Israeli Parliament Members Demand U.S., Europe Import Gazan Refugees
By Ben Bartee - November 17, 2023

Originally published via Armageddon Prose:

Via All Israel News:

“In a jointly penned opinion… two Israeli Members of Knesset recently urged Western nations to welcome Palestinian refugees from Gaza amid the Israel-Hamas war…

’Hamas’s unprovoked terrorist attack on Oct. 7 has endangered not only Israel but the more than two million people who live in the Gaza Strip. Although Hamas won 2006 elections in Gaza and took control of the area from the Palestinian Authority the following year, the group has said that it bears no responsibility for the people living there,’ the two lawmakers wrote…

Danon and Ben-Barak stressed that Europe has a long tradition of helping migrants fleeing from conflict zones such as former Yugoslavia and Ukraine.

Europe has a long history of assisting refugees fleeing conflicts. The wars in the former Yugoslavia displaced millions, most of them from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Germany, Austria and Sweden accepted large numbers. When the Kosovo war erupted, hundreds of thousands of Kosovar Albanians fled to neighboring Albania and the country now called North Macedonia.’”

Yes, European populations have been made by their governments to absorb hordes — millions upon millions — of migrants from the Middle East over the past decades, and it’s wrecked their societies, perhaps irreversibly so.

And Israel wants more of that — this time not just for Europe but for the U.S. as well.

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The full op-ed is here in The Wall Street Journal; unfortunately, it’s behind a paywall and even the trusty workaround fails to work.

It’s pretty clear what’s going on here: despite its duplicitous public proclamations to the contrary, Israel is trying to figure out how to ethnically cleanse Gaza without incurring grievous political damage for itself in the process.

It so far has been unable to achieve its first-resort option of bullying Egypt into accepting the Gazans into the Sinai Peninsula (which is largely uninhabitable anyway) and so it’s begun looking for other creative solutions. Understanding very well, based on year of taking advantage of them, that the leaders of Western  nations have no respect for their people and that they can be made to do virtually anything in the service of Israel, they have decided the best course of action is to try to shunt the Gazans off into Europe and North America under the guise of humanitarianism.

At any rate, were I the head of American state, here is how I would reply:

“Dear sirs,

Upon consideration, the United States will not be acceding to your demand that we import the refugees that you created. Our nation is not your dumping ground for your political problems. Kindly get fucked.

I present here, on behalf of the American people, our most gracious counter-request: Provide, within 48 hours, a public apology for your brazen disrespect of our country, published preferably in one of our newspapers in the same manner that you made your absurd prior demand.

Failing that, your current, pending $14 billion charity request from the American taxpayer will be canceled, as will the $4 billion your parasitic state already receives annually. Furthermore, we will revoke all of the diplomatic cover we run on behalf of your state, at our own immense political expense, so that the United Nations can have its way with you.

The days of the tail wagging the dog are finished. You are going to learn to heel or you’re going to learn how to survive in a hostile world without the generous sponsorhip of the American people that you take for granted and have no appreciation for.

Kindly, once again, get fucked.

Awaiting your apology,

-Mr. President”

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