Authorities Plan Strategic Attack of Anti-Vaccine “Myths”
By Daily Bell Staff - March 31, 2016

One promising new approach is to keep track of the vaccine myths circulating in cyberspace and rebut each one as it appears. This requires tracking information from search engines and following anti-vaccination websites and parents’ forums. – Economist

The battle against anti-vaccine websites and individuals is about to intensify.

Rather than fighting on just a PR front, authorities are now planning a strategic offensive against anti-vaccine “myths” as they appear. The idea is to combat these supposed myths one by one in a concerted fashion.

According to the Economist article:

Many [parents] were shaken by a claim, later debunked, that there was a link between autism and the MMR vaccine, which protects against measles, mumps and rubella.

The only problem is. The Economist is wrong. The linkage between MMR and autism has not been debunked.

In fact, the MMR-autism debate has been reinfoced by the recent film Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe.

Though the presentation of the film at the Tribeca Film Festival was cancelled after severe pressure from the pharmaceutical industry, this did nothing to deprive it of a premiere.

It is now scheduled for release tomorrow at New York’s Angelika Film Center, and will then receive a wider release in other cities.

The film revolves around accusations that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention refused to release information about links between autism and the MMR vaccine.

A  former center employee, William Thompson, has claimed that studies seeming to confirm the link were purposefully destroyed or altered.

The director and co-writer of “Vaxxed” is Andrew Wakefield, who produced a study in 1998 that suggested the possibility of a link between autism and vaccinations. It was first published in a medical journal, Lancet, and then retracted in 2010.

Though Wakefield’s medical license was revoked in Britain, as the anti-vaccination movement has grown, so has his stature.

We interviewed Dr. Wakefield on this in 2010.

The continued debunking of vaccines is perhaps the starkest example of how the Internet is upending mainstream media shibboleths.

Despite the unequivocal stances of health organizations like the CDC that “vaccines do not cause autism,” the anti-vaccine movement has expanded rapidly in large part because of social media and websites.

The government has responded in typical fashion, with force.

New laws in some countries now force parents to vaccinate their children. However, as the Economist notes, “Strict rules may even harden anti-vaccination attitudes.”

More important, say public-health experts, is to boost confidence in the safety of vaccines and trust in the authorities that recommend them—both badly damaged in many European countries by past public-health mis-steps, such as a scandal with contaminated blood supply in France from the late 1990s.

Here, too, there is difficulty: Such arguments need to be resolved with facts not empathy.

Many doubt the Internet’s efficacy because it is difficult to separate “fact from fiction” given the amount of information online. But the reality is that the Internet enables us to absorb alternative opinions, and not be subject to a single elite narrative.

When governments start strategically attacking what they call “false beliefs” online, that’s real cause for alarm.

After all, the same tactics can be easily used to target any opinions that the authorities don’t agree with—anything from what they label as “myths” about central bank manipulation to military activities.

Nonetheless, the vaccination controversy shows us that the Internet remains a formidable force. It can affect the behavior of millions when arguments are persuasive enough.

We recently re-emphasized this in our article, The Internet Reformation that’s sweeping the world.

Of course, there is all sorts of push-back on the Internet. And we have, in the past, predicted that sociopolitical and economic chaos is one elite response. That’s certainly taking place.

But from the largest point of view, what’s going on is evolving and and will not stop. Apparent setbacks may appear discouraging but the larger trend advances.

Conclusion: More freedom is coming along with more personal responsibility: It is inevitable. People will continue to discover their truths individually and act accordingly.


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  • fritz

    Vaccines are poison, heavy metals and viruses injected into your bloodstream.

    Q – Would you like a free flu shot?
    A – Sure thing, but first tell me what’s in it.
    Q – Why do you ask?
    A – ok – here’s a big glass of brown water with pieces of turd floating in it, would you like a big sip?
    Q – what’s in it?
    A – Exactly!

    • Sol

      They want to give you a free flu shot so you’ll stay a healthy, slave-labouring, consuming, tax-paying citizen. THAT’s the conspiracy with flu shots – they work and everyone profits from it working.

      • englishvinal

        TROLL alert!

      • mary

        Sol, are you truly that ignorant? The flu vax develped every year is a GUESS at which flu virus MIGHT be circulating during flu season. Further, what people call the flu is 7 out of 8 times not the result of influenza virus. There are many viruses that cause flu-like symptoms. With these FACTS–well know, btw–there is no way the flu vax is meant to promote health.

        One wonders why you think you should have an opinion on the topic in view of your ignorance. How about you stick to your knitting, whatever that may be…

        • Haywood Jablome

          Very well stated and 100% accurate!

  • I will combat your myths by asserting differently, seems to be the message of the tyrants. This story about the presentation of the film at the Tribeca Film Festival should be widely circulated, because there is a clear message. No film would be likely to change my position on anything; indeed, I very rarely watch any movies/films. Why is there such fear at the showing of the film, or of freedom of belief expressed? If the ideas are obviously wrong, most people would reject them. Surely no pro-vaccine person would change his position, or is that possible? Really makes me wonder. Anyone who does not have blind faith in vaccines would not be moved, either, so what is going on? Something, that’s what – and something nefarious.

    • knifemare69

      Nailed it! If the vaccine industry’s track record was airtight and stellar then they would have absolutely NOTHING to worry about from a simple movie.

      Unless of course that movie contains irrefutable FACTS that prove deliberate misdeeds and shenanigans done by Big Pharma. It’s the ONLY reason they would be so hysterical about protecting their cash-cow health protection racket…

  • Chemist

    It’s interesting that they admit the fact that mercury is in vaccines: No thank you! A good rule of thumb is to avoid each atom of Hg into our bodies, as each opportunity presents itself, on a case by case basis. Other sources of information say they don’t use mercury anymore. What’s the truth? The answer is “it depends.”

  • apberusdisvet

    The DB should be aware that as many as 5 and possibly 10 naturopathic and homeopathic doctors in the SE US have died of mysterious circumstances, one just after being raided by the FDA. They were all working on the autism/vaccine link and had corresponded with each other. Together, they focused on Nagalase, an enzyme/protein that is made by cancer cells and viruses and causes an immunodeficiency that is linked to autism. They discovered that Nagalase was being purposely injected into 80% of the vaccines they tested. No wonder they all met untimely deaths.

    • Sol

      What is the motive? Purposely giving children autism is a LOSING GAME for the government/corporations. You’re suggesting just pure maliciousness? Even at the cost of profits? Bonkers!

      • knifemare69

        “What is the motive?”

        Pure profits. They have an army of bootlickers who will shout down anyone claiming that their products are unsafe, which allows plenty of people to be harmed by their vaccines. These injured people will need medical attention for the rest of their natural lives, making each vaccine injured victim a HUGE cash cow for doctors, hospitals and Big Pharma. Hundreds of thousands in profits coming from remedial treatments required because of these vaccines per each victim injured. It’s an ingenious, if completely evil little racket.

        “You’re suggesting just pure maliciousness?”

        No, I’m coming out and SAYING it. There is no difference between the medical establishment in this country and the medical establishment of Nazi Germany – in fact many household names like Bayer were in fact active Nazi collaborators and purveyors of ‘Master Race’ eugenics ideologies back in the day. When you have a bunch of rich elitists thinking that they are entitled to rule and make everyone else their slaves, nothing good ever comes from that.

      • Dolph Longedgreens

        The inability to establish a malicious motive does not excuse the offense.

    • We are aware, thanks.

      • knifemare69

        *Some* of us may be aware, but ‘Sol’ posting on here never got that memo.

  • knifemare69

    Don’t sugar coat things to protect their feelings, the Economist isn’t just wrong about the MMR vaccine being debunked, they are outright LYING about it. Screw their feelings, they are a bunch of sociopaths who need a curb stomping instead of coddling…

  • Sol

    Oh my Christ, still beating this dead horse? There is no link between vaccines and autism. There is no motive for the government or corporations to make us purposely disabled, drains on the system. You want a conspiracy? They give us free flu shots to keep us healthy, practically-slave labourers, paying taxes and making profits for big corporations. The fact that vaccines WORK is the CONSPIRACY you twonks!

    • Are you being ironic?

      • Sol

        I don’t understand the question.

        • Mary

          You wouldn’t.

    • knifemare69

      I’ll take the word of a doctor who actually WORKED at the CDC over some paid Big Pharma shill any day:

      • Sol

        Sorry, I won’t. I’ll take the word of countless studies by many, many doctors, not just the word of some guy. And look, I believe there are corporate/government/pharma conspiracies galore out there, but this one doesn’t make any sense. A very simple analysis leads me to the fact that vaccines that work benefit those entities, and vaccines that give people autism hurt those entities.

        • The article doesn’t say that all vaccines don’t work.

        • knifemare69

          You’ve obviously never heard of the Fireball Pinto, which Ford put into production KNOWING that it would burst into flames upon a side impact. Ford determined that their profits would trump any amount of damages paid to victims of their products.

          Vaccine manufacturers are no different, and if their products didn’t harm people then there would have been no need to pay out $2 BILLION in damages now would there?

        • Bruce C.

          I think what you’re missing is the fact that if people believe that vaccines are harmful then they won’t accept them, and that hurts profits, and may even foil some other nefarious scheme such as making vaccine recipients more susceptible to other illnesses that would then require more medical treatments, and thus more profits, etc.

          The truth is probably that vaccines are harmful to some people, but the pharmaceutical industry would consider those cases to be statistically negligible. Problem is, a lot of people may not want to take even that risk, which creates the problem described above.

          Besides, isn’t “treating” autism profitable too? I know that sounds sick, but that’s why this sort of thing is so sinister/evil.

        • silversmith

          There are studies that suggest that vaccines actually spread the agents they are claimed to prevent in vaccinated populations ! Are you employed to spread the lies of big pharma and its captured agencies (CDC , NIH,WHO ) ?

          • englishvinal

            Of course Sol is “employed” by some faction of “the big MONEY system”.
            Sol is what is called a TROLL… a Judas Iscariot of the 21st century who is PAID his 30 pieces of silver to sell-out his fellow man.

          • Cin

            Or he could just be an idiot :/

          • Ernie Hopkins

            LMAO!!! Good one Cin!

          • Haywood Jablome


        • Freetruthforever .

          Countless studies? Show me one double-blind scientific study showing that vaccines don’t harm people. I’ll save you some time: they don’t exist. The CDC/Big Pharma media machine has regurgitated the same lies for so long that now the standard is “everybody knows that”. You know, “the science is settled”. Simple analysis? Big Pharma wants you sick because well people don’t go to doctors and buy drugs. That’s why they treat symptoms and don’t seek cures.

        • Ernie Hopkins

          Doctors have not done countless studies. They have memorized and regurgitated pharma supplied data. Data that contradicts is dismissed as aberrations to be eliminated from consideration. Look at the historical curves regarding disease reduction. They parallel sanitation, not vaccination. Note the vaccinated individuals getting the disease. MMR a major point here. A physician once told me that the cure for cancer would never see daylight as long as there was more money in the disease than the cure. This is true across the board in “modern” medicine. Medical treats symptoms, not diseases. Government likes sick people, they are dependent.

        • SonsofAnarchy5768
    • englishvinal

      “There is no motive for government or corporations to make us disabled”…
      You sure wouldn’t make a very good chess player would you?

      Do vaccines cost MONEY? Does the pharmaceutical industry rake in MONEY through the sales of vaccines?
      Do vaccines lower the immune system making humans more susceptible to a myriad of diseases? Does the industry make MONEY from quasi-sick people for many years? Do doctors make money from sick people? Do hospitals and specialty clinics make MONEY treating sick people?

      Do you have clue what kind of MONEY the cancer industry takes in every year? Does big pharma make MONEY from cancer at $1,000.00 a pill and $5,000.00 a chemo IV, over half of which has to be discarded because they won’t supply the correct amount for one treatment, and a double dose would KILL the patient .
      Do oncologists make MONEY from the cancer victims?

      Does a lowered immune system make the human body susceptible to cancer?

      Do you actually use any kind of logic?

    • Ernie Hopkins

      You obviously have done little research and have no experience with this nightmare called the vaccine industry. You also apparently know very little in regard to elite publicly stated goals regarding mere humans.

    • mary

      Troll. Get over your received opinions and open you eyes.

    • Glenn

      You need to get educated Sol..
      Can I suggest doing some independent research 🙁

    • SonsofAnarchy5768

      How sad are you spewing your ignorance, maybe 1 to many jabs ahhh~

    • Robin

      Sol – the reason you get free flu shots etc is that the government buys them from pharma, and the government buys them because they are influenced heavily by people with vested interests in the profits from vaccines. These people with vested interests are not thinking ahead to wonder if the vaccines are causing conditions such as autism that will become expensive for the government to manage, they just want their payoffs, which could be money, power or prestige, or all three. Simple really.

  • gordon_wagner

    US kids get far too many vaccines too early. Big Pharma loves money.

    • wrusssr

      Their small bodies can’t handle 60 (at last count) CDC-recommended shots by age 6. Neither me nor my classmates had any shots for measles, mumps, chickenpox, whooping cough, flu. NONE. School rules were to stay home until well and come back to school when you were. We never lost a kid. First “vaccine” I ever took was the polio sugar cube and it turned out to be as worthless as the bucket of toxic CDC slop recommended for children today. What we’re looking at is a deliberate, soft, mental and physical ‘genocide’ of America’s youngest, in addition to the god-awful toll this heinous crime has taken (is taking) on American parents who struggle amid this horror.

      The vaccine vortex is devouring innocent children, naive parents, and gullible physicians

  • gordon_wagner
  • Linda JJ

    I would hate to be a vaccine pusher when the public realizes what these psychos have done. Let them make it mandatory, see how fast that comes back and bites them in the @$$!

  • Bruce C.

    I don’t know if this will help people or just confuse them more, but “the truth” as I understand it is that each individual creates his or her own reality via their own beliefs, desires, intents, expectations, etc. and that no one is a victim of anything – meaning nothing can happen to you that you don’t accept at psychic levels for your own good reasons. That doesn’t mean (obviously) that nothing “bad” happens or will happen but it does mean that whatever happens is a chosen experience and is not forced upon you DESPITE your own intents.

    Obviously, what I’m saying is pretty profound, but the practical point I’m making here is one argument against the fear that if one is not vaccinated then they will be susceptible to … whatever the vaccine is supposed to protect you from. The reason being that one will only contract that illness if it is “invited” or allowed to take hold. Ironically, this always applies even if one takes a “vaccination”, because if you “need” or “want” to experience whatever experience such an illness would entail then some other equivalent experience will occur instead. There is really no getting around the fact that you experience physically your belief system. There are no vaccinations for beliefs. Only your own introspection and purposeful and creative use of your mind can change that.

    • Sething people out? Where’s the practical relevance – is my response to that.
      But I’m happy to essay idea for reflecting this theme in some part…

      One cannot change a belief one is unwilling to own, and displacing power, blame or causation outside oneself is part of a defence that works be the force with which it is believed.
      The term belief is not usually equated with reality but rather with attempt to determine its definition – and prove the assertion, and so is reserved for those that reality seems to demolish or render impotent. They believe – but I have the facts… But on surface, beliefs are part of the persona-adaptation and yet they are the tiniest tip of the iceberg beneath surface awareness.

      So the depth at which belief in physical causation – for example – operates is indicated in the emotional reaction to – say – a cancer diagnosis – or indeed a car-crash. If you believe you are in a body and in effect equate your self with the body – then that belief operates as a lens through which everything will reinforce and witness the experience of such belief.

      The deep imprinting of separation trauma is preverbal and pre-mental and forms as a networked pattern of beliefs and adaptations to survival as a result of such imprinting. I feel that bringing such beliefs to awareness is also the territory of trauma revisited – and therefore heavily defended against – for that is what survival was about first.

      There’s no way to verbalize multidemensionality – but there is a way to suspend beliefs that operate against an Open Full Consciousness – in order to feel them for whether they truly serve you or not.

      The ‘chemistry’ of vibrational correspondences – as to what is attracted into one’s experience includes individual and collective ‘agreements’ that are active yet ‘unconscious’ to any personality level perception or belief.

      I don’t believe the personality level is helped or congruent with a depth it was designed or at least subverted to hide. While cause and effect operate in linear temporal sequence, one can learn to accept responsibility for action and effect. That there is a deeper unity of cause/effect doesn’t have much practical use until a significant sense of self responsibility has grown.

      That doesn’t mean that we cant have experiences of NOT being poisoned by toxins and NOT succumbing to apparently contagious disease – regardless what we think we believe.

      Who knows if this communicates anything here?

      • Bruce C.

        I know what you mean by “where’s the practical relevance” but every once in a while I think it’s worth mentioning just in case someone understands it.

        As you know, the number one obstacle to enslaving others is their belief in a higher power and a reality greater than this one. Religion provides that and so physical rulers can’t gain the authority that they need to fully enslave. Seth’s theory is another form of that except it’s secular and it places the source of power within the Self instead of an outside entity (e.g., “God”). I know that’s not very comfortable for most but it’s better than nothing. Besides, “Seth’s” “inner Self” can and does act like a classical religious god when it can, and so I see no harm in changing the framework a little.

        The scary thing is that many/most people have been “educated” out of their most natural intimate knowledge in the name of science. We are taught that science is the source of knowledge and that science says we live in a material universe and each person is trapped within his body and that reality is objective and exists independently of the self and thoughts, beliefs, emotions, imagination are nothing but mental actions that affect nothing unless backed by physical actions. In other words, “you” are a trapped in this world and subject to the forces of nature and others. The problem is, if that’s what one believes then that’s mainly the kind of experience they’ll have, which is very limited and limiting. At least the belief in God (a god) who watches over and can intervene and protect oneself is better than the scientific model. People have been shamed out of considering the purposes of illnesses and the biological non-sense of having them be so destructive. Instead we’re taught to feel vulnerable, and thus need protection from … “the State”.

        • ‘In the name of God’ – ‘in the name of science’. No difference here. To hide something untrue within the appearances of accepted or honoured true is a way of idle thinking or ‘sleepwalking’ a fantasy world – and is also the realm of magic and manipulation.

          The consensus narrative of ‘science’ is not and never has been ‘science’. The constructing of narrative meanings is a human storymaking act of making sense of – and deriving meanings from.

          I find a lot is simply revealed by language – our linguistic technology operates a distortion and filtering or limiting of perspective as if something is as we define or say it is. The negatively defined self – is a fear and guilt-defined self-hate – hiding in the forms of acceptability and respectability.

          So being pronounced with a diagnosis of incurable disease by authoritative ‘experts’ who are presumed to know what they are doing – can collapse the consciousness of that individual and effectively kill them – and does. There is more to it – because some have their own intimate sense of being that is not so quick to fold their hand and simply give a blank cheque to pharma of toxic intervention. They have perspective from which to open and explore other opportunities. In short they have their freedom – rather than a fearful presumption of lost or violated freedom that is then desperately hoped to be regained in specified forms or outcomes – that represent power over or protection from the feared outcome.

          Definition is everything. Or rather everything is perceived, experienced and reacted or responded to in the framing of the accepted definition structure. To control the narrative – in terms of vaccination history, is to deny or distort everything to support its telling – AND – to demonize and attack anything that does not support it including anything that reveals the activity of media abuse and censorship, regulatory capture, educational and institutional subversion. The ‘religion’ of believers in a power or protection that actually sickens and kills while conveying the opposite belief is pervasive to humanity and has been so for a long time. It is ‘religion’ in that nothing is allowed to expose or challenge its foundation – but it joins nothing and joins with nothing – being the belief in separateness.

          Science is like any other good idea – when lived in practice. The underlying conflicted consciousness is NOT escaped or tamed or neutered by science – excepting it is fully owned, accepted and no longer operating as hidden or unconscious agenda of denied and denying self.

          Consciously chosen communication has to wake up to false framing and false pharming! – and align with responsibility and freedom rather than persist a mythic self of conflicted good and evil. You are free to deny yourself true perspective – but you are not free to establish or determine what is true for you but only to recognize and accept and appreciate. It SEEMS that we determine what is true and we inflate ourselves in such seeming – but there is a fundamental error in level confusion when the personality structure is credited with the higher function of conceiving and receiving communication. This ‘fragmentation’ of consciousness has all the power of belief in it – but nothing more. Water does not coerce its reflected image.
          Freedom at Soul or Spirit level is the act of focusing in desire. The act of focusing IS the embodiment of value – for what you choose to give energy and invest in is where your treasure is. therefore ‘be careful what you ask for’ is more than a superstitious saying because the belief you might get it. You ARE asking and receiving as you ask – but cannot SEE this ‘law’ or nature of being excepting in alignment with who you truly are – which is signified in the freedom felt in joy and not a fear and guilt-defined manipulative drama. Yet notice the latter is already ‘running’ much of what we have labelled our ‘mind’. Where is this ‘mind’ but the thinking or habit-routine of conditioned/learned reactions themselves?
          Concepts that might seem to help make sense of our world are also backdoors through which a denied self operates negatively.
          The key safety is in being wholly on purpose and KNOWING your purpose. When a ‘mind’ seems to take over with conflicted and conflicting purposes – refuse to use it – and be aligned with willingness for an unconflicted Sanity of being – even if amidst insanity – this is inconceivable and unbelievable. One does not have to first ‘believe’ but one does have to remove active investment in believing AGAINST – and simply embodying even a little willingness and indeed curiosity. What is science without willingness and curiosity? – wilful or coercive assertion. A ‘controlled narrative’.
          Freedom to uncover our own experience is freedom to learn as a transformative journey of perspective.
          (I may not be chatty but I join with you here in appreciating Idea).

          • Bruce C.

            The difference I was trying to make between a belief in “God” (and all that usually implies) and a belief in “science” is that the belief in God, etc. is actually subjectively richer than the worldview of popularly understood science. That richer subjectivity can provide the kind of “persepective” (your word) that can help one feel safe or less vulnerable or more confidently skeptical, etc. On the other hand, the popular scientific world view is rigid and limiting. Ironically, some may like it because it’s LESS subjective and thus they think less complex and certain. The problem is it sees the human person as nothing more than a kind of billiard ball in the vicissitudes of life. It’s very Newtonian in that sense. Consequently, if one thinks within that framework they ultimately see themselves as vulnerable to just about everything with no protective mechanism than pure chance/luck or physical “solutions” like vaccinations.

          • Well maybe… according to how you choose to compare your apples and oranges – for actually – it depends, doesn’t it!

            The inner richness does not have to be conceptualarticulated to be lived. I don’t feel that these labels really address the core being – and that is the thing I am saying about form-based meanings. They can be deceptive and generally are – because in actuality a multidimensionality extends through every thing – and the focusing filter of any definition gives you a feeling, an experience and an opportunity to shift focus and experience in new ways.

            My point was not about classifying or comparing God and science – but rather that acting in the name of anything without being the true nature of it, is the same lie – regardless what is being used to mask in.
            Masking loveless, deceitful or coercive agenda with forms that seem scientific is the same pattern as may adopt religious forms or false piety etc.

            I am still leaning in what I am writing here into the subject matter (VAX agenda masking as science rather than marketing and social control) here rather than getting into which is better, richer or more practical etc – because that is a personal choice and I’m into encouraging the capacity to choose as the key by which to open a perspective in which the ‘lame picks up his bed and walks’.

          • Bruce C.

            I too an trying to stick with the VAX agenda. I’m just trying to say that fear seems to be a big part of the mix. Fear of incurring problems if one does take vaccinations, fear if one doesn’t, and fear that the industry is lying or covering up.

          • Yes, fear is underneath the protective and assertive war on symptoms that includes vax.
            fear is deliberately invoked and manipulated – and outright coercions and intimidations are brought upon anyone choosing not to conform to the official directives – that recruit millions who genuinely believe in their haloed status and are quick to hate heretics.
            So as I see it – this a one of many examples of biological takeover that is without regard for human free willingness.
            Humanity CAN degrade and further deny itself in more intense (fear-fuelled) assertion of ‘control’ over a perceived ‘out-of-control’. And it may instigate an evolutionary dead end. However, as you are a fellow Seth reader – there is information that opens the idea of parallel reality ‘lines’.
            In this perspective each of us is effectively ‘choosing’ the version of world that we experience manifesting. But I put ‘choosing’ in quotes because the level that is actively creative is not what we normally take to be out thoughts – but the vibratory intent of the heart. Coming back to the opening consideration; fear is the motivating presumption and purpose in much of what we think and do. Much more than we would ever imagine possible from the ‘matrixed’ mind running within a script it is unaware of.
            The key awakening is a shift from a (previously unrecognized) fearful definition of Self, that struggle to balance a sense of self over and against everything else, to a unifying perspective of inclusion and balance found with relational recognition. These are just words. Walking out of fear’s dictate is not wordplay – but a transformative acceptance. Lying or pretence used for ‘cover up’ is the foundation of a private and disconnected sense of autonomy. Not initially in a negative sense – but at some point if self-illusion is not yielded to a real relationship – then the real relationship (Soul-recognition) is sacrificed to the self-definition.
            There are many interesting underlying patterns in the ideas of immunity acquired through exposure in health that do not get light because the ideas of sickness and evil that it symbolizes in many respects are so deep-set as to be running beneath awareness.
            It does remain though – that the materialist belief is inherently predicated in the body as the causal and the glorious history of Science is seen to have slain the dragon of superstitious nonsense – so that everything is ‘explainable in terms of germs and genes and luck’.
            Fortunately some scientists are expanding the model to recognize the bio-genome, core nutritions and toxicities and a much more subtle and complex body mind than the ‘brain controller’ that is a matrix of wish-fulfilment that of course has had its honeymoon and is somewhat landed in a relationship it doesn’t want to recognize – because it is not in control – hence the ‘desperate thinking’ of our times.
            Another area of interest is epigenetics – which effectively reveals that genetic activity is switched on and off as a result of environmental factors – including the chemistry of anxiety or chronic pervasive stress. Neuro science reveals a much more plastic brain that was believed – but of course you have to want something enough to generate new pathways. And people like S. Senneff is interesting in approaching everything from the presumption that the system itself is designed to work and so sickness can be understood in ways in which the body finds alternate and last ditch ways to maintain core function amidst deprivation and dysfunction. Until of course there is a tipping into terminal event.
            So I see the good v evil imprint as being something that itself is being brought to light. And then the terror, hatred and rage can be healed of its core causal imprint – and the ‘evils’ we do can be brought to a resolution of a greater understanding rather than being fearfully concealed behind pretences asserted with armoured force.

            Only individuals who give witness – not just words – to a greater life than fear-protected will inspire and seed a shift. Its no good waiting for everyone else while they wait for you. Nor is there a need to abandon what works for you until there is a definite sense of what is replacing it.

            The vax as one choice within many – is like any other ‘treatment’ to be weighed up and chosen or not according to an informed consent. BUT that is dependent on full transparency and accountability of information which is definitely NOT something Pharmaceuticals allow or offer – for they are marketing to own the mindshare and eradicate dissent or challenge that would weaken their power and allow rival approaches to take it away. The public wouldn’t expect that – but if the dirty washing really was exposed pharma as we know it would collapse – and ‘too big too fail’ means that evils are protected against healing because addressing them seems a worse evil.
            As for the agenda of population control and suppression – there are evidences along with simply callous disregard for life. A lack of recognition of worth makes others statistical or collateral ‘inevitability’.

        • “As you know, the number one obstacle to enslaving others is their belief in a higher power and a reality greater than this one”

          I feel to come back on this sentence as it tickles something to movement.

          The ‘reality’ of enslavement’ perpetrated or suffered, is a belief one does not have to share – and in not sharing it, that one is not available to that experience manifesting in their reality. They miss it by meeting something else.

          Insofar and anything of such ‘unfreedom’ does manifest – it serves the purpose of housekeeping – or refining and clarifying where freedom truly resides. For the possessed put freedom in possessions – confusing what they have and are with what they get – and what gets them. Who is a slave but one who is possessed by thought not their own?

          The complimentary polarities of perpetrator and victim are at a level of generally ‘unconscious’ or denied correspondence – and indeed to even question into this area is to quickly meet rage. For nothing holds the slave to fear in this world more surely than a fully justified hate – which seems to be the ONLY power and protection left, by which to live at all.

          Re-integrating such a set of mind to a freedom of perspective, is a very delicate and exacting step by step unfoldment. For in truth Thy Will Is Done! – and nothing and no one can contradict you… but yourself.

          Conceits and deceits are ways in which we can seem to be what we are not – perhaps to get or not lose something we hold dear – or to get away from what we cannot bear. While they seem to ‘work’ they operate as real – but when the promise of power or protection fades to grim disillusion, some questioning or revealing of what all along was never true recognizes the association between suffering and false thinking. Here then is the motivation for change that will never come while the false currency is associated with getting – and unaware of how that actually defines everything in terms of lack and loss.

          All the cast of characters in your Uni-version of reality are part of you. Justified hatred will hide and forbid this. Clearly we have hate feeling arise – but does it have to be given the mind as a weapon to trigger more of the same?

          Denied feeling is denied Self. What we hate and excommunicate in our Self we then meet un-knowing as our distorted and conflicted world. The blindness of such mind really knows not what it does – because it knows not its Creative Nature. It is not on purpose so much as many conflicting purposelesses – each struggling to assert at expense of another.

          However the script opens a greater willingness – is not the issue. The awakening of responsibility from a sense of enslavement or compulsion, struggle and powerlessness is the issue. Holding that focus despite and regardless the residual fascinations with baiting or bullying of the old paradigm, is how you know you value freedom as yourself. It is also the recognition that to keep it you have to extend it. the moment you seek to enslave another to YOUR definitions and demands as to who or how they must be is the forsaking of your own.

          Fighting for liberty is like searching for truth; an exercise in displacement. Active receptive willingness is an opening of perspective that does not FIRST demand the world change to meet your demands. Such is a mind set in judgement that knows not the framing by which what seems the evil and good can be totally reversed.

          • Bruce C.

            I think we agree. A person could be kept in a cage with the door unlocked if that person believed there was nothing outside of the cage.

          • If we can share communication – we have transcended agreement of content by honouring communication.

            The personality structure is a cage of sorts – and operates to keep the focus in and supplies reinforcement of, a physical reality experience. Yet nothing limits or walls or separates or disconnects consciousness – excepting the beliefs and definitions of self in relation to objects. Are beliefs locked and the definitions fixed? No – unless you say so – and insist.

            The cage is de-fence of denial against fear that in some sense feels ‘out there’ and ‘out to get you’ – and so one type of fence is the belief ‘there is nothing out there’ and so the fear is denied conscious acceptance and effectively airbrushed by inability to ‘see’ anything except in purely ‘physical’ terms. All else being blanked, invalidated, dismissed – even before being consciously noticed.

            Opening the cage is by exposing the devices and deceits by which the screen reality operates to captivate attention.

  • Jim Kluttz

    I have often wondered if doctors, health care workers and drug company executives and their employees all rush out to give their own children the products they are so proud of. I have also wondered why vaccinated people, who supposedly are protected, should be afraid of unvaccinated people who are supposedly not protected. And while we are at it, I wonder why “herd immunity” came to mean that the entire population had to be vaccinated. Maybe Alice will stop by and explain all this to me here in Wonderland.

    • Yes, it is extraordinary that the world’s most desirable medical tool ended up being one the government has to organize and administer. In fact, it’s just as extraordinary as the miraculous mid 20th century that saw the US in the space of 30 years invent the atom bomb and travel to the moon. This from a nation that today cannot build a functioning Obamacare website. How times have changed ….

      • Ernie Hopkins

        TOO TRUE!!!

      • mary

        Do you mean miraculous? Wouldn’t mythical be a better word?

    • Bruce C.

      Part of the problem is this idea of universal healthcare for all. Once your healthcare is funded by some other party (e.g., “the government” or insurance companies) then they then claim a say in your healthcare. Therefore, if one isn’t vaccinated then maybe they won’t insure you.

      An example, in a different area would be homeowner’s insurance. When the insurance companies are responsible for the repair of your home then they get involved in building codes and standards and impose all kinds of requirements that in many cases are excessive, in that they try to compensate for poor workmanship, etc.

  • Ernie Hopkins

    I noted on John Rappaport’s site he has several great articles regarding the Vaxxed fiasco. I tweeted those out to find myself instantly hit with 3 alleged academics screaming conspiracy theory and making various ad hominem attacks. I replied with a sarcastic reply regarding their trolling. Instantly repeated almost identical attacks. I do not follow these people nor do they follow me.My tweets had not been retweeted by anyone at that time. I would definitely say the self proclaimed “elites” are pissed and taking action.

    • Trolling may as well be autobots – as it extends no willingness for communication. So it is a nothing pretending to be a something – that can ‘nothing’ your assets if taking the bait. Don’t feed the troll! Though sometimes the tricks of others may be used to reflect the devices of deceit to the willingness in others to see.
      Software auto-responders will be able to shout down and deny voice to anything except the willingness to truly see and hear. For a robot managed existence is no life.

  • mary

    DB, my understanding is that the original Wakefield paper was reinstated. Maybe you could verify this and edit your article.

    • If you have a link that speaks to this send it. From what we can tell, Wakefield has made no progress rehabilitating himself with mainstream medicine, certainly not in Britain. Here’s a recent, scathing Forbes article that places him within the mainstream context. It says nothing about his paper.

      • Robin

        You are right DB that Wakefield has made no progress in clearing his name with officialdom, but what Mary may be referring to is that the British High Court judge Justice Mitting, who heard Wakefield’s co-accused Professor John Walker-Smith’s appeal, happened to clear the pair of the conesecutive referrals issue and the ethics approval issue (which were the 2 reasons given by the Lancet for retracting the paper, and the main charges against W). The Forbes article says twice that Wakefield’s 1998 paper was fraudulent, which it wasn’t, if you actually look closely at the documents, which journalists usually don’t – how could you say the article says nothing about the paper?

        • It says nothing about the paper being reinstated. That’s what we meant.

  • someclue

    Depends if you want the risk: Natural immunity or artificial immunity. Both have been somewhat documented and explored in articles published by The Lancet.

    Natural immunity risk = child hood acute diseases, the risk again is poor management of these acute diseases. If they are managed very early on with natural hygiene and proper care, we have thousands and thousands of cases of natural recovery, if not millions.

    Artificial immunity risk = more complex pathogenic pathways.

    • sameguy as above

      Also: just to add to this. Even if you did decide to choose some sort of natural immunity pathway due to some form of guidance you have either been discovered or referred to, the risks can be much higher and you can still develop complex pathogenic pathways regardless.

      So either way, I have my school of thought: Living foods, (can be 50% cooked), some sunlight, fresh air, pure water, daily exercise, daily rest, fast when fever onset in bed with hygiene, mental poise and spinal integrity.

      How you do each of these modalities also counts to quality and with an increase in quantity comes a sudden and dramatic change in quality.

      So as always, you’ll have to make some choice.

    • wrusssr

      Attorney Lays Bare Vaccination Risks, Dangers, and the Pro-Vaccine Talking Points

  • Haywood Jablome

    Good ol’ Cass Sunstein is giggling like a schoolgirl right now! This has been his plan as detailed in his research paper at the Social Science Research Network. (A good way to know something is “crap” is when they put “Science” after it, to give it some gravitas.)

  • SteveCA7

    ALL vaccines are SAFE and EFFECTIVE! They have been approved following clinical trials.

    Then why were the following withdrawn?

    Trivirix MMR vaccine made by GSK Canada caused meningitis, Plusrix MMR vaccine made by GSK UK caused meningitis, Immravax MMR vvacine made by Aventis Pasteur caused meningitis, Rotashield rotavirus vaccine made by Wyeth Lederle caused bowel obstruction, Polio vaccine made by Medeva caused vCJD, the human form of mad cow disease, Lymerix Lyme disease vaccine made by GSK caused Lyme disease and severe arthritis, BCG vaccine made by PowderJect did not meet the end-of-shelf-life specification, Imovax hepatitis B, polio and Haemophilus influenzae type B made by Aventis Pasteur tested positive for the live vaccine, Hexovac diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough vaccine made by Sanofi Merck provided inadequate protection, PedvaxHIB haemophilus influenzae type B vaccine made by Merck was contaminated with a bacteria called Bacillus cereus, Comvax haemophilius B and hepatitis B vaccine made by Merck was contaminated with a bacteria called Bacillus cereus, Menjugate meningitis C vaccine made by Novartis was infected with bacteria Staphylococcus aureus, Fluvax flu vaccine made by CSL caused seizures, Preflucel flu vaccine made by Baxter Healthcare caused fatigue, muscle pain and headaches and Pandemrix flu vaccine made by GSK caused narcolepsy.

    The HPV vaccine will get withdrawn eventually and could turn out to be the worst of the lot. It is destroying families.

  • rahrog

    I think the bigger point here (where DB started out) is that TPTB are able to force people to put something in their bodies, lie about it, and then seek to control the discussion.

    • Yes the control of the narrative is the framing in which other leverage can seem or assert itself justified. But the ‘control of the narrative’ can begin with wishful and slack use of thought and language to define actuality in false terms and then to bolster such terms with reinforcement so as to persist a model long after it has been rendered inadequate or false.
      The anatomy of an epidemic makes a good case for this in psychopharma.
      Szatz speaks well to the libertarian issues that have often become invisible to a managed society. ‘Dissolving Illusions’ offers a succinct revision of a false history and basis for vaccinations. The ‘medical’ hoax of pharming sickness into people is inevitably entangled in the power struggles of a humanity at war with its own nature. Its a mess!
      Forcing the will to live a lie that then defends against exposure. Is protecting a dis-ease against healing in reversal of consciousness. Or in other terms inducing people to choose against their freedom and their Good by the association and triggering of fears that shut down awareness in blindly conditioned reaction.

      • rahrog

        It is beyond my ability to understand how some people could blindly trust big pharma & governments of any kind. So be it.

        • They merely act within their defined reality to serve what they take as self-interest. The word ‘defined’ will not arise to such sense of reality – because they accept it as reality and are blind to the definitional contextual beliefs that generate the perception. As if everything has built in meaning and such meanings are conditioned learning of adaptations to unquestioned and unchallenged interpretations, believed.

  • Corporations “outsource the costs” while increasing profits and establishing revenue streams – that is power operating to set up and maintain ‘markets of dependency’.
    Humanity and the living environment on which we all depend is relegated to a status of ‘collateral damage’ whose only ‘real’ existence is on the balance sheet – as a cost to be outsourced as far as is possible.
    Pharma operates punishment presented as reward for the criminalisation of the population by decree of a condition of disease demanding eradication and control extending its power as fear of future sickness, to be pre-emptively struck or denied.
    It is humanity that is being denied its relation within wholeness, it is humanity that is sacrificed upon the altar of a god of sickness and death, for the illusion of power over life – life that is conceived in hated, and feared as corruption of failure and inadequacy and weakness – to be forced out and conformed to a world order in which life will no longer have the capacity to interfere or drag down the vision of unchecked power. “God’s death” – through the sacrifice of innately shared relational Creation is the energy source for such power. But the stark insanity of this suicide is hidden to the urge to regress to the illusion of the self-concept that seems to have had a perfection before life happened. This identity in concept is belief in fixed self over and against movement and operates against the flow of its own fulfilment. This is the father of all lies and unless this is noticed, recognized and released, the war against Self perpetuates itself in futility of pain – no matter how ‘outsourced’ disguised, or redefined by a splitting off of the idea in power upon its unrecognized and hated Self.
    In the sense of a living immediate responsibility was it said you are a ‘sinner’ – in error – not fixed in concept of unchangeable guilt. Power in concept used a simple waking call to serve its own hate agenda.
    That such sin of guilt in self of love and life was rationalised to scapegoat religious corruption, set the scene for a deeper denser illusion of power-seduction, in arrogance and ignorance of the deceit – operating the engine of one’s own destruction, willingly.
    Where once everyone was held to be a ‘sinner’ now we almost all have human disorder disorders – which are made up ‘diseases’! But pharmacologically enforced so as to generate iatrogenic chains of sickness, death and unfailing loyalty to the god of such a system – for to resist or challenge it in any way, is to demonstrate the state of a disease disorder and be conformed.
    The error upon which human consciousness operates in hidden obeisance to an imprinted conditioning is not in the world – but gives rise to a way of perceiving the mutually defied and agreed ‘world’ that has substituted for life – just as false currency substitutes for a shared presence of true worth and value.
    Another word for hate is blame. If perspectives voiced here only reiterate the same ancient hating blame – then whatever forms are asserted or denied – make no difference to the core ‘dis-ease of self-sickness.
    Conversion of ‘hysteria’ – that is of unfaced or unfaceable fear – into physical metaphor is part of the unconscious pallet from which fragmentation and control operate in place of a spontaneity and ease of being. This is not merely a recent Freudian “discovery” – but is a much deeper pattern in consciousness by which to maintain unconsciousness of the hated and feared. Outsorcery projectes in attempt to protect – but true source embraces a movement of reintegration of re-wakened self-whole responsibility. The urge and roles of protection may be in error or of an out-dated temporary expediency – but if they are not honoured for what they are believed to serve – one will always elicit attack and denial from such guards.

    As is readily observable in issues of power/fear conflict, the way in which outcomes are arrived is hidden by focussing in the conditioned meanings ascribed to forms of the outcomes. Mindfulness could be used to pertain to the presence of awareness at the point of focusing – rather than the loss of such awareness to reactive identity within the experience such meanings generate.

    The issue is not vax/anti vax. The issue is an honouring relational communication as the basis from which a trusted outcome arises. To force a belief or deceit of ‘good’ on others against their willingness is an act of hate – no matter how it presents itself. It is not possible to know or share love in existence while actively hating – and without the unifying perspective of wholeness of being – all parts become as warring factions – even reflecting in the war or breakdown of communication within our own body – where we now have immune function attacking Self as an increasingly ‘normal’ state of dysfunction – perhaps served by the life-fearing and hating attempt to coerce the immune system mixing all kinds of non-human pathogens with highly toxic ‘immune-activators’. Ignorance and arrogance – that refuses to recognize its own feedback – but outsources it to justify ever more intrusive control.

    “The patient died – but we got the cancer!” – is the victory cry of ‘war on symptoms’ – regardless what symptoms are scapegoated to fuel the diversion. Wake up Hu-Man. If you will.

  • Danny B

    This whole problem seems to be much worse in America;

    Russia seems to be VERY aware of the problems;

    Healthcare takes 27.9 % of the budget;×502.jpg

    So, we have reached some kind of weird dichotomy where Big Pharma “induces” GOV to mandate LOTS of unhealthy and expensive practices AND, GOV is going broke from the results.

    “They” are going to have to debunk both Russia AND China, “The Shanghai study, based on reported pediatric adverse drug reactions (ADRs) for 2009, found that 42 percent were caused by vaccines,”

    Then, they must also debunk the CDC;
    This is a tall order to debunk worldwide research. 🙂

  • Tom

    30 Solid Scientific Studies That Prove Vaccines Cause Autism


    CDC Autism/Vaccine Coverup Extends to Media and Journals

    Andrew Wakefield’s Co-Author Completely Exonerated

    CDC Scientist Admits Data of Vaccines and Autism Was Trashed

    Australian researcher Viera Scheibner, PhD, after investigating some 60,000 pages of medical literature on vaccination, summarized it…”Immunizations, including those practiced on babies, not only did not prevent any infectious diseases; they caused more suffering and more deaths than has any other human activity in the entire history of medical intervention.”

    Remarkably, vaccinations has never been clinically proven to be effective in preventing disease. The double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial, the gold standard of organized medicine, has never been used to compare vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals. No risk-to-benefit studies have ever been done. Vaccines remain scientifically unproven!

    BTW Dr. Wakefield was not anti-vaccine. He promoted the Measles, Mumps and Rubella vaccines as 3 separate vaccines vs. giving them all in 1 shot.

    “Vaccination is not necessary, not useful, does not protect. There are twice as many casualties from vaccination as from AIDS.” –Dr. Gerhard Buchwald, West Germany, specialist of internal diseases and participant in about 150 trials of vaccination victims.

    U.S. Media Blackout:
    Italian Courts Rule Vaccines Cause Autism
    “Court Decision: Mercury and Aluminum in Vaccine Caused Autism September 23, 2014, an Italian court in Milan award compensation to a boy for vaccine-induced autism. A childhood vaccine against six childhood diseases caused the boy’s permanent autism and brain damage. Based on expert medical testimony, the court concluded that the child more likely than not suffered autism and brain damage because of the neurotoxic mercury, aluminum and his particular susceptibility from a genetic mutation.

    Presiding Judge Nicola Di Leo considered another piece of damning evidence: a 1271-page confidential GlaxoSmithKline report (now available on the Internet). This industry document provided ample evidence of adverse events from the vaccine, including five known cases of autism resulting from the vaccine’s administration during its clinical trials (see table at page 626, excerpt below).

    Two years earlier, on May 23, 2012, Judge Lucio Ardigo of an Italian court in Rimini presided over a similar judgment, finding that a different vaccine, the Measles-Mumps-Rubella vaccine (MMR), had caused a child’s autism. As in the Milan case, the Ministry of Health’s compensation program had denied compensation to the family, yet after a presentation of medical evidence, a court granted compensation. There, too, the Italian press covered the story; the U.S. press did not.

    Also BTW…Italy is not some 3rd world country. It produces and exports more scientists then any other country. The leading doctors in stem cell research are all Italian. So when the Italian courts say the MMR vaccine causes autism, you can bet the Italian research doctors called in to testify were some of the leading doctors, not just in Italy but in the world.”

  • straight shooter

    Of course The Economist is wrong. That publication, owned by the Rothschilds, pretty much defines the globalist position across the board.

  • robt

    The 3rd or 4th generation syndrome is evident insofar as vaccination, food additives and preservatives are concerned.
    Let’s bring back all the diseases that devastated society and which current new agers have had no experience or memory of. Polio every spring, etc etc.
    Even 100 years ago, people used to have 10 kids in the hope that at least a couple would survive childhood.

    • Fred Pauser

      I’m 74 and remember how it was when I was young. If you want a truthful accounting of what really brought about the decline of virtually all infectious diseases (vaccines had little to do with it) read Suzanne Humphries’ book, Dissolving Illusions!!!

      • Pilgrim

        Thanks for the reference. I just read the condensed version available online. Very informative.

  • mhyke

    I don’t accept that that members of the scientific community would tell us that vaccines don’t cause autism if they knew otherwise. If you believe they would, please explain why scientists and doctors who generally work at helping humanity would engage in such an evil activity.

    • Are you being sarcastic?

      • mhyke

        No. My son is a scientist. I could never see him or his colleagues misleading people. The whole autism controversy, like the climate change controversy, relies upon people thinking that scientists are being dishonest. They are not. They are probably the most honest of us all. They don’t spend their life studying and working just to make up things. Maybe it sound sarcastic to make such a straightforward statement.

        • Pilgrim

          All scams depend on a high level of trust in their victims. You, mhyke, are the perfect victim.

    • Pilgrim

      Think about it, mhyke. Doctors and those in the “scientific community” are people who have sat under professors and educators for years and years. They learned to trust the information they were given. These guys are prime candidates for swallowing propaganda hook, line and sinker.

      Very few doctors and scientists are in on the scam. Most of them are intellectual victims who serve as the useful idiots of the ones at the top of the scam pyramid.

      My first day in kindergarten was the most traumatic day of my life. My mother was a pathological liar and that’s the day I found out. She had misled me on absolutely every essential element in my orientation to reality. That’s the day I stopped trusting those “in authority”.

      I was a science major because science was cold, hard fact. Now “science” is based on consensus. Those who set the consensus are the ones making the biggest profit. It’s a typical “follow the money” exercise.

      • mhyke

        I can appreciate your skepticism. Skepticism is a good thing, And, in fact, scientists are skeptical. That is why they run tests to try to duplicate results that are reported. Many times it turns out that so-called “breakthroughs” cannot be replicated.

        With regard to autism, those that first reported it have been discredited because scientists looked into their work and found it fraudulent. Then several other legitimate studies were done which showed no correlation between vaccines and autism. But in today’s world people are willing to accept discredited studies because it matches what they want to believe.

        I don’t think the scientists who performed the work that showed no correlation would cheat. Of course, in any field there are some who are dishonest, but there are too many involved in this case and eventually it would have to come out. There are no secrets today.

        Generally scientists are people who want to discover things and win a noble prize. They are not working for companies, but usually universities or the government. They have no vested interested in a particular product.If they are found cheating, their career is over. They have to little to gain and too much to lose.

        Not everything is a conspiracy.