid’s lips let loose a U.S. foreign policy truth often obscured by the mainstream media:

“The most important thing for [Biden] to do right now is to show the rest of the world that we stand solidly with Israel… We’re going to be credible in making sure that we play the role we’ve always played in the Middle East, which is to try to make sure that while protecting Israel’s security and its existence, first and foremost, to be a constructive force for peace and stability in the region.”

“While protecting Israel’s security… first and foremost.”

First and foremost!

Securing another nation’s security is America’s “first and foremost” foreign policy objective in the Middle East!

And yet this pronouncement, of course, went unchallenged by Mika and will produce no scandal, although it would in a sane society.

Given that “Israel First” Swamp creatures almost unanimously view Israel’s national security as the top priority of the American government, it comes as no surprise that the talking point likening the Hamas attack to 9/11 has taken hold as a constant rhetorical refrain designed to play on American’s still-tender emotions about that day and whip up war thirst, just as it was used to start the disastrous post-9/11 Middle East wars of the aughts.

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