Former Breitbart Colleague: ‘I Saw Ben Shapiro Receive Tasking From Israeli Intelligence’
By Ben Bartee - October 25, 2023

Originally published via Armageddon Prose:

Charles Johnson, formerly of Breitbart News, where he worked in the early-2010s era alongside Ben Shapiro, released an incendiary post into the Twitter/X ether a few days ago.

“I want to be fully on record that I saw Ben Shapiro receive tasking from Israeli intelligence connects to Netanyahu when I worked next to him at When I asked him about it he said he always kept close ties. It’s time for Ben to register under FARA,” wrote Johnson on Twitter August 19th.

I am privy to no intelligence not in the public domain that Ben Shapiro is or ever was a Mossad tool, and I cannot speak to the credibility of Charles Johnson. (I am compelled to offer this caveat both because it’s the ethical thing to do journalistically and because Ben Shapiro is a notoriously thin-skinned, lawsuit-happy lawyer.)

But this is what I do know vis a vis the accusation:

·       a.) Johnson would be in a position to know, having worked intimately with Shapiro, and;

·       b.) Shapiro does and says everything that one would expect from a Mossad lackey implanted into conservative American media to gin up unconditional moral and material support for Israel’s wars.

If it walks like a duck, etc.

Shapiro’s never seen a war he didn’t want to start in the service of furthering Israel’s geopolitical interests in the Middle East, and has consistently been the loudest voice in mainstream media cynically conflating criticism of the Israeli state with antisemitism.

It’s war, war, war all the time with Shapiro.

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Alas, rather than picking up arms, Ben Shapiro prefers to conduct his chickenhawk warmongering from the comfort of his studio in Florida or wherever his primary mansion is located these days.

Dirty Middle East wars are for poor American kids to fight.

If you were ever to wonder where his true nationalist passions lie, here is Ben Shapiro last year explaining in Israel that his loyalty to the United States is predicated on the security guarantee it offers to the Israeli state: “The existence of the state of Israel is the single greatest guarantor of my loyalty to the United States, frankly.” If you think this is an unfair extrapolation of his position, watch the whole spiel for context.

What is this? Does anyone believe Americans – much less conservatives – would tolerate this sort of split loyalty from any other nationality other than Israeli? And why should it be the exception?

Why does Representative Brian Mast get a total pass when he wears a foreign military uniform in the People’s House after having taken an oath to the U.S. Constitution?

No one willing to be honest believes that anyone would get away with wearing the uniform of literally any other country except for Israel – not even that of one of our other alleged allies like Great Britain or Canada – without being censured.

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