Neocon Ben Shapiro Threatens Nuclear War Unless U.S. Gives Israel More Money and Weapons
By Ben Bartee - October 14, 2023

Originally published via Armageddon Prose:

This is not politics; this is blackmail.

Ben Shapiro:

“If Hezbollah gets in, Israel will have no choice but to unleash the air force… If Israel is forced to the wall, the possibility of nuclear exchange is extremely high… That is why it is very important that the United States provide the material aid to Israel.”


Notice that the propagandists no longer try to offer elaborate, tortured geopolitical explanations for why Israel deserves to be forever propped up by the United States with no tangible benefit to the average American. They now skip straight to the threats of nuclear war.

Benevolent Americans have permitted for decades the foreign Israel lobby via AIPAC and other groups to systematically bribe American politicians so as to perpetually guarantee unconditional financial and political cover for Israel.

We permit the IDF and Mossad to promulgate the most outrageous, propagandistic lies, repeated uncritically throughout the corporate state media and at the highest levels of government, in the service of the same.

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Meanwhile, criticizing the Israel lobby is framed as tantamount to something called antisemitism. Its proxies, like the ADL, censor and economically punish Americans who challenge the status quo under the guise of fighting “antisemitism.”

Now its apologists like Ben Shapiro are threatening to drag the United States into nuclear holocaust if it asks basic questions like: “why exactly should we send more American money to Israel for war when we already give it $4 billion annually, all while Americans sleep on the streets and infrastructure crumbles?”

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This is not the behavior of an ally, much less that of “America’s best friend.”

*Note: As you might have noticed if you follow the news closely, you’re not likely to get the kind of perspectives on the Israel-Gaza conflict offered at Armageddon Prose from the corporate state media or even, unfortunately, from much of the independent media, a large portion of which for whatever reason sees fit to simp at all costs for perceived Israeli geopolitical interests. If you appreciate the work we do here, consider lending a small token of support (monthly memberships are just $5/month). If you already do, many thanks and God bless.

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