‘Conspiracy Vs. Government’ Is Part of an Elite Wave of Propaganda Justifying Violent Repression
By - October 31, 2016

The rise of paranoid politics could make America ungovernable – and the FBI is fuelling the fire … Nothing can disprove the fears of a paranoiac. Indeed, everything confirms them …   It takes away politicians’ incentive to understand one another and get things done. It says that if you scream loud enough, established norms will buckle under the pressure. And while those norms might be annoying and flawed, we’ll all miss them if they go.  –UK Telegraph

With US belief in “conspiracy theory” over 50 percent (see our previous article here) elites are showing increasing concern that they have lost control of their narrative.

This article again illustrates elite push back. The article explains that if people grow paranoid about government, then the “norms” of government will collapse.

Conspiracy theory is called “paranoid politics” in this article but it amounts to the same thing.

The article also has parallels to an article we analyzed recently here by Cass Sunstein. His Bloomberg editorial suggested that nothing was more important from a political standpoint than returning “civility” to Congress and politics generally.

This article runs along the same lines: Negative perceptions of the US government can make the process of “governing” dysfunctional


Take the “chemtrails” conspiracy theory: the idea that the white trails left behind in the sky by aeroplanes are sinister chemicals dispersed to sterilise or control voters.

If a government declares there is “no evidence” of such chemicals, that itself must be clear evidence that there’s something “they” don’t want us to know. But if that government were to open up an investigation, that too would be incontrovertible proof: “they” must have found something.

Let’s reverse this reasoning. Apparently, one can’t question much that government does because skepticism puts government in a no-win situation.

Better to accept official pronouncements, then. The only trouble is that almost anything modern Western governments say are lies.

Governments aren’t even important these days. The world from what we can tell is run by a small banking elite that controls the awesome power of  central banks and the money they print.

The trillions available to this small group has allowed it to change the nature of society around the world.

The goal is global government and every kind of violence and corruption is employed to achieve it.

Secrecy is still employed by those creating “one world.” Thus the world is bent on the task of creating global governance while never admitting it.

But in the past several decades, the Internet has credibly exposed plans for world government. As a result, people have lost faith in mainstream media, politicians and capitalism itself.

This is the reason for the rise in “conspiracy theory” and “paranoid politics.”

This is also the reason elites would like to shut down the Internet, or at least control it more thoroughly.

Part of the push for control involves making a case that the Internet needs to be better regulated and appropriately censored.

To this end, elite propaganda has been aimed at justifying various anti-‘Net actions.

One justification involves the “populism versus globalism” meme we’ve covered extensively. (Just use a search engine for the phrase and “Daily Bell.”)

Another justification – another emergent meme – is that government itself is jeopardized by pervasive distrust.

One would think the answer would be to lie less, but this is not the conclusion we’re being furnished.

Both Sunstein in his article, and now the argument in this article, show us clearly that the solution to pervasive electoral cyncism and worse is to better control one’s attitude.

In other words, paranoia and conspiratorial cynicism need to be damped for government to survive and perform its proper function.


Why, then, did a seasoned operator like Mr Comey, whose judiciousness was praised by the Clinton campaign through the summer, feel the need to divulge this half-baked and potentially insignificant development before assessing it? There is one answer: fear of the mob.

The director of the FBI – those tough guys who smash in doors and shoot people – was scared that if he didn’t talk now and the news leaked out, it would confirm every conspiracy theory going about how the agency was in the Clintons’ pocket. In other words, we’ve reached a point in the politics of the world’s most powerful democracy where the appearance of probity matters more than the reality.

This is a key point in the article. It is one that fully reveals the cognitive dissonance at the heart of this particular argument. The idea is that government is too delicate to sustain itself in the face of the “mob.” The mob must therefore be silenced or “probity will matter more than reality.”

But who is to determine what constitutes a “mob”? And who is determine that the mob’s “reality” is false?

Both the Sunstein article and now this one are erecting very specific kinds of arguments. Government, we are told, is fragile and must be protected from forces that will undermine its credibility.

But this conclusion is merely assumed. It is never proven.

This argument begins and ends with government. Yet the Internet and its recovered history shows us clearly that Western governments mostly provide concealment for the world’s real powers that prefer to operate behind the scenes.

This is the reason for so much cynicism. Many have realized that the society constructed around them is lie. They have reacted by distrusting almost anything associated with modern society.

But in these articles, we can see the forces being marshaled against this state of mind. The preferred antidote is simply to assert that people’s distrust is corrosive to government authority and democracy generally.

No logic bolsters this argument. That’s why it is an emergent elite meme.

The goal of an elite meme is to be convincing not truthful.

And if it is not convincing – and increasingly elite memes are not – then its function is, anyway, to provide a justification for what we call directed history. These are the authoritarian strategies that elites wish to inflict on the rest of us.

This latter meme is an outgrowth of “populism versus globalism.” Populists, as we’ve pointed out, are being cast as ignorant, violent and intolerant. The current meme – let’s call it “conspiracy versus government” – lumps in conspiracy with populism.

Populists, we learn, are apt to adopt an irrational distrust of government. And what is government? It must comprise all that is good and virtuous in an uncivil world.

Both populists and conspiracy theory are to be vanquished, eventually, by wise globalists who understand that the absence of government will lead to violent “anarchy.”

Would that it were true. It is not. Government is merely in this day-and-age a curtain hiding the world’s real controllers who use endless violence, monetary debasement and economic depression to get their way.

Conclusion: We are watching the emergence of a new, dangerous memes. Increasingly and forcefully, it is being argued that “government” is good and that the truths people have discovered about their lives and society are destabilizing to government, and therefore “bad.” The idea will be to use these memes to make a case for increased censorship and even, eventually, violent repression – and worse.

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  • Bernz

    Hillary is not feeling well. Not well at all. If the scheduled false flag panic does not cheer her up she may have to drop out of the race. All those poor early voters would be “disenfranchised”. That worries her. She would be compelled out of concern for their “right to vote” to plead with President Obama to suspend the elections until the precious voters would have the opportunity to fully consider a vote for Uncle Joe.

  • john cummins

    The left wingnuts on college campii fall for all of this government is good garbage, hook, line, and sinker.

  • timothy price

    “..the truths people have discovered about their lives and society are destabilizing to government,..” Amen.
    Here is the latest “Conspiracy Theory” about Clinton email case.
    FBI breaking long standing Justice Dept. policy and tradition?????? LOL
    Obama had the policy enacted 4 years ago to protect against just such embarrassing exposures prior to elections.

    Eric Holder: “James Comey is a good man, but..”
    “That is why I am deeply concerned about FBI Director James B. Comey’s decision to write a vague letter to Congress about emails potentially connected to a matter of public, and political, interest. That decision was incorrect.It violated long-standing Justice Department policies and tradition. And it ran counter to guidance that I put in place four years ago laying out the proper way to conduct investigations during an election season. That guidance, which reinforced established policy, is still in effect and applies to the entire Justice Department — including the FBI.”

    There is no restriction as to when crimes can be exposed. Crimes are to be exposed whenever they are found. This is leading to:
    Abedin/Weiner: A Marriage Made by Hillary Clinton and the Muslim Brotherhood?
    “FP: So, just to crystallize the matter then, there is a remote possibility that Abedin is actually being deceptive in her marriage to Weiner to follow Muslim Brotherhood instructions and to infiltrate the U.S. government, correct?”

  • Sam Fox

    ” As a result, people have lost faith in mainstream media, politicians and capitalism itself.”

    If govt had not corrupted free market capitalism with over regulation & cronyism, the USA would be much better off financially & economically.

    It was the freedom that entrepreneurs once enjoyed that made the USA great. Yes, we need SOME regulation, but not the huge unneeded pile of laws, rules & regulations that squash the free market.

    As usual, govt has created a problem they claim only they can fix. Government fixed it alright. To the tune of 20 TRILLION in debt, millions more on the welfare roles & massive under reported unemployment.

    Cloward & Pivon would be proud.

    Unfunded liabilities anyone?


  • Both Clinton’s are fundamentally liars. They lie mercilessly even to themselves. Clinton’s lie about everything. Meaning by everything literally “every single thing”. You can’t have a simple truth from a Clinton. Even or the most insignificant thing. I guess there must be some psychiatric and sociological explanations for that lying compulsive behavior. There’s no more disgusting slogan than “I’m with her” It looks like derived from that slogan, Clinton’s are taught and trained in Weiner’s bedroom not to try and do anything but oppress peoples for the benefit of Wall Street. For that purpose they lie again and again. Clinton’s give God a bad name

    • GroverMax

      They’re card carrying sociopaths.


    The Governments worldwide are puppets, responding to their masters the Global Banking Syndicate, located in the City of London, who also have on their leash, the United Nations. They are close to securing their dream and master plan of control of global masses through forming a One World Digital Currency, where without the personal assigned “mark”, or identifying micro chip, one will be unable to buy or sell. The Banking Elite, who have under their domain every non nation owned, Central Bank, as well as all global currencies, and also Whoever controls the money controls the world. The world is dancing to the music of controlling ungodly Powers in the highest places. Their game plan includes their theme that the world has too many people, Hmmm. Populism is rising rapidly, as attested by the UK opting out of the Euro Union, Which is a trial run for a Global Union, Also some countries in South America are changing their Socialist bent as the common folk are awakening to the noose around their neck. And now the late great USA giant is rearing its bloodied head and is shouting “We are mad as hell and aren’t going to take it any more”. That is why the wicked witch is finally having her sins revealed, and why a strong man of notorious repute, may be able to win in 9 days, and remove many of the corrupt politicians, and Pentagon losers, and break up the “old boys club and bureaucrats. Remove the Socialist bent of the Government, as well as “Political Correctness Theme”, and restore appreciation for our American Constitution, and pick our Flag out of the mud as it is the symbol of the past “America the Great”. Restore sanity to the Immigration policy that is to the benefit of
    American natural born citizens. America must have the guts to say NO to the current policies of
    Socialism that is leading the world into a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT. The current American unemployment is not 5%, but 30%, as long term unemployed are not counted. We must renegotiate all international trade, as the rest of the world has received American jobs, and we are picking up the tab for supporting most of the world. They are eating our lunch. We must have a drastic lane change if America will have a chance to be GREAT AGAIN.

  • apberusdisvet

    Government is the ultimate conspiracy, worthy of prosecution under the RICO Statute. It was never meant by the Founders to be this way. But the supposed innate Balance of Powers as outlined in the Constitution has proved meaningless under the onslaught of the Marxist Progressives and their more than willing accomplices in Congress and among the policy maker bureaucrats. I would imagine that nowadays less than 1 of three high school graduates could explain the rationale and the purpose behind the distinct powers granted the executive, judicial and legislative arms of the Government. We have reached the point where the members of all 3 branches dangle from puppet strings operated by financial masters with an agenda of looting the US of its assets, resources. These assets are not just physical; they include hard working people who are slowly being genocided through geoengineering, fluoridation, vaccines, the metaphorical death panel of Obamacare, and planned and purposeful racial division.

  • Erik Garcés

    This analysis is one of the best and most important you’ve done as of late. I’ve been saying for years now that the controllers wish to foment a civil war here in the US and at last it’s starting to coalesce around this directed history that you’ve identified.

  • Praetor

    The Question remains. Who is that starts these conspiracy theories.

    Over the most resent years MSM has televised stories or as they like to call them ‘documentaries’. Secret Government: PBS, Power of Nightmares: BBC, Mind Control: History Channel, Conspiracy of Silence: Discovery, Hacking Democracy: HBO and that is just a few. The U.S. department of State has a Bureau of International Information Programs.

    Here is quote from Jay Weidner: The only people who call conspiracies “Theories” are the conspirators.

    Lets face it, conspiracies are generated by TPTB and those conspiracies are true. What better why to hide what you are doing. Tell the truth and no one will believe it, and that is no theory!!!

    • Interesting point.

    • RJ O’Guillory

      ….but they have failed to factor in the number of informed, educated people who can use the internet to shred their false-narrative almost before it has hardened. They have allowed the internet to go on, and become woven into society so much….(business, finance, trading, defense,etc.)…that they will have a hard time stopping bright young people from using it for their own reasons. The world-wide economic collapse will happen anyway, the world is awake as to why, and who is responsible…we shall see what happens…
      RJ O’Guillory

  • ArtBell

    The statists have detected a disturbance in the farce.

  • windsor1

    The way it was best explained to me, is that the typical American, is family oriented, honest and has a value system based on freedom, liberty and justice for all. They naively believe that their political leaders and government share the same beliefs. They cannot imagine that their government who supposedly works for the people could have an agenda that is actually evil and anti-american.
    If the people were possessed critical thinking skills and could wean their way away from the TV set they might ask questions like:
    – Why is America in never ending wars and why are America and Israel becoming universally despised
    – Why did America go into Iraq in the 90’s in part to eliminate the terrorists in Iraq and here some 15 years later, the most powerful nation on earth with the best planetary intelligence assets are still engaged in fighting terrorists in Mosul in a country that America has controlled for over a decade. Ditto for Afghanistan. Terrorism was supposedly out of control in Syria. In 2 months Russia did what the US could not do in 1-1/2 years. Ironically, America has refused to join in with Russia to fight terrorism in Syria because they want to protect moderate insurgents who are working with the radical terrorists. Please explain!
    – GMO foods are dangerous and there is no real evidence that crop yields are higher yet the government won’t ban them or force food companies to label them.
    – Vaccines are causing major health issues including death, injury, autism, neurological damage. Big pharma gets indemnified from legal actions. How come.
    – Citizens are being sprayed by chemtrails. Soil samples in sprayed areas indicate abnormal levels of aluminum and barium. The government denies chemtrail spraying yet crops are dying and people are getting Alzheimers at record rates. Why?
    – The government puts fluoride, a known neurotoxin and carcinogen, in our water system. Why?
    – Core Curriculum is designed to dumb down our youth. The Church Committee pointed out large private foundations control the education system. For whose benefit and for what agenda?
    – Government spends billions on studying global warming. It is proven fact that global warming and cooling are dependent on cosmic radiation and the sun’s activity.
    – The EPA is supposed to protect us from toxins in our environment. When they contaminate a river in Colorado there is silence. When there are elevated radiation levels in the western US from the ongoing Fukishima the relocate detectors and raise safe radiation levels. Who’s looking after public health and safety?
    – Soldiers return from combat with severe physical and mental health issues.The government considers them expendable and does little to assist or re-integrate them back into society. Why?
    – America used to have strong Christian values which is what helped make America great. It is now politically incorrect to talk about religion in public. Religious values have been replaced by embracing degenerate lifestyle choices, sex education, porn and decadence.
    – Political correctness has been used to redefine America’s value system
    – In politics we elect people who ignore us after the election and begin to introduce policies designed to destroy America. We then have to use all our energy to try to prevent them from exceeding their authority and implementing gun control for example
    – We are seeing our elected officials increasingly introducing legislation designed to limit and restrict our freedoms. This legislation is very ambiguous and is designed to make any citizen a terrorist
    -trade agreements are designed to weaken America by offshoring and outsourcing jobs. Politicians know this yet year after year pass more onerous trade bills. Who do the politicians really work for
    -Immigration is out of control. Border patrol agents are resigning in protest. Immigrants are no longer required to fit in or even share in American values.
    – The voting machines leave no paper trail yet people cannot believe the vote could be rigged. Stalin could only wish he invented electronic voting just as Al Gore invented the internet.
    – Americans are living under a constantly tightening surveillance grid. All emails are warehoused in Bluffdale. Cell phones can be monitored, as can computer activity. Why do we need this level of surveillance Imagine if they used these resources to track terrorists. There would be none.
    – We are now entering a war on cash. Soon all commerce will be electronic. Then there will be no place to hide.
    – We have in place a Federal Reserve System, as do other nations, that creates money out of nothing, produces no financial statements, cannot be audited and pays no taxes. The last politician that tried to crush this system got a bullet in the head. It is an untouchable holy grail. Americans now pay over 30% of their incomes to pay interest on debt that was created by a private enterprise out of nothing. With their fabulous wealth they own you and control the way you live, yet most Americans consider this normal. The only recent politician to challenge this system was Ron Paul. He was quickly marginalized. How politically incorrect of Mr. Paul.
    – Bankers have destroyed the financial system by flooding the world in debt. Corruption and fraud in the banking system was front and center in the 2007-2008 banking crisis yet no banker went to jail. Why?
    – The government protected the bankers. Now we are protecting the banks and putting private savers at risk with the threat of bank bail-ins. Where is the help for the little guy or for that matter corporations under financial duress.
    By any metric this is not government by the people, for the people.
    The Conspiracy theorists have nailed it. There is a relentless drive by the Establishment to institute global government. The US government has long ago been hijacked by a criminal cabal. As the noose gets tighter and tighter it becomes harder and harder for them to conceal their criminal activity.
    Most conspiracy theorists simply connect the dots, many of which are highlighted above and extrapolate them to their logical conclusion. The term conspiracy theorist was coined by the CIA to ridicule anyone who does not accept the official government version of events. Conspiracy theorists are by definition intellectually flawed and the individual who buys into the official spin is thought to possess above normal intelligence.
    This is what happens when a population cannot accept television programming as propaganda and in the process loses their critical thinking skills. Instead of turning TV programming over to the UN they decided to turn over the internet to the UN. Why? Who feels threatened?

    • northernraven

      I couldn’t have said it any better, windsor1. Having discarded the boob tube in 1988 and become a ‘stranger in a strange land’ I shake my head in wonder and dismay that so many people still believe the crap that’s shoved
      down their throats.

      Occasionally, when I’m out of town on business, I’ll catch the so-called ‘news’ on TV and I wait and wait for some real news. And, then the weather comes on and they get that wrong, too. It’s not that the ass media actually lie to us, but they only tell us a small part of the truth and the rest is mostly useless fluff.

      The only thing you left unsaid is the tribe that uses the U.S. military as their mercenaries to destabilize their neighbors, and the Amerikan financial clout to destabilize the rest of the world.

  • ICFubar

    Excellent article.That the globalists are active on many fronts and levels simultaneously is a given. But as fast as they work towards their end goal there is an unraveling at the other end. Look to see the internet seriously come under censorship. Even though this may happen once you have ‘awakened’ there can be no unawakening by the individual, just as there is no such word. I have always marveled as to how so few could control so many and that gig may be ending sooner than later as measured against the time frame scale of human history. Look to see the screw of repression being tightened also. Most western governments have lost most of their credibility with a growing majority of the populations they manage for the globalists who hide away and pull all the strings and levers at their disposal. They may win in the end but not without a fight.

    I found this talk by Anarchist Ken Cousens quite interesting in its conception if not complete historical accuracy. The talk is on the history of world systems and I believe presents a valid point of view to a large degree. Skip to the 1 minute 30 second point to skip the intro which is has poor audio while the talk audio is fine.

  • alohajim

    Pathetic isn’t it? The big lie is that governments do NOT serve the people. So we need to ‘protect’ the people from discovering this truth? Nice one DB, keep ’em coming!

  • Just after September 11, 2001, I called FBI and told them that what we the public had just watched ‘live on TV’ – two NY skyscrapers collapsing from top down into heaps of rubble – wasn’t physically and structurally possible and that I could prove that no little, weak top part C of any structure could not crush and destroy the stronger and bigger bottom part A below keeping top part C in place to start with. See e.g. .

    After a while I got the Special Agent in Charge, SAC, of FBI at Albuquerque, NM, to confirm, in writing (e-mail) to me that FBI was not interested in my info. It seems FBI accepted that some Arabs landed very heavy airplanes in the tops that then crushed
    the structures as seen ’live on TV’. So the real 911 perpetrators got away with it and from then on they can do anything. Media just report the various magic shows performed as reality.

    • Praetor

      A very well made for TV movie, was it not. Called a friend on the day of 9/11. Told him turn on the TV, he was on his way to work. He did, he reply ‘looks like one of those, ‘Day After Tomorrow’ movies. I replied, Yep, “looks like they want war”.!!!

  • I’m not paranoid but whenever something unusual and unexpected happens, one naturally hunts for the source of the novelty to recognise its future possible/probable direction/instruction which can lead to anywhere you want IT to lead you? And there can be some extremely stark choices presented ….
    “The secret of freedom lies in educating people, whereas the secret of tyranny is in keeping them ignorant.” …. Maximilien Robespierre

    Hmmmm ….. Never had Blogger fail to accept a simple comment for publication before. Probably just a temporary glitch rather than anything smarter and confrontational to be worked around. Time will tell the true tale.

    amanfromMars said… and Google Blogger at failed to publish, returning a Bad Request Error 400 notification

    Hi, Casey E,

    I cannot disagree with you that America is voting for the most embarrassing presidential candidate in history, and that is a result of there being no available alternative running choice.

    And that Americans would actually go out and vote for them rather than deny them their office with a rejection of them, tells everyone everything they need to know about national intelligence and how easily sheep are led to markets for slaughter.

    From superpower to international joke in an instant, is one crazy act you are welcome to keep as a trick which only fools and retards follow and strive to emulate.

    1 November 2016 at 08:08

    Is Google your invisible friend? …..

  • NJguy – Proudly Deplorable

    “The world from what we can tell is run by a small banking elite that
    controls the awesome power of central banks and the money they print.

    “The trillions available to this small group has allowed it to change the nature of society around the world.”

    “The goal is global government and every kind of violence and corruption is employed to achieve it.”

    “Secrecy is still employed by those creating “one world.” Thus the
    world is bent on the task of creating global governance while never
    admitting it.”

    EXACTLY! And regardless of who wins, these guys are going to crush our currency and nation. Here is where the hangings should begin.

    • Let’s not promote violence please.

      • NJguy – Proudly Deplorable

        Oh, ok. We should arrest them and bring them to trial.


      • disqussted999

        Yes, they should be non-violent hangings, of course.

  • Ernie Hopkins

    Good warning and call DB!! I only hope enough people are listening and acting.

    • Steve

      People are waking up ot the ugly fact that govt is now just a cover for corporate control ( fascism ) by the elites.
      Short of locking everybody up, or dropping a bioweapon to wipe out billions of people, the elite have painted themselves into a corner, and to be blunt, the likelyhood of the “Nikolai Caecescu outcome” awaits any of the Elite if they really try and lock down all of society and honstely think they can get away with it……actually, what it does say quite clealry is that they have stuffed it big time and lost control….reminds me of the the wizard of oz “ignore that little man behind the screen”. Americans have 100 million guns, I’d like to see the elite try it on…they would lose…and big time. Idiots.

  • AJ Arwyn

    A new one:

    If most voters are uninformed, who should make decisions about the public’s welfare?
    By Caleb Crain

  • Penelope Powell

    TPTB wish us to know how evil they are. So that we will join with Russia and China in an alternative to the global oligarchy. It is called “multipolarity” but is really the regional administration of the same global oligarchy. The Russian and Chinese oligarchs are joined with ours.

  • Fritz

    excellent analysis and very well, patiently and precisely explained!
    I feel like in our students circles of the late 60ies analizing the power elite, their tricks, tools, mechanisms, fait accomplis and camoufflages, their bonusses for servants and all their mind control via the media and their strategies and tactics.
    Since those students times we were gracefully given a time of creative work, consumption, “peace”, and even our hightly critical collegues where allowed to invest their Idialism into innovation in economy, science, politics, education and international organizations to create a “better world”….o the extent, that one of the most exposed “extremist” fellow students could become the president of our Federal Government and his extreme friend became Professor and created the best Concerthall of the country and head of our main thin-tank.

    But today in this present time what we witness politically makes me shiver !
    The power of manipulative sneeky-authoritarien Propaganda with the help of those “memes” is frightening. If you just think how much careful differentiating thoughts are necessary in your article to explain the trick with the memes ! Whereas playing the trick with the weaponized buzwords of all-disqualifying poisen gas like “populism” and the ever ready carpet bombing with “conspiracy theory” ist so quick and easy.

    However the awakening is possible, The escape from the brainwashing MSM starts with the questions :
    who benefits from what’s reported ? What are their aims and values? what are mine?
    How do they want to make me feel like, reading and watching their stuff?
    Do I want that ? And what questions do I still have unanswered ? What are the really important questions ? Those never asked and hidden as taboos …
    Where do I find answers and sources to find out ?

    And my observation in Switzerland : many people are awakening whatever their age gender , education, work, income or life experience is. And you know what woke them up and led them to ask the questions above ?

    The carefully served Buffet sponsered by the New World Order with their Crises, Finance-disorders, Permanent Conflicts and repeating wars, Destabilizations , Lying politicians, Corruption Skandals, Covered Operations, weaponized Migrationwaves sold als tragedies, unlimited fight for might,m power and capital, with their bankrupting nations and installing their supernational powertools for”resque”

    An right now they reached Hegel’s problem/reaction/solution-cycle, offering us their deadly desert : “after all that negative and terrible, we understand your opposition and fear of chaos. and conspiracies….. so we offer you a global, professional, hightech WW3 including a global peace garanteed by One World Government, One Religion, One new Financial system, One Jurisdiction ”

    But I am optimistic : We will throw the desert into the face of the NWO.
    So lets find that face finally behind that occult, amorphous, elitary taboo !

    As Cartoonist “Bö” said in the 1942 fighting the Nazi oriented Political Candidates in Switzerland : “Nur die allerdümmsten Kälber wählen ihren Schlächter selber”

    Congratulations Daily Bell for courage and quality drive ! Thanks for all you help taking a stand like ringing a bell ! optimistically, Fritz