DB Feedbacker Claims He Was on B29s That Fire-Bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki
By Daily Bell Staff - November 18, 2016

Well now!! i was a pilot of a B 29, on the raids of both Hiroshima and Nagasaki. i am 96 years old. Yes we firebombed these cities as well as Tokyo. But there were A bombs dropped on the two cities in question. –ALPHAMEG feedback to DB article

We’ve written numerous articles referring to the Pentagon’s lies about its nuclear program – both today and over the past 65 years or so. Now someone (see excerpt above) steps forward in a feedback to claim that indeed the Pentagon, along with millions of pages of military history, has not been telling the truth about Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

The feedback comes in response to our article, “If Trump Wants to Fix the ‘Disaster’ of the Pentagon, He Should Clean Up Its Nuclear Lies,” here.

ALPHAMEG seems to be a longtime poster but we have no idea if he is 96 years old, or if he participated in a firebombing raid on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. We have no idea if his feedback is a hoax, a joke or even a “mis-remembering.”

However, in response to his lengthy feedback, we wrote the following:

Do you realize the magnitude of the cover-up you are suggesting? Hiroshima and Nagasaki were fire-bombed? This negates 65 years of recorded history and changes the entire post-war narrative. Incredible! We have doubts about the severity of the radiation by the way.

Regardless of any nuclear detonations, the idea Hiroshima and Nagasaki were firebombed radically changes the military narrative of the war’s end. But we and others have regularly offered this alternative retelling.

Even a cursory investigation of America’s pre- and post-war nuclear program reveals a good many inconsistencies and outright lies. The Pentagon has manipulated its nuclear narrative from the very beginning, and so presumably have other countries who joined in later. You can see some of the articles we’ve written on elements of the Pentagon’s apparent nuclear fiction here, here and here.

We would invite ALPHAMEG to send us a feedback elaborating on his fire-bombing raids over Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Additionally, we would invite anyone else who has knowledge of these raids, or apparently participated in them or was involved with the Pentagon’s nuclear program in the early days, to write to us as well.

The early days of the Pentagon’s nuclear program, especially, have surely not been properly related. Instead, we have been subject to reams of propaganda and obfuscation. This is especially sad when we consider how many millions of school-children in the 20th century spent time practicing ducking beneath their desks so they would know how to take shelter in case of a nearby atomic explosion.

Of course the ramifications are far larger. The threat of nuclear warfare has profoundly shaped the psychology of billions of people and reshaped world history. If things are not as they seem, if the Pentagon and US government have substituted – at least in some cases – PR hype for truth-telling, we should do our best to find out more. It’s a most important effort.

Conclusion: Only once we know, can we can make informed decisions about our place in the world – and understand more clearly how our society generally operates, and what can be done to change it for the better.

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  • CAI

    The easiest way to verify his story is to ask for his military ID number and verify his story through his duty records. If he was on such a classified mission the may still be sealed. Just a thought….

  • Samarami

    (the edited version of this comment “blew up” — will try later)

  • Samarami


    “Only once we know, can we …
    make informed decisions about
    our place in the world – and understand
    more clearly how our society generally
    operates, and what can be done
    to change it for the better”.

    Hope not to sound disdainful in repeating what I’ve come to comprehend: Once I know, I can make informed decisions about my place in the world … and what I can do to change it for the better. I can’t speak for you.

    Let me see if I can explain in less pugnacious manner: at age 12 or 14, when WWII “victory day” gaiety was coming down, I was unaware how saturated my mind had become with state propaganda. The truth would have blown me away.

    So, in the 50’s, when I submitted to my enslavement (reported for “military draft”) I felt I was a “proud American”, willing to “serve”. At the end of that ordeal I could not have admitted how disenchanted that experience had left me. They were calling it “shell-shock” at the time. I refused to admit “mental illness”. (Dr. Thomas Szasz later straightened me out on that score). Now they’re calling it “PTSD” — another euphemism to keep the hoi polloi praising “our” troops and in celebration of war.

    Many years later, and thanks to a late and obscure anarchist writer named Delmar England, I’ve come to cease using “we“, and begun to speak for myself only. Insanity is the social norm: Sam

    Insanity Is the Social Norm. Sam

    (Something is awry with either my compooter or DB’s “edit” page. So, if this comes out caflooy again, I give up and hope you can get my point :-[ )

  • Thomas Schmitzer III

    What happens when someone tells Trump all this sh*t is faked?

  • esqualido

    “ALPHAMEG seems to be a longtime poster but we have no idea if he is 96 years old, or if he participated in a firebombing raid on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. We have no idea if his feedback is a hoax, a joke or even a “mis-remembering.”
    (Or you could have spent 2 minutes at Wikipedia and observed there were no crewmembers on both flights)

    • Brabantian

      Ummm … it is well known to all major governments, that ‘Wikipedia’ is a Trojan Horse for insertion of false information, fronted for the CIA & Mossad by an ex-pornographer, the ‘I party with Israeli Presidents’ fake ‘Wikipedia founder’ Jimmy Jimbo Wales

      Report at EU police & prosecutors on the CIA’s corrupt Wikipedia, Wikimedia fund-raising fraud, & the ’20 Major Techniques of Wikipedia deception’ –

    • Since when does Wikipedia comment on secret bombing raids?

      • esqualido

        After 70 years, the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki are hardly secret, and the crewmember info has been available before there was an internet. Brabantian’s comments are pure bunk*. Have you never heard of John Hersey’s Pulitzer-winning Hiroshima? He was there. People were vaporized by the blast, their forms burnt like shadows into concrete walls. The pictures exist. Not “chemicals.”
        *”USA chemically[!] bombs Hiroshima & Nagasaki (like Tokyo, Dresden, Hamburg…)[it’s called incendiary bombing], also dumping illness-inducing radioactive debris – Chem-bomb fleet same day as Hiroshima on record as hitting ‘Imabari’ which no longer existed – US & Japanese witnesses who saw / knew of plane fleets, shut up under threat of death – chemical-blast ‘mushroom clouds’ in films & photos – USA HAS NUCLEAR BOMBS

        • Guest

          Napalm is chemical and is basically firebombing. Not sure what the commenter meant by chemically bombing, I guess he meant incendiary bombing. Which I reckon what really happened, like in the other 67 Japanese cities, and the damage in Hiroshima and Nagasaki look very similar to the damage from firebombing of Tokyo, and the governments are engaging in military propaganda.

          • robt


        • Mstrjack



  • Brabantian

    Mega-kudos to Daily Bell for its brave covering of evidence that ‘nuclear weapons’ were a hoax from the very beginning, including the DB interview with long-time voice in the wilderness on this, Swedish engineer Anders Björkman.

    We can see why all 10 alleged ‘nuclear bomb nations’, played along together in this, the mother of all globalist scams … It’s significantly likely that Mordechai Vanunu was fake re Israel’s ‘nukes’, his ‘kidnapping’ a psy-op to help spread Israeli terror, after Vanunu ‘leaked’ to MI5-MI6 London Times, Vanunu afterwards maybe ‘living’ on an Israeli beach & only ‘in prison’ for photos … a “>faker like Edward Snowden or Julian Assange, apparently not ‘living in the London Ecuador embassy’ except for photo-ops

    Here, a quick revisionist history of all 10 ‘Nuclear Weapon’ nations

    1945 – USA chemically bombs Hiroshima & Nagasaki (like Tokyo, Dresden, Hamburg…), also dumping illness-inducing radioactive debris – Chem-bomb fleet same day as Hiroshima on record as hitting ‘Imabari’ which no longer existed – US & Japanese witnesses who saw / knew of plane fleets, shut up under threat of death – chemical-blast ‘mushroom clouds’ in films & photos – USA HAS NUCLEAR BOMBS

    1949 – Soviet Union accepts deal for Russian elites to get wealthy by playing along with Cold War & global nuclear terror – COMMIE RUSSIA HAS THE BOMB

    1952 – UK Brits & London financial centre don’t want to feel 2nd class as Anglo empire dominates world – UK HAS THE BOMB

    1960 – France chafes not to be 2nd class to roast-beef-eating Brits, accepts deal to become nuclear if they pretend to be the ones giving Israel nuclear technology – FRANCE & DE GAULLE HAVE THE BOMB

    1964 – China gets upgraded to major league to help justify escalating military spending – COMMIE CHINA HAS THE BOMB NOW TOO

    1966 – Israel gets to join the club as per earlier deal with France, in time to terrorise & blackmail Arabs in 1967 & 1973 wars – JEWS HAVE THE BOMB & JEWS ARE READY TO SAMSON OPTION EVERYBODY, later confirmed by ‘brave whistleblower’ Vanunu to MI6 London Times

    1974 – India takes deal to stop being so non-aligned & side more with big powers, insulting India’s own heritage by calling their bomb programme ‘Smiling Buddha’ INDIA NOW HAS THE BOMB

    1979 – South Africa’s white apartheid government gets to play act in compensation for all their abuse in Western media, but agrees in advance to ‘dismantle’ any bombs before Mandela or any black government can find out the scam … joins with Israel & Taiwan in bomb test WHITE RACIST SOUTH AFRICA HAS THE BOMB READY TO KILL BLACK PEOPLE showing ANYONE CAN GET A BOMB, but ‘bombs’ all taken apart & shipped away before Mandela takes over

    1998 – Pakistan is central player in new Western anti-Muslim theme & revving up ‘war on terror’, and Pakistan finally gets to upgrade to par with old rival India PAKI MUSLIMS HAVE THE BOMB & OSAMA OR TERRORISTS MIGHT GET AHOLD OF IT, plus Pakistan ‘sells’ bombs to Saudi Arabia for extra bonus

    2006 – North Korea, always making deals for latest consumer products for ruling family & elite, gets to upgrade to nuclear club CRAZY NORTH KOREA HAS THE BOMB

    No business like the ‘terror of nuclear annihilation’ business!

    • Thanks. But we’ve never stated nuclear weapons don’t exist, only that their attributes and their history has not been truthfully related by the Pentagon for PR purposes. That’s as far as we’ve gone.


    War is a nightmare. Killing is not forgotten. Forgetfulness? Not likely. Most of our missions were
    incendiaries. Most of the cities with concentrations of industry were fire bombed. We initiated the
    “carpet bombing tactic. We flew from Tinian Island, close to Saipan. LeMay w




    War is a nightmare. Killing is never forgotten. Forgetfulness? Not likely. Gen. LeMay was a warrior.
    His game was to hit the enemy with everything he had, and go home. We flew from Tinian Island,
    near Saipan. We were the 21st Bomber Group. Most of our targets were with incendiaries. We flew day and night raids, dependent on the weather at destination. If primary targets were obscured, we had secondary targets. Always went home empty. LeMay wanted to drop a big one right on the Imperial Palace but was over ruled by Truman, just as McArthur was in his desire to proceed into Manchuria, and knock on the door of Stalin, and ask him if he would like to view the Japanese cities. And offer Joe a deal he couldn’t refuse. A brilliant scheme that could have nipped the following 40 year Cold War. These are the kind of warriors we need today. Heads will roll.

    • Thanks for writing again. You were apparently part of the 66 bombers that flew by subterfuge to Hiroshima …. Did you know at the time you were bombing Hiroshima? Please tell us more about the raid itself and why you decided to share this secret information. Also, did you witness the dropping of the atom bomb on Hiroshima after the firebombing? How destructive was it, etc. Please tell your story in as much detail as possible, thanks. Historically, this is very important.

      • Me Again

        …it shouldn’t be secret should it? It is a dreadful matter of history.
        As someone who spent the first 16 years of adulthood in the RN leaving in 1990, I now question whether the narrative I was fed then was as false as the narrative I get all the time about Russia now.

        I thought I was on the front line protecting civilisation from Reagan’s ‘Evil Empire’ but maybe that was just BS too? As I climb towards 60 I seem to doubt more and more of supposed recorded history. That in itself is immensely sad.

        About the Gentleman Alphameg, the posts sound authentic to me but of course there is no way of being certain.

        The science of atomic fission is there in black and white but whether a true chain reaction has ever been achieved is what we don’t know – as well as the potential for a never ending chain reaction involving more than just the plutonium trigger.
        I recall the Americans dropping a Polaris missile on the dockside at Holy loch, Scotland. It would have been between 80-82. Can’t say more accurate, I remember things but there are great gaps as they were routine events to us.
        The reason I recall is that I was at Faslane at the time where UK nuclear boats are based and even though it was some miles away we initially went to our nuclear alert posture, as if the accident had happened locally. Once a threat assessment had been done the area of potential plutonium contamination was reduced to 500yards from the point of impact. If you added in a HE explosive distribution without a nuclear blast, you could extend that to maybe a mile from GZ. This is what we were told would happen if an explosion but not nuclear, occurred.

        I looked carefully at the comparative photos and had difficulty at one point working out which was Hiroshima and which was Tokyo. The observatory was supposedly at ground zero, so if that were true then someone calculated the yield wrongly because it survived. The air burst is supposed to come within feet of the ground but not touch, even so anything in a spherical proximity to that initial blast will instantly attain a temperature in the millions but also the power of the blast in all directions is at its most potent. Therefore anything at all in the way of a man-made structure would not only have been ash/glass, but would have been utterly flattened. There is no ‘Eye of the Storm’, there is only ‘the storm’ so why did it survive?

        This is what we were told in our training which covered the effects of a 1 megaton air burst 5000 feet above target, i.e. standard air burst. Utter and complete destruction of even steel reinforced buildings out to 400 yards.

        So it is possible that A bombs were dropped but they failed to nuclear detonate and the air burst of high Explosive would scatter the uranium core over quite a distance.

        The danger to humans associated with proximity to uranium isotopes is greatly exaggerated, they are very slow burners as far as radiation is concerned. All of the Uranium around today was here when the earth was born……

        The problem is that Uranium 238 will degrade to uranium 239 and thence further degrade to plutonium 239 which IS hideously toxic and radioactive.

        The bombs that were dropped [if] would have contained highly enriched U235 [still not really harmful but definitely fissile] but due to primitive refinement methods perhaps still containing a significant amount of U238.

        So, in Hiroshima, after whatever bang there was, any residual radiation would likely come from P239, having degraded over a few day from U238.

        On a last note, calculation of energy released is physics and maths. The fission of one atom of U-235 generates 202.5 MeV = 3.24 × 10−11 J, which translates to 19.54 TJ/mol, or 83.14 TJ/kg.[2] This is around 2.5 million times more than the energy released from burning coal.
        That is the estimated size of Little Boy, the first bomb, the second was plutonium anyway.

  • Panama Roy

    I was born in 1943. Between 1948 and 1952 my family lived in the valley where Donner Lake is located at the foot of the Donner Pass on the East side of the Sierra Nevada mountains, 5 miles West of Truckee. The floor of the valley is just about 5,000′ MSL. The surrounding peaks to the South are near 7,000′ or more. Look at the map to see how far that is from the nuclear bomb testing area in Southern Nevada.

    I distinctly recall being awakened by my parents before at least two of the bomb tests that occurred during the time we lived there. It was pitch black there at night. There were no street lights. The stars were the only light until the bombs detonated. The flash was much brighter than any lightening strike. The entire valley and the interior of our home was illuminated for an instant. I don’t think that a firebomb could have done that.

    Incidentally, my natural father was a B-29 crewman based at Tinian. He was killed on a mining run on the Shimonoseki Strait before I was born. My mother knew a lot about the war. When I was a child, my mother often told me about how the Japanese were provoked into the attack on Pearl Harbor and that Roosevelt sent a warning telegram via a commercial service to the commanders at Pearl way too late to do any good.

    I am a US Navy, retired reserve Lieutenant Commander, who was in Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines between 1968 and 1971, and I am convinced that both WWII and the war in Vietnam were a vicious, cruel, waste of human lives and treasure.

    I appreciate your work, just be certain of your facts. I am unconvinced about your no nuclear weapons theory.

    • georgesilver

      “I have worked in a plant where I had half a critical mass in this hand, barehanded and dressed in street clothes, and half in this hand, wearing a lab coat, and I’d put this half in a pocket on this side and this half in a pocket on this side and walk down the hall. If those two ever got together, there’d be a blue flash. ” Galen Winsor. (nuclear expert)
      Note: blue flash NO explosion.

    • We’ve never stated there are “no” nuclear weapons, only that they have been misrepresented by the Pentagon and certainly not represented accurately at Hiroshima or Nagasaki.

  • georgesilver

    Nuclear weapons.. do or don’t they exist? So many “witnesses” for and against so “witness” part of the exercise cancels each other out.
    What’s left? Answer:- logic.
    If atom bombs were used at Nagasaki and Hiroshima why has no country ever used them again? They have used every other obscene weapon AND they tell us they have small nuclear weapons.
    Occam’s razor:- They don’t work.

    • r2bzjudge

      “If atom bombs were used at Nagasaki and Hiroshima why has no country ever used them again?”

      For one, there are lots of them now, and have been for some time. That makes it more dangerous to use any at all.

  • Red Baron

    The radiation levels of those first two nuclear bombs are much less than subsequent and modern nuclear weapons. To pretend that those cities were merely firebombed invites you to the Flat Earth Society.