Female Circumcision is Not the Only Genital Mutilation That Needs to be Stopped
By Joe Jarvis - April 28, 2017

Female circumcision, more accurately termed genital mutilation, is a barbaric assault carried out on young girls for religious and cultural reasons. While female genital mutilation is most widely practiced in regions of Africa, and small pockets in the middle east, the process of removing some or all of the clitoris is unfortunately carried out across the world.Although confusion remains about the relation of religion to female circumcision, and not confined to specific religions, and is influenced mainly by region of origin. Still, an estimated half a million girls living in the United States have been subjected to the brutal practice, or are at risk of being victimized.

Although confusion remains about the relation of religion to female circumcision, it is not confined to specific religions and is influenced mainly by a person’s region of origin. Still, an estimated half a million girls living in the United States have been subjected to the brutal practice, or are at risk of being victimized.

(Note: An earlier version of this article incorrectly related female genital mutilation to the Islamic religion. As reflected above, the practice is influenced far more by region than religion. A small minority of Islamic countries practice female genital mutilation, and the practice is not sanctioned by the religion.)

A high profile case is unfolding in Michigan where a female doctor has been accused of mutilating the genitals of two young girls, and this has sparked a call for awareness of the problem, and reform to prevent it from continuing.

“It’s taken me a long time to be as comfortable as I am,” said Taher, who hopes that her Sahiyo campaign to end female genital mutilation will gain momentum from the Michigan case.  “We can’t have this happening … Whether it’s a tradition, for religious reasons or for sex, I see all of it as controlling someone. This is a form of gender violence. It’s a form of child abuse. It’s oppression.”

Religion and culture are generally used as excuses for female genital mutilation, and ironically sometimes the older woman who had the practice done to them in their youth are some of the biggest proponents of carrying on the tradition.

And fathers who want their sons to “look like them” contribute to why male genital mutilation continues. Make no mistake about the psychological impact. Just as Taher has had to struggle to be comfortable with herself, many men who were circumcised as infants feel just as much internal turmoil.

I talked to one victim who wished to remain anonymous because he generally keeps quiet about his feelings on his own circumcision, rather than face ridicule.

Unlike most cut guys I am aware that I’m ‘missing out’, so to speak, and this consistently causes me emotional and psychological pain and stress on almost a daily basis. I can’t even urinate without seeing my mutilated penis and feeling awful about it. Emotions range from sadness and depression to anger and frustration.

Yet most people brush off the crimes against baby boys because it is part of the American culture, or because it is for religious reasons, or because it is supposedly cleaner.

And supporters of female circumcision say the exact same thing. But the real reason behind circumcision of males and females is the suppression of sexual satisfaction.

Growing up in India, [Sulemanji] was told that the practice was meant to “curb a woman’s sexual desire” so that a woman wouldn’t have an affair or premarital sex. The Bohras do this, she said, by cutting the hood — or tip — off of the clitoris, which was done to her. Today, she said,  the Bohras are changing their story about why they practice genital cutting, claiming the ritual is for cleanliness and religious reasons.

Sulemanji  associates it only with pain.

Male circumcision is the same story. When the modern tradition was resurrected in Victorian era Britain the religious community was very upfront about the benefits of male circumcision in preventing the oh-so-sinful crime of masturbation. They knew that circumcising men removed the main pleasure centers associated with sexual arousal.

Today, ask anybody why baby boys are circumcised, and they will say it is because it is cleaner.

Yet even in the mid-1900’s doctors began coming out with studies and papers declaring male circumcision medically unnecessary (except for very specific medical conditions), and detailing the psychological and sexual harm of cutting off the foreskin.

In fact, the main difference between female and male genital mutilation in America is that most of the male victims do not remember it being done to them. It is much easier to sympathize with the victims of female genital mutilation because they can tell the story of what they went through.

“It was very very painful. No painkiller. No anesthesia. They just cut. I still remember the scissors.  I remember it very very well,” said the woman, who requested her identity be withheld. “They said it’s for religion. We have to do it. No other reason, nothing.”

But she has since learned, she said, that the elders were trying to suppress her sexuality. And she has no way of knowing, she said, if she’s missing out on anything sexually, noting: “I don’t have the guts to ask some of my friends” about their sex lives.

The victims of male genital mutilation cannot describe their attacks in the same way, but that doesn’t make it any less of a crime. I have often heard defenders of male circumcision say that since babies do not remember the procedure, it does no harm. But it is worth noting that to defend child molestation, in the same way, would be absurd. Of course, traumatic pain being the first experience in life could lead to a whole host of psychological issues.

I talked to another male victim of male genital mutilation, David Garlock, who is vocally against male circumcision and speaks out against the practice on Youtube and other internet forums.

The first time I had sex it felt like almost nothing. Sure it was exciting and gratifying, but in terms of physical sensation the experience was negatory. One can never know for certain how different people experience the universe so I wasn’t sure if the numbness was typical or just a quirk of my circumstances…

The fact that I could not achieve orgasm through any of the traditional methods or that the effort required compared to the relatively minor reward seemed absurdly mis matched never struck me as particularly telling. Its just me I thought or maybe I just need more experience.

…it wasn’t until I started restoring my foreskin that the likely explanation became apparent. The explosion of sensation and erogenous pleasure that accompanied the re-covering of my glans went far beyond anything that could be attributed to placebo… For the first time I was able to orgasm in the traditional ways others took for granted…

Clearly [in-tact men] live in an experientially different universe one with sensations and feelings those unfortunate enough to have been circumcised at birth will never experience or even imagine.

And others do take it for granted. This past February at a party an intact man who had seen David’s comments about circumcision on facebook approached him, told him he thought it was ridiculous that David was so “obsessed” with the issue of circumcision and that he “should get over it.”

Can you imagine someone having this same attitude towards victims of female genital mutilation? Do you think Taher has to deal with comments like this from intact women, who entirely fail to sympathize with their victimization, simply because the cultural norm is so ingrained?

Still, when you talk about matters of degree, it is hard to deny that the wrongs perpetrated against most female victims of genital mutilation are worse.

Yet even in the court cases involving the perpetrators of female genital mutilation, the defense lawyers use these same arguments about the degree of the crime to differentiate among female victims. Some claim their clients are not guilty of genital mutilation, but rather a simple alteration.

One defense lawyer  believes the government has overstated its case, claiming no mutilation took place, and has accused the news media of sensationalizing and misrepresenting what really happened.

In court, Bloomfield Hills attorney Shannon Smith has admitted that  her client — Nagarwala — performed a procedure on the genitals of two Minnesota girls. But it wasn’t cutting, she said. Instead, Smith said, Nagarwala removed the membrane from the girls’ genitals using a “scraper,” wrapped it in gauze and gave it to the girls’ parents, who would then bury it following a religious custom…

“All of the acts that my client performed on children” did not involve female genital mutilation, said Smith, arguing that “the issue of female genital mutilation presents vagueness.”

So in this instance, was it mutilation, or was it a simple religious custom?

Questions like these don’t have to be answered if the personal autonomy of individuals was simply respected, whatever their age.

There is no need to decide where the line is for male or female victims of genital mutilation. Any medically unnecessary procedure involving the genitals of children should be off limits.

What Should We Do?

None of this is to say that anyone who has circumcised their son is a bad person. That is absolutely not the case; many otherwise loving, caring parents who have the best interests of their child in mind circumcise their sons. There is a strong cultural influence to do so, and an ingrained tradition of “like father like son” that leads to the practice being widely continued.

Clearly, most sane people are on board with banning female circumcision altogether. It is an obvious crime against the girls whose genitals are mutilated. Many believe that the girls should not necessarily be removed from parents that attempt or successfully mutilate their genitals, as that might cause more psychological harm.

And I tend to agree based on the scientific data. Even children that are physically abused do not necessarily do better when removed from the situation (which is in no way an endorsement or excuse for their treatment, just another psychological factor to consider).

And children actually suffer more trauma from abusive treatment that is not a community norm. For instance, a child is less likely to suffer psychological harm from spanking if they know all their friends are spanked as well. This means that since the practice of male circumcision is so widespread in America, the psychological factors are in fact reduced compared to circumcised females who, in America, are the extreme minority among their peers.

That is why the best solution is to consider male circumcision a tort, allowing for civil damages to be awarded to those males who have been wronged by their parents. Most parents who circumcise their sons mean no harm and are generally ignorant to the harm they cause. Therefore the civil liability would be relatively low since there was no intent to do harm.

A legitimate settlement would be to have parents cover the costs of foreskin restoration if that is desired, or psychological therapy to overcome the mental damage done.

But the most important change needs to be the realization that although he is your child, he is not your property to do with what you want. It is his body and his decision which parts of him should be cut off and discarded.

We need to stop the culture of genital mutilation, and in order to do that, we need to have tough conversations that make people uncomfortable. If you realize you made a mistake with your child, it is okay to admit you were wrong. In fact simply apologizing to your son may be all that is required to put the issue to rest. Hopefully, the next generation will not have to deal with the same issues.

This is an Individual Human Rights Issue

There are plenty of resources to learn more about why circumcision is medically unnecessary, but the main point here has nothing to do with the medical benefits or detriments, but with individual rights. If you believe in rights at all, you should agree that permanently altering a boy’s body without his consent is a violation of his rights.

As with all harmful cultural norms, there is a knee-jerk reaction to defend a decision that was made with flawed information, or out of ignorance. Especially with many doctors supporting the practice, it is very easy to fall into the cultural trap of doing what everyone else is doing and assuming it is normal or even beneficial.

I don’t want parents to feel bad about themselves, I want them to reflect on far-reaching consequences of the actions they take which affect their loved ones. This is a serious topic that needs to be brought to light. While we finally gear up to stamp out female genital mutilation in America, one million boys will be circumcised this year alone. Over 100 of them will die due to complications from the medically unnecessary procedure.

If the need to stop the practice of female genital mutilation seems so obvious to you, why shouldn’t young boys be afforded the same protection?


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  • Brabantian

    Bravo Daily Bell for the courage to cover this important and disturbing issue

    In general in continental Europe men are not circumcised, aside from Muslims & Jews … which points to the origin of the problem here, that circumcision is a scheme of the Abrahamic religions, today led by a cabal of Jewish doctors who have had excessive influence in the USA & the UK

    The trauma of circumcision, creating males who are mutilated both physically & mentally, is something that may be behind much of the evil in today’s world … The mutilated male seeks domination of others, & to make other males mutilated as he was mutilated

    Who are the 3 cultures that circumcise? – Jews, Muslims & Anglo-Americans … Which 3 cultures cause most of the problems & conflict & quests for brutal domination in today’s world? … uh-huh

    The horror of circumcision also is proof that the Bible is not true, & indeed that all the 3 Abrahamic religions of Judaism, Christianity & Islam, were founded by a satanic demon if anyone, certainly not by any ‘good god’ … With its child-mutilation and ‘god-ordered’ genocide of women, children & entire peoples, the Bible is certainly not a ‘holy book’

    • Thank you! That had been on some minds here as well… the correlation between violent behavior and the traumatic incidence of circumcision at birth.

      • Dimitri Ledkovsky

        Birth by Caesarian section is believed to be even more traumatizing than circumcision. Studies have been performed on Caesarian babies as adults revealing basically that they as a group have a higher incidence of “social adjustment” problems due to insecurity than their vaginally born peers. Research on this topic is somewhat suppressed because the Caesarian yields huge hospital earnings. Home deliveries with an experienced midwife are almost for free.

        • JohnZ

          Not only that but the docs don’t have to wait around until the birth actually occurs. They can slice open the woman and yank the baby out and it’s all finished except for the bill.
          Hospitals in America have become nothing more than assembly lines or like taking your car to a dealership for service….get the car in and out ASAP to make room for the next patient. Oftimes you end up having to take your car back to the dealership to get it serviced for the problem you took it in for the first time.
          America needs to outlaw this beastly practice. And for those who claim religious practice…kiss my ass.

    • Sol

      Interesting thoughts!

    • autonomous

      Speaking of rubbish! The three cultures that cause the problems & conflict & brutal conquest? Both Nazi Germany and Communist Russia lead the pack in modern history If a third is required, Communist China will do. Admittedly, the USA and ‘Great’ Britain are nearly as guilty, largely due to unlimited warfare and police state tactics against their own citizens: though hardly as quantifiable because of ‘intelligence’ initiatives. Both Jews and Islamists (Christianity is a non-issue regarding circumcision) have been more the recipients of genocide than perpetrators. It requires a huge leap of anti-logic to make circumcision responsible for world conflict.

      I agree with DB’s bringing genital mutilation to the fore (ouch!), but equating female genital utilization with male circumcision is a stretch. I am both male and circumcised, so I see only a limited application, but I see little evidence that male circumcision makes an identifiable dent in procreational activity.

      • Chemist

        Well there’s not much we can do about it now except spread the word. That said, the human brain does a marvelous job at turning up the “gain” of our sensory inputs as needed. Consider human sight, where we can see sufficient contrast and detail across an enormous range of light levels (10 orders of magnitude). Similar abilities, even if not that drastic, permeate all of our sensory inputs. So the premise of the article is “we don’t know what we’re missing”. I contend that it doesn’t matter 99.99% of the time because of how the brain is hard-wired. So that begs the question – does it [male genital “mutilation”] really matter? (p.s. I’m seeing if this post will not get “quarantined” after having removed a single sentence. DB, you can sh*t-can the full comment I attempted yesterday)

        • autonomous

          It does not matter to me. Other societal meddling with male sexual practice matter much more, i.e. induced guilt. Female genital mutilation seems a far more urgent matter, though here too induced guilt is far more prevalent and at least as destructive to healthy sexuality. But then so is induced libertine-ism, for both (all) sexes. Perhaps all extreme fixes should be abolished.

          • Chemist

            Agreed. Order of importance and significance puts male circumcision in last place, and I think if you take my previous argument with any more than a grain of salt (enough nerves are preserved with the male) the difference is in the wash almost all of the time with most male “victims.”

    • Dimitri Ledkovsky

      Christianity never encouraged this barbarism towards infants.

    • Milton

      Without going into a protracted conversation, I just want to point out that you sir are an idiot!


    We should stop not only the surgical way of FGM. All the ways of PGF2alpha deprivation have a deep impact on girls development and their learning abilities.

  • Angela Erdstrom

    Thank you for a very fair and accurate assessment of America’s own cutting culture.

    • Dimitri Ledkovsky

      Much of Christian Europe and Russia have dropped circumcision and even frown upon it. The USA and Canada lag in the Dark Ages.

  • Kai

    Thank you for speaking against the barbarism equally regardless of gender. The truth is , there are criminal genital mutilations of male children in the US done using the “non medical necessity” ,”procedure” in the worst of ways possible because of “tolerances” ,and “indifference” and blatant sexism.

  • georgesilver

    Well you certainly managed to tip-toe around this one without mentioning Jew once (I may have missed this).
    Just shows the power of the Jewish lobby when you are frightened of mentioning the fact their religion, tradition or what ever you want to call it demands circumcision.

    • CCblogging

      Jews do it , Arabs do it and Gentiles also circumcise their boys. I am a Gentile but escaped the scalpel. Tell it all brother.

      • Dimitri Ledkovsky

        Gentiles (goys) do it out off blind obeisance to their mostly Jewish doctors. They have to stop toeing this silly line.

        • CCblogging


        • CCblogging


        • CCblogging

          a Jew

        • CCblogging


        • CCblogging


        • CCblogging


        • CCblogging


        • CCblogging


        • CCblogging


        • CCblogging

          You hated Jews very long?

          • Kol

            You hated Muslims very long?? You been a racist very long?

      • georgesilver

        That’s exactly what I’m saying…. “tell it all”. The DB is conveniently or terrified of looking at the huge pink elephant in the room.

    • Dimitri Ledkovsky

      georgesilver, you are the first to nail it. Some time ago a DB writer responded to a comment I had made about Jewish Wall Street by revealing that he (or could have been a she) was of the Jewish persuasion. So you’re addressing the powers of the Jewish Press here.
      Needed to be mentioned in the whole discussion is that circumcision was unheard of in Europe and the Nordic countries until the Khazarian Jews arrived there. By the middle ages their presence was felt in the world of medicine. It’s likely that during and after the Reformation circumcision gained in popularity, probably due to clever Talmudic arguments about cleanliness.

      Growing up as a child I was told that Jewish circumcision was related to the Exodus through the desert. Why, without all too much water in the Sinai, the Hebrews found it difficult to keep their fore skinned schwantzes dirt and sand free. So they all lopped each others foreskins off for “hygienic” reasons. For a kid the problem with this story was that regular white boy Christians, I found out in the lorckerrooms, also looked like they were “cut”. Now, later in life, I think that was the case because the “cut that humbles” also earns spare shekels at the hospital.

  • David Biviano

    Well-stated! The human rights issue is the only relevant one in this discussion.

  • rockycz

    Good article. Picture this: a small, naked child, restrained by adults or strapped into a device, spread-eagled, perhaps already screaming, an adult approaching the genitals with a scalpel. If you have to ask whether that child is male or female in order to agree that this is a violation of human rights, there is something wrong with you.

  • CCblogging

    The old pro-argument for male circumcision was it was being done for hygiene purposes. It has no impact on sexual performance. I have two brothers who were and then three counting myself who weren’t. I don’t feel that it’s necessary for hygiene if you keep yourself clean. Key word is “Cleanliness” you can get bladder infections easier than circumcised males. I can also tell you, ain’t nobody getting close to my Johnson with a blade!

    • Circumcision indisputably has an impact on sexual function. The prepuce, ridged band, and frenulum are all functional, innervated tissue. Permanently removing them removes those functions and sensations. Non-consensual circumcision should be illegal.

      • CCblogging

        coip, I agree with you except for your first line. My circumcised brothers have no problem with performance according to them. They got lots of kids to prove it. One was even a real hound if you know what I mean. I am happy that I wasn’t cut and I do believe that it is not necessary. I am keeping my body parts including the seat cover.

    • Kol
  • jttrausch1

    I have read that the original biblical circumcision was a very slight cut, basically a removal of any foreskin that hung past the glans. How would one know? One of the indicators mentioned in the article was Michaelangelo’s depiction of David showing generous amount of foreskin.
    I strongly suspect that circumcision likely has the effect of causing men to want to masturbate, intuitively knowing that they are missing out on what should be present in marital relations. Not mentioned in the article is the fact that male circumcision alters the physiology of the penis and adds a layer of challenge to marital relations. The skin of the glans (head) of the penis becomes thickened and dried, making it less sensitive itself, as well as somewhat abrasive to one’s wife. So the male who desires to have good relations, sexual, emotional etc with his wife is at a double advantage, for his copulating organ has been doubly desensitized by the removal of the sensitive foreskin that keeps his glans covered, smoothe and sensitive and the intact foreskin aids to keep naturally occurring bodily lubricants from being squeegied away. The rougher glans with thickened and drier skin is less sensitive and therefore needs more stimulation/friction during marital relations that introduces unwarranted friction upon the wife. Thus we have a situation where there is a level of dissatisfaction on the part of one or both of the marital partners, leading a man to want to take the matter into his own hands. Stop the mutilationl

  • maxparrish

    This article and comments seem to equate circumcision with castration. I feel for the girls who grow up with no ability for pleasure.

    • Alexander Nielsen

      First, not all FGM does not always entail the removal of the clitoris, there are various types, some of them are quite similar to circumcision. Second of all, not all pleasure comes from stimulation of the clitoris. There are nerve endings all over the vagina.

      • maxparrish

        Thank you for explaining my vagina to me. I can’t think of any FGM that has minimal effects!

        • Alexander Nielsen

          Removal of the clitoral hood, for example, though that is commonly (though not always) accompanied with removal of the clitoral glans. And type IV includes a whole range of nonmedical procedures, some of which are very minor, such as pricking, piercing, but also includes some that are more severe. MGM and FGM are both vile.

    • FEEuser

      But you don’t feel the same for males. Why the double standard?

      • maxparrish

        I didn’t think circumcision was my choice to make for my son, either. But after my son was hospitalized at three and developing a staff infection from a catheter, he was circumcised after attempts to treat it, he ended up circumcised to finally treat the infection.

        Why do you assume to know what my feelings are? But no- I do not feel a circumcision is as radical as castration. And I certainly do not feel holding an eight-year-old girl down and using a razor or broken piece of glass has any kind of precision that the another poster seems to think.

        If you seem to want to make this a gender issue, that’s your problem, as well as making this personal. So, I will indulge and say you must feel very dickhurt to try and detract from the seriousness of third world mutilations. This is about making females a commodity or property, like gelding a horse. Not religion. There is no double standard- it is apples and oranges.

  • Heywood Jablome

    I am of the opinion that circumcision and female genital mutilation, should be completely outlawed. This is generally an offense committed against the most vulnerable in society, children, and as such we as a society should be most vocal about their protection, since they cannot voice their objections with the authority of adults who can defend them. This is an assault on an individual, and regardless of the age, cannot be justified.

  • Alan777

    I agree, completely unnecessary and should be banned. If adults want to have it done that’s another matter.

    • Bob Pegram

      It is safest at 8 days after birth. That is when the level of antibodies
      is the highest at any point in life. It is dangerous to do to an adult,
      but not a baby, especially at 8 days. Do your research!

      • Alan777

        That’s not the point. Don’t do it to your child if it’s not necessary and if as an adult you feel it’s important, then do it to yourself and take the minor risk (it’s minor surgery for today’s modern medicine).

      • pipslvr

        Well, you DO your research and show it to us here to prove that “the level of antibodies is the highest at any point in life” at 8 days.. which is an insane statement.

  • georgesilver

    Dear Daily Bell is there the possibility of you doing an article on the McCanns and their dead daughter Madeleine?
    Richard Hall of Richplanet.net has done extensive in-depth investigation of this and even shows how in their interviews they have confessed. Yet we are constantly bombarded by the controlled press that they are still looking for their daughter. How many $Millions have been spent on this cover-up.

  • Johannes Archer

    No consent, then wait.

    • Bob Pegram

      It is safest at 8 days after birth. That is when the level of antibodies is the highest at any point in life. It is dangerous to do to an adult, but not a baby, especially at 8 days.


        Please google ‘Dr Roger Dommergue on circumcision’

      • pipslvr

        What in the world are you smoking…

        Circumcision is safe, when performed in a medical setting, in babies, young adults and adults. Millions of men get circumcised when adults without consequence for their health.

  • Douteux55

    My suspicion is that the Jews promoted the practice with gentiles to hide themselves in case of persecution. This way, all men would be jews. How necessary it was/is remains to be seen. My husband and son are circumcised and I don’t believe I’ve ever been with anyone who wasn’t so I have no comparison, but none of my partners ever had any complaints or difficulties performing despite their deformities. My husband decided to have my son circumcised since I had no preferences. He felt it was helpful. One pro-circumcision thought though is that with the unhygienic conditions of late antiquity through the middle ages the practice may have prevented infections and inflammations that could have been exacerbated by skin on skin rubbing in close quarters. I have no historical support for the thought, just an idea.

  • SauronHimself

    Welcome to the MGM drinking game! Sit back with a nice scotch and take a sip every time you see one of these:
    -“Female Genital Mutilation is much worse.” Take another if they mention clitorectomy. Follow the thread and take a drink every time their description of FGM gets worse.
    -“FGM is done in unsanitary conditions” Not the same as point 1, this is comparing the circumstances rather than the practice itself.
    -“It reduces HIV/STDs” Take an extra drink if they provide links.
    -“It’s done to control women’s sexuality”
    -“It’s just a piece of skin”
    -You find yourself using the phrase “Type IV”
    -Accusation of antisemitism (pro-MGM side) or Jewish Conspiracies (anti-MGM side).

  • Ed

    Thou shalt not trespass.

  • When female genital mutilation is about chastity, then men have to let their moral grow bigger!

  • dsaulw

    Along these lines, ALL unnecessary medical procedures on minors should be illegal.

    Consider the administration of the Hepatitis B vaccine given to newborns routinely in the U.S. (even though their mothers are Hep B negative). The risk factors for acquiring Hep B are IV drug abuse and sexual contact. By the time that a baby might be exposed to such risks, whatever protection the vaccine might have provided will have worn off. But the risks to the baby are substantial:

    When a medical procedure confers no benefits, yet entails serious risks, it can only be considered medical assault, an act of aggression which deserves no place in a free society.

  • FEEuser

    Thank you, DB, for bringing some balance to this issue. The females seem to get all the attention and consideration; the MEN NOTHING. That has to change.


  • Bob Pegram

    Joe Jarvis, the author is obviously not a Christian nor a Jew. Circumcision reduces the rate of infections of WIVES coming from their husbands. It is done for the benefit of the wives, not the husbands. Quit being so damned self centered.
    Female circumcision is not even mentioned in the Bible, much less commanded. It is evil.

    • Then, men are like dogs or other inferior animals, in need to be “immunized” to not transmit “pathological diseases” to their owners.

      It is a very fine view of men! We are as valuable as dogs to our wives!

  • pacman

    It’s hardly the same medical issue not does it have the same impact on the later sexuality of a woman as it does on a man. It is performed for one reason, reduce the sexuality of women.

  • Such utter non-sense. I had a male relative who got an infection and had to be circumcised as an adult. There is a legit medical reason for it if ever there was one. Let the families decide for themselves on this. There is no medical reason for female “circumcision” it’s just cruel.

    • Anthony Losquadro

      “Let families decide” ?? No, let the individual decide for himself as an adult. End of discussion.

      • Right because no decisions can be made for children by their parents. The state should stay out of it because parents have the right to make choices for their children. Secondly how are you going to stop it? I will raise mine as I see fit and you will do nothing about it.

        • Kol
        • Kol
        • Kol

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          • wow, that is a whole lot of irrelevant information.

          • Kol

            Here’s how the US empire will devolve into fascism and … – RawStory


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            Heres how the US empire will devolve into fascism and then collapse …


            Dec 7, 2016 – 4 posts – ‎3 authors

            Here’s how the US empire will devolve into fascism and then collapse — according to science. Travis Gettys 07 DEC 2016 AT 08:00 ET

            Here’s how the US empire will devolve into … – Black Lives Matter


            Dec 7, 2016 – Our mission here is to share the news that mainstream media play down or hide … Here’s how the US empire will devolve into fascism and then ..

          • he knows how to cut and paste. So glad the government schools are teaching the important things to the kids these days.

            oh and by the way Mises predicted the fall of the Soviet Union in the 1920s. Your “Sociologist” is behind by at least 50 years.

          • Kol

            Wipe off your chin. The SNOT’s dribbling down it and all over your keyboard every time you post. Clean your keyboard off too cyka!!

          • ah government education, never fails to disappoint.

          • Kol

            You make no sense at all. Try again!

          • ok, I will spell it for you. U R the Product of GUBMENT EDUCATION !!! Get it now?

          • Kol

            So how much “education” have YOU got? Did you even graduate high school? Speak more than one language (I do… several.)

          • At no point did the government “educate” me, I can tell you that much. Which means I have a real education not from a propaganda mill.

          • Kol

            So describe your “education” for us. We’ve seen little evidence of one. What kind of education do you have? Speak more than one language? Any degrees? Where from?

          • I don’t owe you squat. Go F yourself. You don’t even know who I am talking about.

          • Kol

            F U 2 cyka.

          • back to work, oh wait your on EBT, I forgot.

          • Kol

            Don’t get insulted, but is your job devoted to spreading ignorance?

          • nope, my job is to make me another six figures this month.

          • Kol

            Yeah, right!

          • I didn’t say I had made six figures this month, I said that was my job. Up to five figures a month so far. So I better get back to work.

          • Kol

            And again you used “your” when it should be “you’re”!!
            You’re really that ignorant, aren’t you. Your ignorance really shows!

          • no, I just like to make a grammar nazi like you jerk his knee. You walked right into it like a good little doggie. Your welcome. 😉 Go ahead do it again. 😉

          • Kol

            So full of bullshit
            your eyes are

          • Oh I see your a bigot against brown people. I knew it. Such a bigoted thing to say, just another Archie Bunker in disguise. Hmmm.

          • Kol

            You really sound stupid with that one!
            And being someone who is NOT an
            anti-Muslim bigot I’m hardly “a bigot against
            brown people.” And jackass that you are,
            you used “your” incorrectly again,. You
            really are so dumb you don’t know the
            difference. That’s hilarious.

          • Hey denial aint just a river in Egypt. Your the one make “brown” jokes. Totally bigoted behavior from someone so high and mighty. I mean really how dare you equate brown people with excrement. It is disgusting. I am gonna tell all your leftist friend what you really are. Shame, shame on you.

          • Kol
          • ooo, more copy and paste.

          • reposting this to Kos for all your lefties buddies to see. Enjoy !!

          • Kol


          • Kol

            Speaking of the Soviet Union, how many times have you been to Red Square or toured the Kremlin? I’ve been there 20+ times going through Moscow on the way to and from Russia to visit extended family folks in different parts of the country. I’ve studied Russian History there too! You ever been anywhere or done anything that might be of any interest at all to anyone else?

          • Oh I am sure you have been there. I am sure you probably honeymooned there. I prefer to visit free countries like Switzerland and New Zealand. Much more enjoyable and educational.

          • Kol

            Actually, you don’t seem to know much for a know-it-all. Gaitung, in fact, predicted the Soviet Union would end in 1989. And in 1989 the Soviet Union leaders began talking about doing that in 1990 and the official end date was December 25, 1991. So he was not off by 50 years, he was very close… within a few months! FYI, I know Russian History… I have extended family in Russia and I have lived there several times for fairly long periods to be with some I am close to. I also can speak some Russian. You appear to be one who could learn a lot more if you shut up and listen, and pay attention,../ instead of talking all the time. Educate yourself! Stop acting snotty and stupid!

          • Your clueless. He was LATE by 50 years. Ludwig Von Mises predicted the fall of the Soviet Union in the 20s, shortly after it was established. So his “prediction” was far behind Mises’ prediction. I wasn’t saying he was OFF by 50 years, but LATE by 50 years. It is no accomplishment to merely repeat what has already been said 50 years before.

          • Kol

            You act like a blithering idiot. What for?

          • You don’t even know who Mises was do you?

          • Kol

            I know who he was. But what he said has no bearing all on Gaitun’s accurate prediction. So why are you making a fool of yourself?

          • Who was he ? and what did he say?

          • If you knew who he was an what he said you would know that it has absolute bearing and is totally relevant.

          • Kol

            How was he late? He predicted what actually did occur — in the REAL world, not you head — within a few months of when it actually did occur.

            (Can you even point to Russia on a world map all by yourself without asking someone to help you find it??) :-)))

          • The fall of the Soviet Union was already predicted 50 years prior. It’s no skill to simply redo what has already been done. It is no secret that socialist systems fall apart. Mises showed us why it is inevitable.

          • Kol

            Socialist systems fall apart? Then how do you explain that all but one of the G28 nations is one for or another of socialist government. And, in fact, all but one of them provides every one of its citizens with government-sponsored healthcare. The only one where millions of people do not hae adequate healthcare or no healthcare at all is the U.S.A. You don’t know what you are talking about … obviously.

          • You think government healthcare in these “socialist” states is a success? LOL People die waiting in line for care. There are few sick people walking around because they don’t survive. Total disaster, yet idiots like you can somehow walk away form this loss of life as if it was a glorious moment in history. FOOL.

          • Kol

            You are totally wrong! I am an American with extended family in Russia and I have been to Russia a number of times and lived there at times. On one trip there, I even sustained a serious injury and needed emergency medical care and follow-up. It was excellent! An ambulance to a hospital ER, lab tests, x-rays, CAT scan, surgery and anesthesiology, and follow-up care. You’re very loud-mouthed but you DON’T know what you are talking about!!! LOL

          • You think stealing from the taxpayers to mend your wounds is moral? I pay for my own healthcare I don’t take one dime for one other person to do it. Nor would I dream of it. Your “excellent” is nothing more then theft. I suggest you pay back what you owe.

          • Kol

            Well, there are people who are decent and caring… and then there’s your kind. Pyeeeeww!

          • Because the state forced someone to pay their taxes and steal their money to pay for your wounds does not make them decent and caring, it makes them a victim of your thievery. I suggest you pay back what you have taken, THIEF !!!

          • Kol
          • great a Kos troll. Glad to see your got your internet connection running to your mom’s basement. Now you don’t have to leave for anything like a job or a life.

          • Kol

            Are you a bigot? Anti-Muslim? Anti-LGBT?

          • are you?

          • Kol

            Absolutely not! But your side-step shows that probably you are. Trying to be “cute” but you’re not. Good laugh!


          • I don’t answer idiotic question like that, but apparently you do. How do I know your not a bigot? Hmmm, you must be. I asked so you must be one. Right? That’s how that works.

          • Kol

            Why don’t you even know the difference between “your” and “you’re” so that you can use the correct one when you write? That’s 5th grade English grammar!!

          • and a grammar nazi too. Congrats, your the whole trifecta. Useful Idiot and grammar Nazi.

          • Kol

            Nah! I just like to think that anyone I engage in discussion in a public forum has at least ust a little bit more than a 5th grade “intellect” so I won’t waste my time. If you’re not bright enough to know 5th grade grammar your loud-mouthed opino9n isn’t worth very much.

  • Samarami

    “…We need to stop the culture of genital mutilation…”

    Before dabbling around in the sacred cow of “sexuality”, please define “we”. I can’t stop anybody’s “…genital mutilation…” except my own — that is, “mutilation” inflicted by me. Since I’m 82, I won’t likely become father of another boy (I had 4. All circumcised — on the 8th day. None suffered “mutilation”). I suppose if I became father of another boy, I’d circumcise, or allow it. Perhaps not.
    I’ll soundly agree with Lorin Chane Partain . “We” need to keep “our” noses out of the business of others. That is, the “we” who claim to be libertarian. Sam