WATCH: Israel Ambassador Claims Hamas Attack ’10 Times Bigger Than 9/11’
By Ben Bartee - October 11, 2023

Originally published via Armageddon Prose:

Israeli Ambassador to the UN, Gilad Erdan, appeared on corporate state media to disseminate perhaps the most overblown war propaganda to date in the already-hyperbolic state of affairs.

“It turned out to be ten times bigger than 9/11. Because, until now, we suffered 900 fatalities, so, proportionally, because the Israel’s population is smaller than ten million people, it’s like having more than 30,000 American fatalities. And, by the way, it’s more dangerous than even, bigger than, 9/11, sadly, I say, because your enemies are 7,000 miles away. Our enemies are 7,000 feet away.”

Let’s pump the brakes there, Sparky.

What is the mathematical alchemy by which one can judge the scale or severity of an attack by a mere assessment of the affected population as a proportion of the general population?

Gilead goes on to saber-rattle about Iran, provoking potentially World War III with this kind of overblown rhetoric now prevalent in corporate state media.

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Even if you are supportive of the state of Israel, do you not recoil at this kind of disgusting emotional manipulation of a people still traumatized by 9/11?

If politicians like Gilead had any shame – or fear of political repercussions — they would never consider uttering such tripe on national television. If the American people had any red lines when it comes to Israel’s influence-peddling in the United States, he would be persona non-grata forever for his absurd claims.

Ludicrous comparisons notwithstanding, there are parallels between the Hamas attack and 9/11:

·       Both were permitted to occur by respective governing authorities for political convenience

·       Both were and will be used as authoritarian power grabs by all governing bodies involved

·       Both were and will be used as pretexts for forever-wars for years to come

·       Both were and will be weaponized against critics and dissidents with smears of unpatriotism or apologism for terrorists or whatever

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