Gold and Silver Blast Higher, Subject to Fewer Manipulations
By Daily Bell Staff - July 02, 2016

Silver scores biggest weekly jump in almost 3 years … Silver futures logged their largest weekly climb since 2013 Friday, hitting a nearly 22-month high as the U.S. dollar softened and investors continued to search for safety. -MarketWatch

Usually the mainstream media provides us with a variety of propaganda that distorts the truth.

But there was little in the way of distortion yesterday when gold and silver moved higher convincingly.

Gold moved up hard on Friday, reaching a nearly 22-month high while the US dollar subsided.

The silver SLV moved up some 6% on Friday even as bonds reached new lows.

At a $19.45 closing, silver will have gapped up the most since October 2015.

We recently brought on our first sponsor, silver miner Golden Arrow. You can read more about the company at the end of this article.

It seems metals are on the move. There are several reasons why they’re strengthening.

One, little mentioned, probably has to do with reduced professional metals manipulation.

Deutsche Bank was sued over such manipulations and settled in April.

It is perfectly possible that other professional manipulators are more wary currently.

Bloomberg reported on the settlement this way:

Silver and gold futures traders sued groups of banks in 2014 alleging they rigged prices for the precious metals and their derivatives. Silver traders brought claims against Deutsche Bank, HSBC Holdings Plc, Bank of Nova Scotia and UBS AG. Gold traders additionally sued Barclays Plc and Societe Generale SA.

While Deutsche Bank has settled, the other lawsuits are ongoing. And Deutsche Bank also “agreed to help the plaintiffs pursue similar claims.”

There are other reasons, of course. We’ve discussed them in past stories.

In fact, the 2000 ‘teens  are like the 1970s. We have suggested that 1970s-style stagflation would present itself in this decade, and it certainly has.

Some trading professionals expect a pause in gold’s climb before it resumes due to continued market uncertainties.

There have been forecasts that gold could reach $1,350 and possibly $1,400 by the end of the year.

From MarketWatch:

Fawad Razaqzada, market analyst at and City Index, pointed out that silver has significantly outperformed gold’s Brexit-related gains.

Silver, unlike gold “has also many industrial uses and so when base metals like copper rally, silver benefits from this source, too,” he said.

That means silver is typically less sensitive to the “risk-on, risk-off” trade that can swing gold in two directions when demand for equities and other commodities ebb and flow.

Gold and silver still have a long way to travel to regain former heights.

And silver has a long way to go to regain its 15-to-1 price-ratio with gold.

As already mentioned, we recently presented a silver mining sponsor. The company is Golden Arrow and the CEO is Joe Grosso. You can see an interview we did with him HERE.

Golden Arrow is partnered with a well-known mining firm Silver Standard in exploiting what could be a major silver discovery in Argentina.

Miners are likely still cheap, relatively speaking, and silver has a long way to travel to reach parity with its historical ratio.

Of course, miners are always speculative, and you’ll need to do your own due diligence.

We’ve seen from yesterday’s buying frenzy that silver and gold are near the top of investors’ purchasing priorities.

Conclusion: Whether you are invested in juniors or not, silver should be considered for at least a modest part of your portfolio along with gold.

If you have questions about Golden Arrow, you can reach representative Shawn Perger here: Shawn: 1-800-901-0058 or 778-686-0135. See the website HERE. Please consult DB’s disclaimer before making investment decisions. This is not an endorsement.

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  • Praetor

    If you would have bought 1000 oz. of silver at 14.45 a few months ago, you would have garnered $5 an oz. Which by anyone’s calculations you would have netted you $5000. And the gain would still be in you’re hands! To all relic hatters, what can anyone say, but on 01/04/2016 silver was $13.87!!!!

    • DrDean

      Gold and silver have never been used to start the fire place :).

  • tgmolitor

    It’s important to remember PMs offer more reasons to be owned than price action. They’re a hedge against government fiat printing and are a form of non-digital money that resides outside the banking system.

  • Dimitri Ledkovsky

    Finally!!! Ag47 up almost 10% for a WEEK! Go Argent! Beat those manipulators at their game.

  • esqualido

    It is ironic that England, the nation that most recently, in 1931, was the first one to abandon hard money, the silver cross to the vampires of central banking, faced the largest loss of purchasing power of all the world’s currencies after Brexit, with a “pound sterling” that had not one scintilla of real backing. Of course, those Brits who had invested their pounds sterling into actual sterling silver, were spared the chop.

    • notinmyname

      “Ironic” hardly does it justice.

  • EDD

    Isn’t it ironic? Gold and silver re-surging once again? If I have read the news correctly, Soros and his ilk are abandoning some stocks and buying precious metals. Due to the above lawsuits, (and perhaps other manipulative measures), it stands to reason that precious metals will rise in value. Ultimately the higher go;d and silver rises, the less value paper money has in purchasing power.

    When Soros is involved in a movement, it arouses my suspicions. According to some news sources, his manipulations has caused governments to fail. If there is a motive to make a gain, the elitists will find a way to profit from the ensuing events to the detriment of the average citizen.

    Does the DB staff have any insights into previous manipulations and how the elite can gain even more control from the present events? IMO, this veneer has become very translucent and TPTB must dig much deeper into their bag of shenanigans to continue their deception of the average citizen. If nothing else, 2016 may well reveal just how much awareness the people are gaining during this internet process and the continual exposure of their deceit.

    The Trump phenomenon is one very unexpected course of events and no one truly knows just what type of President he would become. Reactions to his successes are very startling in the so called upper echelons of society. But I believe he is resonating with the average citizenry caused by the negative years of ‘hope and change’ advocated by the present administration. Falling wages, shorter work week, higher unemployment, and other inconsistent policies of the last seven years are causing many to tighten their belts beyond any reasonable expectations. People are definitely looking for change, just not the kind we have experienced.