False Flag: How the U.S. Armed Syrian Rebels to Set Up an Excuse to Attack Assad
By The Daily Bell Staff - April 08, 2017

Evidence suggests a false flag chemical weapons attack on the Syrian people was initiated by Syrian rebels with the help of the United States in order to justify Thursday night’s U.S. Military attack on a Syrian base.

President Trump approved the bombing of the Syrian military base controlled by Dictator Bashir al-Assad supposedly to destroy the Syrian government’s ability to launch further chemical attacks on civilians.

“Assad choked out the lives of helpless men, women and children,” Trump said in remarks from Mar-a-Lago, his family compound in Palm Beach, Florida. “It is in this vital national security interest of the United States to prevent and deter the spread and use of deadly chemical weapons.”

But Trump’s statements contradict the reality that rebel groups have been trained to secure, monitor, and transport chemical weapons. Included in the opposition to Assad are terrorist organizations such as al-Qaeda and ISIS. Should we believe these rebels’ claims against Assad, especially given their access to chemical weapons?

Documents from Wikileaks show that the U.S. State Department wanted to help rebels overthrow Syrian Dictator Assad in order to strengthen Israel’s position against Iran. The State Department discussed how Iran and Syria trained forces in opposition to Israel. The fall of Assad, they said, would destroy the only Iranian ally in the region positioned to help Iran in the event of Israeli aggression to stop Iran’s nuclear program.

Washington should start by expressing its willingness to work with regional allies like Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar to organize, train and arm Syrian rebel forces. The announcement of such a decision would, by itself, likely cause substantial defections from the Syrian military. Then, using territory in Turkey and possibly Jordan, U.S. diplomats and Pentagon officials can start strengthening the opposition.

The State Department makes it quite clear their belief that “Bringing down Assad would not only be a massive boon to Israel’s security, it would also ease Israel’s understandable fear of losing its nuclear monopoly.”

This is nothing new, and really not surprising, as the U.S. has been involved in dozens of similar operations around the world. But just how far would the U.S. and Israel go to bring down Assad?

Just what type of training would be given to the rebels to help overthrow Assad? The groundwork had already been laid out by President Obama. As soon as chemical weapons were used by Assad, the international community would have the justification to become more involved in removing him from power. We know they were interested in doing so regardless of whether or not he used chemical weapons against the people of Syria.

CNN reported in 2012 that America was involved in training the rebels to secure and monitor chemical weapons sites.

The United States and some European allies are using defense contractors to train Syrian rebels on how to secure chemical weapons stockpiles in Syria, a senior U.S. official and several senior diplomats told CNN Sunday.

The training, which is taking place in Jordan and Turkey, involves how to monitor and secure stockpiles and handle weapons sites and materials, according to the sources. Some of the contractors are on the ground in Syria working with the rebels to monitor some of the sites, according to one of the officials.

This confirms that rebel forces had access to chemical weapons and that the U.S. helped familiarize rebel groups with storing and transporting the weapons.

But a removed article from The Daily Mail seems to prove that the U.S. had planned on helping the rebels actually use chemical weapons as well. The article was supposedly removed because the source of the information was untrustworthy. A Malaysian hacker was said to have taken emails from British defense contractors from an unprotected server.

Leaked emails have allegedly proved that the White House gave the green light to a chemical weapons attack in Syria that could be blamed on Assad’s regime and in turn, spur international military action in the devastated country.

A report released on Monday contains an email exchange between two senior officials at British-based contractor Britam Defence where a scheme ‘approved by Washington’ is outlined explaining that Qatar would fund rebel forces in Syria to use chemical weapons.

Barack Obama made it clear to Syrian president Bashar al-Assad last month that the U.S. would not tolerate Syria using chemical weapons against its own people.

Lending credence to this theory that the United States trained rebel forces in the use of chemical weapons in order to initiate a false flag attack are the events surrounding the death of Libyan Ambassador Chris Stevens in 2012.

The story is far from Trump’s claim that the U.S. attempts to “prevent and deter the spread and use of deadly chemical weapons.”

The U.S. is an active player in moving weapons all throughout the middle east, arming all sorts of rebel groups, militias, and government. It appears the United States funneled weapons out of Libya to provide Syrian rebels the ability to fight Assad.

A book called The Real Benghazi Story: What the White House and Hillary Don’t Want You to Know details the role Stevens fulfilled in Libya of brokering weapons exports from Libya to countries which backed the Syrian rebels.

The author, Aaron Klein, said a group called the February 17 Brigade worked with the CIA to provide security for a special operation in Benghazi and helped facilitate weapons transfers.

The exact nature of the U.S. involvement with the February 17 Brigade that guarded the U.S. special mission might have been unintentionally exposed when a Libyan weapons dealer formerly with the Brigade told Reuters in an in-person interview he had helped ship weapons from Benghazi to the rebels fighting in Syria.

Klein noted that no one seems to have connected the dots from what the weapons dealer said to the activities taking place inside the Benghazi compound and whether the Brigade serves as a cut out to ship weapons.

In the Reuters interview published June 18, 2013, Libyan warlord Abdul Basit Haroun declared he is behind some of the biggest shipments of weapons from Libya to Syria. Most of the weapons were sent to Turkey, he said, where they were, in turn, smuggled into neighboring Syria.

It was Steven’s job to facilitate the retrieval of these Libyan weapons and funnel them to U.S. interests. His death may have been related to militia groups inside Libya not trusting the United States with these weapons, or wanting them for their own use or profit.

Libyan weapons were shipped to places like Turkey which were already participating in training the Syrian rebels. Part of this training, we know, had to do with chemical weapons.

We also know that the U.S. wanted to see Assad brought down and that they had drawn a line over the use of chemical weapons. They needed a chemical weapons attack to justify stronger interventions in the conflict against Assad.

That chemical attack happened last week, followed by the subsequent U.S. bombing of an Assad base.

We know the terrorist groups forming the opposition to Assad had access to chemical weapons.

Is this enough evidence to prove the United States facilitated a false flag chemical weapons attack in order to justify military intervention, and finally defeat Assad, in support of Israel?

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  • Leopardpm

    no, it is not enough evidence

    • Dimitri Ledkovsky

      You’d think that someone or some investigative body would seize some of the spent chemical containers, find out what was actually in them and then trace them back to where they were made and filled and their subsequent journey to where they were used. That’s what investigators do, isn’t it? Even an investigative journalist could do some of the leg work on this. But God (or Allah) forbid that a journalist go beyond his laptop to come up with a story.

      • Leopardpm

        sure, as this article presents its ‘evidence’, it is all supposition and conspiracy theory… ie: would benefit if happened, so it MUST have been involved…

        • Earn nest

          Chemicals were used at least twice before in this war to be blamed on Syria but were traced back to ISIS/USIS. TWO false flag murder/torturings, that and the fact that it is totally unecessary and self defeating (as we’ve seen) for Assad to use them is evidence enough for me.

          • Leopardpm

            I understand your position – but it is still not ‘evidence’, only conjecture. It is possible that, even though ISIS may have done so in the past, that does not mean that it is fact in this particular case.

            If, as you state, ISIS did indeed use chemicals to be blamed on Syria before (which is something I did not know – do you have a link?), then my own thoughts would also tend in the direction of yours… but I would not ever claim ‘fact’ until there was actual evidence supporting it.

          • Earn nest

            You’re right of course. No court of law evidence but neither was their sufficient to blow the airfield and kill the 6 against the US law (constitution requires a declaration for such an act of war be decided by Congress not the Pres.).

          • Leopardpm

            I agree… and having given all this power to the executive branch over the past 100 years has contributed greatly to the US morphing into an interventionist, world police, nation… we have strayed so far from the path outlined in the Constitution. I think it also fosters the aura of nationalism, because everything becomes an ‘Us or them’ mentality… who knows where it all will lead…

          • Earn nest

            Convention of States.

          • Don Duncan

            What you see is the new normal. It leads to more war, until the nukes rain down. Then it gets better because from the ruins we evolve, slowly but surely, eon by eon.

      • Marko

        ” You’d think that someone or some investigative body would seize some of the spent chemical containers, find out what was actually in them…”

        You’d think. That’s what Russia is asking them to do. It won’t happen , because the other side doesn’t want the world to know what really occurred.

        It has to be a nominally independent investigative team , like from the U.N. , to have any credibility. At the Ghouta incident , they tested remnants of the rockets used as well as blood and urine of survivors a week or so after the attack and were still able to detect sarin and various decomposition products , etc.

        In this case , they can’t go to the Idlib site directly because they’ll end up as headless investigators , however , there were ~ 20-30 survivors who were taken to hospitals in Turkey ( a NATO member ) who would have been ideal candidates for testing. Were blood and urine samples taken from them by a reputable investigative team ? I haven’t heard anything , and I’m betting we never will , Russia’s pleas notwithstanding.

        They got away with it again , so we should expect them to try it again. Gotta keep wagging that dog.


      The absence of evidence implicates Israel and their efficient secret services

  • Marten

    Bullying of others, due to Self-insecurity…sounds a bell ????
    “You know your Country is dying when you have to make a distinction between what is moral and ethical, and what is legal”–John De Armond

  • Barney Biggs

    I think the CIA and other so called US intelligence community people are intentionally leading Trump and his people down the same path they lead Bush, Clinton and some others. They are and have been against Iran, Assad, Russia and will do most anything to drive a wedge between the US and them. What better than pulling the emotional heart strings of those you are advising to achieve their goal.
    They probably are not finished yet and will get something started with bad advice to Trump who really has no option but to listen to them. They are the only game in town.

    • Earn nest

      I think Trump knows, knew. It serves him to quell the Russian/Trump garbage they’ve been shoveling on him while maintaining deniability.

  • robertsgt40

    Starting to look like Trump was a Trojan from the get go. He’s just another tribal asset.

    • Dimitri Ledkovsky

      What tribe? The Judeans?

    • Katzenjammer

      Or just another simpleton stooge. A murderous stooge yet only a useful idiot for an éminence grise with black heart and hands dripping seas of blood.

  • Shen

    I think the global elite and puppets like John McCain, other of the establishment and plants in the CIA are misleading Trump with fake intel about Assad. They want to overthrow Assad just like they wanted to overthrow Mubarak in Egypt with the Arab Spring and pretend to set up a democracy with Muslim Brotherhood leaders. They even did that with Hussein and got Malliki into power who set back Iraq’s recovery for years by bringing in ISIS. Why else would democrats congratulate Trump on is action. He has fallen into their trap.

    • Weihan Xingqi

      Exactly! Very well analyzed and stated.

    • No More Neos

      Yes, but was Trump’s non-invasive response on equal par to the staged chemical attack? Are Trump and our military wagging the neocon dog?

      “Dilbert creator Scott Adams, one of the few who understood Trump’s persuasion style and predicted his win, remarks:

      It is almost as if someone designed this “tragedy” to be camera-ready for President Trump’s consumption. It pushed every one of his buttons. Hard. And right when things in Syria were heading in a positive direction.

      I’m going to call bullshit on the gas attack. It’s too “on-the-nose,” as Hollywood script-writers sometimes say, meaning a little too perfect to be natural. This has the look of a manufactured event.

      So how does a Master Persuader respond to a fake war crime?

      He does it with a fake response, if he’s smart.”

  • Joe Blow

    “Syrian Dictator Assad”

    How are we to believe you if you use the leftist language of deception just as was used on Gaddafi, Saddam and others, demeaning them and misrepresenting their identification. He is the duly elected president of Syria, not a dictator fighting for his country’s life against Israel, the USA and others.

    This is another Israeli war of deception. They want the land from river to river (Euphrates to Nile.)

    • Shen

      Assad came home from England where he was a doctor to take over his father’s role of King or Dictator, after his father passed away. He was not duly elected. But, the country seemed to be relatively peaceful until revolution was ignited. I do not believe he was killing his people. Why??

      I do not believe Israel is behind any of this either. The global (shadow) government is against Israel so Israel has no leverage in global affairs. You can see the whole U.N. sided agains Her in December or January.

      • Shen

        And, Israel only wants to be left alone in peace in her God given land…which does not cover from Euphrates to the Nile! Just what she was forced to win back when nations came against her in 1967. God gave her the rest of her Biblical land back!


          Then god’s chosen people did 9/11 and Fukushima. Let’s stop up the air vents to their underground cities before the radiation kills u

        • Tom

          Modern Jews are converts from central Asia. Their “God given land” is the same as if South American Indians who convert to Catholicism claimed Italy belonged to them.

        • Divoll79

          A land where other people lived for 2000 years. Sorry, this is plain and simple BS

        • Pedestrian

          First, Israeli Jews are not the biblical Jews. They are European converts to Judaism in the 7th-9th Century AD, from a group known as the Khazars. (Do look it up.) Second, is God a real estate agent, and the Bible a land titles deed? (loosely paraphrasing Gerald Celente).

          • yaridanjo

            You are correct!

        • James Clander

          “God gave her the rest of her Biblical land back!”

          You must be stupid if you believe that garbage.

          • Jo Syphus

            This is what circumcision does to one’s brain. See

          • Joe Blow

            Or a paid shill.

        • Joe Blow

          The “Israelis” are Kasarians, kicked out of over 100 countries before making a deal with England to get into Palastein in exchange for helping finance the war against Germsny where they lived side by side until their betral of Hitler.

          “The Jewish people…will attain world dominion by the dissolution of other races, by the abolition of frontiers, the annihilation of monarchy…In this new world order the Children of Israel will furnish all the leaders without encountering opposition.
          The Governments…forming the world republic will fall without difficulty into the hands of the Jews. It will then be possible for the Jewish rulers to abolish private property, and everywhere to make use of the resources of the state. Thus will the promise of the Talmud be fulfilled, in which is said that when the Messianic time is come the Jews will have all the property of the whole world in their hands.”

          1879 Baruch Levy, Letter to Karl Marx, reproduced in La Revue de Paris,
          p. 54, June 1, 1928
          “We Jews, we are the destroyers and will remain the destroyers. Nothing you can do will meet our demands and needs. We will forever destroy because we want a world of our own.”
          (You Gentiles, by Jewish Author Maurice Samuels, p. 155).

      • shawncorrigan

        not true, check committee of 300 agenda.


        Your glasses must be prisms

        • Tom

          Wow – prisms is right, in a house of mirrors, on crack.

      • Pedestrian

        There was a multi-candidate presidential election in 2014, and Assad was elected.

      • Joe Blow

        On 16 July 2014, Assad was sworn in for another seven-year term after taking 88.7% of votes…

    • Tony

      It is also Neocon (GOP) language.

      • Tom

        If Neocons are GOP, why did they run Hillery as their anointed candidate and have conniption fits when she lost? Why were Neocons equally happy with eight years of Bush Jr. as they were with eight years of Obama? Neocons are bipartisan agents of empire and Zionism.

        • Tony

          “Neocons” are Republicans that love fighting wars for Israel.
          “Neo-Liberals” or “Liberal Interventionists” are Democrats that love fighting wars for Israel.

          Two sides of the same coin.

        • Marko

          ” Neocons are bipartisan agents of empire and Zionism.”

          I’d say not so much bipartisan as opportunistic. They sail where the wind is freshest.

      • Joe Blow

        Too many playas out there now hey?

  • sebastian puettmann

    One of the leading German investigative journalists, Gerhard Wisnewski, show in this short video that the official fotos cannot possibly be real.

    First, people are touching the freshly gas bodies with bare hands while one drop of the gas would already be deadly. Also, one child looks very healthy with red cheeks and clear eyes while the gas should first had attacked the mucous membrane.

    Second, we see a father with black hair crying about kids with blonde hairs.


    • acumen

      There is always a give-away moment in these wag- the-dog scenarios. Remember the Times Square car bomb scene? Remember the smoke coming from the car? That supposes that someone recently drove that car to that spot and exited—all while on a 24 hour street camera—where is the video of the fellow exiting the vehicle? Sometimes it is even more obvious than that as is evidenced by numerous 911 videos. Shameful, really. All for the power and property, all for the spoils. Lord, what a sorry lot are humans.

  • No More Neos

    “Dilbert creator Scott Adams, one of the few who understood Trump’s persuasion style and predicted his win, remarks:

    It is almost as if someone designed this “tragedy” to be camera-ready for President Trump’s consumption. It pushed every one of his buttons. Hard. And right when things in Syria were heading in a positive direction.

    I’m going to call bullshit on the gas attack. It’s too “on-the-nose,” as Hollywood script-writers sometimes say, meaning a little too perfect to be natural. This has the look of a manufactured event.

    So how does a Master Persuader respond to a fake war crime?

    He does it with a fake response, if he’s smart.”

  • Brabantian

    Kudos to Daily Bell above for citing the suppressed Daily Mail article archived on the internet Wayback machine … There is much more proving beyond any shadow of a doubt that the ‘chemical attack’ in Syria was very clearly a false flag, an operation of the USA-CIA-tied cabal. Excellent summary from UK researcher Aangirfan on her blog, she gives photos links etc … Highlights of proof of the false flag just below.

    As Donald Trump is a victim of Fake News himself, & someone who has spoken out previously both about false flags & Assad’s role in fighting terrorists, it seems Donald Trump committed two war crimes in his attack on Syria, waging aggressive war & war on a false pretext … Crimes for which a court applying Nuremberg tribunal principles would sentence Donald Trump to death by hanging at the end of a rope

    Here are 10 key items showing & proving false-flag nature of the Syrian gas attack absurdly attributed to Assad

    (1) Anti-Assad “reporter” Feras Karam tweeted about the gas attack in Syria 24 hours before it happened – Tweet says: “Tomorrow a media campaign will begin to cover intense air raids on the Hama countryside & use of chlorine against civilians”

    (2) Gas masks were distributed 2 days before the attack

    (3) Rescue workers are not wearing protective gear as they would if severely-toxic gas attack had occurred, as commenter Sebastian Puettmann notes for this article

    (4) Pakistani British doctor promoting Syria gas attack story, “who at the time of attack was taking interview requests instead of helping injured flooding in” is Dr Shajul Islam, “used as source by US & UK media, despite facing terror charges for kidnapping & torturing two British journalists in Syria & being struck off the medical register”

    (5) As DB reminds us with that suppressed Daily Mail article, the USA & CIA are documented as having approved a “plan to launch chemical weapon attack on Syria & blame it on Assad’s regime”

    (6) Videos previously exposed as fraudulent are being recycled “A chemical weapons shipment run by Saudi mercenaries [is blown up] before it can be offloaded & used to attack the Syrian army in Hama … [this story] has turned into Syrian aircraft dropping sarin gas on orphanages … videos shot in Egypt with the smoke machines are dragged out again.”

    (7) Gas attack story is supported by known Soros-funded frauds ‘White Helmets’ who had previously celebrated alongside Israeli-Saudi backed ‘Al Qaeda’ extremists after seizing Idlib from Syrian Army forces. White Helmets “have been caught filming their fake videos in places like Egypt & Morocco, using actors, smoke machines & fake blood”.

    (8) The Turkey-based White Helmets in Syria, have been documented by the Swedish Doctors for Human Rights, as actually killing children on video ‘snuff films’ whilst pretending to be medically aiding them “None of the children in the videos showed any sign of being a victim of a chemical attack … a purposeful killing staged to appear as medical treatment” Article on ‘Swedish Medical Association says White Helmets Murdered Kids for Fake Gas Attack Videos” is on Veterans Today

    (9) The 2013 gas attack in Syria killing over 1000 people, was proven to be an operation by USA & allies, with admissions to this effect by Turkish Members of Parliament … The operation even involved the CIA’s Google Inc monopoly search control internet domination tool, via their subsidiary Google Idea Groups & Jared Cohen:

    In 2014, the later-murdered journalist Serena Shim “stumbled upon a safehouse run by Jared Cohen & Google Idea Groups, a short distance from a border crossing into Syria between Hatay, Turkey & Aleppo province in Syria. In the safehouse were three Ukrainian secret service who had just buried a load of sarin gas shells from the Republic of Georgia. Chemical weapons used in the Ghouta war crime were trucked through Turkey to Gaziantep then taken from there to Aleppo by NGOs, hidden in ambulances or in trucks supposedly carrying relief aid. After Shim broke this story on PressTV … the clumsily-staged ‘accident’ leading to her death only a few days later.”

    (10) Destruction of Syria & Assad serves the long-being-implemented 1980s Israeli Oded Yinon Plan to destroy & dismember all major countries surrounding mafia state Israel, in general service to the world oligarchs. Plus, there are major US-backed economics behind the campaign to destroy Syria – Assad’s fall is sought for changing from the Russia-supported pipeline from Iran thru Iraq & Syria, to the USA-supported pipeline from Qatar thru Saudi Arabia, Jordan & Syria. See the Iran-Iraq-Syria-pipeline chart on Oil-Price net.


      Excellent. Thanks

  • Ephraiyim

    I see a couple of possibilities here.
    1) Trump an Putin came to an agreement because of all then false “Russia Trump” connection whereby Trump did this false flag in order to deflect those accusations. This would then open the door for T & P to eventually alter the relationship between Russia and the US.
    Unfortunately, if this is true it proves neither cares for human life. It would also explain Putin’s slow response.

    2) Trump has been coopted by the neocon warmongers and is now, or always was a puppet of the elitists who want WWIII in order to further their one world agenda of eliminating most of the population of the earth except for those who willing serve as slaves.

    Either way, it is becoming obvious that Trump, while probably better than Hillary, it ain’t by much!



    One day you wake up
    Recognize that smell
    And realize
    that you’re living in hell

    one day you see
    what you never could face
    the bloodthirsty visage
    of your own human race

    the cloak of conditioning
    falls from your eyes
    and you see through your
    pompous disguise

    the power of brainwashing
    weakens and shatters
    and you realize now
    just what truly matters

    one day you think
    that so much is lost
    that there’s no way to sum
    the total cost

    • Hank

      Here is my take-

      ALL Parties knew what was going to happen. This includes Assad. The strikes were designed to cause minimal damage with media spinning whichever way they chose to. American media obviously praised the strike and suggested “massive” damage, while alternative sites generally reported minimal damage for that many missiles. What I think happened here is a scripted strike to please the war hawks. Putin and Assad knew that this would get the hawks off of Trump’s back a bit. It would also give Trump, if he does another about face, a prime list of war criminals around him to indict! Putin and Assad agreed provided minimal damage. It had to be in the “tolerable” range, not too many deaths and minimal infrastructure damage. Why would they do this? For appearances and politics. Assad is willing to play the “punished culprit” here because he IS aware that a vast majority of people ARE aware that the chemical attack, or whatever it actually was, was not a Syrian operation! Putin knows that world revulsion at Trump’s about face will actually STRENGTHEN Russian/Syrian fighting resolve. Back to Trump- another possibility is that this was a set up to entrap Trump into what can now be used to impeach him. The war hawks would finally have him out of their way and a real political “insider” to work with in Mike Pence.

      • Boink389

        I like it.
        Pres. Obama took a lot of heat because he refused to attack after the chemical events laid at Pres. Assad’s feet.It was just too convenient, coincidental. (Pres. Obama took a lot of heat because of the Iran deal and other activities in which he did not engage–he did not want war.)

        President Trump knows that history is repeating.
        There is no way in h*ll he is stupid…but in the same breath, he is an Israeli firster and they want regional dominance. Your former has got to be the play, it has got to be.

      • Konrad S

        Interesting points. I was coming to some similar conclusions while trying to imagine just what scenario would make Trump do such a complete about face – given that it was such a blatantly transparent false-flag, and it’s similarities to the fantasy Iraqi WMD’s. Trump’s moves since inauguration have been to pander to the very intelligence community neocon elements he berated during the campaign. The options that occurred to me are 1. That he’s always been allied to the dark side, 2. This is a cynical ploy to ingratiate himself with his opponents, or 3. He’s setting up the neocons and intelligence services for a major takedown. If it’s 1 or 2 we’re all in for an even rougher ride, if it’s 3 let’s hope he has some strategic allies in place and acts fast.
        It’s interesting that after an assault by 59 Tomahawk missiles, based on avaiable videos online, the damage to the Sharyat air base appears to be significantly lighter than you’d expect, even accounting for the Russian claim that only 23 hit the target. While a few hangers had obviously been holed and the contents destroyed, the runway damage looked more like light shell or secondary impact, and the base was operational again within 24 hours. If 36 missiles failed to strike, it’s a staggeringly poor indictment of the US Navy’s capabilities, and where exactly did they all go?

      • LawrenceNeal

        I think a Pence Presidency has been the agenda all along.

      • Konrad S

        Just came across this post, adds an interesting legal dimension

        Amal Saad
        7 April at 18:47 · Baabda, Lebanon ·

        This is very important: the ICRC just changed the conflict status in Syria from “internal armed conflict” or civil war (common Article 3 conflict in Geneva Conventions) to “international armed conflict” (common Article 2 conflict). The ICRC is considered the “guardian” of the Geneva Conventions and its commentaries are considered a key source of International Law so this labelling is very significant. Following the US attack on Syria, the ICRC spokesperson declared “Any military operation by a state on the territory of another without the consent of the other amounts to an international armed conflict.” As a standard for comparison, Libya was immediately classified as an internal conflict.
        I am no expert but I do teach a grad course on the Law of Armed Conflict so here are my preliminary thoughts about the political and legal implications of this: (1) the body of law regulating article 2 conflicts is much wider than article 3 conflicts, affording the Syrian government legal protections it didn’t previously enjoy (2) the forces of the Syrian Arab Army will now be treated not only as “lawful combatants” but are also given the “combatant’s privilege”, “prisoner of war” and “protected persons” status and rights, meaning they can’t be tried if they are captured for taking part in hostilities, unlike the rebels who are “unlawful combatants” –even the US-backed ones–as per Article 3 internal conflicts. This lawful status did not extend to the Taliban’s army when it still represented the Afghan state fighting an Article 2 conflict with US invading forces (3) as a “High Contracting Party” to the Conventions, the US is now liable for war crimes too (4) any Syrian response to the US attack, or one carried out by Syria and its allies, (Article 51 of the UN Charter permits “collective self-defense”) is now legal (5) most importantly, the Syrian state is politically legitimized as the legal representative of the Syrian people and its sovereignty recognized.

    • “bunz

      Nice….I’m singin it it on the keyboard.. what do you call it ? lol

  • Divoll79

    Tu sum it up… The US is the country other countries should actually sanction and the US leaders (along with their court) should be at the bar in Hague.

  • bbenhamid

    By deception we wage war.

    • scott_ewing


      Those ‘people’ – suck total ass.

  • Brother Nature

    eh, we know Trump is a lying baby killer now. He’s a satanic Israel firster. The Russian attack and Syrian attacks were in-fact false flag events. And, only Israel has the access, money, motives, and means to do such a thing.


    Lock ‘m up, I’m taking my vote for Trump back, throwing it in the trash, never vote for another Trump again.

  • Praetor

    Of course its a false flag. War is money and power.

    To look at it in the whole, it makes you think it was all written down in a book or something. Here is what is going to happen and you can’t do a thing about.

    The people that believe in religion are very scary people and those that wage war for money and power are just as scary. These two groups run in the same circles. The only difference between these two groups, one is looking for their messiah to come to end the apocalypse, the other group just looks for total domination over the planet and is causing the apocalypse to get that power.

    The rest of us just look on and say, WTF.!!!

  • Thanks very much for that CNN link, added to my collection. It’s interesting that Twitter declares the related CNN twitter account on that page to have been “banned for abuse”.

    Obama made a big political move to blame a prior chemical attack on Assad with his “red line” comments that were going to be a pretext for overt US military involvement. Those attacks turned out to be not Assad.

    Your link cites US security insiders saying that the US was well aware and complicit with the rebels aligned with al Qaeda having chemical weapons in Syria. The following story of false flag planning was controversial. The accused firm managed to sue Daily Mail and force them to retract:
    However the basis of the claims that just the false flag emails from a large batched actually hacked were faked was not super strong and the defense contractor may or may not have had clandestine Spook help coming to their defense. The leakers were not identified, as perhaps they would have been if they had been actually planning to plant false evidence and libel.

  • Tedx

    ” They needed a chemical weapons attack to justify stronger interventions in the conflict against Assad.”
    That’s why Putin brokered a deal that required Syria to turn over all of its chemical weapons. It was for Syria’s own good.
    Also: It’s inappropriate to refer to Assad as a “dictator” , as he was elected in a UN monitored election with 87% of the vote, when his closest rival only took 4.5%.

  • notwithabang

    (Unconfirmed) breaking news from within Syria is US/UN forces are entering Syria from Jordan – now. So one can likely dismiss the “surgical strike/ 4-D chess” banter – it was to comply with Trump’s masters’ orders, curry favour with the MSM, approval ratings – the customary immoral pandering of recent US presidents using the rest of the world as a battleground for MIC dollars…destabilising nations, flooding Europe and hastening the end of Western Civilisation.

    Then consider the youthful Democrat family appointments – J. Kushner (part-owned by Soros) & I. Kushner (nee Trump). Bannon – useful for the America-first folk vote – in the doghouse post-win. What can Kushner do that Bannon cannot – contacts? To what end – I had always assumed Greater Israel was a risible conspiracy theory…if not that, then is it pipelines?

    ‘Lock her up’, ‘Repeal Ocare day 1’, ‘ISIS defeated in 30 days’ indeed. What utter foolishness is this system called democracy or modern republicanism – slaves voting for a new master with the same agenda every 4 years.

    • Peter Solinski


  • Topdeadsilver

    Is this enough evidence? Perhaps. But if it is wrong and I was the Trump administration, I would find a way to sue the Daily Bell out of existence.

    • James Clander

      “Is this enough evidence? Perhaps. But if it is wrong and I was the Trump administration, I would find a way to sue the Daily Bell out of existence.”

      What a stupid & ignorant reply to facts as laid out – all verifiable.
      You think you’re a Patriot – but your being the opposite by shutting eyes.

      “The most difficult subjects can be explained to the most slow-witted man if he has not formed any idea of them already; but the simplest thing cannot be made clear to the most intelligent man if he is firmly persuaded that he knows already, without a shadow of doubt, what is laid before him. Leo Tolstoy,1897”

    • MissCostello

      Wisdom of Solomon, eh? Halfwit.

    • vongoh

      Absolutely! Threatening lawsuits against people who use freedom of speech to present evidence contrary to your favorite politicians narrative, is not only totally legal in the American legal system? It’s also the Right Thing to Do! #feelthesarcasm

  • TimeToWakeUPAmerica

    The Path to Total Dictatorship: America’s Shadow Government & Its Silent Coup

    Read the comments in the ‘comments’ section, IF you are seeking the TRUTH.

  • yaridanjo

    Just another False Flag attack. The serious thing is that Trump swallowed it. This plus Trump’s OK for new Israeli settlements in Giza means he cannot be trusted. Involvement of Kushner in White House matters cements that conclusion.

    • Yep. Israel had Rahm Emmanuel handling Obama. Now they have Kushner controlling Trump.

    • Konrad S

      ‘Trump’s OK for new Israeli settlements in Giza’ – not sure he’s gone as far as to back Israeli occupation of Egypt – though nothing would surprise me!

    • LawrenceNeal

      ‘Gaza’, not ‘Giza’…

      • Jo Syphus

        Gaza the Jews

  • I bailed out from The Trump Train. I hate warmongers.
    He can’t Make America Great Again if he is also trying to Make the Middle East Great Again. If I could say one thing to Trump it would be “Put America first, second and third.”

  • James Clander

    Well written article that should be widely read. Spot on.
    It amazes me how the USA Military establishment / White House can launch such an attack on a Sovereign Nation without UN blessing. It’s obviously an illegal act and a War crime possibly done to take heat off killing 250 innocent children just recently.

    Yet here in Australia the MSM are jubilant with NO negative coverage. The MSM here also denigrate Trump at every opportunity. I might applaud them after this act!

  • chris

    don’t you just love the key propaganda words? ‘ dictator” assad. come on ,please. try to be unbiased here.

  • Bolt Upright

    So? The world revolves on war. Men fight. That is what a percentage of them do. Dry to stay out of their line of site.

    • MissCostello

      ‘Bolt Upright’:
      Best you can come up with?? Lie back down again.

      • Bolt Upright

        People like you is why men fight. You should feel honored.


        • MissCostello

          “world revolves on war”; “men fight”;
          That’s alright then, carry on killing?
          “try to stay out of their line of *site”*?? Genius.

          • Earn nest

            “As long as they’s a man-child born they’s goin’ ta be war.”-Mammy….I heard this as a youth half a century ago. Mankind is still infantile.

  • Zaphod Braden

    So we will no longer provide cluster bombs, white phosphorous, depleted uranium, to Israel and Saudi Arabia? Will Trump bomb Israeli airbases the next time Israel uses Cluster Bombs, W.P., D.U., on Concentration Camp GAZA?

  • sebastian puettmann

    Hey Daily Bell, just so you know: The article by DAILY MAIL had to be taken down because a lawsuit prooved their claims to be baseless.

    Of course, this is not proof that the Empire did not do do this false flag. It is not proof that the Empire was not secretly behind the lawsuit. But please don’t be to quick to pass on Russian propaganda.

    • James Clander

      “But please don’t be to quick to pass on Russian propaganda.’

      How piss weak is that response – you’ve obviously got no problem with US total BS propaganda – — and you think you’re a patriot ?

  • Dalton

    I wish TBD wouldn’t use NYTimes tactics of using misleading headlines. To be clear, the more accurate headline would have included simple changes such as “Evidence suggests …” or “False Flag? How … ” or even “…How the US armed rebels COULD have… “

  • NobodysaysBOO

    We poor ,unemployed,homeless US CITIZENS spent our poor food stamp money and our time to defeat the phoney system and elect this bezar looking man to FIX OUR ROADS and build a wall against the MEXICAN criminals and HE RUNS OFF the tracks and thinks he is JULIUS F. CEASAR!

    WELL that makes HIM the “ORANGE JULIUS” !!! LOL or is he just the NEW GOLF BUM?

    CUT the CRAP and fix the ROADS stop wasting our money that 100 million could have done lots of GOOD FOR THE US POOR CITIZENS ! 10,000 families could have $10,000 to pull out of poverty!

    ISRAEL and MEXICO are the ENEMY of the USA go attack THEM!!!

  • Peter Mo

    A keen follower of the news between the lines would have noted that a major false flag operation was planned for Aleppo last December prior to Syrian army reclaiming it.

    The speed at which the Syrians and Russians moved in the last few weeks totally surprised the plotters. It was meant as a last ditch effort to bring Obama into the fray.

  • FestusH

    I read this with an open mind. The reports (from many sources) indicated that the chemical attack came from the air. I seem to be missing any information that the rebels have any air capability. Just checking what I missed. The other ‘evidence’ is mostly conjecture assigning intent to activities that can be analyzed several ways. When you want to find evil and corruption – you can usually find a way to see it any time you want.

    • Earn nest

      Was twin towers from the air?

      • JohnZ

        NO….nukes planted in the basement.

  • Clothcap

    IMO Mr Trump was snuck past the electorate by Wall St on “America first”.
    Fool me thousands of times, what does another matter?
    Assad has majority support in his country. In mine, Britain, we have a 20 something % supported Conservative liars, many immigrant votes I guess.
    Likely Mistress May is security services property, like Obama, like Sarkozy, likely Hollande, Bush, Bush, Clinton, Soros, (not sure about Cheney, he may be KGB), Berlusconi etc. PFF Cameron and Blair appear to be (have been) MI6 assets.
    Rothschild > MI6 attempted to get Kaddafi out of Sirte and Libya. French jets flown by American pilots bombed civilians in Benghazi. shows how far the illusionists are prepared to go.
    Faking a gas attack with White Helmet assets in place is no more than a wave of the ‘kerchief.
    If I was a zionist I would be in hospital for the seizure that followed a laughing fit. Check Hillary’s cackle with the words, ‘we came, we saw, we won’ [we’d won by cheating as usual]. Be proud, she’s American. Zionised.

    American cousins, you are a disposable asset. And you’re being disposed.
    I suspect we are too.
    Bell, You’re good, little more accuracy would be welcome.
    Even so, it’s my next star article, unless you don’t want.

  • TimeToWakeUPAmerica

    Too many, even in the so-called “alternative” media, will censor the REAL TRUTH, regarding the “Jew”-ish Question (JQ). I know this for a FACT, because every time I attempt to post something of TRUE SIGNIFICANCE as it relates to current events ~ like Trump missile attacks on Syria ~ most websites will delete my comment, within minutes of my posting it. Fortunately, this has NOT been the case with The Daily Bell, and just a FEW ~ VERY FEW ~ other sites. THAT should tell you something. Western Civilization has been COMPLETELY HIJACKED by so-called “elite” “Jews”, primarily, historically, from the ‘City’ of London. That is their historic power-base, starting around 1815 AD, as Napoleon was losing the Battle of Waterloo, and Rothschild essentially took a controlling-position on the London Stock Exchange.

    Look. ISIS is USUS (U.K., U.S., MI6, CIA, SAUDI ARABIA, Greater-ZIONIST-Rothschild-Israel, est. 1948, in sunny, historic PALESTINE, & Mossad). IF anyone wishes to FULLY COMPREHEND what is going on in the Middle East, you simply must realize, that it was the U.K. “Jews”, & their MI6 that was behind the installation of the puppet-House of Saud. FOLLOW THE MONEY. It ALWAYS leads you back to the Rothschilds, Warburgs, Schiffs, Montefiores, etc. GOLDMAN-SACHS is part of it, too. Trump has 8-9 GOLD-IN-MY-SACHS people around him.

    The Path to Total Dictatorship: America’s Shadow Government & Its Silent Coup

    Read the comments. Follow the links.

    • prolerat

      What has ones religion got to do with it? It is not a Jewish question.It is simply a natural phenomenon of capitalism, ‘business by other means’, over access to raw materials ,trade routes and spheres of geo-political interest in which nation states and allies of various capitalist inteersts and power blocs fight war by deed or proxy and produce poverty, absolute or relative in pursuit of profitable self interest.

      The solution is ot make common cause with workers world wide to establish a democratic, commonly owned, production for use, free access, post-capitalist society. Most Jews, like most Christians, Hindus, Muslims and any othe rreligions, are poor.
      Global capitalism has to be replaced with a global post capitalist commonwealth.

  • Rolf Loth

    Trump is showing his true colors. He is a psychopath on steroids and cannot be trusted – something I suspected a long time ago. His Jewish connections and possible dependence on them will make America much less than great. This false flag operation against Syria hopefully backfires on him. Any mentally challenged person could figure this out. The evidence is there, if it is allowed to be exposed. Hillary was a sure bet on starting WW III – it will be a miracle, if Trump is preventing it.

    • Earn nest

      People will hang desperately onto their hope when the truth is too wretched for acceptance.

  • gadsdengurl

    And we think Obama duped people? The sad thing is Trumpsters are still making apologies for this POS claiming he was ‘tricked’…. pathetic! He was a vain puppet all along… he wanted to boast about being president, and so he will do what his neocon masters tell him to.

  • georgesilver

    Trump another puppet paper tiger and stooge for the western multinationals. There are only three things you need to know to sum up Syria and see what it’s all about.
    1. Oman pipe line
    2. Greater Israel.
    3. Enforcing a BIS central bank.

  • JohnZ

    Veterans Today has people on the ground in Syria who have now exposed this as a false flag.
    Al Jazeera along with the Syrian White Helmets, another front group for NUSRA al Sham carefully rehearsed and staged the entire dog and pony show. Proof with two witnesses and lots and lots of photos and videos. Two Renault pickups were also used.

    Vt is now being attacked by the U.S. Army and the toilet dwellers at the DHS……f*** the both of them.

  • JohnnyZ

    Could it be that it was not a false flag but a fake flag (i.e. a hoax)? This is what my default assumption is of such headline events recently. I mean come on – even mainstream media is calling it a false flag, so it must be more than that. I really lack the motivation to even study each fake event anymore…