Blair to Eradicate European Culture to Create a United States of Europe
By Daily Bell Staff - March 24, 2016

Tony Blair has warned against “flabby liberalism” and says there needs to be a tougher centre ground approach to issues such as tackling extremism and responding to the refugee crisis …  He argues that education against extremism and intolerance will come to be seen as an international obligation – in the way that environmental policy, such as tackling pollution, is addressed by international agreement. -BBC

Former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair has in mind creating an international movement to combat forces in Europe and the Middle East that promote cultural isolationism.

Blair has been under attack for much of his post-political life for involving Britain in Middle East wars and lying about it. But now Blair seems to have found a new political cause to which he can dedicate  his energy and time.

Of course, he will face push-back in his new role as well.

The reality is that the Middle Eastern wars are mostly an artificial invention of Western intelligence. Creating military polarization allows the West to manipulate countries and cultures as they have before.

Now, as is the plan, the wars have destabilized the Middle East and driven refugees into Europe, which is also being destabilized. Blair therefore will not be perceived as an honest broker but as a proponent of a kind of military manipulation aimed at undermining traditional Europe.

Those ethnic entities have created communities in countries such as Germany, Spain, France and Poland that have been maintained for hundreds and thousands of years. But not anymore.

Such cultural destruction advances a homogenized European Union that is far more amenable to becoming a “United States of Europe.” Break down culture and you disassemble countries and regions.

Currently, this is being resisted as a matter of cultural self-preservation. But there are elite forces in Europe that obviously will not rest until age-old European countries are thoroughly penetrated and disassembled.

Blair is about to become a point man for such forces. From his statements as reported by the BBC, it seems evident that he has in mind creating an international movement of the sort that has driven climate change remedies forward.

In other words, he will build agreement country by country for his ideas about muscular “tolerance.”

He will then involve international forces to organize a global campaign and create global treaties that will seek to virtually outlaw organized attempt to counter cultural vitiation.


Mr Blair rejected the idea that promoting values of tolerance would be seen as a form of Western interference. “The West has just got to get over this,” he said. “There are many other people in the region who do not regard the notion of peaceful co-existence as a Western value, they see it as a sensible human value, a global value.”

Europeans resisting the current tide of refugees were guilty of “isolationism and protectionism.” Blair added that, “People are very anxious and uncertain and they are turning to the demagogic populism of left and right.”

Blair is already involved in this process because after leaving office he set up a foundation promotes religious understanding and “challenges extremism and prejudice.” And he has already confronted pro-Brexit forces with forceful rhetoric. Blair is an “in” proponent.

But it sounds like Blair is ready to act more forcefully. The BBC article quotes him as using fairly militant phrases to describe forces of cultural homogeneity. He talks about “fighting back” and describes the forces of the “centre” as “flabby” and “defensive.”

Blair apparently made his remarks at  the Global Education and Skills Forum in Dubai. And he indicated that part of his outreach would be educational. The BBC article quotes him as saying there was “clear evidence” that education can  be an effective tool in combating “intolerance.”

Blair cites the Arab Spring as a turning point in the Middle East. He claims that as a result, there is a regional consensus that “better ideas” need to be put in place that will combat extremism and prejudice.

As Blair mulls his next moves, it is not far-fetched to imagine international conferences that pass binding or non-binding resolutions against those who believe they have a right to their own cultures. Perhaps he will receive considerable funding from Western-controlled countries in the Middle East.

Obviously, what is being contemplated is an abrogation of both speech and politics. The ability of people to live as they choose will be demonized as intolerance and worse.

There is nothing wrong with the great religions of the world or those who espouse them. But the European experiment has already gone a step too far.

The idea was to set up a free trade zone that would provide additional prosperity for those living in European countries. But now these countries and their cultures are under attack.

If this were happening in a natural and evolutionary manner, one could not easily object. But it is not. Those in favor of a further integration of the European Union are increasingly forcing the issue.

People should have a right to choose the cultures in which they live. This has nothing to do with isolationism or intolerance. It is simply part of human nature.

Those wedded to the idea of global governance see cultural homogeneity as opposition. Thus Europe is increasingly becoming a battleground that reflects the tension between the forces of internationalism and the forces of communal choice.

Conclusion: Do you want to live in historical cultural environments with a homogeneity of language and religion? Increasingly these must be researched and discovered outside of the West. Thanks to disciplined emigration from the US and especially from Europe, they do exist in South America, Asia, even Africa. But in Europe, especially, the battle against them has commenced in earnest.

You don’t have to play by the rules of the corrupt politicians, manipulative media, and brainwashed peers.

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  • tom

    “Former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair has in mind creating an international movement to combat forces in Europe and the Middle East that promote cultural isolationism”.

    Where “cultural isolationism” effectively means “culture”. People (I use the term loosely) like Blair do not even begin to understand the richness and value of cultures like those of Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Sweden, Russia… They think that “culture” means cuisine, music, pretty clothes, dances – a deeply superficial attitude.

    To Blair and his like, the ideal country is the USA – which has no culture, and yet which is trying to paint this universal blandness across all the world’s dazzling variety of local cultures.

  • natural human

    “Blair seems to have found a new political cause to which he can dedicate his energy and time.”

    More like Blair has been directed by his bosses to champion the destruction of Europe if he wants to maintain his “made man” status in the syndicate.

  • Bruce C.

    When criticized for claiming Bush knew better, I’m surprised Trump didn’t cite the British investigations and criticisms of Tony Blair concerning his role in getting the US/UK to invade Iraq. It would have been very timely and the inevitable media focus would have helped to discredit Blair for being either dishonest or having poor judgement and understanding, or both.

    That said, I too had hoped Tony Blair had retired or OD’d on heroine by now, but evidently he’s trying to make a come back. Liberalism is indeed a mental disorder as he is demonstrating. A country is a region of land delineated by a border, a common language, and a common culture. You can’t mix it up and say a country is a region with open borders, many languages and is multi-cultural.

    As “stupid” as religions can be, they are a part of human nature, and so are cultures. Even more fundamentally, individuals should have the liberty to choose the culture in which they live, and that absolutely has nothing to do with isolationism or intolerance, because the same liberty is granted to every other individual.

    I think a lot of people (in the US and Europe in particular) are starting to remember this – or maybe they’re seeing the consequences of not “getting it” – and that’s one reason I think Trump has appeal, and he’ll probably gain more appeal as issues like this play out. Interesting times.


    Great insight here and I confess that it agrees with a blog that I myself posted yesterday: “Jihad Made in Germany”. Folks, we need to help our sheeple friends understand that the Nazi International network never died after WWII. They have re-grouped like a rising Phoenix and are blazing ahead with their original plans of a European Super State. In my blog, I pinpoint the original German/Jewish-turned-Catholic-turned-Muslim banker, Max Oppenheim, who invented the whole idea of weaponized Jihadism and the Caliphate state.

  • Mick McNulty

    Hasn’t this mass murdering savage been arrested for the deaths of millions yet? He should really shut his face, because if the US screws up its war against Russia and loses we’ll be coming for him while the Americans go after their own war criminals.

    I think his own security detail will gladly give him up if there’s a reckoning.

    • David Mowers

      VICE on HBO had a show about the Ukraine and Europe’s eastern states worry about Russia invading them.

      They followed Finnish special forces on a training op at the border whereby daily they fire and test weapons systems into the uninhabited buffer zone between Russian forces and their own along the border.

      Daily, the Russian forces train for combat doing the same….

      Naturally, …neither country has a problem with illegal immigration.

  • alaska3636

    This is interesting:
    Rockefeller’s Heirs Divest From “Morally Reprehensible” Exxon

    “Though only a sliver of the endowment’s modest $130 million in assets is invested in fossil fuels, the move is notable because a century ago John D. Rockefeller Sr. made a fortune running Standard Oil, a precursor to Exxon Mobil. The charity said it would also divest from coal and Canadian oil sands.”

    The original family of “fossil fuels” is now backing the need to curb carbon emissions.

    “Given the threat posed to the survival of human and natural ecosystems, “there is no sane rationale for companies to continue to explore for new sources of hydrocarbons,” the Rockefeller Family Fund said.”

    I don’t believe for a minute that the Rockefeller’s endowment only controls a “modest” $130 million.

  • Jim Kluttz

    “Blair cites the Arab Spring as a turning point in the Middle East. He claims that as a result, there is a regional consensus that “better ideas” need to be put in place that will combat extremism and prejudice.”

    Maybe Mr. Blair will enlighten us to what these “better ideas” are, and what definition Middle Easterners use for “extremism and prejudice.” Secondly, I would like to know what planning horizon Mr. Blair and others are using for changing European culture. Will the new culture appear in ten years, one hundred years or some other time frame? It seems to me that if the planning horizon is several hundred years the nature of the new European culture is already known. It will be the same as Middle Eastern culture is today. The path of the transition is already known as well. Is this the result Mr. Blair wants? It is certainly what he is going to get.

    • These days such plans seem to be measured in months and years, not decades and centuries.

      • Jim Kluttz

        The short-sighted planners you speak of are fatally arrogant. They unwisely seek to use those possessing a much longer view than their own.

  • Dolph Longedgreens

    For me it all comes down to private property rights. If individuals can rent, buy, or otherwise be invited into a place that is their business. I just don’t care which language they speak or how they worship.

    I see the culture wars as another instance of collectivism and a distraction from the core issue. It is easy to upset people via identity talismans. A good strategy for politicians.

    • Yes, they are not being invited in. They are being aimed and propelled for destructive purposes.

      • Dolph Longedgreens

        With some of the reports I have been reading, I have to wonder if agent provocateurs are also being employed. It would not be the first time. Those who set the refugees loose on Europe undoubtedly intended to create havoc.

  • Martin the American redux

    Thank you DB, good and reminding stuff. One question, what is disciplined emigration?

    • Emigration (or immigration) managed and directed for a specific purpose. In this case the emigration from the Middle East to Europe is aimed at undermining specific European cultures.

      • Martin the American redux

        Thank You.

  • legal eagle

    After his doctored doggy dossier during the invasion of Iraq came to light what possible credibility could Tony Blair have ? He lied his country into a WAR; so what other lies is he spreading ?

    • peter

      He lies about himself.

  • alaska3636

    Here’s an oddly self-reflective article from the New Yorker:
    Notorious Big – Why Big Business and Big Government Haunt America

    “James Madison (from Virginia) and most of the other framers of the Constitution created a political system that institutionalized provincial mistrust of centralized political power by creating two levels of government, state and national; then by dividing the national government into three branches; and then by dividing the legislative branch, which they thought of as the most powerful, into two houses. Remote, sparsely populated jurisdictions got a thumb on the scales of governance. The Federal Reserve is a Hamiltonian institution that compromised with the Jeffersonian perspective through being divided into twelve geographic districts, each with its own bank.”

    “The century-old dream of big government as the perfect gladiatorial opponent of big business has often failed in the real world of American politics, especially of late. Our campaign-finance laws allow big businesses to buy a great deal of influence in Washington. The sociology of the American élite means that the people at the higher rungs of government and the people at the higher rungs of business often went to school together, live in the same neighborhoods, and move back and forth between the two sides during their careers. That dulls the edge of their putative opposition. The European Union, which can go after monopolies under an “abuse of dominance” standard that doesn’t exist in the United States, has been rattling its sabre at Google and Amazon. The Obama Administration, like the Bush Administration, has not. And so the “Trust problem” has become a trust problem.”

    I don’t really have any comments; the article seems to get a lot of things right.

    • Thanks. Laws recognizing corporate personhood are the original problem as they allow corporations to swell to gigantic sizes. Intellectual property rights compound the problem. Thomas Jefferson was well aware of what might happen. Despite his foresight, the worst happened, thanks the Supreme Court, operating unconstitutionally.

  • gordon

    Anyone who listens to or even supports anything that mr bliar has to say is either mentally deficient or delusional. he is the original snake oil salesman and should be treated as such.

  • apberusdisvet

    The elites have caused the chaos in the ME and are actively supporting the movement of Muslim (note NOT Christian) refugees to Europe to create further division and chaos there. All part of the NWO plan of removing individual state sovereignty, the ramping up of a continent-wide police state, and full totalitarian control. BTW, this plan first conceived under the Marshall Plan after WWII, and has been slowly and incrementally evolving through the years.

  • Mick McNulty

    This war criminal who is utterly despised by most Britons is probably aware that if the US screws up and starts war against Russia and loses, we’ll be hunting him down. He’ll flee, but with the aid of Russia, China, Iran, we’ll track him down. Dirty animal.

    • peter

      Blair is a mixed up piece of human disaster and his thoughts are poison to anyone who is daft enough to listen to them. Money and vanity have a mouthpiece wherever he goes. Christianity however does not. His views on the Christian religion are to be avoided like a cocktail of anthrax and the black death in the same glass. His conversion to the Church of Rome is merely a side show giving him some kind of cover for his diseased mind. Those who know this know him better than he knows himself and dirty animal is a correct way to describe him without doubt.

  • lois

    The satan/serpent seed is creating the turmoil he is known for.

    Multiculturalism/diversity is the work of the ungodly communist.

  • windsor1

    Blair is a bought and paid for “ex politician”. His wallet upon retirement was enriched with lucrative speaking engagements, an advisory position in JP Morgan, and special rep to the middle east. This allowed him the luxury of purchasing 1 million pound houses for his children. How many politicians can boast of being able to do this strictly on a politician’s salary.
    In 3rd world countries political corruption manifests itself in getting a percentage of infrastructure projects awarded to foreign contractors making the “green” breadcrumb trail difficult to follow.
    In “non corrupt” western societies such indiscretions are more obscure. It consists of covert stock and commodities tips, gifts, speaking tours after retirement and directorships, or setting up consultancies that are funded by the elites as retribution for favors done while in political office.
    The proof is in the staggering wealth accumulated by politicians like Blair and Clinton after leaving politics. In western society political perks come after your political career. In third world countries they come while you are in power.
    Political office appeals to people with psychopathic personalities. That is people who view fellow human beings as resources to be exploited and abused and if necessary disposed of, to further your personal well being. Absence of conscience makes it easy to sleep after making decisions that will negatively affect the lives of millions of millions of people.
    Consider a psychopathic personality like Blair with an obsession to be in control and place the carrot of lucrative perks in a never ending stream and you have an ideal spokesman to further the NWO agenda.
    At the moment, this seems to be the destruction and integration of Europe to further consolidate power. To break down political boundaries, one strategy involves the destruction of national identity and the sense of tribalism that individual nations possess. If you can break down the glue that holds nations together, then you can dissolve the borders that separate them.
    An effective way to do this, is to flood a nation with immigrants that do not possess similar cultures, education, work ethic, language or religion as the underlying population. In addition award these folks special privileges that the indigenous populations do not enjoy. In other words, a group of immigrants can rape a local with no punishment while a local committing the same offense would be looking at serious prison time. Deportation is no longer part of our vernacular.
    Apart from destroying the uniqueness of a society you set the society up for social breakdown and violence when the powers to be decide to pull the plug on social programs. It is another spin on “divide and conquer”.
    Globalists do not want borders. Borders create levels of bureaucracy and resistance to their agenda of a one world government. The perpetrators of this diabolical plan have at their disposal enormous wealth and they control the political and economic arenas of all developed western nations. When they are unable to get their way with diplomacy and economic hardball, they resort to bullets and bombs.
    It also helps to have “dumbed down populations”, controlled press and someone to villify. On this front you have educational systems that are geared to indoctrinate and not convey knowledge. The mainstream media could not exist in its present form without heavy corporate sponsorship and the villain that deflects the attention of the world from the real perpetrators is the Muslims. The latter, if you believe MSM and the bought and paid for politicians, are responsible for outwitting the US Defense apparatus on 9-11 all the way up to the Brussels attacks.
    Because education does not include the teaching of critical thinking, you can make the public believe anything if you apply the proper spin. Putin proved in his one and a half month assault on Isis, that these “terrorists” are armed, funded and trained by western forces. If they roll across the desert in brand new white Hilux pickups in convoys why can’t western satellites and intelligence agencies find them? Even the dumbest military strategist knows that the easiest way to weaken an enemy is to destroy its funding and supply lines. So why, after a year of bombing in Syria didn’t the Americans knock out the oil convoys. Ask yourself why a Muslim caliphate organization such as Isis, has not attacked a supposed arch enemy like Israel. If Muslims are the personification of evil in the world, why are western powers allowing them unrestricted access into Europe and the US (covertly), This is all a part of a program create a boogeyman (Muslims) to take the blame for all the violence in the world, covered up and spun by a compliant press, to be made believable through a dumbed down educational system. The TV set is the greatest propaganda tool ever invented. If western governments really believed Muslims were the threat that the media claims, there would be no Muslim immigration. Instead we have very high levels of Muslim immigration, and billions and billions spent on making the UK and America safe by spying on a public that has nothing to do with this manufactured terrorism or policies like open borders that make countries less secure. Anyone with an IQ higher than a table top needs to ask “what is the real agenda here”.
    The current controllers have learned a lot about how not to conquer nations and subsequently stabilize them. Look at Hannibal, Alexander the Great, Attila the Hun, Ghenghis Khan, Hitler etc. All strived to own the world and all failed. Throughout history nobody succeeded. Why! Because all were external campaigns of conquest imposed upon nations. Nations were invaded and forced by violence into compliance. Eventually internal resistance and resentment of the invader like a pressure cooker built up to the point where there was a violent blowback against the outside invader. The homogeneity of the subjugated populations was the major disease that caused empires to fail.
    What if you created a recipe for unrest within nations that have no cohesiveness as is being blended in European nations. Next destabilize them economically with a collapse. You have now opened the doors to violence and chaos. Using the Hegelian dialectic of problem, reaction, solution, you wait for the people to demand an end for the violence and the solution you offer is One World Government. The subsequent problem of internal blowback against a foreign invader will not exist with a non homogeneous diluted mongrel population, not only in Germany but in all European nations. You have undermined the uniqueness of western nations to the point where they all pathetic shadows of the greatness they once possessed.
    The dumbed down population is obsessed with the Muslim problem in Europe and fail to ask the question: “if the citizens do not want mass immigration and the politicians are answerable to the people and the Muslims have limited political power, then who is manipulating the politicians?
    You need look no further than to guys like Tony Blair or Bill Clinton or George Bush and follow their money trails. Boobus Americanus and Boobus Europeanus mistakenly believe that their politicians are a perspiration of who they are.

  • Danny B

    Ex Iran, Islam turned it’s back on education centuries ago. The prevalent fount of education is the madrasa. 20% of the refuges are illiterate. Just what kind of “culture” do you expect from ignorant people who simply follow their instincts? What do you expect from people who espouse a violent O.S. and call it a religion?
    Sit back and imagine the “culture” of Europe as an enormous expansion of the “culture” in Marseilles.
    The bond markets will crash. Millions on the dole will go on the rampage.

  • Danny B

    A society is constructed on a lattice of restraint and support. The restraint comes from 2 sources; self-restraint and State restraint. MUCH of the self-restraint is self-imposed because , “everybody knows you”. If you take an individual from a society that has minimal self-restraint and place him in a new environment where “nobody knows him”, there is going to be even less self-restraint. If the new situs isn’t prepared to deal with people who have no self-restraint, they can look forward to a continuous crime wave.
    Sweden’s first month of ‘Islamic Multiculturalism’ – rapes, acquittals, & severed heads – ZH
    Why Islam lops off heads, Christianity doesn’t – Burning Platform
    ISIS Sends 400 specially trained fighters to “wave of bloodshed” in Europe – Zero Hedge
    A violent coming-of-age for Europe – Ekathimerini

    Islamic State: “What awaits you will be tougher and more bitter” – Zero Hedge

    The West bombed the snot out of MENA thinking that; because they don’t have advanced weapons, we don’t need to worry about retaliation. Well, in the new age of asymmetric warfare, we DO have to worry about retaliation. The very open Western States are just not prepared to deal with asymmetric warfare against the general population. We showed no restraint in our air war, why should they show any restraint in their land war?

    They can “bleed the dragon” by forcing us to adopt extreme security measures. We created ISIS at the behest of israel to destroy Syria. Now that it is formed, it has found a new cause. Just as israel is bankrupt from VERY expensive security measures, the West will bankrupt itself out of the same necessity.

  • Alan

    Today Blair writes in the Guardian that the West should place Boots on the Ground in the Middle East. I wonder if this article was waiting in the drawer for the right moment.
    The usual procedure is beginning to take shape. Terrorist attacks by or blamed on the people “The West ” wants to attack, this time to give them the excuse to put boots on the ground. The terrorist attacks are in you face in the media softening up the population for the next step which is a series of speeches and articles by people like Blair and various other neo-cons to lead to military intervention.

  • Nikolai Lee

    Blair is a walking disaster area who has forfeited any credibility that he might once have had, tenuous though it might have been. He is yesterday’s man who keeps intruding on today with pontifical pronouncements which carry no weight at all. He needs to display his dubious talents at the International Court of the Hague, and the sooner the better.