Brexit: I’ve seen more subtle propaganda coming out of North Korea
By Simon Black, of Sovereignman.com - June 23, 2016

On November 11, 1947, Winston Churchill, then ex-Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, rose to speak at a debate in the House of Commons:

“Many forms of Government have been tried, and will be tried in this world of sin and woe. No one pretends that democracy is perfect or all-wise.

Indeed, it has been said that democracy is the worst form of Government except all those other forms that have been tried from time to time;

but there is the broad feeling in our country that the people should rule, continuously rule, and that public opinion, expressed by all constitutional means, should shape, guide, and control the actions of Ministers who are their servants and not their masters.

This may be the perfect summation of what democracy is supposed to be.

And western nations– particularly the US and UK– have been champions of ‘democracy’ around the world (though they typically mean ‘republic’).

Now, today the voters of the United Kingdom go to the polls to decide whether or not their country will remain in the European Union.

This is about as democratic as is gets– direct voting by the people to choose their fate.

Or so they claim.

In reality, each side has had a long, drawn out campaign to influence the outcome.

The ‘leave’ leadership has been scaring voters with horrific stories of evil brown people who will infiltrate the United Kingdom should the country remain in the EU.

I mean, I’ve seen more subtle propaganda coming out of North Korea.

Meanwhile the ‘remain’ side has been threatening eternal economic damnation and financial Armageddon.

Most of the political and media establishment falls in the ‘remain’ camp, so this is where the propaganda becomes painfully obvious.

The IMF, for example, published a report recently suggesting that Britain leaving the EU would permanently lower incomes in the United Kingdom.

Really? Permanently?

So if voters choose to leave the EU, then the UK, which traces its sovereignty back more than 1,000 years and once had an empire so vast they ruled the entire world, will never be able to recover forever and ever until the end of time…?

We’re honestly supposed to believe that a few decades within the European Union has irrevocably thwarted Britain’s 1,000 year history in being able to achieve economic growth independently?

Or that Iceland (not a member of the European Union) can do it, but the UK cannot?

Or that a bunch of IMF bureaucrats can see decades, let alone centuries into the future with 100% certainty?

This is such blatant scaremongering, they’re not even pretending to be professional and unbiased. And this is direct from one of the top financial agencies in the world.

Clearly these people truly love democracy and embrace the idea of voters independently determining their own fate.

The British government (firmly in the ‘remain’ camp) has been using taxpayer funds to support its cause, which is really bizarre when you think about it.

If you’re British, even if you want to vote ‘leave’, the government has been using your money to influence your vote in the other direction.

One of the most absurd scare tactics has been telling people that they’ll lose visa-free travel rights to the European continent if the UK leaves the EU.

This is completely absurd.

Nicaragua has visa-free travel to Europe. Paraguay has visa-free travel to Europe. Are we really supposed to believe that Brits will be shut off from the continent?

They’ve rolled out every possible threat, every human emotion, every celebrity they can find, to influence voters.

In fact, these people love democracy so much they even had Barack Obama fly in to explain to British voters why they should remain in the EU.

(Because, of course, Mr. Obama would willingly hand over US sovereignty to a pan-American political commission based in Mexico City…)

Whichever side wins, it’s clear that no one in power gives a damn what voters want.

Despite having waged wars in foreign lands to ‘make the world safe for democracy’ and despite all the song and bombastic speech about your freedom, they have no respect for your right to self-determination, or even their own electoral system.

All they care about is getting their own way.

And they’re willing to engage in the most vile propaganda and blatant manipulation to do so.

This is a pitiful excuse for the democracy they claim to love so much.

And I’m not sure how long a road it is from here, to how Josef Stalin was quoted in his former secretary’s 1982 memoirs:

“Comrades, you know,” said Stalin, “I think that it’s totally irrelevant who votes, and how they vote. It’s extremely important who counts the votes, and how they’re counted.”

I suppose we’ll find out in a few more hours.

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  • Bruce C.

    One reason all of the threats and warnings may be more real than propaganda is that the governments on both sides probably can and will enforce them if they don’t get their way.

    If nothing else, the British people are learning that their own government is basically the same as the EU commission and has the same interests so “Brexit” may not mean as much as it sounds and may be why the vote may be so close. Learning that your own government is against you must not be much fun.

  • Praetor

    Stalin, being the criminal thug he was, seems to have more insight into the future with 100% certainty, than the learned minds of today.

    As voters leave the polling stations, they should hold up signs showing how they voted. I voted to ‘leave’ or I voted to remain. Then hold an accurate count by and for the people. If the peoples count doesn’t jive with the learned minds count.

    The British people should abandon the polling booth and take matters into their own hands, because the peoples voice is being ignored and discounted!!!

  • it doesn’t matter

    Reminder #0:

    The UK is a legal kingdom and functions as such, it is not a legal nation. Big difference by legal (and functional) definition, because any show of democracy within a kingdom is just that, a phony show.

    Note that a kingdom is a legal corporate structure (legal is not meant to be confused with lawful!) just as a nation is also a legal corporate structure and just as the EU is a legal corporate structure.

    A legal corporate definition is assigned by all the kingdoms, nations, states, city states, etc. on the planet. Its been done that way by TPTB officially, since the old british empire began its rise to colonize and dominate the planet ages ago. Corporate legal entities may have preceded the british empire as well, as it is a hierarchical legal control construct of TPTB, one invented to enable their colonies to do controlled business with each other.

    Unlike the others lashed together by the EU, the kingdom (and London, a city-state) has maintained independence from the EU by maintaining its own central bank (Bank Of England), where others were not allowed to. You see, UK is not a “member” of the EU officially, it is a dual currency “participant”. Already independent.

    This Brexit nonsense is an obvious phony tempest in a teapot. It has no “legal” (or lawful) basis in reality. Its a put on… and guess what? The voters decide nothing within a kingdom.

    Should the vote counts indicate anything other than what TPTB want for the outcome, the voters will be over-ruled. In their Faces, overtly, publicly, and legally, if TPTB choose to.

    Reminder #1:

    TPTB are aggressively directing history to show that the “evil, corrupt Western” decoy NWO are to be blamed for everything that has happened leading up to, and will happen during, this engineered collapse. While their solution is playwritten to ride in wearing white hats by the BRICS and the (Multipolar, Multilateral) leaders of the eastern nations.

    Offhand Speculation (based on sensing their evil intent):

    What are the odds that TPTB may lift the veil and publicly thrust their middle finger in the air toward the UK voters, as they raise the curtains in their grande opening ceremony? Plausible? Why not, it could compliment the script nicely…?

    • it doesn’t matter

      Nevermind my offhand speculation. “Leave” has since been declared to be the decision of the voters. This is exactly what the globalists had planned for their Brexit.

      Due up next for Europe:

      A big ramp up in “terror” attacks throughout Europe (and the USA too, most likely) throughout the summer. They want you to react to muslim/islamic/isis/immigrant attacks with hate and fear, placing blame on the EU technocrats for causing it all. This will convince other EU nations to setup votes to leave the EU as quickly as possible. Evidence for this terror rampage going live now comes from a US travel alert warning for all tourists planning to visit Europe this summer… and the fact that the curtain has just been raised for this 1st act in Germany. These terror attacks are most likely to be staged where guns are not allowed for personal self-defense purposes. Please be alert and if you are caught up in one of their attacks, keep your wits and hopefully you’ll get a couple seconds opportunity to neutralize their bastards, crisis actors or otherwise.

      The new debt deal for Greece will not be allowed to happen. LaGarde from the IMF has made it clear in a few missives now, that Greece isn’t getting anymore relief. This should result in a loan payment default by Greece next month. The purpose of this denial is to cause greater financial instability within the EU to go along with the political instability within the EU, brought by their terror campaign.

      Likely (and suddenly, without much warning?) in September (they are planning this in September but be advised, their plan is fluid and timing can be altered by certain nonperformance events), the black hats “evil western nations” will go after the white hats BRICS nations in an all out war. This is intended to bring an immediate stop to all goods trade and financial trade between the two warring sides, resulting in a global financial freezeup, or “Lehman moment” as they have so heavily promoted to seed.

      The EU should then fall in a thousand pieces like shattered glass. This is the opening act of their play for Europe.

      Please be aware that this is my opinion. I could have been tricked into interpreting their plan this way. That said, please do not allow fear into your daily life. You’ll need to think clearly and act rationally for the next several years, regardless what may happen. If you see or sense that any of these terrible things may be happening in your area, prepare yourself and your family best as you can. Please be on your best behavior throughout this and be willing to help others, and work with others in a symbiotic manner wherever possible. Please do no harm to your fellows.

      Wish you all the best,

      • Thanks. Interesting.

      • Dimitri Ledkovsky

        Why does this comment prompt a deja vu?

      • Marten

        I like that, Kudos

      • Marten

        Fear is the Mind killer….Fear is the lack of Knowledge

  • James Clander

    Well it’s ALL moot now cause the Leave campaign has WON ! Yehaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    Check the price of Gold – – you beauty.

  • Kurt Kajando

    (Because, of course, Mr. Obama would willingly hand over US sovereignty
    to a pan-American political commission based in Mexico City…)

    From America: Please don’t give him any ideas 🙂

  • Influencing outcomes by manipulation and deceit includes presenting and usurping forms of communication… that may seem to pass off as acceptable or meaningful, but carry different intent and agenda than the form suggests. They feel different.
    And once the currency has been thus adulterated, by mutual reinforcements of the fear of communicating, such behaviour becomes normalized to operate as codes of power in place of any actual receiving or revealing of true being. Such a heartless game or dance of ‘power over’ Life or in denial of Life presents a persona that feeds off of denial to seem a power in and of itself – validated by that which it has rendered powerless or invalid.
    Where a genuine process of communication arrives at an outcome – that outcome will have a win-win practicality along with a tangible sense of connection from which to step forth.
    My sense of true sovereignty is not of coercive power over, but of a free and true willingness to live the outcome of a true communication – which is never merely outer forms but always an inner discernment.
    Unless we are restored to such an alignment within our selves – as our true individuality of expression, we operate a ‘mind’ of denial and opposition that refuses to listen – not least by identifying in forms of conceptual fixation that blindly operate conditioned reaction. Those who are in denial of the fear that conditions their ‘survival reflex’ must embody the scope of its fight or flight dictate and only ‘know what they do’ in terms of a compulsion that runs in place of their true willing and is defended to the utmost against exposure to change – which has become associated with pain, loss and death instead of the Movement of the unfolding of Life unto Itself.
    Life is what is really ‘going on’ but the narrative definitions we accept as if true, are the experience of it that we are filtering as a limited and distorted mentality. This sense of the need for power to judge reality arises from self-differentiation from our own; as a masking or self-limiting act – that seems creative as a personal sense of power. But without a balancing within a presence of communication, self-conflicted experience generates a sense of disconnection, loss, pain, rage, guilt, terror and impotence.
    This is where the power that could be given and accepted as communication, is instead given to coercion, pretence and denial – backed by the force of feeling that seeks to escape , hide or overcome a dissonance of being that has been thus placed out of bounds. Out of self-acceptance and recognition or denied conscious awareness.
    Fear operates our world-experience because we believe it protects or empowers us. But is it the power its seems or the power we – each – give it.
    We are always ‘voting’ to align with our joy in integrated being or with beliefs that dictate the invalidation and denial of our being.
    In the brexit ‘campaign’ such as it was, fear was the underlying issue as well as the division according to where that fear was directed. Competing fears seeking power or protection. But in the process the manipulating deceit of fear had some measure of exposure as a fraud.
    One can focus on deceit so as to be the righteous crusader against it or awaken to a game that is not true of you and stop playing it. Then we may be able to address some of the fears that are beneath the need to resort to it – as a more honest conversation from which a truly helpful outcome can arise naturally – without empowering hatred and coercion – though we feel it and hate how it feels to be denied.
    Sovereignty of willingness has hardly been ‘discovered’ or allowed to embody on Earth – because we fear loss of power and loss of self. But I ask you if clinging to such a sense of ‘self power’ is not actually the sacrifice of Life for a hollowing and fragmenting ritual of powerlessness seeking validity?
    Where we give acceptance and focus is our will – or the denial of true will for something ‘else’. This is where we have freedom – not in the framing of the ‘something else’ – that believes itself free to enslave and deny Life – while outsourcing the consequence to ‘others’ and getting high on the hit of an evaporation of worth and wealth into pain and destruction.
    The corporate ego is our own writ large as a collective expression of individual focus and default choices. There is hateful consequence from such loveless exploitation – but I don’t trust hate and fear to result in anything but more of the same in perhaps adapted or subtler forms.
    We get to experience where we are coming from – but are free to use such feedback as a way to come from a more aligned perspective – or invest in blame and divest ourselves of compassion.

  • Pilgrim

    Brexit may be the shot heard ’round the world. Liberty and freedom may just be making a come-back.

    Simon Black. Hmm. I’ll have to remember that name. May you enjoy a long and influential career in journalism.