Foreign Affairs Magazine Suffers Substantially in the ‘Net Era
By Daily Bell Staff - September 22, 2016

ISIS’ Virtual Puppeteers  How They Recruit and Train “Lone Wolves” … The Islamic State (also known as ISIS) has taken a beating on the battlefield throughout 2016. U.S. officials estimate that the group has lost half of its territory in Iraq and roughly 20 percent in Syria, including key supply routes from Turkey that had been vital to the group’s inflow of foreign fighters. Although ISIS’ territorial holdings continue to dwindle, the threat it poses does not. –Foreign Affairs

In this Internet era, Foreign Affairs reveals its propaganda matrix more and more directly. This article is a good example of it.

For anyone who knows about the wider “war on terror,” this article is not easily believed. Its lack of credibility is a problem but it is indicative of an even larger difficulty, as well.

For many years – decades – in the 20th century, Foreign Affairs propaganda was in a sense covert rather than overt. The speeches and articles were couched in elegant rhetoric that didn’t seem overwhelmingly at variance with other mainstream views.

But the 21st century has been a catastrophe for elite messaging. ‘Net reporting has made the contrasts between truth and falsehoods a good deal clearer.

For instance, a growing number of people worldwide believe little if anything about the “official story” regarding the destruction of the Twin Towers on 9/11.

A lesser number, but probably still a significant amount, don’t believe the US government’s tale about the execution of bin Laden. Either he was not executed in the manner that the US government presented or he actually died some 10 years earlier due to failing internal organs.

These are just two items where there is considerable disbelief about government narratives. But at this point, there are so many more. Substantial numbers don’t believe in the efficacy of vaccines, in the dangers of global warming, even in the democratic political system itself.

Another area where there is considerable and growing doubt has to do with the “war on terror.” This article in Foreign Affairs takes every part of the “war on terror” narrative at face value. That’s a significant reason why it comes across as phony.


ISIS has proven itself to be an endlessly adaptive organization, utilizing creative measures to shape-shift in its response to external pressures. As the group’s territory shrinks and its leadership is picked off by U.S.-led airstrikes, ISIS will rely increasingly upon its “virtual planners”—members who operate in the dark spaces of the Internet—to inspire and coordinate attacks abroad.

Since at least early 2015, ISIS has been planning high-profile operations against the West, with Europe standing directly in the crosshairs. As has become clearer over time, ISIS’ strategy for external operations in Europe is not haphazard—its methods are deliberate and carefully organized under the direction of one of its wings, the Amn al-Kharji.

Although it is fairly opaque,bit by bit, analysts have been able to piece together this wing’s hierarchical chain of command. According to ISIS defector Abu Khaled, Abu Mohammed al-Adnani—ISIS’ now deceased spokesman—served as the official head of the Amn al-Kharji.

While this sounds credible, perhaps, at a first read, much of it has been debunked by literally thousands of ‘Net reports.

ISIS, like Al Qaeda before it, was a creation of the West. The City’s banking elites in particular funded modern “terrorism” in order to create an enemy for the West to fight against. (All Wars Are Bankers’ Wars.)

ISIS, in fact, is not an endlessly adaptive organization. There’s plenty of evidence that the Pentagon funds and supplies ISIS along with the Mossad, CIA, etc.

Nor is ISIS opaque, many of its members may come from US ally Saudi Arabia. Those involved in the top of the ISIS hierarchy are probably well known to the West and NATO. They may even be double agents, actually working for the Mossad, MI6 or the CIA.

The article goes on to profile one of ISIS’s “most dangerous virtual planners, Rachid Kassim, a 29-year-old French jihadist who inspires and directs ISIS adherents in Europe from his base inside ISIS-held territory.”

Kassim, likely of Algerian origin, is believed to have radicalized sometime in 2011. Prior to that, Kassim reportedly worked at a social center in Roanne in central France and had a passion for rap music.

The article goes on to further describe Kassim’s activities and what he does to “terrorize” the West. But why should we take this article at face value? The information in it is almost certainly supplied via intelligence anlaysis.

In other words, the same people who illegitimately helped set up the “war on terrorism” are now supposedly providing insights on its expansion and direction.

There’s nothing in this Foreign Affairs article that is especially believable in our view. But it is good to read it nonetheless because it shows clearly how Foreign Affairs departs – increasingly – from modern truth and reality.

In the 20th century that was a good deal harder to observe in such a forthright fashion. But the cautious, shaded opinions of 20th century globalism have given way to outright lying easily disproven thanks to ‘Net reporting.

Conclusion: This is not just a problem for Foreign Affairs but a major dilemma for elite media presentations generally. Either those responsible for these publications will have to change how they approach these articles, or they will end up with less and less credibility. That nothing has been done so far seems to show that solutions are not easily available. That may be the worst problem of all.

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  • NobodysaysBOO

    The Russians will be forced to deal directly with the Isralies nukes and all.
    Apparently the Russians did just that recently when they killed 30 terrorist in Syria most where Isralies.

    The NWO seems to take it’s marching orders directly from Israel in a never ending quest for a greater Israel at any costs and by any means possible. REALLY STINKS for everyone who is non jew, we are as they say only here to serve the jews BS.

    Another thing is the 200 or many more nuclear weapons, perhaps 2000 in Isralie hands and the HUGE money paid by the USA , plenty of cash for the Isralies to build ICBM’s and attack anyone anywhere NYNY is a good bet as is Iran.They probably are already set to go.

    thanks for allowing comments most do not in these times of total corruption.

    • chthompson

      zit’s not about the Jews… that’s a diversion from the real problem. Most Jews are victims of these criminals just like the rest of us.

      • Yes it is an error to use a term for everyone who is ‘Jewish’, in relation to a particular power ruse that uses Jewish identity in the same way as the US now seeks to use victimhood of 9/11 for ‘war on terror’ that both advances (someone’s?) geopolitical aims whilst imposing a police state over an increasingly divided and weakened home population. The power of the ‘elitists’ is protected by the way they are not able to be talked about or held to account because they work shadow power – that is they work deceit openly as self-interest – that plays on and conditions our psyche in ways that many either never become aware of or are ten steps behind.
        The problem is not just that we are victim to deceit – but that we are open to being deceived as a result of the conditioning that we mostly never challenge, heal or realize is running our lives. That others can use our hooks and triggers to manipulate us is also down to our lack of vigilance against – and participation in – deceit – and that is part of the price of being seduced by false thinking, and self-specialness. Which is both the lie and the father of it.
        The irony is that racist hate operates brazenly and viciously under the protective guise of an constantly refreshed ‘victimhood’ that targets bullying self-righteous hatred and demand for punishing guilt of ‘anti Semitism’ onto anyone of any office or influence who openly criticizes Jewish or Israeli power. AND that the whole ruse depends on stoking and maintaining ‘anti-Semitism’ in order to heavily deter people of Jewish descent from fully integrating in their national identity – because they are conditioned with a deep fear that Everyone else may at any time turn upon them with murderous intent – just because they are Jewish. Another irony is that their ‘power elites’ operate in such a way as to make such a possibility because – as you noted many are not able to discern the nature of the ruse and take it out on puppets and patsy’s or of course on predetermined scapegoats.

        The chosen people are self elected to presume self supremacy – whether as an individual or as a group. Marrying the brightest boys – (intelligence) – to the richest girls – (wealth) – for 2000 years or more has resulted in a significantly larger proportion of higher intelligence linked to influence in society. This does not make a conspiracy – but there are many ways of lobbying that elicit support or at least deter from opposition or resistance. And while there are many other power cartels – are any of them more than people being worked by elitist self-interest to loveless agenda?

        Thankyou for differentiating a criminal intent from an associated group identity without condescension or self-righteous hate.
        If we were vigilant against letting hate USE our mind – then we would no longer serve as a botnet for ‘power elites’ – but that means we have to truly open to feel what our consciousness recoils from – and seeks to be rid immediately and with great force. Because what we hide from and deny in ourself is still active even though we put it out of mind with assertive narrative identity – and this is no less true for ‘power-addicts’.

        Who is willing for the trek to Mordor? But in any case ‘Mordor’ comes to the ‘Shire’. For the narrative is broken and awareness of what goes on beneath cannot be kept out nor put back to sleep.

      • gabeh73

        True. All the big religions,”races”, nationalities, genders are used as tools to divide and conquer the masses. Kissinger, Bush, Rothchild, Clinton and the Pope all have far more in common with each other than they do with any of the vast majority of us.

      • Praetor

        Could be more about, who are the Ashkenazi’s!!!

  • chthompson

    LOL. Foreign Affairs is a joke. Even they don’t believe their own lies. That’s why they are so desperate to shut down the free Internet.

  • Sebastian Puettmann

    Not only does the elite lose influence. But they whole culture, as in the moral zeitgeist, is in danger of being replaced.

    In Germany there is real frustration about the migrant crisis (as one important example of betrayal by the elite and the cultural advocates). The thing is that this trend could speed up exponentially. If the current media and educational establishment, which is millions of jobs for journalists and beaurocrats – not only a few elite persons! – does not turn towards a pro German policy, they are going to lose their influence forever.

    The only question is: Which direction will it go? Conservative autoritarian, which would be a welcome change from the globalistic regressive autoritarians. Or will it even be libertarian?

    There are great things happening in German alternative media!

    (By the way: Big story today in Germany (which of course did not officially get reported): The Prime Minister of German federal state Brandenburg, Dietmar Woidk, explained that “every crime that cannot be proven as NOT committed by right wing extremists is officially counted as such!”

    Go figure.

  • robertsgt40

    I mean really. Who gives a sht about what the organ for the CFR has to say? Same ol party line. Maybe they haven’t noticed the truth cropping up in the last couple decades. Maybe just delusional to the end.

  • rahrog

    Would The Ruling Class of America (NWO) bomb a Syrian Army position to aid its ISIS allies? Yep. Would the same people bomb an aid convoy sent to ease the suffering of people caught up in a war The Ruling Class started? Yep.

  • The truly virtual nature of reality, and how its past, present and future shows are produced, maintained and main stream media commanded and controlled by relatively anonymous and remotely autonomous covert special forces …… and there be now more than just a few seriously smarter than ever existed before, vying for top dog and top gun position …… is that which the current status quo leadership systems are terrified of being revealed, with widespread novel access to effective levers and new means/modes/nodes/memes of delivery, for new state sponsored and non state renegade rogue actors.

    Such be as new Secret IntelAIgent Service Agents directing Spooky Operations in Cyber Spaces crashing installations and applications in Real Time Places.

    And there is a fabulous available stealth delivered for fundamental change at a prodigious rate, in such a freely shared fact being studiously ignored and/or dismissed and considered a crazy flight of fancy and fiction.

    Interesting times ahead, methinks, when thinkers have powers that energise absolute command and remote virtual control beyond the norms of tradition and convention.

  • BellsNwhistles

    Hollywood is a style, our government have picked it up and used it from the moon landings to 9/11. We are on the stage of a massive production and it ends in our deaths.

    • Methinks the system is starting to think otherwise, BellsNwhistles, and realises it ends in their deaths, for intelligence is sharing their wares and exposing all of their agents, who in turn will be exposing their masters in order to try to survive.

      Such is only to be expected in these enlightening times and ’tis quite normal, and extremely just too, is it not. ‽

  • TimeToWakeUPAmerica

    The Pilgrim’s Society. The “Committee of 300”. The CROWN Corporation. The ‘City’ of London. The Rothschilds. It’s the predominantly “Jew”-ish owned-and-operated Western Int’l Central Banking System, that finances the “elites” of the West, whether Anglo or “Jew”-ish. Ultimately, the power is in the hands of the FINANCIERS, as they hand you fiat paper, in the form of a loan, and when you cannot repay the loan, they confiscate your REAL ASSETS.


    1) Is the New World Order “Jewish”?

    2) The “Jewish” Conspiracy is British Imperialism

    3) Banking Cartel is the Cause of Humanity’s Woes [!!!!!!!]

    Western International Central BANKS are the corporations that are clearly AT THE TOP OF THE SOCIOECONOMIC PYRAMID, i.e., at the top of the Western power structure. These banks are predominantly run by self-proclaimed “Jews” (In the ‘E.U.’, Rothschilds, Warburgs, Schiffs, Lazards, Israel Moses-Seifs, Sterns, Speyers, Seligmans, and in the U.S., Kuhn-Leobs, Goldman-Sachs, Lehmans (& Rockefeller) families, among others). Even the Pilgrims Society needs to get its FINANCING from somewhere! They are taking over the world (stealing all the real assets, resources) via FIAT CURRENCY!

    Were the Founding Fathers of the United States of America “Jews”?
    You know, the guys who gave us the DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE, the U.S. CONSTITUTION, and its BILL OF RIGHTS, and the RULE OF LAW ~ were they “Jews”? (George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, John
    Adams, Sam Adams, etc.) Admittedly, they were members of secret societies, most notably (“Jew”-ish created) FREEMASONRY, as well as ROSICRUCIANISM. However, they themselves were NOT “Jews”. Nor were
    they Arabs. Nor were they Hispanic or Latino. Nor were they Asians. Nor were they Black. Just sayin’. FACTS ARE FACTS. It’s not about “race”, as much as it is about CULTURE. HIGH CULTURE!

    Study history. Where has the HIGHEST CIVILIZATION formed on planet earth? ANCIENT GREECE! EUROPE! The United States of AMERICA! Now look at modern Greece. Taken over and asset-stripped by GOLDMAN-SACHS and the ECB. Now look at modern Europe (the COMMUNIST “EU”). Over-run by Muslims, at the behest of Hungarian “Jew”, George Soros. Now look at AMERICA. WHITE(S) (CHRISTIANS) OF EUROPEAN DESCENT are about to become the MINORITY in THEIR OWN DAMN COUNTRY! Why? A: “JEWS”. Western, International, Central, BANKERS to be specific. I already listed their
    names. It’s those behind this financial system in the West, that are out to debt-enslave (and depopulate) us all. This isn’t about the “race” of anyone, really ~ it’s about the .01% at the very top of the socio-economic pyramid ~ the controllers. You can’t know what is going on unless you study them.

    • Ultimately, the power is in the hands of the FINANCIERS, as they hand you fiat paper, in the form of a loan, and when you cannot repay the loan, they confiscate your REAL ASSETS. …. TimeToWakeUPAmerica

      In the form of a suitably rewarding fiat paper gift, TimeToWakeUPAmerica, is their power inordinately enhanced, for those and/or that which earns and has received such largesse knows how the system works and how it is to be destroyed but would be choosing to work new wonders to help it continue to flourish and create further prosperity for …… well, the Establishment is surely always looking to further consolidate and protect its secret ways and ancient means of effectively working with mass command and control systems of remote anonymous operation.

      And that is something extremely valuable purchased with something which is virtually worthless ….. and that is a real bargain, especially whenever you consider what can be so easily done today to flash crash such a simple system of global enslavement.

      “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.” … H. L. Mencken

      “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”― R. Buckminster Fuller

  • TimeToWakeUPAmerica

    [German] Historian Says Rothschilds are Chasid Puppets

  • TimeToWakeUPAmerica

    Germans Will Soon Become a Minority in Germany: Nearly 40% of Under 5’s Are Foreigners

    Who benefits?

  • ZorroFLL

    ISIS = Israeli Secret Intelligence Service … see 1990 interview on youtube